Norman Lorimer

Note: We are greatly indebted to many brethren in Canada, U.S.A. and overseas for the information which appears in the TIDINGS section each month. We deeply appreciate their kind help and assistance. As a guide to all who submit obituaries, the optimum length for an obituary is 70 to 100 words. Longer obituaries must be edited due to space limitations. Our deadline is the 6th of the previous month. There are months when all our allotted space is filled prior to the deadline, so to ensure inclusion of your news items’ please forward as soon as possible.

Tidings – Canada

British Columbia

Terrace, In early April, Peter Orasuk had four nights of helpful ministry.


Edmonton, Recently, Bert Joyce paid an appreciated visit.

Lethbridge, Steve Kember continues to labour in this new area. He has home Bible studies, house meetings and mall displays, giving out texts and Via magazines.


Mervin, Visits by James Ronald Sr. from April 8-13 and Andrew Bergsma on April 15 were much appreciated.

Taylorside, On March 25, Steve Kember ministered the Word and spoke on his outreach work in Lethbridge, Alberta. A large number attended the annual conference on March 28 and 29 when excellent ministry was given by Bruce Rodgers and David Vanstone.


Bancroft, Murray McLeod and Shad Kember Jr. had four weeks of gospel meetings. A number of strangers attended and there was blessing in salvation.

Brampton, Helped by others, Jim Jarvis had four weeks in the gospel with a few souls trusting Christ. This effort was in fellowship with the Bolton assembly

Burgessville, A mini-conference was held on April 19 and practical ministry was given by William Seale, Shad Sluiter, Bert Snippe and Timothy Walker.

Campbellford, Fred Krauss paid an appreciated visit in late April.

Clinton, Visits from Albert Hull on March 26 and Tom Bentley on April 9 were much appreciated.

Dryden, At the beginning of July, Murray Pratt expects to pitch a tent here and prayer is requested for this effort.

Mimico, The Bible reading conference was well attended with a good interest on the part of young believers. The readings on Revelation 1-3 were led by J. Smith, N. Crawford, D. Oliver, W. Aiken (Kitchener) and T. Bentley Responsibility to maintain godly assembly testimony out of a heart devoted to Christ was emphasized.

Newbury, At last report, gospel meetings by James Beattie and Timothy Walker were in the fifth week. Five have professed and the Christians have been greatly encouraged.

Newmarket, The conference on May 4 was an encouragement to the saints. Five of the Lord’s servants were present to help.

Owen Sound, Ken Moore and William Metcalf had a gospel series with blessing both in the meetings and in visitation.

Peterborough, In spite of heavy rainstorms, the hall was well filled for the conference on May 3. A wide variety of ministry was given by eight brethren.

Sarnia, Norman Crawford and Marvin Derksen held four weeks of gospel meetings in April. Many outsiders came and several souls professed to be saved. This is the last gospel series planned for the College and Davis Street Gospel Hall before a new building is constructed.

St. Thomas, On May 4, Bruce Rodgers commenced one and a half weeks of ministry meetings, speaking on Stewardship.

Sudbury, The saints appreciated a visit by Albert Grainger on March 30. In early April, Larry Steers had a week of helpful ministry on the Assembly

Timmins, At the end of April, Murray Pratt had encouraging children’s meetings.

Unionville, Prayer is requested for tent meetings which Jonathan Procopio and Gary Sharp expect to commence on June 1.

Windsor, James Beattie and Timothy Walker expected to begin a gospel series on May 18.


Montreal, At an all day meeting on April 19 at the French speaking assembly, the ministry was shared by Larry Buote, Gerard Roy and Leslie Wells.

New Brunswick

Fredericton, The annual conference was uplifting to the assembly. Twelve of the Lord’s servants were present. The Bible reading on the Burnt Offering and the ministry meetings were practical. The hall was filled with many younger believers present. Larry Buote was expected for ministry in early May. Prayer is requested for tent meetings which Murray McCandless and Allan LeBlanc expect to have in July.

Moncton, Albert Hull and David Oliver have had good attendance and some blessing as they continue gospel meetings into the fourth week.

Pigeon Hill, On April 11, Larry Buote and Gerard Roy completed five weeks of gospel meetings. During this effort, our brethren were able to visit most of the 12 villages on Lamque Island where Pigeon Hill is situated.

Nova Scotia

Clementsvale, Alex Dryburgh and Gerard Roy expected to begin a gospel series in the second week of May

Halifax, Helped by P. Morton, Murray McCandless was entering his third week of gospel meetings at last report.

Tatamagouche, The Lord has given blessing and a number of believers’ children are listening with interest as James McClelland and Carl Payne continue into their fourth week in the gospel.

Prince Edward Island

Freetown, Peter Orasuk and Robert McIlwaine commenced a gospel series in April.

Rosebank, On April 19, the assembly had an all day meeting, and R. McIlwaine, P Orasuk, C. Payne and K. Taylor gave appreciated help.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Open air meetings have been scheduled for various parts of the island from June 16 though September 19. All who are interested may contact Gordon Williams 256-1907 or George Whey 256-5051.

English Point, Gaius Goff had a week of encouraging ministry. The attendance from L’anse au Loup and Red Bay assemblies was appreciated.

Gander, Jim Jarvis had a helpful ministry meeting on April 30.

Gander Bay, In April, Gaius Goff spent a Lord’s day with the assembly and remained for three nights of profitable ministry

Parson’s Pond, The saints continue to rejoice to see new believers grow and develop. Gaius Goff had two weeks of timely and appreciated ministry

St. John’s, Gospel meetings by William Bingham and David Hunt have come to a close. The saints were encouraged with the presence of the Lord being felt.

Tidings – U.S.A.


Tacoma, John Abernethy expected to commence a gospel series with John Fitzpatrick at the end of April.


Monrovia, On April 27, Roy Weber and Stuart Thompson started a series in the gospel.

San Diego, In late April and early May, Gordon Williams gave profitable ministry on the Levitical Offerings, which was appreciated by the saints.


Omaha, Arthur Ward and Jim Frazier began gospel meetings on April 27.


Hinkley, Two believers were baptized on April 27 and William Skates was present for this happy event. Previously, John Abernethy spent a Lord’s day with the saints.


Garnavillo, The saints had the joy of seeing two young souls saved without a series of gospel meetings. A senior lad in the district committed suicide and this spoke loudly to some of the young people.

Manchester, Robert Orr and Alan Davidson are preaching the gospel. At last report, two had professed salvation.

Waterloo/Cedar Falls The conference on April 19 and 20 was large and considered very good ‘ with 15 of the Lord’s servants attending. Bible readings on 2 Timothy the previous week were times of refreshing. Eight different assemblies were represented at these meetings.


William Skates planned a few ministry meetings in the area during May.

Blue River, Following the Mt. Sterling conference, John Abernethy ministered the Word in Blue River and in other assemblies in the area.

Ontario, The saints had appreciated visits from Robert Orr in February, Robert Surgenor and John Abernethy in March and James McColl in April. They were pleased to receive a married couple into fellowship in March.

Waukesha, Alan Davidson and George Patterson had four weeks of gospel meetings in February with one soul professing salvation. The assembly also enjoyed a visit from Tom Bentley in April and two weeks of ministry by Robert Surgenor at the beginning of May


Alpena, Larry Perkins and James Beattie expect to commence tent meetings at the end of July.

Cass City, In April, David Kember ministered the Word for two nights in Cass City and four nights at Deckerville.

Jackson, There has been great joy in the salvation, baptism and reception of a man for whom his dear wife and the assembly prayed for 20 years.

Saginaw, On April 27, Dan Shutt paid an appreciated visit. At the all day meeting on May 4, helpful ministry was given by David Kember and William Metcalf. The previous week, brother Kember ministered for two nights from his chart on the Path of the Christian.


Akron, The assembly appreciated visits by William Metcalf and Joel Portman.

Mansfield, James Smith and Joel Portman continue in the gospel with a number professing salvation. Dan Shutt gave help the first week until brother Smith was able to come. The Lord worked from the beginning of this effort.


Frostburg, At the end of March, John Slabaugh commenced ministry meetings in Frostburg. In April, he continued ministering on Church Truth at Frostburg, New Creek and Lonaconing.

North Carolina

Denver, Gene Higgins and D. Petterson began tent meetings on April 13. They have been encouraged by a good number of visitors and by the support of believers from the Hickory assembly. Denver is over 20 miles south of Hickory


Hatboro, James McColl expected to give ministry in Hatboro from May 57, and then visit Midland Park and Bryn Mawr.

McKeesport, The conference went well and the ministry was helpful, encouraging and uplifting. W. Gustafson, E. Higgins, P. Kember, 0. MacLeod, J. McColl, W Metcalf , J. Portman, J. Procopio, W. Seale, J. Smith and D. Vitale were present to help. During the preceding month, the assembly enjoyed visits from L. Steers, E. Doherty, D. Oliver and W Metcalf.

New Jersey

Livingston, The assembly enjoyed a visit from Dan Shutt on April 1 for ministry. The saints were encouraged by the good attendance at their conference in early May.

Pennsauken, James McColl visited from April 30 though May 4, ministering on practical lessons from the Epistle of James. He also led the monthly Bible reading on May 4 on Philippians 4, and spoke at a baptism the same day.


Brookfield, Frank Tomaquindici and Dale Vitale concluded four weeks of excellent gospel meetings with a young man professing salvation on the last night of the meetings.

Terryville, Prayer is requested for tent meetings to start on June 1 with James Smith and Gene Higgins.


Methuen, The conference on April 20 was encouraging and the saint; were strengthened. The Lord gave help as Walter Gustafson, William Oliver-and Jonathan Procopio shared in ministry. Saugus, In April, Walter Gustafson had a week of well attended Bible readings on Titus.

Watertown, On May 4, the saints had the privilege of baptizing a young physician. A good number of visitors came to spend the Lord’s day with the assembly, some coming from as far away as New York and Philadelphia. Special Bible readings on 2 Thessalonians are planned with James Dickson on June 7 and 8.

Tidings – Other Countries


Bellaghy, The hall was filled to capacity and the Lord’s presence was experienced at the conference. Ministry was given by J. Hutchinson, A. McShane, D. Gilliland, S. Ferguson, D. Ussher, R. McKeown, N. Stewart, N. Turkington and B. Glendinning.

Dublin, Good numbers attended the conference and the Rathmines assembly was encouraged. Appreciated ministry was given by J. Glenville, D. Kane, W Nesbitt, G. Stewart, J. Thompson and T. McNeill.

Gospel, Since the Easter break, many brethren have been engaged in the gospel. Please pray for the following efforts:

Ballykeel – T. Meekin and J. Palmer

Ballywalter – J. Hutchinson and A. Aiken

Belfast – J. Flanagan in Cregagh St.

Burnside – D. Kane

Clonkeen – T. McNeill

Dromore – S. Ferguson and T. Wright

Magherafelt – A. McShane and D. Gilliland

Newtownards – J. Lermox and B. Currie


On April 11, H. Wilson reported that he and Lindsay Carswell were in gospel meetings at Cachoeirinha, and that John McCann Jr. and Roberto Ploia were preaching in Cachoeira.

Torres, Four believers were baptized on April 5. There is no assembly here, but there are now 12 baptized believers.

Hong Kong

Continue to pray for the saints here in light of the handing over of Hong Kong to China by Britain on July 1.


David Gilliland (N. Ireland) ministered to great profit in eight assemblies during a two week visit to Japan.


Puerto Vallarta, From April 10, “During the last three months, twenty believers have been received into the fellowship of the assembly in Puerto Vallarta. There are now eighty in the assembly here.”

St. Lucia

Jack Nesbitt reports that the three halls being built atForestiere, Soufriere and Ciceron continue to make progress. Our brother had the joy of speaking at the baptism of three believers at Soufriere in April. At last report he was in gospel meetings with Lewis Paul at Forestiere.


Zurita, On April 16, Noel McKeown wrote, “We are in the third week of gospel meetings in Zurita and we are getting good numbers both of believers and unsaved. The meetings are in the brand new Gospel Hall which we built in exactly five weeks. It’s out in the country, up in the hills, and the saints are very pleased with their new hall. Pray that it might be the spiritual birthplace of many souls.”

Conferences, D.V.

Kamloops, B.C.

June 28 and 29 in Westsyde Gospel Hall, 849 Wawn Road, with prayer and ministry on Friday at 7:30 p.m. Breaking of Bread at 9:30. Corr. Phil Atkinson, 836 Puhallo Drive, Kamloops, B.C., V2B 6P7, phone (250) 579-9484.

Hitesville, Iowa

September 20 and 21 in Aplington-Parkersburg Middle School, 215 10th Street, Aplington, phone (319) 347-2394. Breaking of Bread at 10:30 preceded by a Bible reading at 9 on John 20. Prayer meeting on Friday in the Gospel Hall, Rural, Aplington. Corr. Larry L. Brandt, 509 Lincoln Street, Parkersburg, IA 50665, phone (319) 346-1084.

West Union, Iowa

July 4. All day meeting from 10 to 4 at Garbee Hall, Upper Iowa College, Fayette. Corr. Robert H. Johnson, Box 185, Clermont, IA 52135, phone (319) 423-7183.

Kindly remember:

Glen Ewen, SK – June 20-22

Taylorside, SK – June 27-29

Portage la Prairie, MB – June 13-15

London, ON (Spanish) – June 21 and

Northern Ontario – June 28 and 29

Victoria Road, ON – June 14 and 15

Halifax, NS – June 14 and 15

Pugwash Junction, NS – June 28 and 29. Bibles readings on Eph. 4:17-32 (Saturday) and Psalm 22 (Lord’s day)

Corner Brook, NF – June 21 and 22

Augusta, ME – June 21 and 22

Change in Meeting Times

Toronto, Ontario, Pape Avenue Gospel Hall, Prayer and Bible reading is now on Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Garnavillo, Iowa, Gospel meeting is now at 7 p.m.

With Christ

Mrs. Blanche Mathews of Rocky Harbour, NF on March 14. Saved as a girl in Vancouver, our beloved sister was the wife of Peter Mathews, servant of the Lord. Blanche was a faithful saint of God who shared in the rigors of early days in the work in Newfoundland when it was a pioneer effort. She spent many years in Rocky Harbour where she was loved by the saints and a real mother in Israel. Many came from surrounding areas and afar to the large funeral. She is survived by her loving husband, four daughters and two sons, all with families, some of whom are not yet saved. Please pray for them.

Christina Heidman of Elim Homes, Waubaushene, Ontarioon April 9, age 95. Our dear sister was born into a large family in Kilworthy, just north of Orillia. She was saved as a young woman just shortly after moving to Toronto, where she came into fellowship at Brock Avenue. In later years she moved to Orillia and was in fellowship at Dominion Gospel Hall until moving to Elim Homes. One sister, Elizabeth, remains along with many nieces and nephews. Arnold Adams conducted the funeral in Orillia.

Maclntosh C. MacLeod of Pugwash Junction, NS on April 10, age 90. Our beloved brother was born in Pugwash Junction and lived most of his life in the area where he was well known and highly respected. He was saved in 1942 during meetings by John and Robert McCracken. Early in his Christian life, considerable assembly responsibility fell upon him which he handled well. He was correspondent for about 40 years. He is survived by Nellie, his wife of 65 years, also two daughters, six grandchildren, several great-grandchildren, one older sister and brother Oswald, well known among us.

Charles J. Strom of Pennsauken, NJ on April 15, age 85. Our beloved brother was born in Philadelphia and was saved at age 18 in September, 1930. He was received into fellowship at 20th and Dickinson Street assembly in South Philadelphia in December, 1934. On November 17, 1938, he married Matilda Keen and in September, 1949 they came into fellowship in the Camden assembly, which later relocated to Pennsauken. He was a highly esteemed shepherd, a man of prayer, personal godliness and full hearted devotion. The large funeral bespoke the high esteem in which he was held. The editorial page is in appreciation of this esteemed elder.

Mrs. Lydia Leyte of Gander Bay, Newfoundland on May 1, age 93. Our dear sister received the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour in August, 1973. Her presence will be missed tremendously Please pray for the family at this time.

Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust

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In the past, the Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust willingly enclosed personal letters and cards from donors with their gifts to commended workers. However, we sincerely regret that we have been obliged to cancel this practice.

The main reason for stopping this service is that thicker envelopes have proved to be a greater enticement to would-be thieves. We have lost a higher percentage of letters containing enclosures than letters containing our remittance only

We encourage our donors to write directly to the commended workers to whom your fellowship is sent. We trust you will understand our position in this matter.

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