Our Heritage – Chapman Valley Gospel Hall

The assembly first gathered in Spence, an area south of the town of Magnetawan. We do not know who was instrumental in forming the assembly. It has been mentioned by some older brethren that it was started some time in the 1870’s, but this is not certain. They moved from Spence to Magnetawan, for reasons unknown to us, and carried on there until 1909, at which time they built a new hall (framed by Mr. F. G. Watson and Mr. Tom Hicks) in Chapman Township on Hwy 124. They carried on in that hall until 1967, at which time the present hall was built.

In the 1950s the numbers dropped, and as responsible brethren went to be with the Lord, it got to the point that they discontinued the Sunday night gospel meetings. In 1957, Mr. Stanley Simms moved to the area. Gospel meetings resumed, souls were saved, the assembly started to grow, and at the present time we have about 36 in happy fellowship.