Tidings – Canada

British Columbia

Kamloops, A young couple was baptized in February, bringing joy to the saints.

Langley, Dave Richards had one week of helpful ministry in March.

Vancouver, Seven souls professed faith in Christ during five and a half weeks of encouraging gospel meetings in Woodland Drive by Murray McCandless and Peter Orasuk.

Westbank, On February 16, a young man was baptized. In March, Bryan Funston had a week of encouraging children’s meetings with a large number of parents and children out on the final night.


Arborfield, Jim Webb commenced a week of ministry in early April. Following these meetings, brother Webb expected to have another week in ministry at Taylorside.

Glen Ewen, On January 26, five believers were baptized bringing joy to the saints. David Oliver had a week of helpful ministry in early March. In late March, Peter Simms gave practical ministry on assembly principles.

Saskatoon, In February, the assembly enjoyed a week of ministry by Gary Seale on the Grandeur of Grace.

Taylorside, The saints were encouraged to witness the baptism of a young married sister whose husband had been saved and baptized previously Peter Simms had a week of appreciated ministry in early March.


Roseisle, Andrew Bergsma and Jack Gould had encouraging gospel meetings with unsaved present each night. Winnipeg, The assembly appreciated recent visits by Gaius Goff, Andrew Bergsma and Jim Webb.


Bancroft, On April 6, Murray McLeod and Shad Kember Jr. commenced a series in the gospel.

Burgessville, Three souls professed salvation during three weeks of encouraging gospel meetings by Paul Kember, Jim Bergsma and Bert Snippe.

Clinton, Jack Nesbitt paid an appreciated visit on the last Lord’s day of February.

Clyde, The saints enjoyed visits by Lorne Mitchell in February and Albert Hull in March.

Deseronto, “It was a joyful time when the married son of one of the believers returned to tell us that he had been saved while at his work in Toronto.” The saints were also encouraged by recent visits from K. Taylor, M. McLeod, E. Badgley, T. Kember and B. Rodgers.

Huntsville, Timothy Walker ministered at the March monthly ministry meeting and remained for a week of children’s meetings. On April 6, Lorne Langfeld and Brian Crawford commenced a gospel series.

Midland, A good number professed salvation during a gospel series by Gary Sharp and John Dennison.

Niagara Falls, In late February, Murray McLeod had a week of children’s meetings with several parents also attending.

Orillia, The saints were cheered by the baptism of a young believer on March 16 as well as the reception into fellowship of a young couple. Prayer is requested for a series in the gospel by Ed Miller and Brian Crawford commencing May 4.

Picton, From March 8 to 16, Bruce Rodgers had interesting and instructive meetings on Spiritual Gifts.

St. Marys, Prayer is requested for tent meetings which Brian Crawford and Frank Sona (Guelph) expect to start in late June.

Sudbury, Brian Crawford visited the assembly for a Lord’s day on March 2. The saints also appreciated ministry given by Gary Sharp at their monthly ministry meeting.

Toronto, The Easter conference was the largest in recent years with over 1,000 present, including a large number of younger believers. Thirteen brethren shared in ministry and gospel. The conference was crowned with blessing in salvation at the closing gospel meeting. Prior to the conference, Bryan Funston visited Mimico, Lansing and Langstaff. Following the conference, Tom Bentley gave helpful ministry in several assemblies in the city.

Valens, In March, Eugene Badgley took the Saturday night ministry meeting and remained for a few nights of further ministry.

Welland, On March 2, Alex Dryburgh and Eugene Badgley finished five weeks of gospel meetings with a good interest and one lady professing.

Windsor, The saints enjoyed a week of ministry by James Beattie in February, a week by Larry Perkins in early March, and a weekend visit by Jack Nesbitt later in March.

Nova Scotia

Halifax, Murray McCandless expected to commence a gospel series on April 16, helped by local brethren.

River Hebert, The assembly enjoyed a visit by Ken Taylor in February. Brother Taylor was also present at three of the midweek meetings in March.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Corner Brook, Jim Jarvis and Shad Kember Sr. had four weeks of encouraging gospel meetings with many unbelievers attending and some blessing. Two weeks were at McIvers and two weeks at Comer Brook. On the opening night of the meetings, a young man obeyed the Lord in the waters of baptism.

English Point, At the well attended conference in March, encouraging ministry was given by Bert Joyce, Bryan Joyce and Murray McCandless.

Gander, A large number attended the Easter conference and the ministry given was most encouraging.

Parsons Pond, The Lord gave rich blessing during gospel meetings with Bert Joyce and William Bingham with about 17 souls professing salvation. Many of those who were saved in this series are related to our dear departed brother Robert Goosney

St. John’s, On April 6, William Bingham and David Hunt commenced a series in the gospel.

Tidings – U.S.A.


Salem, Walter Gustafson and William Skates closed four and a half weeks of gospel meetings on March 18. A large number of young people attended and one lady received assurance.


Monrovia, The assembly enjoyed a recent visit by Gaius Goff. Prayer is requested for a gospel series which Roy Weber and Stuart Thompson expected to start on April 27.


Phoenix, During the winter, Edward Doherty, Robert Boyle and G.P Taylor gave help in ministry and the regular meetings. In late February, Phillip Harding had 10 days on Romans 5 & 6.

Sunnyslope, The Lord blessed in the gospel series in March with Joel Portman and Robert Boyle. A young man whose grandmother is in the assembly and a young woman brought from the Phoenix assembly both professed faith in Christ.

New Mexico

Albuquerque, Prayer will be valued for gospel meetings which William Lavery and Dan Shutt expect to begin in June.


Garnavillo, John Abernethy was with the saints for a Lord’s day and two nights of ministry in late March.

Hitesville, Recently, James Smith had 10 nights of well attended ministry meetings on the Tabernacle.

Manchester, Robert Surgenor had a week in ministry in late March. On March 30, Robert Orr and Alan Davidson (N. Ireland) commenced a series in the gospel.

Stout, Six weeks of gospel meetings with Alan Davidson and Roy Weber continued until Mar. 28 with excellent attendance and blessing in salvation.


Blue River, Recent ministry meetings by Jim Webb and Robert Surgenor were appreciated by the saints.

Egg Harbor, On March 30, George Patterson and Jerry Jennings began a gospel series.


Cass City, In early April, John Slabaugh visited Cass City and Deckerville.

Saginaw, John Slabaugh and Stuart Thompson gave helpful ministry at the April 6 all day meeting. Visits by Allan Christopherson and John Slabaugh encouraged the saints during the previous month.


Akron, On Mardi 23, at the conclusion of well attended gospel meetings by Gene Higgins and Robert McIlwaine, believers from surrounding assemblies gathered for an afternoon ministry meeting.

Cleveland, On March 8, a large number attended the area Bible reading on Colossians 4, led by Gene Higgins.

Clyde, The assembly appreciated visits from John Dennison, William Lavery, Allan Christopherson, Jack Gould, Paul Kember and Ross Vanstone.

Mansfield, Robert McIlwaine paid a helpful visit.

North Carolina

Hickory, Gene Higgins and David Petterson expected to commence a gospel series on April 13 in the small town of Denver, about 20 miles from Hickory.


Tampa, The February conference was one of their largest. Excellent ministry was given by W. Gustafson, O. MacLeod, W. Metcalf, W. Oliver, G. Stewart and R. Surgenor. Walter Gustafson had two nights of ministry preceding the conference and Robert Surgenor had a week following the conference. The assembly also appreciated visits from R. McIlwaine, J. Abemethy, E. Doherty and J. Smith.

New York

East Aurora, In late February, the saints enjoyed a week of searching ministry on 1 Timothy by David Oliver. Previous visits by George Patterson and Larry Steers were also appreciated.


Hatboro, Prayer is requested for tent meetings which Murray McCandless and Dale Vitale expect to start June 1.

McKeesport, The assembly enjoyed recent visits by Larry Steers, Edward Doherty, Walter Gustafson and David Oliver.

New Jersey

Long Branch, The one day conference on March 8 was refreshing and helpful. Those present to speak included William Seale, Jack Coleman, David Zuidema and Sandy Higgins.


Manchester, The conference on March 29 and 30 gave evidence of the Lord speaking to His own. Ministry was shared by W. Gustafson, O. MacLeod, D. Oliver, W. Oliver, J. Slabaugh, J. Smith, L. Steers and D. Vitale.

Torrington, O.L. MacLeod visited in the area after the Manchester conference.


Cambridge, Following the Watertown conference, Larry Steers gave ministry in Cambridge, Methuen and Saugus.

Methuen, James Smith visited Methuen, Saugus and Watertown after the Manchester conference.

Watertown, God graciously spoke through His servants at the conference in March. Ministry was shared by Albert Hull, Allan LeBlanc, William Lavery, Ken Nicholson (Oshawa), Larry Steers and Frank Tomaquindici. A young high school Jewish boy professed the week following the conference.


Augusta, The saints appreciated recent visits by Allan LeBlanc and Ken Taylor.

Tidings – Other Countries


Belfast, Attendance was good at the annual Easter conference which was held from Saturday through Tuesday with a concluding gospel meeting on Wednesday evening. On Tuesday, reports were given on the Lord’s work at home and abroad.

Magheracorn, A good number were present at the annual conference of this small assembly

Monaghan, At the well attended conference, helpful ministry was given by D. Kane, G. McKinley, W. Nesbitt, B. Smith, N. Tmsley and T. Topley.

Portavogie, The hall was filled to capacity for the conference and timely ministry was given by S. Ferguson, B. Glendinning, A. Gooding, J. McCann, W Nesbitt, H. Paisley, N. Turkington, D. Ussher and U. Ussher.


Kirkconnel, Phillip Harding expected to have ministry meetings in April, and then to give further ministry in Cwmbran, Wales in May.


Earlier this year, the saints in Japan really appreciated and enjoyed a three week visit by Tom Bentley when he ministered the Word in eight assemblies in various areas of Japan.

New Zealand

Tom McNeill and John McDowell paid an extended visit to New Zealand from late October through January. They had three encouraging weeks in the gospel at Mornington, Dunedin, and visited a number of assemblies in both the North and South Islands.

Conferences, D.V.

Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

June 13, 14 and 15. Prayer meeting on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. and Friday meetings are in the Gospel Hall, 102 First St. N.W Meetings Saturday and Lord’s day in Yellowquill School, 3000 Crescent Road West. Meetings each day start at 10:30. Bible readings on Friday on John 20 and 21. Contact Wilbert Ronald, phone (204) 239-1818 or David Vanstone, phone (204) 857-8435.

Bancroft, Ontario

May 31 in Lakeview Gospel Hall, Maxwell Settlement Road. Ministry at 2. Ministry and Gospel at 7. Corr. Mark Freymond, RR 1, Bancroft, ON, KOL 1CO, phone (613) 332-4317.

Eden Grove, Ontario

June 1 in the Gospel Hall, with Breaking of Bread at 10. Prayer meeting on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Corr. John W Boddy, RR 4, Walkerton, ON, NOG 2VO, phone (519) 366-2302.

London, Ontario (Spanish Conference)

June 21 and 22 in the Gospel Hall, 1196 Highbury Avenue. All ministry meetings on Saturday at 10, 2 and 7 and Lord’s day at 2:30 will be in Spanish. Prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. Breaking of Bread at 9:30. If coming from a distance, please give advance notice of arrival time and number coming to Philip Lampkin, 1742 Attawandaron Rd., London, ON, N6G 3Nl, phone (519) 472-8747.

Northern Ontario (Charlton, Earlton, Englehart & Kirkland Lake)

June 28 and 29, with prayer meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Friday in Englehart High School. Meetings both days at 10, 2 and 7:30. Supper served at 5:30 Friday in High School. Corr. Norman Fergusson, Earlton, ON, P0J lEO, phone (705) 563-2509 and Harve Pratt, RR 1, Charlton, ON, POJ 1B0 phone (705) 577-7758.

Sarnia, Ontario

There will not be a conference in May as in past years due to construction or a new hall.

Victoria Road, Ontario

June 14 and 15 in the Gospel Hall, with prayer meeting on Friday at 8 p.m. On Saturday, Bible reading at 8:45 on Romans 12, with Ministry at 10:30,2 and 7. On Lord’s day, Bible reading at 8:45 on John 17, with Breaking of Bread at 10:30, Ministry at 2 and Gospel at 7. Supper served at 6:30 Friday evening. Corr. Ken Stone, RR 3, Woodville, ON, KOM 2TO, phone (705) 374-4688.

Halifax, N.S.

June 14 and 15 with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. Bible reading conference on Themes in the Book of Acts. AU meetings in Charles R Allen High School, Rocky Lake Road, Bedford, phone (902) 832-8964. First meeting on Saturday at 9. Breaking of Bread at 10. Please give advance notice so proper arrangements can be made. Corr. Arthur Harnish, RR 1; Hubbards, N.S., BOJ 1TO, phone (902 857-9265.

Pugwash Junction, N.S.

June 28 and 29 in the Gospel Hall with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 P.M. Breaking of Bread at 10. Corr. Harold Elliott, RR 1, Wallace, N.S., BOK 1YO, phone (902) 257-2206. For advance accommodations, phone Brent Cottrill, (902) 243-3122.

Comer Brook, Newfoundland

June 21 and 22 in G.C. Rowe junior High School, St. Marks Ave. with meetings each day at 10, 1:30 and 7:30. Meeting on Monday at 10 a.m. only. Prayer meeting on Friday at 8 p.m. in Gospel Hall, 168 Country Rd. Bible reading on Romans 12. For accommodations, contact Roy Foster, 30 East Valley Rd., Corner Brook, NF, phone (709) 634-5022 or Dave Flynn, 13 Whites Ave., Pasadena, NF, phone (709) 686-5197.

Hickory, N.C.

May 24 and 25 in the Gospel Hall, 253 17th Avenue, N.E. On Saturday, Ministry at 10:30 and 2:30 with Gospel at 7. on Lord’s day, Breaking of Bread at 9:45 with Ministry at 2:30 and Gospel at 7. Corr. J. Arnold McDonald, phone (704) 263-8649 or Fred Dancy Jr., phone (704) 758-2202.

Saugus, Massachusetts

May 31 and June I in the Gospel Hall, 213 Walnut St., just east of Route 1. Bible reading conference on Pattern Assemblies in the Book of Acts. Meetings on Saturday at 10:30, 2:30 and 6:30. Breaking of Bread at 10. Prayer meeting on Friday at 8 p.m. Corr. Joe Procopio, 11 Forest St., Saugus, MA 01906, phone (617) 233-5780. Accommodations: Austin Gurney, 30 Hamilton St., Apt. 6, Saugus, MA 01906, phone (617) 2338061. Hall phone is (617) 233-5570.

Augusta, Maine

June 21 and 22 in the Gospel Hall, Old Belgrade Rd. Prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. Corr. James Thompson, RR 1, Box 2971, Belgrade, ME 04917, phone (207) 495-3590. Hall phone is (207) 626-2786.

Kindly remember:

Calgary, AB – May 17-19

Glen Ewen, SK – June 20-22

Taylorside, SK – June 27-29

Kapuskasing, ON – May 17 and 18

Nipissing Junction, ON – June 7 and 8

Ottawa, ON – May 17 and 18

Crapaud, PEI – May 17 and 18

Grants Pass, OR – May 24 and 25. Bible reading on 2 Peter 1.

Gamavillo, IA – June 7 and 8

New Lenox, IL – May 10 and 11

Frostburg, MD – May 17 and 18

Change of Address

Fredericton, NB, Correspondent: Robert M. Griffin, 1192 Route 105 Hwy., Douglas, NB, E3A 7Kl.

With Christ

Eugene G. Skeffington of Corner Brook, NF on September 19, age 70. Our dear brother was saved in 1955 at meetings by Douglas Howard and George Campbell. His service was steady and uninterrupted throughout his many years of testimony. Although the assembly was small and went through many difficult years, he maintained that the doors should remain open and looked forward to a day when the Lord would be pleased to add more souls. The Lord blessed our brother with that day during his lifetime. Since his homecall, a grandchild has professed and is now baptized.

Robert J. Hutchinson of Vancouver, B.C. on January 21, age 87, after a sudden illness. Our dear brother was saved in Northern Ireland at the age of 14. Later he emigrated to eastern Canada where he had an active interest in the gospel. Up to his latest days, he maintained a practical support of the Lord’s work. In recent times he was in fellowship in the South Main Street assembly and latterly in Fairview.

Flora Maxwell of Roseisle, MB on February 9, age 82. Our dear sister was saved in 1956 at meetings held by Robert Boyle in their farming community at Neelin, MB. She often marvelled at God’s grace in saving her. In 1986, her husband Willie predeceased her. Mrs. Maxwell faithfully attended all the assembly meetings until her move to Boyne Lodge just two months prior to her heart failure.

Mrs. Alice Jennings of Ballymena, N. Ireland on February 23. Our dear sister was saved as a girl of 18 in 1944 at gospel meetings in Ahoghill by H.S. Paisley, who later became her brother-in-law. She was in Ahoghill assembly for many years and later in Cambridge Avenue, Ballymena until her homecall. She was always fully behind her husband in his work as an evangelist. Mrs. Jennings was a happy, consistent, godly sister whose life and testimony adorned the doctrine of God our Saviour. A large company attended her funeral service. Please pray for her husband and family.

Clifford Bjork of Willmar, MN on March 15, age 83. Our dear brother was saved on August 15, 1953 during gospel meetings in Willmar by brethren De Buhr and Dobson. He manifested a change in his life and was among the believers that formed the assembly in Willmar in April, 1957. Our brother loved the truth of God and appreciated the assembly though confined to a nursing home in recent years. His wife Minnie and two grandsons survive. The large funeral was shared by brethren De Buhr and Orr.

Robert Duncan of Monticello, Cleveland, Ohio on March 25, age 80. Our dear brother was the eldest son of George Duncan, a well known servant of the Lord. He was saved on April 26, 1972 and received into fellowship shortly afterward. Robert was a God fearing brother, who frequently opened the worship meeting by giving out hymn number 1 in the Believers Hymn Book. He suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and did not know any of his family for about 10 years. His wife Dorothy predeceased him in April, 1989. Prayer is requested for his two children and four grandchildren.

Lowell Smith of Black Earth, WI on March 27, age 53. Our dear brother was saved at age 13 during gospel meetings by Oliver Smith and Paul Elliott in Manchester, Iowa. His genuine care for the saints and love for the Lord Jesus were demonstrated as an elder and shepherd in the Black Earth assembly. Lowell suffered many illnesses in the last several years that enabled him to sympathize with and help others who were ill and going through trials. He is survived by his wife, Dana, and daughter Kimberly. The funeral services were taken by Richard Bruley and Arthur Ward.

Truth & Tidings Gospel Trust

Special Notice to All Donors who Request the Gospel Trust to Forward Letters and Cards with Their Gifts In the past, Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust has been willing to enclose personal letters and cards from donors with their gifts to commended workers. We sincerely regret that we are obliged to cancel this service. You will appreciate that this service has increased our workload and caused some difficulties with oversized cards and overweight envelopes.

However, the main reason for stopping this service is that thicker envelopes are a greater enticement to would-be thieves. We have lost a higher percentage of letters containing enclosures than letters containing our remittance only.

We encourage our donors to write directly to the commended workers to whom your fellowship is sent. We trust you will understand our position in this matter.


The twelve months of the 1996 magazine have been bound and are available for 10.00 postpaid (US funds) from George Crary, R.R. # 3, Kirkfield, ON Canada. Phone (705) 438 3335.


Joel Portman has written and bound an excellent book, “Local Assembly Characteristics from 1 Corinthians.”

It is available at his cost of $2.50. (add $1.00 for postage, US funds) from Joel Portman, Box 507, Garnavillo, IA 52049.