Tributes to Lloyd Ballhagen

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Brother Ballhagen was born on October 4, 1917 in Hartford, Iowa. He was saved in Iowa in 1936. He soon showed a love for souls and an exercise to serve the Lord, and was commended to the work of the Lord in 1948. He passed into the Lord’s presence on January 1, 2000.

At the funeral in Tylertown on January 4, Louis Smith opened with prayer, read an obituary and introduced the four speakers. Raymond Gutter of Tylertown told of his appreciation of our departed brother. Jerry Ballhagen, read the story of his grandfather’s conversion & spoke of his good influence him. Mr. Jesse Howze of Hickory NC gave tribute and preached the gospel. Keith Young told how Lloyd brought him the gospel and taught him assembly truth.

Louis Smith read Psalm 23 and Matthew 25:21, describing brother Ballhagen as a “good and faithful servant” who had now entered into the joy of his Lord. Jerry Jennings spoke from John 14 about the Father’s House. At the grave-side, next to the Hickory Gospel Hall, Stuart Thompson spoke of the rapture and the resurrection. The service was closed by singing, “I am waiting for the dawning…”

A faithful, pioneer evangelist has been called home. He was an example to all of us in his exercise to witness and pass out gospel tracts. He often preached in the open air, in cottages, halls and gospel tents. Many were saved through his efforts and believers were added to assemblies. It was my privilege to share with him in eleven gospel series, mostly in tents. A faithful laborer has been called Home. May others respond to the call!