Poetry: Unworthy

Unworthy was I,
His love I denied.
Yet “Father forgive,”
Were the words that He cried,
As He hung in my place;
And bore all the pain;
For my sins He suffered,
For me He was slain.

Unworthy was I,
Yet he stooped so low;
Yes, for me He came
To this world below,
From the throne of a King
At the Father’s right hand
To the Cross of a felon,
His life in demand.

His brow cruelly beaten,
A spear pierced His side,
In love he extended His arms
When He died.
And in that embrace
My comfort shall be,
For God looked at Him
And then pardoned me!

Still unworth am I
As I live day by day,
Unconcerned by His claims,
Of His will for my way.
But although I am weak,
And my faith is oft dim,
Unworthy through self,
I’m found worthy through Him.