Our Heritage: Sudbury Gospel Hall

The earliest date remembered about the assembly here in Sudbury is 1914. Saints gathered to remember Him in a building at the corner of Regent and Pine Streets. They later met in various buildings in Sudbury, Copper Cliff, and Gatchell. Preachers that visited during that time were Mr. Bailey, Mr. Watson, Mr. Shivas, and a Mr. Beatty who was really a pioneer in spreading the gospel in the early years. In more recent years, the late brethren Mr. Norris, Mr. Clark, and Mr. Booth were among those who took an interest in the assembly here.

A building was bought on Bessie St. in the mid 30’s. The Christians were a closely knit group and, though small in number, were greatly blessed.

Hospitality was shown to visitors and members especially by the late Arthur and Mary McEwen. During this time, Brother Stanley Simms was commended to the Lord’s work.

In the late 60’s, with less than twenty in fellowship and after much prayer, the Lord miraculously provided the present building. His hand was shown in a large offering which provided the funds for the down payment of the building. The remaining amount was supplied in a short time.

The Christian’s children well remember the kindness shown to them through the years. Our brother Simms had three series of gospel meetings where several of the saint’s children (including Brian Crawford) were saved.

In the 70’s, our brethren K. Moore, T. Kember, and S. Patton were a great encouragement to us, and several souls were saved. In the early 80’s, after much prayer, the Lord led to the purchase of a tent and blessing resulted.

Since this time, the assembly has continued on in remembering the Lord and attempting to carry out His Will. With the Lord’s help, we seek to honor Him and to wait for His Return!