Book Review: Angels – A Biblical Survey

Author: James B. Currie

This small book is a large treasure. It is attractively designed and printed by John Ritchie Ltd. The 77 pages are full of clear teaching from Scripture about the “heavenly host.” The subtitle is very accurate. It is a Biblical Survey, not a gathering up of opinions, but a careful, diligent exposition of the Word of God about angels.

Having known brother Currie for many years and having been privileged to work with him in the work of the Lord, I fully expected that any product from his pen would be a careful and diligent exposition. I surely was not disappointed. The reading of this book has been a pure delight and I highly recommend it to the Lord’s people. One aspect of this work that can be greatly appreciated is that it so exalts the Person of the Lord Jesus.

Brother Currie examines the identity, dignity, ministry, and destiny of angels in an orderly concise way. In the handling of a subject that has suffered so badly from human speculation and superstition, this is a clear explanation of Scripture. He makes it clear that when the Lord Jesus “created all things in the heavens” each angel was a unique creation of His hand. The power and majesty of these heavenly beings is so great that one angel slew 185,000 Assyrians. The Lord said He could have summoned more than twelve legions to His aid. Yet these great spirit beings bow to the supreme authority of the One who has the “more excellent Name.”

The author deals with the positions and ministry of angels. There is much help on their names and titles: Michael, Gabriel, cherubim, seraphim, the morning stars, watchmen, sons of God, and angel princes. Helpful teaching is given to identify Abaddon or Apollyon, the destroyer. The faces of the cherubim are related to the four Gospels. The pride and fall of Lucifer is described and the one who exalted himself is contrasted with the One who humbled Himself.

In dealing with the lessons of grace that angels receive from the cross, the church, and an assembly, a powerful three pages deal with the great importance of headship in an assembly. Angels are involved in the plan of God for the ages, in redemption, in human government, in worship, in coming judgment, and in the present care of saints. There is a careful handling of the problem of identifying the sons of God in Genesis 6:2. We believe that what is given is a true interpretation.

It is not possible to do justice to a work like this in a brief review, so we suggest that each believer should read the book for himself.

In a recent notice of available books from “New England Bible Sales (Jim and Lois Thompson)” this book is listed along with a number of other very valuable works. Other Christian booksellers will also have it.

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