Tidings – Canada

British Columbia

Langley, A one day conference was held on April 10 with the hall nicely filled. Bryan Funston, Jack Gould, John Riddle and David West shared in the ministry.

Squamish, God blessed in salvation during recent meetings with Bryan Funston and Jack Gould. On the final night, two young women were baptized, bringing further joy to the assembly Prior to the meetings, over 5,000 Seed Sower packages were distributed.

Vancouver, The Easter conference was a source of spiritual blessing to the saints. John Abemethy, Gaius Goff, Jack Gould, John Riddle and David West shared in the ministry. Following the conference, four nights of Bible readings were held in West Richmond. At the monthly missionary meeting on April 10 at South Main, Jack Gould reported on the work in St. Lucia. Jim Allen addressed the May missionary meeting in West Richmond and remained for a week of ministry. In late April, Noel Burden visited Fairview, Carlton, Victoria Drive and Abbotsford.


Grande Prairie, An assembly has been formed with the first Breaking of Bread on April 4. Sixteen believers form the assembly and with them for this special occasion were 20 visitors from other assemblies. In the afternoon, a Bible reading was followed by ministry. In the evening, the gospel was preached by Andrew Bergsma and Gordon Williams.


Taylorside, The saints rejoiced when two sisters were added to the fellowship on March 28. The April conference was a happy time around the Word of God with Bryan Funston and Ross Vanstone sharing the ministry. The believers enjoyed recent visits by Jim Webb, Peter Simms and Andrew Bergsma.


Brampton, Two souls professed salvation during a recent five week gospel series by Jim Jarvis and Frank Sona. Brother Jarvis plans to commence tent meetings in late July

Chatham, Prayer is requested for a gospel tent series commencing May30 with Marvin Derksen and Peter Orasuk.

Clinton, Eugene Badgley and Ed Miller concluded four weeks of gospel meetings on April 9, with some outsiders attending. A children’s meeting was also held on Friday evenings.

Clyde, The saints appreciated recent visits and ministry by Fred Krauss, Ken Moore, T. Walker and Don Nicholson. Deer Lake, The believers enjoyed visits by Brian Owen on March 14, Jerry Croteau on March 28 and Larry Steers on April25. The assembly has received approval to start a gospel outreach at a nearby medium security prison.

Huntsville, During April, Timothy Walker held two weeks of appreciated ministry meetings using a chart on the Tabernacle.

Kenora, Prayer is valued for a tent effort by Murray Pratt commencing Jul 4. Lake Shore, Brian Owen gave practical ministry and a report on the work in Grenada. Gary Sharp had a special message for the S.S. scholars and their parents on Mother’s Day and followed with a week of children’s meetings.

London, The assembly appreciated recent visits for ministry by Jim Allen and Tom McNeill during April and May

Newmarket, Seven of the Lord’s servants were present to give help at the conference on May 2. William Lavery opened the Bible reading and remained for two nights of ministry.

Niagara Falls, James Smith and Gary Sharp had four weeks in the gospel with blessing in salvation.

Peterborough, The assembly enjoyed a conference on May 1. The hall was well filled and help was given by T. Kember, L. Langfeld, N. Lorimer, M. McLeod, L. Mitchell, D. Nicholson and L. Steers.

Sudbury, In February, Timothy Walker had a week of well attended children’s meetings and remained for the monthly ministry meeting. Eugene Badgley had two weeks of good practical ministry with the Egypt to Canaan chart. In March, Ken Moore spoke at the monthly ministry meeting and remained for the Lord’s day. A young brother was recently received into fellowship bringing joy to the assembly.

Toronto, James Currie had appreciated ministry meetings in several assemblies in the city during April.

Victoria Road, Children’s meetings in April by Ed Miller were encouraging with an average of 50 children nightly and a nice number of unsaved parents also.


Montreal, On March 27, L. Buote, Y. Poirier, G. Roy and L. Wells shared the ministry at an all day meeting with the French assembly.

Nova Scotia

Baddeck, On April 25, Peter Ramsay and Stephen Vance (Lansing) began gospel meetings with a good number of unsaved attending.

Blues Mills, There was a good attendance of unsaved at the baptism of a young sister on May 1, including her unsaved husband. Peter Ramsay spoke a word in the gospel.

Sydney Mines, Two souls professed salvation during recent gospel meetings by Ken Taylor and Eric Fowler.

Prince Edward Island

Larry Steers visited the five Island assemblies in April, giving appreciated ministry.

Freetown, Jonathan Procopio and Peter Ramsay expected to commence gospel meetings on May 30.

Rosebank, On April 17, the assembly convened a day of meetings. W. Bingham, D. Hunt, R. McIlwaine, P. Ramsay and L. Steers were present for the day and the Christians were refreshed.

Newfoundland and Labrador

From June 12 to July 10, David Swan and others plan to travel by boat along the south coast of Newfoundland to some isolated communities, holding gospel meetings and children’s meetings, and distributing Bibles, texts and tracts.

Gander, Prayer is requested for tent meetings which Bert Joyce and Marvin Derksen expect to commence on July 4. Bryan Joyce plans to have two weeks of children’s meetings in the tent during this effort.

Gander Bay, The saints were encouraged with blessing in salvation during recent gospel meetings by Carl Payne and David Swan.

McIvers, Prayer will be valued for a tent effort which Jim Jarvis and Alvin Blake (Gander Bay) expect to start in late June.

Rocky Harbour, On May 2, David Hunt and David Swan commenced a series in the gospel.

St. John’s, Rob. McIlwaine expected to commence a week of ministry on May 9.

Tidings – U.S.A.


Forest Grove, Roy Weber and John Fitzpatrick commenced gospel meetings on April25.


Turlock, On May 5, David Oliver and Joel Portman began tent meetings. They were encouraged as over half their listeners were visitors.

S. Dakota

Rapid City, Allan Christopherson plans to return to this area for meetings and personal work.


St. Paul, During April, Robert Orr and William Skates had two and a half weeks in the gospel with an encouraging attendance in a new location. A girl of 12 professed and a 70 year old cousin of brother Orr expressed a desire to be saved. Two brothers in the flesh, who professed at meetings 25 to 30 years ago, attended and received assurance.


Arlington, As a follow-up to the blessing seen at Manchester recently, Allan Christopherson has been having two meetings each week.

Dunkerton, Allan Christopherson and Jerry Jennings had gospel meetings with blessing in salvation. The saints also enjoyed visits by Fred Krauss, Albert Hull and Robert McIlwaine.

Garnavillo, Robert Boyle was expected for a ministry meeting on May 7.

Stout, The conference was a time of blessing, with very good attendance. Excellent practical ministry was given by 10 servants of the Lord.


Rolla, Gospel meetings were held three nights per week for five weeks by Joel Portman and Mark Van Der Hart in a senior citizen center. There was an encouraging attendance and one man professed to be saved. Our brethren plan to return in the fall for further meetings.


Blue River, In March, Tom Bentley had a week of helpful ministry on the Offerings and also visited Mt. Sterling, La Crosse, Black Earth and Ontario.

Ontario, From April 5-7, Arthur Ward and Jim Frazier had ministry meetings with a nice interest.


Battle Creek, John Slabaugh and Dan Shutt expected to start gospel meetings on May 16.

Jackson, Using a chart on Zechariah, N. Crawford had two weeks of ministry with a good interest and attendance.

Saginaw, John Slabaugh and Fred Krauss gave meaningful ministry at the all day meeting on May 2. Brother Krauss also had ministry meetings in Cass City on May 1 and Saginaw on May 3.


Akron, The assembly appreciated short but profitable visits by Timothy Kember and Tom McNeill (April 11), Steve Kember (April18), William Lavery (Apr. 25) and Robert McIlwaine (April28).


Matoaca, On April 17, the assembly had joy as a man was baptized who had been saved 20 years before. David Oliver was present and preached the gospel.

North Carolina

Hickory, At last report, Murray McCandless and Arthur Ward were in their third week in the gospel with some interest.


Bryn Mawr, Jim Allen had two nights of appreciated ministry in April and also visited Hatboro.

Hatboro, Prayer is requested for a gospel tent series which Albert Hull and David Oliver plan to start on June 6.

McKeesport, The April conference was well attended and the believers received help from the ministry by J. Allen, J. Currie, W. Gustafson, W. Lavery, M. McCandless, M. McLeod, W. Seale and A. Ward.

New Jersey

Livingston, The conference on May 1 and 2 was a great blessing to the saints. About 200 attended. J. Currie, W. Gustafson, E. Higgins, M. McCandless, W. Oliver, W. Seale, F. Tornaquindici, D. Vitale and A. Ward all participated over the two days.

Longport, More than 200 attended the annual dinner and report meeting on April 17 and Jim Allen gave ministry.

Pennsauken, On April 11, William Oliver spoke at the final monthly ministry meeting concluding the series on Assembly Testimony. Jim Allen had excellent ministry meetings from April 17-22. William Seale was expected for a week of children’ meetings in early May.


Manchester, In late April, Gene Higgins sought to follow up interest from the Easter conference gospel meetings. Although he was able to have only three nights of gospel meetings, the Lord blessed this effort in salvation.

Terryville, David Oliver and Gene Higgins had two and a half weeks of encouraging gospel meetings.


Methuen, The one day conference on April 11 was well attended and helpful ministry was given by W. Gustafson, W. Nason (Saugus) and F. Tomaquindici.

Tidings – Other Countries

Northern Ireland

Harold Paisley paid an appreciated visit to the province and had well attended ministry meetings in Cookstown, Coleraine, Buckna and Bangor.

Antrim, S. Ferguson and W. Boyd continue in the gospel.

Ballymena, J. Lennox and B. Currie began a gospel series with the assembly at Harryville.

Belfast, J. Hutchinson and A. Aiken commenced gospel meetings with the Windsor assembly

Carryduff, In an Orange hall in a rural area near here, N. Tinsley and N. Coulter are preaching the gospel.

Drumenagh, In this area, D. Morgan (Wales) and B. Glendinning have seen fruit in the gospel.

Newry, A. McShane and D. Gilliland began a gospel series.

Tandragee, Using a portable hall, A. Davidson and J. Rodgers are preaching the gospel.

Conferences, Over the May Day weekend, well attended conferences were held at Bellaghy; Ballyduff, Belfast; Ratlimines, Dublin; Limivady and Mullafernaghan.

Conferences, D.V.

Taylorside, Saskatchewan
June 25, 26 and 27 in the Gospel Hall, 12 miles west of Melfort. Prayer meeting on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Corr. John C. Parker, Box 2666, Melfort, SK, SOE lAO, (306) 752-4079. Hall (306) 752-3810.

Sydney Mines, NS
June 5. To mark the official opening of the new hall, there will be an open house from ito 2:30 p.m. followed by Ministry at 3 and Gospel at 7. Corr. Norman A. MacQueen, 7 Victoria Drive, Sydney Mines, NS, BIV 3B4, (902) 736-9690.

Sioux City, Iowa
July 18 in the Gospel Hall, 120 South Leonard. Breaking of Bread at 9:45, Bible reading at 11:15 on Psa. 69, Children’s meeting at 1:45, Ministry at 2:30, Testimony at 6:15 and Gospel at 7:30. Prayer meeting on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Corr. Sam Hayes, 1520 Rebecca St., Sioux City, IA 51103, (712) 255-6843. Hall (712) 277-3647.

Augusta, Maine
June 19 and 20 in the Gospel Hall, 893 Old Belgrade Rd. Prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. Corr. James Thompson, RR 1, Box 2971, Belgrade, ME 04917, (207) 495-3590. Hall (207) 626-2786.

Kindly remember:

Kamloops, BC – June 26 and 27
Glen Ewen, SK – June 18 – 20
Portage la Prairie, MB – June 11 – 13
Nipissing Junction, ON – June 12, 13
Northern Ontario – June 26 and 27
Victoria Road, ON – June 19 and 20
Halifax, NS – June 26 and 27
Pugwash Junction, NS – July 3 and 4. Bible reading on Saturday on The Holy Spirit given, guiding and grieved. On Lord’s day, The Spirit guiding in Worship.
Corner Brook, NF – June 26 and 27.
Garnavillo, IA – June 12 and 13

Change of Address

Tom Wright (Brazil), 7 Cliarlemont Gardens, Armagh, Co. Armagh, N. Ireland, BT6I 9BB

Change of Address of Correspondent 

Toronto, Ohio, Richard Westlake, 44 Pine Lane, Toronto, OH 43964, (740) 544-5762

New Assembly

Grande Prairie, AB, Breaking of Bread at 10:30 with Gospel at 7:30. Tuesday, Prayer and Bible Study at 7:30 p.m. Meetings are presently held at the Stanford Inn.

With Christ

Raymond L. Raisbeck of Beetown, WI on February 21, age 71. Our dear brother was saved on October 19, 1965, following gospel meetings held by Henry Wahls and Louis Brandt. He was a gentle and faithful brother, highly respected and loved by all who knew him. Raymond is best remembered for his consistency and faithfulness to the assembly He is survived by his wife Julie, who is in assembly fellowship, and by five children and their families for whom prayer is requested. Roy Weber and Al Christopherson spoke to the large crowd at his funeral.

Mrs. Tillie Brandt of Parkersburg, Iowa on March 3, age 85. Our dear sister was saved on August 16, 1947 in meetings held by George Gould Jr. and Leonard De Bulir. She was received into the fellowship of the Stout assembly soon after. She always had a pleasant countenance and remained in happy fellowship until her sudden homecall. Tillie is survived by her two daughters and their families. Leonard De Bulir, Roy Weber and Tom Christopherson officiated at the funeral service in Stout.

Miss Irene Cowan of Lakefield, Ontario on March 20. Our dear sister was born in Bells Rapids. She went to Ottawa to work and while there, she was saved in 1951. Later, she moved to Toronto, where she was baptized in 1954 and received into the fellowship of the Pape Avenue assembly In later years, she moved to Lakefield and was in fellowship at Park Street, Peterborough. Timothy Kember spoke a good word in the gospel at her funeral.

Mrs. Lillian V. Purdy of Perth, Ontario on March 25, age 92. Our dear sister was saved at 14 and was in fellowship in Broadview and Highfield in Toronto, for a time in Venezuela and latterly in Maberly and Waubaushene. She was the widow of the late Stanley Purdy and by former marriage, the late James McLeod. Aunt Lil, as she was known by many who shared her home, was held in high esteem. She leaves a son, Murray McLeod, a daughter, Marion Saword, seven grandchildren most of whom are in assembly fellowship and nine great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Dora Orr of Marion, Iowa on March 27, age 98. Our dear sister was saved on September 26, 1922 during meetings by C.W. Ross in Minneapolis, MN. She appreciated gathering unto the Lord and was in assembly fellowship for nearly 75 years. For the past 11 years, she was a resident of Linn Manor Care Center and was in the assembly at Marion. Previously she had been in the Minneapolis, Waterloo and Hitesville assemblies. Her husband John predeceased her in 1971. Russell Nesbitt took the funeral service with her two sons Robert and Richard also taking part.

Mrs. Elizabeth Regis (Shivas) of Milton, ON on April 3, age 74. Our dear sister was the daughter of the late Mr. & Mrs. George Shivas and was saved on January 1, 1939. In 1948, she married Murray Regis and together they were in the Milton assembly since its commencement. Betty was an exceptionally kind person, given to hospitality and caring for the Lord’s people. She is survived by her husband, four children, all saved, seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild. The largely attended funeral was shared by her eldest son David, W. Metcalf and K. Moore.

Miss Freda Adams of Garnavillo, Iowa on April 4, age 95. Our dear sister was saved in 1941 when Louis Brandt and Samuel Hamilton had tent meetings in Volga, IA. She was received into the Garnavillo assembly and was most faithful to the assembly. For 20 years, she and another sister, Maynie Minger, were very diligent in keeping the Gospel Hall clean and in order. Miss Adams went to be with the Lord from the Linn Care Center in Marion, IA. The funeral in the Gospel Hall was taken by Joel Portman.

Mae Artman of Toronto, Ohio on April 5, age 93. Our dear sister was saved in 1932 in meetings by W. Warke and S. Mick, and was baptized and received into fellowship shortly after. With her husband William, who was called home in 1975, she was in fellowship in Toronto, OH. She spent her last few years in the Longport Home. Mrs. Artman was a faithful sister, a true mother in Israel and a testimony to all who knew her. She was also predeceased by one son and leaves two sons and several grandchildren. R. Surgenor preached the gospel at her funeral.

Mrs. Euphemia Long of Longport, NJ on April 7, age 97. Our dear sister Phemie was born in 1901 in Port Glasgow, Scotland and saved as a girl of 15 through John 3:16. She immigrated in 1923 and was in fellowship for many years in Bryn Mawr. After marrying Win. Long in 1943, she was in the West Philadelphia assembly until his death in 1949. In 1970, trained as a LPN, she moved to Longport to voluntarily give her time for the care of older Christians. She worked long and steady until 1982 and continued on as a resident in the Longport Home. She will be missed.

Vernel Walvatne of Hawkeye, Iowa on April 11, age 74. Our dear brother was saved in 1944 during meetings by Louis Brandt and Sam Hamilton in Clermont. He was in the West Union assembly since its planting in 1947. Brother Walvatne manifested love to the Lord, the assembly and his family. He is survived by his wife June, seven sons and one daughter, all comforted by that blessed hope. Brethren Christopherson, Orr and Slabaugh shared in the funeral service which was well attended.

Mrs. Margaret Irene Gooley of Huntsville, Ontario, age 92. Our dear sister was saved at age 16. Her father was Benjamin Widdifield, an esteemed servant of the Lord. Her husband Jim was a beloved elder who predeceased her four years ago. They were in fellowship in Arnstein, Higlifield Road, Toronto, and the greater part of their lives in Huntsville. Both were known for their kindness and hospitality Appreciation was expressed by family members for their mother’s love and care. She would always read and pray before they left for school and at every meal.

A Million Thanks

Once again in 1998, both the Canadian and US Gospel Trusts were entrusted with more than one million dollars to be forwarded to the Lord’s servants, widows and missionaries in various parts of the world. Statements for both Trusts were published in last month’s magazine.

We deeply appreciate the confidence that has been placed in us by so many individual saints and assemblies of the Lord’s people. We sincerely thank all who use the Trusts for the honour and privilege you have given us of serving the Lord and serving His servants in this way.

Both the Canadian and US Trusts will continue to forward your fellowship in the most efficient way possible. Our addresses are shown in every magazine at the bottom of the inside back cover.

Bound Volumes for 1998

The Truth and Tidings for 1998, in an attractive hard binding is available from

Mr. George Crarey,
Rural Route # 3,
Kirkfield, ON Canada KOM 2B0.

Canada – $12.00 plus $3.00 postage.
USA – $10.00 plus $2.00 postage.

Send US orders to N. Crawford, 2148 Creglow Drive, Jackson, MI 49203.