Norman Lorimer

Tidings – Canada

British Columbia

Langley, There was a full hall for the one day conference on April 18 and the ministry was shared by Jim Flanigan, John Grant and Gordon Williams.

Port Alberni, Encouraging gospel meetings by Bryan Funston and Noel Burden ended on April 22. The saints were cheered as the Lord blessed His Word in salvation.

Vancouver, A large number of believers attended the Easter conference and it was a time of spiritual encouragement. The conference was crowned by the salvation of a young man. Sharing in the meetings were: J. Abernethy, N. Burden, J. Flanigan, B. Funston, J. Grant and G. Williams. Following the conference, brethren Flanigan and Grant had four nights in West Richmond for ministry. They also visited Langley, Fleetwood and Deep Cove. Brother Williams had a week in Abbotsford and brother Burden visited Victoria Drive, Fairview, Woodland Drive, Fleetwood and Abbotsford. From April 20-23, Dr. Wilham McBride (N. Ireland) ministered on the Psalms in West Richmond.


Taylorside, John Dennison and William Seale were present at the annual conference on April 10-12. It was a profitable time with some blessing in salvation. From April 20-26, Ross Vanstone, assisted by local brethren, had seven nights of gospel meetings in a community hall, 30 miles from the Taylorside hall with a good interest.


Brandon, Recent visits from Lorne Langfeld and Andrew Bergsma were appreciated by the saints.

Swan River, Robert Boyle spent a Lord’s day with the small assembly which is somewhat isolated.

Winnipeg, A baptism on April 19 encouraged the saints.


David Gilliland (N. Ireland) had much appreciated ministry meetings at London, Guelph, @co, Kitchener, Clinton and Sarnia.

Bolton, Bert Joyce and Jim Jarvis had three weeks in the gospel at the Brampton Civic Centre with a good number of outsiders present and some blessing in salvation. Prayer will be valued for tent meetings at Brampton in July with Marvin Derksen and Jim Jarvis as well as further tent meetings at Bolton in August with Larry Steers and Stephen Vance (Lansing).

London, Three outsiders professed salvation during meetings by George Patterson and Hamish Lawrence in the Chelsea Heights Sunday School hall.

Milton, Jack Gould and William Metcalf had two weeks of gospel meetings in March with two souls trusting Christ, others helped and the saints encouraged.

Mimico, Bible readings on April 24-26 on various themes in 1 John were well attended and helpful, with emphasis on the Person and Coming of Christ. They were led by Jim Allen, Norman Crawford, David Gilliland and Harold Paisley Many saints expressed appreciation for help received. Following the readings, brother Allen had a night of Appreciated ministry in each of five halls in the area.

Newbury, James Beattie and Timothy Walker expected to commence a gospel series on May 17.

Newmarket, The conference on May 3 was encouraging with helpful ministry and a profitable Bible reading. Seven of the Lord’s servants were present to help.

Rexdale, On May 3, Gene Higgins and Fred Hannah Sr. (Highfield) commenced a series in the gospel.

St. Marys, Two boys professed salvation during four weeks of gospel meetings in March by Ed Miller and Brian Crawford. Prior to the meetings, a young woman professed, and following the meetings, Jack Nesbitt visited for ministry.

Toronto, About 1,400 attended the annual Easter convention. God graciously gave an excellent conference with blessing in salvation both in the children’s meetings and the gospel meetings. There was an outstanding report meeting of Pioneering in our Lifetime by Grard Roy, Murray Pratt and Norman Crawford.

Wallaceburg, William Metcalf and Bert Snippe plan to commence tent meetings on June 21.

Waubaushene, During the winter months, Waubaushene, Midland and Orillia conducted ministry meetings twice monthly. Speakers were E. Doherty, A. Adams, N. Crawford, B. Snippe, D. Stubbs, F. Krauss, D. Richards and K. Moore. These meetings have been ongoing for over 30 years and have been times of encouragement, blessing and fellowship among the local assemblies.


Montreal, G6rard Roy and Yvon Poirier had a short gospel series with the French speaking assembly at the end of March and God graciously blessed in salvation.

New Brunswick

Quispamsis, In late March and early April, Murray McCandless and Jonathan Procopio gave help in the ongoing work in this area.

Nova Scotia

Chticamp, Brethren from Blues Mills distributed French and English Seed Sowers in this area during May in view of bilingual gospel meetings planned for the first two weeks of June in the Chticamp Fire Hall. This will be the first gospel effort in this community by assemblies.

River Hebert, The saints appreciated a visit by Ken Taylor from March 12-15 as well as his visits on April 2 and 5. Prince Edward Island

Crapaud, David Swan and Carl Payne saw nice blessing in the gospel when a number of young people in their early teens professed. This has been a real cheer to the assembly.


Corner Brook, Gospel meetings by David Hunt and Allan LeBlanc continue with some outsiders attending.

Gander, A large number attended the joint Gander/Sandringham conference at Easter and the ministry was very encouraging. David Hunt made an appreciated visit on April 26.

Labrador, Visits by Wallace Buckle to English Point, Uanse au Loup and Red Bay during April encouraged the saints.

Mount Pearl, On April 26, Marvin Derksen and David Oliver commenced a gospel series with a good attendance.

Templeman, Carl Payne’s visit on April 5 was appreciated by the assembly

Tidings – U.S.A.

South Dakota

Rapid City, Allan Christopherson found a site for his tent and expects to commence in the gospel on June 14.


Minneapolis, On April 20, Eric McCullough and Arthur Ward began a gospel series.


Dunkerton, Children’s meetings by Fred Krauss were well attended with more than 100 present each night as well as some interested parents.

Garnavillo, Hans Bouwman was with the saints on April 12 and 13 for gospel, ministry and a report. Our brother also visited other assemblies in the area.

Hampton, Marvin Derksen and Peter Orasuk encouraged the saints with a visit on March 14. Further encouragement was received during helpful ministry meetings by John Slabaugh, March 18-27; Fred Krauss, April 5-7; and Peter Simms, April 12-16.


Kansas City, From April 5-7, Joel Portman had three nights of helpful ministry.


Black Earth, Fred Krauss had several nights of ministry on the Love of God.

Hurley, Jerry Jennings started a gospel series in April.

Ontario, At last report, Robert Orr and Roy Weber were in their second week of gospel meetings and were being encouraged.

Waukasha, Robert Surgenor and Joel Portman continue in the gospel.


New Lenox, The saints were encouraged by the ministry of David Gilliland on March 25 and 26.


Livonia, At the final area Bible readings of the season on April 4, David Vallance opened the first reading on how to study Scripture. John Dennison opened the second reading on how to witness personally and preach the gospel publicly. Many practical lessons were taught to a large number of young and older Christians.

Saginaw, Visits by Dan Shutt and Lorne Mitchell for our April 5 all day meeting and also Shad Kember Jr. and John Norris for our May 3 meeting provided encouragement and sound ministry for the saints in Saginaw and surrounding assemblies.


Akron, Following the McKeesport conference, Robert Mcllwaine gave the assembly a short but profitable visit.

Clyde, Jack Nesbitt was expected to commence a gospel series on May 17.

Mansfield, Gospel meetings with Murray McCandless and Dale Vitale commenced on April 19 and have been encouraging with a good number attending.


Matoaca, Joel Portman was expected for ministry in May.

North Carolina

Hickory, Larry Buote spent a weekenci in April here and gave helpful ministry on the Spirit of God. On April 26, David Rodgers gave an update on the work of the Lord in Chile.


Hatboro, On April 19, the monthly ministry meeting was shared by Walter Gustafson and David Oliver.

McKeesport, The conference was profitable despite having to relocate the Saturday night gospel meeting due to a small fire in the school. The ministry was uplifting and was shared by W. Gustafson, E. Higgins, A. Hull, M. McCandless, R. Mcllwaine, M. McLeod, D. Oliver and J. Slabaugh.

New Jersey

Barrington, The saints are thankful for progress with the building of their new hall. The work on the site has started after many difficulties were overcome.

Livingston, A good number attended the conference on May 2 and 3 and heard timely ministry given by W. Gustafson, M. McCandless, W. Oliver, W. Seale, F Tornaquindici and D. Vitale.

Longport, There was a good turnout at the annual report meeting for the Gospel Hall Home on April 18. The report included information about the sale of the Home and plans for building a facility in a new location. On behalf of the board, William Oliver outlined the financial commitments involved and also showed drawings of the proposed plans for the new facility. David Oliver ministered the Word in closing.

Midland Park, Jim Allen visited during the week of April 19 and the assembly appreciated the value of his ministry.

Pennsauken, On April 5, the monthly ministry meeting was taken by W. Gustafson and D. Curran. The last area Bible reading of the season was on May 3 .


Brookfield, Ron Hutchinson (England) visited from April 25-29 giving ministry and reports on his work in prisons. He also visited Terryville.

Manchester, The attendance increased over previous years at the Easter conference, and the Lord’s presence and guidance seemed evident in the ministry. A special welcome was given to William McBride, who during 55 years of his work in Chile had been at this conference on only one other occasion. Manchester was his home assembly.

Newington, During the week of April 12, the assembly received profit from the timely ministry of Jim Allen. Our brother also led the monthly area Bible reading on Acts 4.


Methuen, The one day conference on April 5 was an encouragement to the saints with a large number present. The Lord gave help in the ministry shared by A. Dryburgh, E. McCullough, D. Oliver and S. Wells.

Tidings – Other Countries

N. Ireland

Sam Maze has left for a short visit to the West Indies, accompanied by Bruce Tinsley (Plantation, Lisburn).

Ballybollen, Helped by Noel Flack, John Thompson is preaching the gospel in this country area.

Bellaghy, At the well attended conference, A. McShane, J. Martin, B. Glendinning, G. McKinley, N. Turkingto and A. Aiken ministered the Word.

Belfast, The attendance was good for the Easter conference. The ministry was helpful and interesting reports were given by home and foreign workers. The concluding meeting was for the preaching of the gospel and was taken by J. Hutchinson.

Derryhale, S. McBride and T. Wright are having gospel meetings here near to the Clonroot assembly.

Kingsmills, S. Maze and R. Eadie concluded a short gospel series in this country area with blessing in salvation.

Lame, At Craigyhill, S. Ferguson and J. Flack have commenced a series in the gospel.

Limavady, The annual conference in the local school had fairly good numbers. There was a Bible reading led by J. Grant (Scotland) and an afternoon ministry meeting when several brethren spoke. Lurgan, A. McShane and M. Radcliffe are preaching the gospel.

Portavogie, The hall was well filled for the conference and ministry was given by A. McShane, W Nesbitt, J. Burnett, J. Patterson, S. Ferguson, D. Kane and N. Turkington.

Rathfriland, B. Glendinning and R. Fairley are having gospel meetings in the Commons Hall where there have been fruitful series in the past.


Clones, On May 3, D. Gilliland and R. Eadie commenced a gospel series in this town which is not far from the Northern border.

Dublin, The Rathmines hall was filled for the annual conference and ministry was given by D. Kane, W Nesbitt, A. Davidson, W Turkington, J. Flanigan and J. Thompson. Following the conference, brother Nesbitt remained for ministry meetings.


Alvorado, Helped by local brethren, Lindsay Carswell is preaching the gospel.

Cachoeira do Sul, In mid April, Tom Matthews had a week of ministry meetings.

Porto Alegre, On April 22, Harry Wilson wrote, “Last month, six believers were baptized and have been added to three assemblies in this area. Yesterday, three others were baptized in Torres and this was followed by a meeting for ministry. Gregg Buchanan and I are in the fifth week of gospel meetings in a town called Tres Passos, about 300 miles from Porto Alegre. It is our first time to have meetings in this town and we are encouraged by some attending every night. One young couple has professed to be saved.”

Sao Gabriel, John McCann Jr. and Roberto Ploia are having gospel meetings.

South Africa

After a brief visit to Northwest Zambia, William Lavery ministered in several assemblies in South Africa.


Valencia, The Easter conference was large and profitable with about 1,000 in attendance. Another conference nearly as large was held in Aroa over the same weekend.

Conferences, D.V.

Kamloops, B.C.

June 27 and 28 in Westsyde Gospel Hall, 849 Wawn Road, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. Bible reading on Saturday morning on Prayer (I Tim. 2). Breaking of Bread at 9:30. Corr. Phil Atkinson, 836 Puhallo Drive, Kamloops, B.C., V2B 6P7, (250) 5799484. Hall (250) 579-8799.

Sioux City, Iowa

July 19 in the Gospel Hall, 120 South Leonard. Breaking of Bread at 9:45, Bible reading at 11:15 on Ephesians 1, Children’s meeting at 1:30, Ministry at 2:30, Testimony at 6:45 and Gospel at 7:30. Prayer meeting on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Corr. Sam Hayes, 1520 Rebecca St., Sioux City, IA 51103, (712) 255-6843. Hall (712) 277-3647.

West Union, Iowa

July 4. All day meeting from 10 to 4 at Garbee Hall, Upper Iowa University, Fayette. Corr. Robert H. Johnson, Box 185, Clermont, IA 52135, (319) 423-7183.

Augusta, Maine

June 20 and 21 in the Gospel Hall, 893 Old Belgrade Rd. Prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. Corr. James Thompson, RR 1, Box 2971, Belgrade, ME 04917, (207) 495-3590. Hall (207) 626-2786.

Kindly remember:

Glen Ewen, SK – June 19 – 21

Taylorside, SK – June 26 – 28

Portage la Prairie, MB – June 12 – 14

Nipissing Junction, ON – June 13 and 14

Northern Ontario (Charlton, Earlton, Englehart and Kirkland Lake) – June 27 and 28

Victoria Road, ON – June 20 and 21

Halifax, N.S. – June 27 and 28

Pugwash Junction, N.S. – July 4 and 5. Bible reading on Saturday, “Our Responsibility in the Assembly and the Responsibility of the Assembly.” On Lord’s day, 1 Cor. 11:23-34

Comer Brook, NF – June 20 and 21

Gamavillo, IA – June 13 and 14

Change of Address

Theo Hewitt Post Box 135, 3901 Porsgrunn, Norway

H.M. Wilson, (Brazil), 46 Cloverhill Ave., Lisburn, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland, BT27 5HW

Change of Correspondent

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Methuen, MA, Daniel Netti, 105 Hillside Road, North Andover, MA 01845, phone (978) 686-2462

With Christ

Mrs. Mary R. Greer of Hartford, CT on February 19, age 95. Our beloved sister was born on April 23, 1902 and was saved in 1919. For many years, she and her husband William were gathered with the assembly in Bridgeport. After his homecall in 1970, she moved to the Hartford area to be near her daughters, Rhoda Tomaquindici and Joyce Brescia. She was in the Charter Oak assembly until her passing. A quiet, godly, consistent woman, she was unable to be at the meetings in her last years, but continually expressed her desire to gather with the saints again.

Bill Davis of Arnstein, Ontario on March 14, age 86. Our dear brother was saved on March 23, 1932 through the truth of John 3:16 while cutting wood in the bush. He was in fellowship in the Arnstein assembly until his homecall. He was a steady brother who loved to preach the gospel and tell others of their need of the Lord Jesus Christ. Bill is sadly missed by his wife and family, the assembly, and friends and neighbours to whom he witnessed. The funeral was taken by Ernie Dellandrea, Don Nicholson and Bruce Peat.

George Hiltz of Port Bickerton, N.S. on March 15, age 85. Our dear brother was saved in meetings held by the late David Petherick on March 5,1955. He sought assembly fellowship shortly after and remained in happy fellowship over the years until failing health required nursing home care. The gospel was faithfully spoken in the hall by David Swan and Vaughan Boutilier, with words of comfort at the grave side by James McClelland. Prayer is requested for his wife in fellowship, also two daughters and a son.

John Charles (Jack) Simkins of Turtleford, Saskatchewan on March 23, age 86. Our dear brother was saved in 1936 during meetings by Hector Alves and Alex Wilson. He was in fellowship first at Maidstone and since 1949 in Mervin. Jack was a quiet and consistent brother who was well respected in the district where he farmed. A large gathering of saved and unsaved attended the funeral. He is survived by his loving wife Ruth of 64 years, two sons, Keith and Kenneth of Turtleford and their families.

Mrs. Elizabeth (Hoy) Steen of Arlington, WA on March 28, age 83. Born in Arlington, our dear sister was saved there in January 1931 during a fruitful series by A. Joyce and H. Harris. In 1937 she married Charlie Steen. For many years, they managed a dairy farm near Silvana until retiring and moving to Arlington. They both loved children and cared for many foster children, neighbour children and elderly. Elizabeth was a loving, caring lady who taught S.S. and helped in many other ways. The funeral was shared by Don Kazen and her nephews, Tom and Bob Hoy.

Mrs. Winifred Pelley of St. John’s NF on April 12, age 83. Our dear sister was saved in September 1943 during meetings by H. Harris and D. Howard at Carbonear. She was among the first to be received into fellowship when the assembly was formed. She was widowed at a young age and was left to raise four children, the youngest being eight months old at the time. She bore consistent testimony and had the joy of seeing all her children saved as well as many of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. More than 20 years ago, Mrs. Pelley moved to St. John’s.

Miriam Thompson of Sarnia, Ontario on April 21, age 78. Our dear sister was the only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Harry Kember. At age 20, she was awakened and saved and lived a godly consistent life in happy fellowship in the assembly. Her husband George went to heaven in 1980. She left three sons, two of whom were saved in their late teens. At the funeral, her son Stuart gave deserving credit to his mother for her influence on the family and the neighbourhood. N. Crawford preached the gospel and J. Nesbitt took part in the hall and at the grave.


No, we are not millionaires, but both the Canadian and US Gospel Trusts are now being entrusted with more than one million dollars annually to be forwarded to the Lord’s servants, widows and missionaries in various parts of the world.

We deeply appreciate the confidence that has been placed in us by so many individual saints and assemblies of the Lord’s people. We sincerely thank all who use the Trusts for the honour and privilege you have given us of serving the Lord and serving His servants in this way.

Both the Canadian and US Trusts will continue to forward your fellowship in the most efficient way possible. Our addresses are shown in every magazine at the bottom of the inside back cover.