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Tidings – Canada

British Columbia

Langley: The saints appreciated one night of ministry on January 26 with Eric Parmenter.

Vancouver: West Richmond had a week of prayer meetings in January to commence the new year. Eric Parmenter spent a Lord’s Day in January with the saints at Victoria Dr. followed by two occasions for ministry, with one night in North Vancouver. Win. Bingham shared a ministry meeting on January 27 in Victoria Dr. Please pray for gospel meetings being convened here in March D.V. with Wm Bingham and Jim Jarvis. Cap Van de Wetering gave a report on Holland at Carleton missionary meeting.

Terrace: The saints were profited by a week of ministry by David Richards during the third week in January

Westbank: Eric Parmenter visited briefly in January. Gospel meetings commenced on January 30 with Win. Bingham and John Abemethy


Grande Prairie: The assembly appreciated a visit by Andrew Bergsma for a few nights in January.

Lethbridge: The saints held a one-day conference on January 15 on the subject of how to study the Bible and apply it in one’s life. Speakers were Gaius Goff, Ben Prinz, and Garry Seale. Four weeks of gospel meetings commenced on January 17 with brethren G. Goff and B. Prinz. At last report there were three people who came to know the Lord as their personal Saviour. Many new people have come out since the meetings started.


Glen Ewen: From January 16-26, Stan Wells had well-attended and appreciated ministry meetings on land 2 Timothy. On January 20 and 30, Mr. And Mrs. Paul Poidevin visited. His ministry and news of their work in Zambia was appreciated.

Taylorside: Recent visitors here were brethren Jim Webb and Andrew Bergsma. The saints appreciated their time spent here.


Arnstein: The saints enjoyed two weeks of ministry with Peter Simms at the end of November and also a visit by Don Nicholson for the monthly ministry meeting on the third Saturday of December. Brian Crawford was expected for the children’s treat and ministry meeting January 15.

Bolton: Timothy Walker spent two Lord’s Days and one week of appreciated ministry meetings with the assembly on local assembly truths.

Clyde: The saints enjoyed a Lord’s Day in December with Brian Crawford and David Kember. Lorne Langfeld visited Lord’s Day, January 16, and Don Nicholson encouraged the saints January 30 and 31, offering practical ministry on prayer.

Lakeshore: The assembly appreciated the labours of brethren Win. Metcalf and Eugene Badgley in four weeks of gospel meetings in November and December. The saints were encouraged from January 2-5 when Brian Crawford ministered on the Epistle of James, and a baptism was held. A visit from Jack Nesbitt on January 9 was appreciated with an update on the work in St. Lucia. Stephen Vance of Lansing was speaker for the Sunday School Treat on January15 when a good number of parents of the children were in attendance.

London: John Dennison spoke at the Highbury and Chelsea Heights Sunday School treats in January. He had a profitable meeting with the teachers Sunday afternoon on Instruction and Management. The saints also enjoyed a visit from Robert Surgenor for ministry January 25-28.

Newmarket: Bruce Rodgers was with the saints recently for three nights of much appreciated ministry.

Niagara Falls: The assembly enjoyed the visits of Fred Krauss and Larry Steers for ministry. Also a young sister saved last April has been received into fellowship.

Picton: Timothy Walker was with the assembly for one week of appreciated ministry meetings on Elisha the prophet.

Sudhury: In January, brother Brian Owen held a two week series of meetings on Practices and Principles of God’s New Testament Assembly. The meetings were well attended and appreciated. One boy professed salvation.

Toronto: Prayer is requested for Gospel meetings Larry Steers and Stephen Vance plan on commencing in the Fairbank Gospel Hall on March 5. Thirteen area assemblies plan DV. to hold a united Gospel Series with speakers E. Higgins and A. Hull Sept. 10 to Oct. 1 (except Mon.) 7:45 p.m. Tues. to Fri., 7:00 p.m. Sat. and Sun. at Stephen Leacock Collegiate, 2450 Birchmount Road. Prayer meetings preceding at 8:00p.m. at Rexdale: April 17, June 19, Aug. 21; Langstaff: May 15, July 17. Prayer support and attendance with friends would be appreciated. If you have those in the area that you would like contacted, please contact William Brooks, 322 Fairlawn Ave., Toronto, ON, M5M 1T3, Tel (416) 783-1398, email: brooksw@pathcom.com

Unionville: The saints were greatly blest during the five nights of ministry by Win. McBride using three large charts. His subject was “The Garments of Glory and Beauty”. Attendance by the Christians was excellent.

Victoria Road: Fred Krauss encouraged the Christians with ministry on future events and practical Christian living during the monthly ministry meeting on January15 and for three nights following.

New Brunswick

Fredricton: A one-day meeting in January was well attended and help given in the ministry and gospel. Noel Burden stayed for a few nights of ministry meetings.

Sussex: The assembly appreciated a visit from Noel Burden. The February Sunday School Treat and all-day meeting were held February 12 and 13.

Nova Scotia

Blues Mills: The gospel series with Peter Orasuk and Peter Ramsay in December closed with a good number that trusted Christ. There are still some who are interested, but still not saved.

Clementsvale: Brother James McClelland and Murray Pratt commenced gospel meetings in January Weather was not too kind the first week, but numbers increased with good interest. Prayer is valued.

Halifax: Albert Hull visited here and Pugwash Jct. for ministry The saints were encouraged.

Oxford: Meetings conducted by our brethren Fred Bartlett and David Hunt concluded after two weeks. The interest was good, but the weather was adverse.

Sydney Mines: Brethren Jonathan Procopio and David Swan are holding forth in the gospel with interest, having commenced in January. Please pray

Tatamagouche: The New Year’s Day meeting was the largest to date and seven of the Lord’s servants ministered the Word. The gospel was faithfully preached and the saints encouraged.

Truro: Brethren Peter Ramsay and Albert Hull commenced gospel meetings on February 6th. There has been some interest in the Sunday evening meetings and prayer is valued for God’s blessing.

Weymouth: Frazer Mullen and his wife Leola appreciate the prayers of the Lord’s people for their son Nathan (24) who has inoperable cancer, but has professed to be saved since being admitted to the hospital. To God be the glory.

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown: The saints were uplifted by ministry from Peter Orasuk on January17. Noel Burden recently visited here as well as Crapaud and Freetown assemblies giving helpful ministry

Newfoundland & Labrador

Buchans: Gospel meetings were expected to start on Jan30 with brethren George Whey of Gander and Charles Hiscock of St. John’s. Please pray for God’s blessing in this small assembly.

Charlottetown: David Hunt gave the assembly an appreciated visit for a few days near the end of January.

Flowers Cove: Allan Leblanc and Eric Fowler are presently in gospel meetings. They expect to continue for four weeks taking them up to Feb. 6, unless there is reason to go longer. A large number of younger people have been attending. Continue to pray for their salvation.

Fogo: Alvin Blake and Bryan Joyce spent the Lord’s day with the saints on January 16. Several local brethren from both Sandringham and Gander were over on the previous Saturday to share in the distribution of calendars to every home on the Island.

Lapoile: D. Hunt and G. Whey visited this isolated community in December for two meetings in the community hall with an encouraging turnout. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance for future work in this town.

Sandringham: The saints have been encouraged during the first week of Gospel meetings which started January 23 with Bryan Funston and Eric McCullough as unsaved have been in each night, some with interest. A special Saturday Bible Reading is planned for February 12 and will include assemblies throughout the area.

Seal Cove: Carl Payne and Alvin Blake gave an appreciated visit to the assembly on January 23. They also distributed calendars in the town of Harbour Breton.

St. John’s: R. McIlwaine and Bryan Joyce had five weeks of gospel meetings. The number of unsaved that attended was encouraging.

Tidings – U.S.A.


Marysville: Gospel meetings commenced January30 with brethren Tom Hoy and Bryon Myers.

Seattle: The weekend of conference meetings in January was a happy and profitable time around God’s Word. Eight brethren shared in the ministry and bible readings. Eric Parmenter stayed after the conference to help in children’s work and the ministry of the Word.


Arlington: Al Christopherson is having a good interest here, and also having Friday night meetings in Strawberry Point.

Garnavillo: Jack Nesbitt visited for the weekend of January 23 with a report meeting on the following Monday night. Jessie Fitch had a few meetings with the Russian people that work in Postville, where the saints also carry on a weekly night meeting for the Spanish and a Sunday School.

Hampton: In January, the assembly appreciated a visit by Jerry Jennings on a Lord’s Day and ministry and missionary reports by Jesse Fitch (Russia), Jack Nesbitt (St. Lucia), and Paul Poidevin (Zambia).


Brodhead: Roy Weber continues in meetings helped by a local brother. Robert Orr couldn’t join him due to the illness of his wife.

Lancaster: Win. Skates is starting meetings in Lancaster, WI on February 13, D.V. Stuart Thompson will help him for first two weeks.


New Lenox: Art Ward was expected at a baptism here on February 13 where a few souls got saved in recent meetings.


Tylertown: The assembly greatly appreciated ministry in late December and early January by Larry Perkins, Stuart Thompson, Jerry Jennings and Louis Smith. Please pray for the encouragement of this small assembly.


Harrison: Arthur Ward and Clifford Lock were expected to commence here in the gospel in mid-February, God willing. This town is close to the assembly in Alpena


Black Earth: The believers appreciated recent visits from John Slabaugh and Allan Christopherson. The January 16 all-day meeting included helpful ministry from six brethren. The assembly was encouraged by a two-week gospel series in January Several unsaved relatives of the believers attended, some had not heard the gospel in many years, and prayer continues in their behalf.


Deckerville: The assembly has seen great blessing in the recently with a number of souls being saved, four being baptized and a married couple taking their place in the assembly The fall meetings with brother L. Perkins, and J. Beattie were fruitful with a good number of unsaved relatives hearing the Gospel and one soul professing faith in Christ. Recent visits by W. Lavery and W. Metcalf were much appreciated and helpful.

Detroit: the Ferndale assembly is exercised about gospel meetings in the spring and prayer is requested for blessing.

Jackson: The assembly enjoyed ministry on the Holy Spirit given by Alex Dryburgh. Frank Sona spoke to a large number of children and parents at the annual treat and stayed for the Lord’s Day In spite of his recent surgery, David Oliver is still planning to join Norman Crawford for gospel meetings in March.

Pelkie: Louis Smith and Stuart Thompson spent a long weekend with the little assembly In the winter months the assembly seldom sees a visitor so they were encouraged by the ministry, gospel preaching and visitation around the area by our two brethren.

Saginaw: A visit from Dan Shutt on January 2 was a help to the assembly The saints in Saginaw and surrounding assemblies were encouraged with ministry from John Slabaugh and Jim Smith at our February 6 all-day meeting. Using his chart, brother Smith continued through Feb. 13 on the “Offerings”.


Akron: A visit by Gene Higgins was much appreciated when he spoke at the Sunday School treat and a baptism. He also visited Cleveland.

Clyde: Sandy Higgins was with the assembly on January 22 for the first area Bible Reading on child raising. Helpful and timely ministry was also given on Lord’s Day


Matoaca: The assembly enjoyed visits from W. Gustafson and J. Procopio.

North Carolina

Hickory: The assembly has enjoyed visits recently by W. Gustafson, J. Smith, H. Paisley and R. McIlwaine. Also, Bill Lavery ministered for a week on the book of Numbers.


Bryn Mawr: The assembly appreciated a series often ministry meetings with brother Jim Smith who used his chart on the Levitical Offerings. We also enjoyed a visit from brother Gene Higgins in ministry and the gospel. David Oliver has been able to get out to assembly meetings after his surgery. Continue to pray for his complete recovery

Hatboro: Albert Hull had six nights of ministry after the Pennsauken conference on the schools of scripture. Afterward, Jim Smith had six nights on the furniture of the Tabernacle.

Indianna: This year the assembly has enjoyed visits from W. Gustafson, J.Slabaugh, and D. Vitale.

McKeesport: The assembly was encouraged by a visit from John Slabaugh and David Oliver on the first Lord’s Day of the New Year. The ministry of both brethren was practical and appreciated.


Brookfield: The assembly is holding weekly children’s meetings.

Newington: The assembly is enjoying a series of gospel meetings with Marvin Derksen and Bert Joyce. Some have professed, and there is evidence that others are concerned.

New Jersey

Midland Park: Marvin Derksen was with the assembly for the annual Sunday School Treat on Saturday January 29 and gave helpful ministry on the Lord’s Day

Pennsauken: Jim Smith had well attended meetings on the High Priest’s garments.

Tidings – Other Countries

N. Ireland

Ballynahinch: B. Glendenning and R. Fairley hope to commence here in February The assembly is small and the area is difficult.

Bangor: David Gilliland and Jim Currie conducted six weeks of gospel meetings in Ebenezer in Oct.-Nov.

Birches: A. McShane and D. Gilliland are preaching the gospel nightly While the assembly is small, a good number have been in from around the district.

Broughshane: In November-December, Brother John Fleck from Buckna joined Albert Hull for meetings in which the Lord saved souls. There were excellent numbers and the assembly was encouraged.

Coleraine: M. McCandless has commenced here is the gospel.

Fintona: W.J. Nesbitt and T. Wright have commenced a gospel series at this border town. Some locals and strangers have been in to hear the gospel.

Lisburn: Jim Currie from Japan held a week of Bible Readings which were well attended and profitable. Our brother has also given interesting reports and helpful ministry here in the province during his visit.

Moira: S. Ferguson and W. Boyd have been preaching the gospel in the village with good numbers attending.

Portadown: J. Lennox and B. Currie hope to commence here in the gospel in February.

Tassagh: S. McBride has held a series of gospel meetings, speaking each evening from a prophetic chart.

Conferences. D.V.

Clarksville, IA

April 2 in the Antioch Gospel Hall. Ministry 10a.m., Breaking of Bread 11 a.m., Children’s Meeting 1:15 p.m., Ministry 2 p.m. The hall is located 3 miles east of Clarksville on C-33.

Newbury, ON

April 15 in the Newbury Gospel Hall. Meetings are at 2:30 and 6:30 p.m. with a dinner break in between.

Methuen, MA

April 16 in the Gospel Hall, 51 Merrimack St. Breaking of Bread 10 a.m., Prayer, Praise and Ministry at 2:30 p.m., Gospel at 6:30 p.m. Comm. Daniel Netti, 105 Hillside Rd. N. Andover, MA 01845, (978)686-2462, Hall (978)794-8679.

Waterloo-Cedar Falls, IA

April15 and 16 in the Masonic Temple, Park Ave. and Mulberry St., Waterloo. Friday April 14: Prayer Meeting,, at 7 p.m. at Cedar Falls Gospel Hall, 13th. & Walnut St. Saturday: Ministry 10a.m. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 9 a.m. on. Gen. 22:1-14, Breaking of Bread 10:30 am. Bible Readings the week before the conference on I Peter 1-4, Monday and Tuesday at Waterloo, Wednesday and Thursday at Cedar Falls at 7p.m. Comm. Richard 0mm, 614 Bland Blvd. SW., In-dependence, IA 50644, Tel (319)334-3931 and Erwin D. Stickfomt, 223 North Francis St., Cedar Falls, IA 50613, Tel (319)266-6271.

Culver City, CA

April 22 and 23 at Culver City Gospel Hall, 11138 Venice Blvd. Prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread at 10:30 a.m.. The Bible Reading subject will be Worship. Comm. Neil Rodger, 4209 Clayton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027-1501, Tel (323)663-5905, Hall (310)559-1588.

Nineveh, NS

April22 and 23 in the Gospel Hall with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. Supper will be served at 5p.m. Friday in the Gospel Hall. All other meetings to be held in the Parkview Education Centre, 1485 King Street, Bridgewater, NS. Ministry meeting Saturday starts at 10a.m. Corr. Robert Kaulback, 19 Medway St., Bridgewater, B4V 1J8. Tel (902)543-5530. School (902)43-5536. For accommodations, contact Clark Hubley Tel (902)543-3268.

Vancouver, BC

April 21,22,and 23 in the John Oliver High School, 41st and Fraser. The conference commences with prayer at 8p.m. on April 20 in the South Main Gospel Hall. Sessions in the school will be 10 a.m., 2p.m., and 7p.m. The Bible Readings will consider Rom. 12-16. They will begin at the conference and continue April 25-28 in the W. Richmond Gospel Hall. Inquiries: Tel (604) 277-7019.

Fredricton, NB

April 28, 29 and 30 in the Gospel Hall, 109 McAdam Ave, Fredericton, NB. Friday: Prayer 7:30pm; Saturday: Bible Reading 10-12:00noon (Topic: Abide in the Vine – John 15:1-8, 16-17; Be led of the Spirit – Gal 5:18; Bear fruit for God -Gal 5:22-25); Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30am. Corr. Robert M. Griffin, 1192 Rte 105 Hwy., Douglas, NB, E3A 7K1, Tel (506) 472-5512, email: rgriffin@nbpower.com

McKeesport, PA

April 29 and 30 in Francis McClure Middle School. Meetings begin at 10 both days. Prayer meeting in the Gospel Hall, Prescott and Broadway, on Friday at 7:30 p.m. The homes of the Christians will be open for visitors. Contact Rob Oliver, Tel (412)664-1004, for accommodations or local motel phone numbers for those wishing to make their own arrangements.

Newmarket ON

May 7 in the Gospel Hall, 736 Davis Dr. Breaking of Bread 9:30 a.m., Bible Reading (Phil. 1:12-30) and Sunday School 11:30 a.m., Ministry 2:30 p.m., Gospel 7:00 p.m. Corr. Harry Pronk, 364 Simcoe Rd., Bradford, ON, L3Z 1Y9.

Sarnia. ON

May13 and 14 with Prayer Meeting Friday at 7:30 p.m. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 1791 London Line. Meetings areas follows: Saturday: Ministry at 10 and 2:30, Gospel at 7. Sunday: Breaking of Bread at 10, Sunday School 1 p.m., Ministry 2:20, Gospel 7 p.m. Corr. Shad Kember, Tel (519)337-1476, Gospel Hall (519)541-1894.

Prince Edward Island

May 20 and 21 in the Bluefield High School, Hampshire, P.E.I. Saturday: Prayer and ministry 9:30 am. and 2:30 p.m. Gospel 7 p.m. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 8:30 a.m. on Psalm 22, Breaking of Bread 10a.m., Ministry 2:30 p.m., Gospel 7p.m. Corr. Glen McKenna, 15 Andrews Dr., R.R. 6, Kensington, PEI. C0B 1MO, Tel. (902)836-3073 or Brian MacDonald, 25 MacRae Dr., Cornwall, PEI. COA 1HO. Accom: Neil Thompson (902)892-7216. Please note change in Prayer Meeting place and time.

Kindly remember:

Mt. Sterling, WN – March 25 and 26
Stout, IA – April 8 and 9
Kapuskasing, ON – April 22 and 23
Toronto, ON – April 21, 22, 23

With Christ

Edgar Owen of Gore Bay, ON on November 15, 1999, age 89. At age ten his family moved to Toronto from Lancaster, England. At age 23, after several nights under the preaching of the late Sam McEwen of Chicago, alone on his knees with an open Bible, he found Christ through the words of Acts 16:30-31. Each member of his family was eventually saved. Our brother was in fellowship at W. Toronto, Rexdale, Bracondale, Waubaushene and Gore Bay. As a soul winner, he had a love for souls. He ran the course and finished well. The funeral service was held in Toronto where the gospel was faithfully preached by T. Kember and M. McLeod.

Frank Courvoisier of Arnstein, ON on December 25, age 89. He was saved in 1932 under the preaching of the late Mr. Widdifield, was baptized and received into fellowship shortly after. Frank served as an elder for many years and was marked by his faithfulness. The past two years were spent at Elim Home where he and his wife Tena received much needed care. He had two boys and three girls, all saved, 17 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren for whom prayer would be valued. Ernie Delandrea spoke the gospel plainly at the funeral.

A number of obituaries have had to be postponed until next month.