Tidings – Canada

British Columbia

Deep CoveIn late June, John Abernethy conducted well attended Bible readings at Deep Cove on 1 Thessalonians.

Langley, On June 20, a number of saints distributed Seed Sower texts and invitations to tent meetings by Bryan Funston and Dave Richards. The meetings commenced on July 5 with children’s meetings also held the first two weeks.

Surrey, Jim Currie, Bryan Funston and Dave Richards shared in ministry at the monthly meeting on June 21 at Fleetwood.

Terrace, In early June, John Abernethy had a week of helpful ministry.

Vancouver, Ron Watterson of Brazil visited a number of assemblies in the area with appreciated ministry and reports of the Lord’s work. Please pray for the gospel booth at the Pacific National Exhibition during the last two weeks of August where thousands of Seed Sower packages will be distributed and personal conversations held.


Maidstone, In May, John Abernethy had profitable ministry meetings in Edmonton, Maidstone and one night in Paradise Valley.


Holland, Jack Gould and Bruce Smith (Glen Ewen) did door to door work in Holland and the surrounding towns in view of tent meetings in July. They were able to secure an ideal location for the tent.


Barrie, Eugene Badgley had a week of helpful ministry on Egypt to Canaan in June.

Clinton, The assembly enjoyed a visit by Tom Baker in June. John Dennison was with the assembly for the S. S. picnic and the Lord’s day following.

Gore Bay, Brian Owen and Alvin Cook expected to start tent meetings on July 19.

Grand Bend, On July 5, John Dennison and Shad Kember Jr. commenced a gospel series under canvas.

Ingersoll, George Patterson and Shad Kember Jr. had two and a half weeks of tent meetings in June with a very good attendance of outsiders.

Kitchener, In early June, the saints enjoyed a visit from Tom Baker.

Langstaff, Prayer will be valued for tent meetings which Bert Joyce and Jim Jarvis expect to commence on August 9. Construction on the new hall has begun and is progressing well.

Midland, Please pray for a gospel series commencing September 6 with Murray Pratt and Larry Steers.

Nipissing Junction, A happy spirit prevailed throughout the conference in June. A nice crowd gathered to hear the Word preached and many expressed appreciation for help received both from the Bible readings and the ministry.

Orillia, Harold Paisley gave appreciated help here recently and expected to visit London and Midland.

Ottawa, The annual conference (May 16 and 17) was a happy time with a near capacity crowd and 13 of the Lord’s servants giving help.

Parry Sound, A baptism was planned for July 12 when five believers would obey the Lord in the waters of baptism.

Thunder Bay, Recent visits and ministry by Robert Boyle, Timothy Kember, Alex Dryburgh, Larry Steers, Murray Pratt and David Rodgers were appreciated. Fred Krauss and Eugene Badgley were expected in July.

Toronto, Prayer is requested for a gospel series which Eric McCullough and Peter Orasuk expect to commence at Broadview on September 13.

Unionville, During three weeks of gospel meetings by Peter Orasuk and Brian Crawford in June, there was a good attendance and some blessing in salvation. Attendance at one week of children’s meetings by brother Crawford was also encouraging.

Windsor, The saints enjoyed ministry by Bruce Cottrill as well as a report on the Lord’s work in Finland. A young man was received into fellowship in June, encouraging the believers.


St. Jean, Prayer is requested for tent meetings which Larry Buote and Shad Kember Jr. expect to start on August 2. This effort will be preceded by a Seed Sewers blitz.

New Brunswick

Point la Nim, Grard Roy and, Leslie Wells held three weeks of gospel meetings in June in this village. Numbers were often small, but unsaved were present each night. This was an encouraging start in a new area.

Quispamsis, Brethren from the Sussex assembly who live in this area have carried on a weekly gospel meeting which has been richly blessed in the salvation of several souls.

Nova Scotia

Barrington Passage, Albert Hull is having gospel meetings under canvas.

Berwick, Arnold Gratton expected to start tent meetings on July 12.

Cheticamp, During the first two weeks of June, Ken Taylor and Larry Buote had encouraging gospel meetings.

Halifax, The Bible reading conference was larger than it has been for years. The readings were on 14 Psalms that were selected for their prophetic and practical character. P. Robinson, D. Oliver, L. Wells, A. Hull, F. Tomaquindici, S. Wells and N. Crawford opened the readings.

Pugwash Junction, The Lord gave excellent weather for the conference in the large tent. Over 600 believers were present. God blessed His Word to saint and sinner.

River Hebert, Visits by Ken Taylor on May 28, June 18 and 25 as well as visits by Douglas Howard on June 11 and 21 were appreciated by the assembly.

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown, Prior to the Halifax readings, James McColl gave helpful ministry in Charlottetown, Crapaud and Freetown. Following the readings, Norman Crawford gave much appreciated ministry at Rosebank, Charlottetown and Freetown.

Ebenezer, On July 5, Robert Mcllwaine and David Hierlihy commenced tent meetings.

Rosebank, Murray Poidevin gave interesting reports at Rosebank and Charlottetown on the work in Zambia.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Please pray for open air meetings which are planned throughout the summer in various parts of the Island.

Corner Brook, The saints appreciated the good Word of God ministered to saint and sinner at the annual conference on the weekend of June 21.

Gander Bay, Murray Poidevin gave appreciated reports on the work of the Lord in Zambia at Gander Bay, Corner Brook, Mclvers and Rocky Harbour.

St. John’s, On June 28, the saints were very encouraged when four young believers obeyed the Lord in baptism.

Tidings – U.S.A.


San Diego, Ministry meetings by Robin McKeown (N. Ireland) were an encouragement to the saints.


Loveland, Prayer is requested for tent meetings which Robert Orr and William Skates plan to begin in August.

South Dakota

Rapid City, Allan Christopherson is having tent meetings. During the first two weeks he was helped by Dennis Stickfort (Dunkerton) and then John McCandless (Hitesville) joined him for another two weeks.


Burwell, Following tent meetings from June 24 to July 5 by Joel Portman and Roy Weber, brethren from Stout commenced children’s meetings.


Garnavillo, The June conference was excellent with 10 of the Lord’s servants present. Following the conference, William Lavery had a week of ministry on Joseph. On June 19, the saints were encouraged when four young believers were baptized.

West Union, On June 7, eight adults and four young believers obeyed the Lord in baptism, bringing much joy to the saints. Allan Christopherson was present for this happy occasion.


Blue River, A baptism was held in June with one man obeying the Lord in the waters of baptism.

Edmond, Arthur Ward and Jim Frazier planned to start tent meetings in late July.

Gays Mills, Brethren from Mt. Sterling held a week of children’s meetings with a little interest.

Judah, Robert Orr and William Skates commenced tent meetings on July 5.

Mt. Sterling, Five believers were baptized in June. Later in the month, Norman Crawford held a weekend of meetings on assembly truth.

Sparta, Jerry Jennings and Dick Bruley started gospel tent meetings on July 5.

Stone Lake, At last report, Arthur Ward was in his fourth week of gospel meetings and a few had professed.


Battle Creek, On June 7, the ministry at the all day meeting was shared by William Skates, Dan Shutt and Louis Smith. Norman Crawford and John Slabaugh expected to commence gospel meetings on July 26.

West Virginia

Keyser, Robert Surgenor and Joel Portman planned tent meetings east of Keyser starting July 12.

North Carolina

Hickory, At the end of June, Jack Nesbitt gave enjoyable ministry on the subject of Establishing a New Assembly.


Bryn Mawr, The assembly enjoyed a visit by Walter Gustafson on May 31 as well as visits by James Smith and Tom Baker during gospel series they had in the area.

Hatboro, Gospel meetings by James Smith and William Seale concluded after four weeks. The Lord gave encouragement and a nice number professed salvation.

McKeesport, On July 6, the assembly began two weeks of children’s meetings with David Oliver.

New Jersey

Pennsauken, Gene Higgins and Tom Baker started a tent series on June 28. The tent was full many nights at the beginning of the meetings and the Lord visited in salvation.


Manchester, The assembly enjoyed a visit by James McColl during the second week of June. Our brother also visited other assemblies in the area with profitable ministry.


Augusta, Although smaller, the conference was encouraging to the assembly A good number expressed appreciation of the time together.

Bangor, Jonathan Procopio and Bryan Joyce planned to do gospel work in July

Tidings – Other Countries


Ballykeel, The hall was packed for the annual conference and profitable ministry was given by A. McShane, W. Nesbitt, J. Hutchinson, T. Matthews, J. Kells and M. Radcliffe.

Carrowdore, At last report, S. Ferguson and W. Boyd were in their fourth week under canvas.

Coleraine, Tent meetings by Harold Paisley proved to be a time of unusual blessing with a large number professing salvation.

Martray, The annual conference was larger in numbers than usual. The Bible reading was conducted by D. Kane and helpful ministry was given by W. Nesbitt, T. Matthews, B. Hull, N. McKeown and B. Glendinning.


London, The hall was filled as Harold Paisley ministered the Word at Croydon.


A three week visit by Jim Baker (Scotland) was very profitable. He ministered 24 times in 11 assemblies. Sandy Higgins expects to visit in September. Jim Currie interpreted for brother Baker and will do the same for brother Higgins.


Cameron Highlands, The conference from May 11-16 was excellent with help given by Tom Bentley, Sandy Higgins, John Short and T. Wilson (Scotland).


On July 7, John Dennison wrote, “Michelle and I leave for Mexico on August 17, D.V. We plan to spend the eleven months of the school year in Puerto Vallarta. During this time, we will take classes at the university so can learn the language and culture. We would value the prayers of the Lord’s people during this time away from home. Our address will be: Apartado 262, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.”

Conferences, D.V.

Maidstone, SK, Mervin, SK and Paradise Valley, AB

October 10 and 11 in the Legion Hall, 111 Main Street, Maidstone, (306) 893-4277. Meetings both days at 10:30, 2 and 7. Prayer meeting on October 9 at 7:30 p.m. in Maidstone Gospel Hall, 4th Avenue and Main Street. Corr. Harry K. McLaren, Box 481, Maidstone, SK, SOM 1MO, (306) 893-4614, Lennard Heath, Turtleford, SK, SOM 2YO, (306) 845-2627 and David Flint, Paradise Valley, (403) 745-2560.

Clinton, Ontario

October 3 and 4 in Central Huron Secondary School, 165 Princess St. E., Clinton. First meeting on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. Breaking of Bread at 10. Two Bible readings on (1) Temple of God, Temple of the Holy Spirit and (2) The Lord’s Table, The Lord’s Supper. Prayer meeting in Gospel Hall, 143 Joseph Street on Friday at 7:30 p.m. Corr. Douglas McDonald, PO Box 329, Clinton, ON, NOM 1LO, (519) 565-2752 or (519) 482-7243.

Huntsville, Ontario

September 5 and 6 with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. All meetings in Centennial Centre, Park Drive, (705) 789-6421. Meetings both days at 10, 2 and 7. Corr. David Traves, 10A West Rd., Huntsville, ON, PIH lK9, (705) 789-8420.

St. Thomas, Ontario

October 10 and 11 in Parkside Collegiate, 241 Sunset Drive. Meetings on Saturday at 10:30,2 and 7:30. On Lord’s day, Breaking of Bread at 10, Ministry at 2:30. Prayer meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Friday in the Gospel Hall, 1 Sunset Drive. Corr. Lyle McCandless, 45 Pol Ct, St. Thomas, ON, N5R 5P9, (519) 637-1602. School (519) 633-0090.

Cape Breton, N.S.

October 1 0, 11 and 12 in Memorial High School, Memorial Drive, Sydney Mines. On Saturday, Prayer at 2:30, Ministry at 3:30 and Gospel at 7. On Lord’s day, Bible reading at 8:30 on I Cor. 11, Breaking of Bread at 10, Ministry at 2:30 and Gospel at 7. On Monday, Bible reading at 9 on 1 Cor. 12, with Ministry at 10:30. corr. Norman A. MacQueen, 7 Victoria drive, Sydney Mines, NS, BlV 3B4, (902) 736-9690. Accom: Bruce Bartlett, (902) 794-1401.

Arlington and Shoultes, Washington

September 5, 6 and 7 in Arlington Gospel Hall, 323 S. Stillaguamish, Arlington. Prayer meeting on Friday at 7 p.m. Bible studies each morning on Salvation, Past, Present and Future at 8:45 on Saturday and Monday, and at 11:15 on Lord’s day Breaking of Bread at 9:30 and Gospel at 7 in both halls on Lord’s day. Corr. John A. Klein, 14318 – 67th Ave. NE, Arlington, WA 98223, (360) 435-7239, and Phil Kazen, 4611 – 109th Place NE, Marysville, WA 98271, (360) 659-4611. Accom: Phil or Don Kazen (360) 652-9856.

Omaha, Nebraska

September 12 and 13 in the Gospel Hall, 69th and Hartman, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. First meeting on Saturday at 10 a.m. On Lord’s day, Bible reading on Christ our Passover (Ex. 12:1-17). Corr. James Harvey, 3139 N. 126th St., Omaha, NE 68164, (402) 498-9005. Hall (402) 571-5983.

Hitesville, Iowa

September 19 and 20 in Aplington Parkersburg Middle School, 215 10th Street, Aplington, (319) 347-2394. Breaking of Bread at 10:30 preceded by a Bible reading at 9 on Psalm 45. Prayer meeting on Friday at 7:45 p.m. in the Gospel Hall, RR, Aplington. Corr. Larry L. Brandt, Box 683, Parkersburg, IA 50665, (319) 346-1084.

Livonia, Michigan

October 24 and 25 in Stark Road Gospel Hall, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. On Saturday, Ministry at 10 and 2:30, with Gospel at 7. On Lord’s day, Breaking of Bread at 10, Ministry at 2:30 and Gospel at 7. Corr. James K. Vallance, 47100 Maplebrook, Northville, MI 48167, (248) 349-4258. Accom: Jeff Joyce (248) 442-8858. One week advance notice will be greatly appreciated. Hall (313) 425-4910.

Midland Park, NJ

September 26 and 27 in the Gospel Hall, 61 Prospect Street with prayer meeting on Friday at 8 p.m. Breaking of Bread at 10. Corr. Edgar Chambers, 303 Huntington Court, Wyckoff, NJ, 07481, (201) 652-4862. Hall (201) 447-0654.

Hardwick, Vermont

September 19 and 20 in Hardwick Elementary School, at junction of Routes 14 and 15. Meetings on Saturday are at 10, 2 and 6:30. On Lord’s day, meetings at 9:30, 11:15 and 2. Prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. in the Gospel Hall, Lower Cherry St. Corr. William D. Scott, RR 1, Box 1145, East Hardwick, VT 05836-9705, (802) 472-6257. Advance notice of accommodation needs will be appreciated.

Kindly remember:

Amstein, ON – Sept. 19 and 20

Sault Ste. Marie, ON and MI – Sept. 5 and 6

Clementsvale, NS – Sept. 5 and 6

Kansas City, MO – Sept. 6 and 7

Akron, OH – Sept. 5 and 6

Change of Address

Walter Boyd (S. Africa), 4 Ardvanagh Park, Conlig, Newtownards, Co. Down, N. Ireland, BT23 7XG

Change of Correspondent

Berwick, Nova Scotia, Paul Potter, RR1, 14543 Highway 1, Wilmot, NS, BOP IWO, (902) 765-2988

Marion, Iowa, Jim Ferris, 383 Brentwood Drive NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52402, (319) 362-9156

Watertown, Massachusetts, Joseph Grillo Sr., 2201 Lewis 0. Gray Drive, Saugus, MA 01906-4422, (781) 2338520

Change of Address of Correspondent

St. Thomas, Ontario, Lyle McCandless, 45 Pol Ct., St. Thomas, ON, N5R 5P9, (519) 637-1602

Change in Meeting Times

Hardwick, VT, Gospel meeting on Lord’s day is now at 12:15 p.m.

With Christ

Mrs. Dorothy Burton of Toronto, Ontario on March 19, age 87. Born into a Christian home, our dear sister was saved as a girl of 12. After her marriage to Richard Burton in 1944, they were in West Toronto assembly for a short time and then were in happy fellowship in Pape Avenue for 47 years. They were quiet, consistent and faithful believers devoted to the assembly and given to hospitality. Mrs. Burton has been in a nursing home since 1995 when her husband went to be with Christ. She is survived by one brother and her daughter, Mrs. Gayle McIntosh.

Mrs. Marion Waddell of Charlottetown, PEI on April 30, age 89. Saved on August 2, 1934 at Gamble’s Corner under the preaching of Albert Joyce and Herb Harris, Marion was among the first believers to gather to the Lord’s name in Crapaud. After the death of her husband, a faithful brother, she moved to Charlottetown where she continued with the saints there in her godly, quiet, consistent way. The funeral service in Crapaud was conducted by Robert Mcllwaine. Pray for the salvation of her two sons and three daughters.

Edith Mary Caven of Unionville, ON on May 12, age 68, after several years of failing health. Edith was born again at an early age in similar circumstances to her brother and servant of the Lord, Bert Joyce. Both were saved while sitting back at a worship meeting on Lord’s day morning in Brock Ave. Gospel Hall. Edith’s smile and happy disposition after many unfortunate trials in her life were an evidence of her love for the Lord, His Word and His people. She will be missed by her five children and their families, her brother Bert, and sister Peggy Brown.

Mrs. Violet Saneman of Bel Air, MD on May 21, age 91. Our dear sister and her husband were saved in the 1920’s. They were both in the assembly that first met in Fallston, MD from its beginning in the 1930’s, and both were very faithful to the assembly Her husband predeceased her on November 2, 1990 after being married 61 years. Mrs. Saneman will be missed especially by the small assembly She leaves four sons and 12 grandchildren. Walter Gustafson preached the gospel at her well attended funeral and also at the grave side.

Mrs. Geogina Ford of Charlottetown, PEI on June 5, age 78. Georgina was saved during meetings by Albert Ramsay and Russell Harris in Wheatley River in 1953. Both she and her husband, who was saved a year later, were in fellowship in Charlottetown. Georgina’s faithfulness to her husband during his very long illness was most noteworthy. This quiet faithful Christian will be missed in Charlottetown as well as the community A large crowd of friends and neighbours attended the funeral which was taken by Robert Mcllwaine and Peter Ramsay.

Mrs. Ruth Margaret Brooks of Toronto, ON on June 12. Our dear sister was saved in November 1948. She is survived by her husband William, two daughters, Deborah and Rebecca, and her only sister, Gail McIntosh. Ruth and her family were faithful attendees of the Brock Avenue assembly for over 29 years. Previously, Bill and Ruth were in the West Toronto assembly. A large number of friends and business acquaintances were in attendance at the large funeral. Please pray for the family in their sorrow.

Marjorie Payne of Parsons Pond, Newfoundland on June 13, age 33. Marjorie was saved on March 31, 1980 and was baptized and received into fellowship at L’anse au Loup. She leaves to mourn her husband Wilf, daughter Dayna, her parents Mr. and Mrs. Ken Belben, two sisters and two brothers. The funeral was taken by Bert Joyce and Jim Jarvis, with Francis Barney speaking at the grave side. Please pray for the family at this time.

Teressa Church of Hickory, NC on June 27, age 38. Our beloved sister bore her terminal illness with typical cheerfulness and was able to attend meetings until about a week before her departure. Thinking she was saved early in life, she discovered that she needed salvation and was saved one month after her marriage in September 1977. She was received into fellowship shortly after and will be very much missed by all. She leaves behind two young daughters, her husband Wesley, and a large number of relatives, some of whom are not saved.