Book Review: This Joseph by Harold S. Paisley

The author of “This Daniel” has written a new book. “This Joseph” is made up of 240 pages that will thrill the soul of any believer who loves our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. I have read it with great joy, and often with tears. It is in a study of this kind that the grace and gift or our beloved brother Paisley are truly displayed. In a tender way that reaches the heart, Joseph is seen as portraying the lowliness, rejection by His own, shame, sufferings, and the exaltation and glories of the Lord Jesus. It is impossible to read “This Joseph” without finding new beauties and excellencies in the Person of Christ and having our hearts go out to Him in fresh appreciation and love.

Mr. Paisley has looked at the life of Joseph in seven ways: 1) Practically, 2) Biographically, 2) devotionally, 4) Theologically, 5) Dispensationally, 6) Evangelically, and 7) Typically. This may sound coldly logical, but there is nothing cold about this book. We have appreciated for many years the warmth and power of Mr. Paisleys ministry about the Person of Christ. This writing lives up to that high standard, so we commend it unreservedly to our fellow believers.

I have very recently read again “The believers Hymn Book Companion” the was written by Mr. Paisley in 1989. These hymns are the most spiritual and Christ honoring of any collection ever assembled. Our brother spent years gathering the information contained in this book, and it is a great delight to read this material.