Page 1 - The Deity of Christ - November 2018 - Truth & Tidings
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e live in an age when every pre-  a solid foundation for our daily Christian
                   cious and vital truth concern-  walk.
                   ing the Lord Jesus is attacked   The deity of Christ is established in eter-
        W and questioned, the deity of the    nity and needs no defense. It is not a hidden
        Lord Jesus being no exception. Past and pres-  truth in Scripture; instead, it is proclaimed
        ent, there is a rebellious component of the
        human heart that denies the very essence of   loudly, clearly and often. In Paul’s first letter
        who the Lord Jesus is. In simple terms, the   to Timothy, it was “without controversy”
        deity of the Lord Jesus is the truth that He is   that “God was manifest in the flesh” (3:16,
        God, nothing less, ever. The Lord Jesus in the   KJV). Please listen to the testimony of these
        New  Testament is one  and the  same as   many other voices.
        Jehovah in the Old Testament. This fact is   The Father
        unacceptable to the unbeliever. From the
        first-century self-serving Pharisees to the   God Himself is the authority. Long be-
        fourth-century “Arians” to modern cults, and   fore men could question the deity of Christ,
        perhaps even to your friends, the Lord Jesus   the Father settled it forever with one glorious
        falls short of being God. Thankfully, Scripture   statement about His Son: “Thy throne, O
        leaves no doubt, with a thorough presenta-  God, is for ever and ever” (Psa 45:6, KJV). In
        tion of this truth. Scripture confirms that the   Hebrews 1:8 the Spirit of God makes sure we
        Lord Jesus is, at every point, fully God. The   know He is speaking about the Lord Jesus:
        young believer will discover that this essential   “Unto the Son He saith, Thy throne, O God,
        doctrine, easily gleaned from the Scripture, is   is for ever and ever.”
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