Tidings – Canada

British Columbia

Port Alberni, The saints were encouraged by the baptism of two teenage girls on November 22.

Squamish, John Abernethy and Bryan Funston were with the saints for Lord’ day November 8 and three nights of Bible readings on I Timothy

Vancouver, William Skates spoke on the work in the U.S. Midwest at the monthly missionary meeting on November 7 at Victoria Drive. On November 29, two teenage girls were baptized at Deep Cove, bringing joy to the saints. Ian Irvine (Australia) visited Langley, Fleetwood, Squamish and Victoria Drive while in the city.


Glen Ewen, The saints appreciated ministry by Ian Irvine from November 10-15 and by Peter Simms from November 22 to December 4.

Taylorside, Recently, Jim Webb and Roy Weber shared four nights of appreciated ministry and James Hanna gave an interesting report on the work of the Lord in Zambia. Weekly gospel meetings have commenced in a nearby town with some interest. James Ronald Jr. gave two nights of helpful ministry in November.


Chatham, The assembly had appreciated visits from Larry Steers and Walter Gustafson. Prayer is requested for purposed gospel meetings starting January 31 with Larry Perkins and James Beattie. An average of 100 children attend children’s meetings on Monday nights.

Clinton, On November 22, a large number including Sunday School children and unsaved adults witnessed the baptism of three young men. James Smith was with the assembly for this happy event which brought cheer to the saints. David Kember made an appreciated visit in November.

Deer Lake, In these difficult days of reaching the lost with the gospel, our brethren here have had encouragement from (1) annual mailing of Seed Sewers texts, (2) regular visits to a nearby correctional institute and (3) booths at surrounding fairs.

Mimico, A baptism was planned for December 13 when three believers would obey the Lord in the waters of baptism.

Newmarket, Children’s meetings were very encouraging with 60 children and 15 parents present on the closing night.

Niagara Falls, A week of ministry by James Beattie on the local church was an encouragement to the assembly.

Nipissing Junction, The saints enjoyed recent visits by Fred Krauss, David Booth, Eugene Badgley and Murray Poidevin. Murray Pratt was expected for the monthly ministry meeting in November and for a week of children’s meetings.

Oil Springs, The November conference was the largest ever held here, with eight of the Lord’s servants present to minister the Word. James Smith opened the Bible reading and the testimony meeting was again appreciated by all.

Owen Sound, George Patterson and Ed Miller had a gospel series in November with blessing in salvation.

Oshawa, The hall was full for the November conference with five of the Lord’s servants present to help. In late November and early December, Bruce Rodgers had eleven nights, ministering on Stewardship. The recent baptism of four young believers brought great joy to the saints.

Picton, Max McLean gave a very interesting report in November on the work in Siberia.

Sault Ste. Marie, Recent gospel meetings in a Secondary School with Timothy Walker were well attended and three souls professed salvation. The assembly also enjoyed short visits from Ian Irvine and Gary Sharp.

Sudbury, In October, David Booth was with the saints for a Lord’s day. In November, Alvin Cook and Gary Sharp paid appreciated visits.

Toronto, Commencing November 29, Harold Paisley had a week of well attended and profitable ministry meetings at Pape Avenue, speaking from the Proverbs. Prayer is requested for a gospel series which Uel Ussher and James McClelland expect to commence in Highfield on January 10.

Unionville, On December 6, Tames Smith commenced a week of ministry from Ephesians.

Windsor, The saints appreciated a recent visit by Murray Poidevin who reported on the work in Zambia.


Montreal, Grard Roy and Ivan Poirier held two gospel meetings to reach souls interested in earlier meetings. One has since professed at home.

Nova Scotia

Amherst, Douglas Howard and Murray McCandless were encouraged in gospel meetings with excellent numbers and support from the area assemblies and by blessing in salvation.

Blues Mills, At the November conference, the saints enjoyed a variety of practical and profitable ministry from W. Bingham, V. Boutilier, A. Hull, M. McCandless, J. McClelland, C. Payne, G. Swan, K. Turkington and S. Ussher. Brother Hull remained for a week of ministry on the Tabernacle.

Halifax, In early December, Norman Crawford had two days of weekend meetings on Creation. More than 400 attended, including many younger believers who received much help on this subject.

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown, Alex Dryburgh spent a Lord’s day here recently and ministered to the saints through the week in Charlottetown, Crapaud and Freetown.

Rosebank, William Bingham and David Hunt closed six weeks of gospel meetings with some encouragement.

Newfoundland and Labrador

During November, Gaius Goff visited a number of assemblies and his ministry encouraged the saints. Ken Taylor also visited several assemblies in November giving appreciated ministry.

Corner BrookBert Joyce and Gaius Goff had a week of well attended gospel meetings in November with good numbers and interest.

Flowers Cove, There was a sense of God’s presence during a gospel series by Alex Dryburgh and Wallace Buckle.

Gander, A series in the gospel by Norman Crawford and Jonathan Procopio concluded on December 3 with blessing in salvation. The saints deeply appreciated the one day meeting by brother Crawford on assembly truth on November 21.

L’anse au Loup, Two young brethren have recently been added to the fellowship and a sister obeyed the Lord in baptism. Prayer is requested for a gospel series which Bert Joyce expects to start in January

Mt. Pearl, Prayer is valued for a series of gospel meetings which Marvin Derksen and Jonathan Procopio expect to commence on January 10.

Seal Cove, The Christians were encouraged by the good number of visitors to their annual conference. The ministry was practical and helpful.

Tidings – U.S.A.


Arlington, During November, John Slabaugh, Jim Currie and Ian Irvine visited and their ministry was edifying, exhorting and encouraging.

Lynden, Gordon Williams was with the saints for a week of ministry in late October. Ian Irvine was with them for ministry on November 24.


Forest Grove, In late October, John Abernethy had a weekend and three nights of ministry with good attendance and interest.

Salem, Commencing October 18, John Abernethy gave a week of helpful ministry.


Culver City, During November, Harold Paisley had profitable Bible readings and ministry at Culver City and Long Beach.

Fresno, Harold Paisley made a much appreciated visit in November.

San Diego, The assembly enjoyed recent visits and ministry by Harold Paisley, John Slabaugh and Walter Gustafson.


Phoenix, The Thanksgiving conference was well attended and the saints enjoyed the ministry and time of fellowship. Servants of the Lord present to minister the Word were: J. Abernethy, E. Doherty, W. Gustafson, W. Lavery, J. Slabaugh and G.P. Taylor. On December 6, brother Slabaugh commenced a week of ministry.


Loveland, Robert Orr and William Skates expected to distribute calendars and do personal work in early December.


Gamavillo, A large crowd gathered for an all day meeting on November?? when ministry was given by T. Baker, A. Christopherson, R. Orr, W Skates and J. Slabaugh.

Hampton, The saints appreciated a week of ministry by James Beattie.

Postville, Tom Baker had a few gospel meetings in Spanish in this place where a number trusted Christ recently.


Alpena, William Lavery, Joel Portman and local brethren gave good help at the November Bible reading conference when the Book of Ruth was under consideration. Following the conference, brother Lavery remained for four nights of ministry.


Mt. Sterling, Prayer is requested for a gospel series which Roy Weber and William Metcalf expect to commence on January 24.


Livonia, Two teenagers professed salvation during four and a half weeks of gospel meetings by Marvin Derksen and Peter Orasuk.


Akron, Gary Sharp was expected for a few ministry meetings in December.

Clyde, The believers were cheered by a man being baptized and also by a visit from Jack Gould.

Mansfield, Norman Crawford was with the assembly for three nights of excellent ministry on assembly truth.

Monticello, Dan Shutt and William Seale are preaching the gospel.


Apollo, With help from Joe Clark (McKeesport) and William Seale, Dale Vitale continues to work in this community with some response to the gospel.

Bryn Mawr, The annual Thanksgiving conference was marked by practical and stirring ministry Those miriistenng were Sandy Higgins, Gene Higgins, Bryan Joyce, David Oliver and James Smith.

Hatboro, The monthly ministry meeting on November 15 was shared by local brethren who gave appreciated and timely ministry.

McKeesport, Walter Gustafson was with the assembly for Lord’s day, November 1. On November 7, Sandy Higgins and Paul Robinson (Mimico) gave ministry and answered questions on the subject of Leadership in the Home and in the Assembly. Brother Robinson remained for the Lord’s day. Children’s meetings concluded on November 21 with 45 children attending.

New Jersey

Midland Park, Five weeks of gospel meetings by David Oliver and Gene Higgins ended on December 4. The saints were greatly encouraged to see some blessing in souls saved.

Pennsauken, H. Stewart (Bryn Mawr) led the monthly area Bible reading on November 1 and the teaching was helpful and timely


Newington, A good number of believers from the area attended the one day conference on November 22, which was marked by refreshing and practical ministry. David Oliver and Harold Paisley gave help in addition to William Seale and Bryan Joyce, who concluded three weeks of gospel meetings the following night. The Christians were encouraged by some from the district coming to the meetings.


Methuen, John Dickson (Scotland) visited the area from November 12-26, ministering in Methuen, Saugus, Cambridge, and Watertown. His ministry was very exhorting and was appreciated by all.


Hardwick, Prayer is requested for a gospel series which William Lavery and Dan Shutt expect to start on January 10.


Augusta, Gaius Goff gave help in the children’s meeting and in ministry on December 1. Our brother was on his way to South Dakota to follow up on the work there.

Tidings – Other Countries


Ardstraw, N. Coulter and S. Jennings are labouring in the gospel.

Ballintagh, M. McKillan and W Fenton are preaching the gospel in a portable hall in the village of Macosquin where God has blessed His Word.

Ballymoney, A number professed salvation during gospel meetings by R. McKeown and C. Law.

Clough, The annual conference was very well attended and the ministry given was very profitable.

Drumnahare, There was blessing in salvation during a gospel series in a portable hall by J. Martin and J. Rodgers.

Kells, D. Gilliland and R. Surgenor had well attended gospel meetings.

Killyleagh, God’s hand was seen in blessing during a gospel series by T. McNeill and Mark Campbell.

Omagh, There was good attendance at the annual conference and a number of brethren ministered the Word and gave missionary reports.

Gospel, Gospel meetings continue in the following places

Ilymacashon, J. Hutchinson and A. Aiken

Ballyhay, J. Lennox and B. Currie

Birches, B. Glendinning and B. Millar

Buckna, J. Allen and R. Mcllwaine

Monaghan, J. Thompson and J. Kells


Candelaria, Tom Wright arrived back in Brazil on November 7 and is in a gospel series here with good attendance and some souls showing interest.


Tokyo, James Currie expected to have gospel meetings in Osaka in November. On November 5, he wrote, “In December I am due to go down to Okinawa for some ministry meetings. In the city of Naha, lying half way to Hong Kong, the assembly is seeing much blessing, and ministry to help establish the saints is, I feel, timely”


Puerto Vallarta, From November 11, “It would seem that we are about to have the joy of seeing a few more assemblies established in this country, in addition to the ones in Puerto Vallarta and Zamora. There are over twenty believers baptized in both Ixtapa and Tepic, and in both places there has been for some time now a real desire to gather unto the name of the Lord Jesus. In Pachuca and in Mexico City there are also two groups of believers very close to also seeing assemblies established.”

St. Lucia

La Gare, During November, Jack Gould had a week of ministry from Habakkuk at La Gare and a week at Forestiere from 1 Timothy He also helped with the three ongoing building projects on the island.

Conferences, D.V.

Kindly remember the following conferences:

Seattle, WA – Jan. 30 and 31

DeLand, FL – Feb. 6 and 7

Tampa, FL – Feb. 13 and 14

Pennsauken, NJ – Jan. 9 and 10

Change of Address

David Kember, 3428 Route 108, New Denmark, NB, E7G 2S7

Change of Correspondent

Cumberland, MD, William R. Ganoe Sr., PO Box 730, Wiley Ford, WV, 26767, phone (304) 738-1116

Change in Telephone Number

Albert Hull, (902) 893-2294

Change of Address of Gospel Hall

Montral, Qubec, 1470 chemin Chambly, Longueuil. The correspondent is Mr. Mario Plante, 1318 rue Holmes, app.8, Saint-Hubert, Qubec, J4T lP5, phone (450) 678-2917. Note: All french speaking believers visiting the Montral area should note this address of “les chrtiens runis au nom du Seigneur Jsus-Christ a Montral.”

With Christ

Mary (Mae) E. MacLennan of Blues Mills, Nova Scotia on January 12,1998. Our dear sister was born on November 2,1921 and was saved on April 23,1947 during gospel meetings by the late Isaac McMullen. She went on very faithfully and consistently in the assembly since it began in 1954. She is deeply missed. The large funeral gave a full indication of the respect and esteem in which she was held.

Mrs. Blanche Wright of Melfort, SK on October 23, age 96. Our dear sister was saved in 1915 and was in assembly fellowship at Taylorside until ill health prevented her from attending the regular meetings. She was marked by faithfulness to the Lord and her family and she was given to hospitality. Mrs. Wright was predeceased by her husband in 1951 and leaves three children, 24 grandchildren, 44 great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren for whom prayer is requested. The funeral was taken by James Ronald Jr.

William Puteran of Ashfield, Manitoba on October 23, age 85. Our dear brother was born and lived all his life on the Puteran homestead at Gonor, Manitoba. His dear wife Vicky, family members and Christian friends prayed faithfully for his salvation for at least 40 years. In 1996 Bill began to attend the gospel meetings at Ashfield regularly and in April 1997 he experienced the joy of salvation. Bill was very much respected in his community and many of his unsaved friends listened attentively to the gospel at an evening service as well as at the funeral.

Isabel Rowcliffe of Clinton, ON on November 8, age 81. Our dear sister and her husband Phillip, who predeceased her in 1964, were saved in 1952 when they heard the gospel clearly presented by Albert Joyce in Grand Bend. They said, “This is what we have been searching for.” She was in fellowship in Clinton and went home after years of deteriorating health. Her last two years were in a nursing home. She loved to knit, making many mittens and toys for the children of needy families in Newfoundland and Labrador. The funeral was taken by George Patterson.

Willie (Bill) Joseph Leyte of Gander Bay, Newfoundland on November 8. Our dear brother was saved on March 19, 1972 and showed a deep love for the Lord, His people and the assembly at Gander Bay Bill will be greatly missed by his family and friends. The funeral was taken by Gains Goff and Alvin Blake. Please pray for his wife Violet and the family at this time.

Miss Marie Macdonald of Bethany Lodge, Unionville, Ontario on November 13, age 96. Our dear sister was in happy assembly fellowship in Highfield, then for about 50 years in Broadview and finally in Unionville after she went to reside at Bethany Lodge in 1987. At the funeral, Don Jennings spoke of Marie’s faithfulness during the many years she was at Broadview, and unsaved loved ones heard the gospel presented by Jack Yocum.

Mrs. Anna Brinkman of Hitesville, Iowa on November 19, age 94. Our dear sister was saved on April 24, 1928. She was awakened to her need of salvation through the preaching of Oliver Smith and trusted Christ while two of the brethren were visiting in her home. Mrs. Brinkman was a faithful sister in the assembly for nearly 70 years. She was a resident in the Care Center the past two years. Her husband August predeceased her in September 1996. She is survived by two daughters, their husbands and families. R. Orr took the funeral service with L. De Buhr helping.

Jennie Graham of Toronto, Ontario on November 22, age 92. Our dear sister was saved in Donegal, Ireland in 1924. She came to Canada in 1928. With her late husband Robert, Jennie was in happy fellowship in the Broadview assembly since 196 1. Don Jennings spoke faithful words in the gospel at the funeral. Please pray for unsaved family members.

Wills and the Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust

The Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust can be named as a beneficia in any will, and all money received by the Gospel Trust from an estate will be distributed promptly. The basic principles which are followed in the distribution of estate funds are as follows:

  1. If there are specific instructions in the will, the trustees follow these instructions implicitly.
  2. If there are no instructions in the will but the executor of the estate gives instructions to the Gospel Trust, the executor’s instructions are followed.
  3. If there are no instructions in the will or from the executor, but the person leaving the will has used the Gospel Trust in the past, the trustees are guided by his or her previous exercise.
  4. If there are no instructions whatsoever and the person leaving the will has not used the Trust previously, the trustees distribute the fellowship as the Lord may guide.

A lawyer will be able to assist you in drawing up your will exactly as you wish it. The addresses for both the Canadian and the U.S. Trusts are in every magazine at the bottom of the inside back cover.

Bibles for Russia Fund

The following notice was published in the September 1998 issue, but we have been requested to repeat it for the benefit of all our readers’.

There is currently a surplus in the Bibles for Russia Fund. This is due to (1) the new Religious Law in Russia that prohibits public distribution of Bibles and Christian literature, and (2) fewer workers going to Russia. While the money in this fund will eventually be used for the purpose intended, this may take considerable time. As a result, Jesse Fitch and Louis Smith have requested that gifts to this fund be discontinued for the present time. Effective immediately, no gifts will be accepted by either the Canadan or U.S. Gospel Trusts for the Bibles for Russia fund until further notice.