And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten. Joel 2:25

We can perhaps all look back with regret on time periods in our lives that were barren and wasted as far as God and eternity were concerned. Perhaps the time periods were days, or weeks, or months, or even years of being in a backslidden condition and out of fellowship with God! So much has been lost, as if eaten by the locusts. Contextually, the promise is part of a set of promises to Israel concerning that time when they will be restored to the land nationally and to God spiritually and when He again will bless them abundantly. However, the text has meaning to each of us. Have you been away from God, with a heart that has brown cold? Are you longing for the joys of the days of old when you were in touch with Him. Can you identify the locusts that destroyed your fruitfulness?

The promise of recovery is to you. He will restore the years that were lost, if you will but return today!