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British Columbia

Surrey: Correction: Jim Currie gave a week of appreciated ministry in Fleetwood in January on Romans 1-5, not David Richards as reported last month. Brother Currie also ministered the Word in March prior to leaving for Japan.

Terrace: J. Fitzpatrick had two weeks in the gospel and a week of ministry Nov.19-Dec. 12. 2300 Seed Sower texts and calendars were distributed and a few were in to hear the gospel.

Vancouver: The Woodland assembly was recently encouraged with the baptism of five believers in March. Please pray for gospel meetings that commenced in Fairview April22 with Robert Surgenor and Larry Steers. The West Richmond assembly hosted a week of ministry by Harold Paisley April 1-8 on Fundamentals of Christianity from the Acts.

Westbank: Four weeks of gospel meetings were conducted from February 18 with G. Williams and A. Dryburgh, J. Abernethy filling in for the last week.


Grande Prairie: W. Buckle and G. Williams had some gospel meetings in the new hall following the conference. The opening conference went quite well with ministry by J. Currie, W. Buckle, James Ronald and others. It was very encouraging for the believers here.


Glen Ewen: From March 4-18, P. Smith and R. Vanstone visited towns with invitations and faithfully preached the gospel each evening in the hall. The week following, brother Vanstone gave appreciated ministry on “Similies and Principles of the Assembly”.

Taylorside: The gospel was faithfully preached for three weeks by G. Goff and B. Myers. Many visitors came. We look to the Lord that we will yet hear of evident blessing.


Arnstein: The saints were encouraged by two weeks of ministry meetings on the Tabernacle by T. Walker.

Clover Valley: The saints enjoyed three nights of ministry by A. Dryburgh on December 11-13. A series of gospel meetings early in January with A. Cook and local brethren resulted in four people professing salvation. Weekly children’s meetings commenced January 15 with many children attending from the neighbouring Wikwemikong Reserve.

Clyde: B. Rodgers had a week’s ministry in February on the topic of spiritual gifts. The saints also enjoyed visits from H. Paisley and F. Krauss. The assembly recently passed the 125th Anniversary of the assembly which still meets in the original hall built in 1875.

Eden Grove: The saints were greatly encouraged following eight weeks of gospel last fall with N.Burden, helped by A. Gratton. A number professed faith in Christ, many of whom have been prayed for over several years.

Lake Shore: In July, gospel tent meetings are planned with N. Crawford and F. Sona.

North Bay: The Nipissing Junction assembly appreciated one week of ministry meetings on practical Christian living by T. Walker.

Orillia: On April 17, the assembly here is celebrating 120 years of assembly testimony. We are purposing, in the will of the Lord, to have a day of thanksgiving on April 22 as we consider the Lord’s faithfulness these many years. J. Jarvis is expected to spend the day with us and we are issuing a general invitation to former Sunday School scholars and the general community to join us throughout the day.

Oshawa: The saints enjoyed a week of children’s meetings with F. Sona. A large number of children attended along with many adults. These meetings were a follow-up to 11 weekly children’s meetings by the local assembly.

Picton: In January, the assembly was encouraged by three weeks of gospel meetings with F. Krauss and S. Vance.

Sault Ste. Marie: D. Booth was with the assembly March 24-25, giving excellent ministry on the subject of Christ-likeness. B. Owen was present on March 27 for ministry.

Victoria Road: The saints were encouraged by ministry from Andrew Adams and Eugene Badgley in February and March.

Nova Scotia

Blues Mills: F. Bartlett is having cottage meetings in Mabou, helped by local brethren.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Charlottetown: D. Hunt was present for the annual conference with help from local brethren.

Corner Brook: Gospel meetings with Win. Bingham and E. Fowler have come to their sixth week with some blessing in salvation. Continue to pray for those still without Christ.

English Point: A good number of unsaved are coming to gospel meetings conducted by Bert Joyce and Jim Jarvis. They are planning to continue into the 6th week. The English Point conference went very well with good ministry given by Bert Joyce, J. Jarvis, D. Hunt, and C. Hiscock.

Grand Falls-Windsor: Two weeks of gospel meetings were held from March 25-April 8 with Bryan Joyce, helped by George Whey and Clyde Strickland. Numbers were lower than expected. Prayer is requested for this needy area.



Arlington: The saints at Arlington and Marysville had the privilege of joining for four weeks of gospel meetings with T. Hoy and R. Vanstone. There was good interest from the community. The saints recently enjoyed profitable ministry from D. Richards, S. Wells, R. Surgeonor, W. Gustafson, H. Bouwman.


Turlock: The saints inTurlock were much encouraged during their 2nd annual two-day conference March 17-18. Edifying ministry to strengthen assembly testimony was given by H. Paisley, E. Ritchie and D. Hodgkins. The Turlock assembly continues to grow and is very multicultural being made up of believers who have immigrated from eight different countries, and one American couple.


Dunkerton: The saints have enjoyed recent visits from J. Jennings, S. Wells and M. Derksen. Children’s meetings with F. Krauss were held the first week of April.

Sioux City: R. Orr had three nights of ministry meetings February 23-25. The Christians were very encouraged.


Blue River: Win. Skates and E. McCullough started gospel meetings on April 15 for which prayer is valued.

Mt. Sterling: Bible readings the last week of March on iCor. 11-13 went well. J. McColl, D. Oliver, S. Wells, Win. Skates and E. McCullough led the readings. There were over 400 present.


Jackson: B. Seale and N. Crawford closed four weeks of gospel meetings on April 1. A good number of unsaved heard the gospel with blessing in salvation. A nurse who had only attended four meetings professed to be saved during the final meeting, giving much joy.

Livonia: The final bi-monthly Bible Readings of the season were well attended. The last two readings were on the sufferings and death of Christ and His resurrection. Many hearts were deeply moved at the opening up of such precious truth.


Akron: The assembly enjoyed visits from J. Nesbitt and J. Smith. Brother Smith stayed for a number of nights of helpful, practical ministry.

Clyde: S. Higgins was here for the February area Bible reading on the subject “The Day of the Lord”, and stayed for the Lord’s Day. J. Nesbitt was present for a baptism. N. Crawford and R. Surgenor have visited as well.

Cleveland: J. Nesbitt had a short visit with the assembly here. Please pray for gospel meetings with F. Sona, and B. Crawford to begin April 29.

Mansfield: J. Smith led the area reading on the subject “The Day of God.” He continued for a few nights of helpful ministry. The assembly also appreciated visits from R. McIlwaine, L. Perkins, and B. Seale. Remember in prayer gospel meetings to begin May 6, with R. McIlwaine and D. Oliver.


Hatboro: J. Slaubaugh had two weeks of well-attended Bible Readings on “Things most surely believed among us.’ A good interest and participation was shown. H. Bouwman visited the assembly on March 18-20 with ministry and a report on the work in Japan. He was also in Bryn Mawr on the 21st.

Vandergrift: B. Seale and D. Vitale are seeing an increasing interest in this new place and hope to continue to work the area this spring and summer.

New Jersey

Livingston: Excellent attendance has been seen at the Gospel meetings being conducted by D. Zuidema and G. Higgins. Meetings commenced on March 25, and God has visited in salvation.

Midland Park: Following the Livingston conference, D. Shutt and N. Crawford expect to begin gospel meetings. Pennsauken: H. Bouwman was here for two nights, ministering on his chart “From Eternity to Eternity.”


Cumberland: G. Sharp and B. Lavery spent three weeks nightly preaching the Gospel. A good number of strangers came from the community and the assembly was encouraged.


Matoaca: The conference at the beginning of March was very encouraging to the assembly. D. Oliver, S. Higgins, G. Patterson and S. Thompson, as well as local brethren from Hickory, gave help in the ministry. H. Bouwman visited the assembly for three nights of ministry.

North Carolina

Hickory: Three teenagers were baptized in February. R. Surgenor gave four nights of ministry, and R. McIlwaine and Jon Procopio also visited. The assembly enjoyed visits during March from brethren Max MacLean and Hans Bouwman.


Tampa: The recent conference held in February was considered to be excellent both in ministry and attendance. Eight of the Lord’s servants were present. L. Steers gave profitable ministry preceding the conference, and R. Surgenor following the conference. The saints rejoiced to see one profess faith in Christ. We also had visits from J. Baker, M. McCandless, J. Smith and A. Graton this winter season.


Newington: God blessed His Word in salvation during the Gospel meetings here with brother D. Oliver and G. Higgins. The attendance and interest of the unsaved were outstanding.


B. McCullough completed six weeks of gospel meetings where God worked in a wonderful way with several professing salvation.

Conferences. D.V.

Byfield, MA

May 26 and 27 with Prayer Meeting on May 25 at 8 p.m. Saturday: Prayer, Praise and Ministry 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., Gospel 6:30 p.m. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30 a.m., Sunday School 12p.m., Prayer, Praise and Ministry 2:30 p.m., Gospel 6:30 p.m. Those coming will be freely cared for. Corr: John Short at jhshort@juno.com or 145 Main Street Byfield, MA 01922, Tel: (978)465-2207, Hall (978)462-5569

Grants Pass, OR

May 26 and 27 in the Gospel Hall, 1611 SW “G” Street, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 pm. Breaking of Bread at 10. Bible Reading subject to be announced later. Corr. Don Gratias, 141 Timberlane, Grants Pass, OR 97526, Tel: (541) 479-4521, Hall (541) 476-3956.

Eden Grove, ON

June 3 with Prayer meeting Saturday, June 2 at 7:30 p.m. in Gospel Hall, one mile west of Bruce County Rd. #3 (Flora Road), on Bruce Road 15,(#111). Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10 a.m., Ministry 2 p.m. Corr. John W. Boddy, Sr., RR.#4, Walkerton, ON, NOG 2V0.

Sydney Mines, NS

June 2 and 3. Saturday: Prayer and Ministry 2p.m., Gospel 7p.m. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 8:30 a.m. (Psalm 22), Breaking of Bread 10 am., Sunday School 1 p.m., Ministry 2:30 p.m., Gospel 7 p.m. All meetings in the Gospel Hall,125 Yorke Street, Sydney Mines, N.S. Corr. Norman MacQueen, Tel: (902) 736-9690. Accom: Norman Brown, Tel: (902) 736-3069

Halifax, NS

June 16 and 17 in the Bedford Junior High School, 132 Rocky Lake Road, Bedford, NS, Tel (902) 832-8952. Bible Readings on Matt. 26-28 will be on Sat. 9 am.; 1:30 p.m.; Lord’s Day 1:30 p.m. with Breaking of Bread at 10a.m. Corr: Arthur Hamish, R.R.1, Hubbards, NS, BOJ 1T0, Tel (902) 857-9265, Fax (902) 857-1441.

Portage la Prairie, MN

June 15-17 with prayer June 14 at 7:30 p.m. in the Gospel Hall. The conference will continue, Lord willing, with three full days of ministry, Bible readings, gospel and the Breaking of Bread. All other meetings will be held in the William Glesbe Centre, 11 – 2nd Street NE beginning at 10:30a.m. each day Discipleship is the topic for the Bible readings. General inquiries: David Vanstone, Tel: (204) 857-8435, email: v@mb.sympaticoca . Accom: Dennis Walker, Tel: (204) 857-7794, email: dswalker@mb.sympatico.ca.

Victoria Road, ON

June 16 and 17 in the Gospel Hall with prayer meeting on Friday at 8p.m. Saturday: Bible Reading 8:45 a.m. (1 John 1, 2 Cor. 8:1-8), Ministry 10:30 a.m., 2 and 7 p.m. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 8:45 am. (Acts 2:42, 1 Cor. 10:16-22), Breaking of Bread 10:30 a.m., Ministry 2p.m., Gospel 7p.m. Supper served at 6:30 p.m. Friday. Corr: Ken Stone, RR 3, Woodville, ON KOM 2T0, Tel (705)374-4688, email: kenstone@sympatico.ca.

Augusta, ME

June 23 and 24 with prayer meeting at 7:30 p.m. June 22 in the Gospel Hall, 893 Old Belgrade Road, Tel (207)626-2786. Corr: Jim Thompson, Rte. 1, Box 2971, Belgrade, ME 04917, Tel: (207) 495-3590.

Glen Ewen, SK

June 22, 23, and 24 in the Gospel Hall located 8 miles south of Glen Ewen. Prayer meeting June 2lat 7:30p.m. Each day starts at 10:30 a.m. Friday and Saturday morning Bible Reading sessions: 1 Corinthians 11. Corr: Allan McFarlane, Box 172, Glen Ewen, SK SOC iCO, Tel (306)925-4401, Fax: (306)925-4912, Hall (306)925-4805.

Kamloops, BC

June30 and July 1. Prayer and ministry on Friday, June29 at 7:30 pm. All meetings to be held in the Gospel Hall. 849 Wawn Rd., Kamloops. Subject for the

Bible Reading – Phil. 2. Corr: Phil Atkinson, 1615 Griffin Terrace, Kamloops BC V2B 7R7. Tel: (250)376-1228, Hall: (250)579-8799.

Pugwash Junction, NS

June30 and July 1. Prayer meeting Friday at 7:30 p.m. Breaking of Bread 10 am. Order of meetings as usual. Subject of Bible Readings to be in June issue. Con: Harold Elliott, R.R.#1, Wallace, N.S. BOK 1YO. Tel:(902)257-2206, Hall: (902)243-2205. Accom: Brent Cottrill, Tel: (902)243-3122.

Conference Reminders:

New Lenox, IL – May 12-13

Calgary, AB – May 19-21

Frostburg, MD – May 18-20

Prince Edward Island – May 19-20

Midland/Waubaushene, ON – May 19-20

Ottawa, ON – May 19-20

Hickory, NC – May 26-27

Sarnia, ON – May 26-27

Bancroft, ON – June 2

Garnavillo, IA – June 9-10

Change of Address

Murray Pratt, 1011 Suzanne St., Timmins, On P4P 1B1, Tel: (705)264-2867.

Commended Workers

Correction: Stephen Vance, 61 Hillbeck Cres., Scarborough, ON M1B 2M8, Tel: (416)287-5920, Email sjvance@aol.com.

Change of Meeting Time

Kamloops, BC: Gospel meeting has been changed to 7p.m.

Victoria Road, ON: Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study at 7:30 p.m.

With Christ

George Bailey of Toronto, ON on October 31, 2000 in his 80th year. Born in England, he emigrated to Canada in 1925. In 1943 he was stationed in Toronto with the R.C.A.F. where he first heard the gospel at the Yonge St. Mission, and a result was saved. He married Dorothy Howard in 1948. They were in happy fellowship in the Highfield Rd. assembly from that time. His homecall was felt by his wife, daughter Grace (West), son Keith, as well as eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. The funeral was taken by Keith Bailey and Fred Hannah. Please pray for unsaved family and friends.

Mrs. Susan Cassidy of Armagh, N.J. on October 19,2000, age 93. She was saved in 1926, and later received into the Erryroe assembly. She married in 1939 and became a member of the Newtownhamilton assembly until called home. Predeceased by her husband for 27 years, she was faithful and bore a godly consistent testimony, with clarity of mind to the end. Please pray for a son, daughter, son-in-law, grandson, and grand daughter – one member not saved. The service in the home was shared by S. McBride and T.W. Wright, and at the graveside by W.J. Nesbitt and N. Tinsley.

Marcelle R. Colangelo of Phoenix, AZ on November 9, age 87. Our dear sister was saved in 1935 and received into the assembly in Hartford, CT. She married the late Ted Colangelo, and moved to the Phoenix assembly in 1948. She was a faithful companion to her husband, an overseer in the Phoenix assembly for many years, She was loved by all, and will be missed. Her quiet, godly character, and hospitality to the Lord’s servants was greatly appreciated. Local brethren spoke in the gospel at the funeral, with a number of unsaved present.

Ivy Woodhouse of Maple Ridge, BC on January21, age 71. Our sister was saved at Binscarth, Man. in 1986 , then received into the assembly there. After marrying,, she and Jack moved to B.C., fellowshipping in the Carleton assembly in Vancouver. Ivy loved her Lord and His people. During her last months of ill health, she manifested an acceptance and peace observed by all. R. Forsyth, D. Taylor and H. Ronald spoke to a large crowd at Binscarth. Sam Logue took the memorial service in Maple Ridge. Ivy is survived by Jack and his family; also three sons, two daughters and families from her first marriage, many of whom are unsaved.

Mrs. Mary Bolton of Ajax, ON on February 23, age 86. Born and raised in Toronto, she attended Sunday School in the Orange Hall on Rhodes Ave. In 1931, Mary was saved in meetings held by AW. Joyce and J. Pearson in the Pape Ave. Gospel Hall. Shortly after, she came into fellowship at Highfield. After marrying, she and her husband James (d. 1971) were in fellowship at Victoria Road for a number of years, then in Oshawa since 1966. She was marked by a love for the Lord, His people and the gospel. The funeral was shared by G. Oakes and K. Nicholson. Remember in prayer her two surviving sisters.

Edna Rae Lane of Prairie Du Chien, WI on February 23, age 86. She was saved in 1964 in meetings held in her area by Louis Brandt and Henry Wahls. Edna and her husband Bob were in fellowship in the assembly at Gamavillo, IA. She was predeceased by her husband a number of years ago. She is survived by two children and a number of grandchildren.

Frank DeMarino of Livingston, NJ on February 25. Frank was a faithful brother who was in assembly fellowship for more then 40 years. He had many medical problems over the last few years, yet he was always in attendance whenever physically possible. Frank was a constant help to the saints in East Orange; then in Livingston, and will be missed by all. The funeral services were well attended with many unsaved family members present. The services were shared by Frank Toniquindici, Allan Valvano and Cyril Binns. Some expressed an interest in the Gospel, and your continued prayers would be appreciated.

Mrs. Dorothy Macf arlane of Glen Ewen, SK on March 5, age 93. Our beloved sister was saved in 1923. She was awakened to her need in meetings by Mr. Chawner, and later saved, baptized and received into the assembly the same year. She and her husband Harry faithfully shared their desire to please the Lord. Their home was always open to entertain the Lord’s people. She saw each of her four children saved and many of her grandchildren saved and in assembly fellowship. The large funeral from the Gospel Hall was shared by Randy Logue and Ross Vanstone. Brian Miller spoke at the graveside.

Alfred Cedolia of Sault Ste. Marie, ON on March 13, in his 87th year. Our beloved brother was saved as a young man, baptized and received into the assembly here where he continued until his homecall. A quiet and consistent Christian, he loved the assembly, and will be greatly missed by all. David Nicholson spoke faithful words at the funeral, assisted by Guido Cedolia, and Alfred’s son, Patrick.

Edward M. Niebch of Longport, NJ, on March 17, age 90. He was saved in 1925 under the preaching of Dr. Martin in York, NY He came into fellowship there and carried assembly responsibility for many years until it ceased in 1978. He and his wife met with the Christians in East Aurora for two years before moving to Longport in 1980. At the Gospel Hall Home he took on the maintenance responsibility and assisted in the assembly care. In 1996, after his wife’s passing, he became a resident in the home until it closed. His last months were spent lovingly cared for by his daughter Sylvia and husband. He also leaves a son, five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Tilly (Hazelton) Symon of Longport, NJ on March 29. She was born in l9Olin Armagh City, NI., and with her family came to America in 1904. She was saved in Wellsboro, PA in 1918. She was in fellowship there and in Deland, unifi she moved later in life to the Longport Home. She is survived by three sons, (one, Alister, is in fellowship in the Midland Park assembly), one sister, numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was a gracious Christian woman, marked by a joyous, contented spirit. The funeral service was taken by Ed Chambers, Don Labbe (a grandson by marriage), Jack Jurgens, and Gene Higgins.

Frederick Burnside of London, ON on March 31, age 94. Our dear brother was born in Lonaconing, MD, saved at age 12 in Hamilton, ON and in fellowship there until 1932. He moved to London where he spent 22 years as correspondent in the Pall Mall assembly. He then moved back to Hamilton in 1966, on to Long Beach, Palm Springs and San Diego CA assemblies and finally to London again. He was predeceased by his eldest son LeRoy 1964 in an accident and his wife Elizabeth in 1992. He is survived by his second wife Florence, a son, three granddaughters and a great granddaughter in Colorado. Arnold Gratton, James Porter and George Patterson spoke at his funeral.

Elim Homes, Wabaushene, ON

The 56th Annual Elim Homes Anniversary will held Saturday, June 23, 201, from 2-5 p.m. to which we welcome fellow believers to this time of information and fellowship. Retirement home reports will be given and the keynote speaker will be Mr. Paul Glenney from Hamilton, ON. Supper will be served. Location: Elim Homes, 175 Walnut St., Box 10, Waubaushene, ON, LOK 2C0, Tel: (705)538-2231, email: elim@ csolve net or www.mdp-biz.com/elimhomes.

Book Announcement: To Siberia with Bibles

By Louis Smith and Douglas Yade. 250 pages with 15 pictures. Available from booksellers at conferences or from the authors. L.Smith 517-569 2733. D. Yade 705 567 5951. Contact:dougyade@hotmail.com. US $6.50, Can. $10.00. 

In Russia, when communism crumbled, a brief period of unique opportunities opened for the distribution of Bibles. Policemen who persecuted believers now helped brethren from the west to get Bibles to the people. This story describes the country and relates incidents in prisons, schools, market places and homes where oppressed people heard the gospel for the first time. This was in the early 90s. This is a stirring story of how a number of people received Bibles and found the Savior in Siberia, the land of tears and chains.