Edmonton: Sandy Higgins had a series of ministry meetings that began October 29 on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings via Zoom on the topic of the Seven Churches.

Grande Prairie: David Swan had three nights of ministry October 4-6. Afterwards, the assembly held gospel meetings October 9-22 with David Swan and local brother Gaius Caines. The saints were much encouraged, and were pleased to see a visitor attend for several nights.

British Columbia

Vancouver: The Victoria Drive assembly hosted the 110th Thanksgiving Conference on the October 7-8 weekend. Brethren who profitably ministered the Word and preached the gospel were Brandon Doll, Murray McCandless, John Meekin and David Petterson. David gave ministry for three nights following the conference on the “one anothers” of Scripture. The assembly also resumed a Spanish gospel meeting on September 16 that continues the third Saturday evening of every month. The Fairview assembly hosted Sandy Higgins for ministry on the Levitical Offerings November 6-10 in the South Main Street Gospel Hall.


L’Anse au Loup: Children’s meetings October 8-12 with Brody Thibodeau in the hall were well attended. Many of the children’s parents and grandparents attended nightly.

The annual Bible conference October 14-15 was well supported. Many visiting saints enjoyed the encouraging ministry/gospel preaching from Tim Burton (Summerside, PE), Eric Fowler, David Hierlihy, Murray McCandless,  Scott MacLeod, John Meekin and Brody Thibodeau. A special gospel series with David Hierlihy and John Meekin commenced October 15 during the closing conference meeting. Please pray for the many unsaved people connected to the Christian families along the Labrador coast.

Nova Scotia

Nineveh: The assembly appreciated having David Gilliland (N. Ireland) for four nights of ministry in late September on “The Typical Teaching of the Tabernacle Triplets.”

Pugwash Junction: Gospel meetings that began October 2 with David Hierlihy and Jonathan Procopio concluded after three weeks. The Lord was gracious and blessing in salvation was seen. In late October, the assembly had two weeks of ministry meetings with Scott MacLeod. He spoke on the tabernacle using the model that he built.


North Bay: In October, the assembly at Nipissing Junction commended Naomi Poidevin to serve the Lord as a nurse at Loloma Mission Hospital in Zambia. The prayers of God’s people for her are much appreciated.



Alpena: The assembly happily hosted their conference October 28-29. Assembly believers attended from Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin, and also as far away as New Jersey and New Mexico. Paul Barnhardt, John Fitzpatrick, Jerry Jennings, Bill Lavery and Joel Portman took part in ministry and the Bible Reading (John 13). Profitable ministry touched on the laver and the importance of the “washing of the Word,” learning as much as we can about our Savior, following His example, appreciating why God has chosen to establish each assembly, maintaining and strengthening the house of God, being able to overcome the challenges that we face as a gathering in these last days, and so much more. A very warm note of thanks is extended to all who came, helped and supported.


Phoenix: The Orangewood assembly continues their series of short Saturday night devotionals via Zoom on “The Person and Work of Our Lord Jesus Christ” to help believers prepare for worship on the Lord’s Day. Brethren taking part to date include David Petterson (October 14), Andrew Ussher (Toronto, ON, October 21 and 28) and David Richards (November 4). The assembly also held gospel meetings October 29-November 10 with Elton Fairfield and local brethren.


Dunkerton: William Skates planned to visit the assembly November 5-10 for “Studies in Prophecies.”

Hitesville: The assembly purposed gospel meetings beginning November 12 with Brandon Doll and Brody Thibodeau.

Marion: The assembly held gospel meetings with Jonathan Procopio and Larry Perkins beginning November 5.

West Union: The assembly commenced gospel meetings October 16 in the hall with Gerard Roy and Frank Sona.


Battle Creek: Venezuela Relief Fund: Conditions in Venezuela continue to be very challenging in various regards. Food is now available but only the rich can afford the costs of a balanced diet. The majority can only afford the very basic of foods and are unable to purchase foods with higher protein and nutritional values. VRF, going forward, will now purchase most food in the country, as shipping from the USA is now being taxed at 30% and makes it more expensive than purchasing in the country. Also, we will be purchasing a much greater proportion of the food than planting and producing locally because of much higher risks involved in successfully concluding a planting, growing and harvesting cycle. The uncertainty of being able to obtain fuel, fertilizer and other materials needed in the process has driven us to this decision. Medical help is still being supplied as the Lord provides and the believers are very grateful when help is available.

North Carolina

Hickory: The assembly held a community outreach on Saturday, October 21, by having a booth at the Apple Festival in the nearby town of Taylorsville. They gave out laminated texts, fridge magnets and bookmarks in both English and Spanish. Mike Knox held a week of ministry meetings October 23-27.


Akron: The believers greatly appreciated the visit of John See as he visited a number of the Ohio assemblies in October. His report on the Lord’s work in Malaysia and his help in presenting practical ministry and clear gospel messages were an encouragement and a blessing to the believers.


Nuevo León

Juárez: As of November 4, the assembly was in their third week of gospel meetings in the hall. Interest from the community has been encouraging thus far.


Hermosillo: In October, the assembly appreciated a weekend visit from Philip and Beni Moore (Hickory, NC). Philip gave needed and practical teaching on biblical principles regarding finances in the life of the believer. Not only was it beneficial for those present, but many from other parts of Mexico and farther afield watched the sessions and expressed their gratitude for the helpful instruction.


Iguala: Duncan Beckett and Jason Wahls commenced a gospel series in the hall on October 29.


Matilde: The assembly continues to regularly visit Pueblo Nuevo to preach the gospel in two homes.


Xalapa: In October, three gospel meetings were held in a home in Tuxpan, a city approximately 200 miles to the north. The gospel has been preached in Coscomatepec for several years, but a recent meeting saw the largest attendance yet. Your prayers for these outreaches are appreciated.

Quintana Roo

Cancún: The assembly evangelised the area surrounding the hall, delivering invitations to a gospel series that began October 22 with David Cadenas and Timothy Turkington. The attendance of unsaved, including several new contacts, was very encouraging.

Other Fields

Northern Ireland

During the summer months, many assemblies conducted weekly open-air meetings in the localities around where the assembly testimony is situated, seeking to present the gospel to the local communities. Portrush had two weeks of meetings each morning at 11am in July. Kells (Co. Antrim) had one week each evening, with J. Rogers helping. Cookstown (Co. Tyrone) had a week in June, with J. Rogers helping. The Ebenezer and Central assemblies in Bangor (Co. Down) had Friday night “drive-in” gospel meetings in the town centre parking lot during July and August with B. Eadie and W. Ewing (Bangor). Dromore (Co. Down) also had two weeks of “drive-in” gospel meetings in the local high school parking lot with local brethren P. Tinsley and M. Hunter.

Co. Armagh

Portadown: The Hanover Street assembly erected a tent on the Loughgall Road at the edge of the town and had seven weeks of gospel meetings with J. Fleck and S. Gilfillan that began August 13. Good numbers attended and there was blessing in salvation.


Pennsauken, NJ

January 5-7, with Prayer Meeting on Friday, January 5, at 7:30pm in the gospel hall. All other meetings January 6-7 are at the Pennsauken Campus of Camden County Technical School on 6008 Browning Rd. First meeting starts Saturday at 10am. Marvin Derksen, John Dennison and Shawn St. Clair have been invited to share in the conference. For information, please visit https://PennsaukenGospelHall.org or contact Peter Higgins, Tel: 609-605-0698; Email: papetehiggins@gmail.com

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