Fort McMurray: Alan Smith visited the Wood Buffalo assembly May 8-11 for very appreciated and encouraging ministry. As a result of the children’s meetings Danny Jeon (Edmonton, AB) had in January, children and parents are coming each Sunday.

British Columbia

Burnaby: The South Burnaby assembly appreciated a visit from Paul and Daphne Chapman (Australia) on June 6; they also appreciated his word of ministry.

Vancouver: The Fairview assembly commenced gospel meetings on May 28 in the South Main Street Gospel Hall with David Hunt and Scott Kaulback (Weaver Settlement, NS). Paul and Daphne Chapman visited the Victoria Drive assembly on June 1, where he gave ministry and a report of his recent visit to Venezuela. He also spoke in the gospel on June 4.


Arnstein: In April, the assembly (with the help of Lorne Langfeld) set up a gospel booth at a farmers’ market for the first time in the community of Trout Creek, ON.

Barrie: As of May 31, 2023, the assembly, which was founded in 1937, ceased to function, and the dear believers are meeting with other assemblies gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Huntsville: The assembly commenced gospel meetings on Wednesday, May 10, with David Booth and Jim Jarvis.

Lindsay: Lorne Langfeld set up a gospel booth at the Lindsay Automotive Flea Market May 26-28 using gospel texts with pictures of old cars.

Maberly: The assembly plans on commencing gospel tent meetings (on the corner of Hwy. 7 and Maberly-Elphin Rd.) July 9 with Eric Fowler and Murray Pratt. Please pray that the Lord will work in the area. For those interested in camping and wishing to support the meetings, there are many campgrounds in the area.

Oro Station: Lorne Langfeld set up a gospel booth June 1-4 at the Barrie Auto Flea Market.

Sudbury: In April, all the windows and front doors in the hall were replaced. This was an answer to prayer after a number of years, and the Lord provided the funds needed, for which the Christians give thanks. Plans to maintain and update the building continue as the Lord provides.

On May 7, Lorne Langfeld was with the assembly and spoke in both the Open Sunday School and the gospel meeting. The sisters provided a hot lunch afterwards. On May 14, a young teenage sister was received into the fellowship, bringing much joy to the assembly.

Prince Edward Island

Summerside: Jonathan Procopio had one week of children’s meetings June 5-9, with good numbers attending.



Alpena: The assembly appreciated a visit from Willians Alcala (Australia) on the Lord’s Day, May 28, to remember the Lord and to share a word of encouraging ministry. He was visiting in the area following the Springdale, AR, conference.

Springdale: The annual conference, characterized by harmony and great joy, was held the last weekend of May. Believers attended from several assemblies from within and outside the country, with around 100 present. Those who shared in the responsibility of ministry and preaching were Willians Alcala, Marcus Cain, Isaiah Frazier, Shad Kember and Paul Thiessen. The teenage son of a couple in the fellowship obeyed the Lord in baptism on the Saturday evening.


Phoenix: The Orangewood assembly continues their series of short Saturday night devotionals via Zoom on the “Person and Work of Our Lord Jesus Christ” to help believers prepare for worship on the Lord’s Day. Brethren taking part to date include Eugene Badgley (May 13), Gordon Armstrong (Tampa, FL, May 20), Kory Crawford (May 27) and Ken Nicholson (Oshawa, ON, June 3).


Dunkerton: Paul Thiessen visited the assembly and gave ministry on May 22.

Hitesville: The assembly appreciated a visit by Paul Thiessen for ministry on May 23.

Marion: The assembly conducted children’s meetings on weekday mornings June 19-28 in a tent at the newly acquired lot by the Linn Manor Care Center to the west of the hall. Andrew Zuidema (Midland Park, NJ) spoke to the children.

Stout: The believers plan to have a lunch followed by afternoon ministry on July 30 to commemorate 100 years of assembly testimony after being planted in July 1923. All are welcome to join them.

Waterloo: The Western Avenue assembly held five days of children’s meetings June 5-11 in the morning with help from Brody Thibodeau, focusing their outreach in a community with many homes and young families.


Battle Creek: VRF: Efforts to help the Lord’s people in Venezuela continue in the form of medical assistance, food shipments and crop growing in the country. Rice, corn, black beans, lentils, sweet potatoes, eggplant, bell peppers and zucchini are planted and harvested according to each crop’s growing season. Planting in the Chirgua region was not carried out this season due to widespread infestation of pests.

The need continues to be great. A recent traveller reported that the two main items for which income is reserved are food followed by fuel. Medical needs as well as maintenance and repair are still as acute as ever but are third and fourth in priority. The scarcity and high price of fuel, coupled with a growing and general deterioration of road infrastructure, are making travel between cities impossible for most of the populace. Inside the cities many people cannot afford the public transport costs and walking to school or to work is now the only way for many.

Jackson: Larry Perkins and Gary Sharp commenced gospel meetings on June 4.

New Jersey

Pennsauken: The assembly appreciated the help of Daniel Gonzalez (Midland Park, NJ) at the annual Mother’s Day treat on May 7. On May 21, Stephen Harper was with the assembly for the day and gave helpful ministry and a report of the work in Malawi. A Seed Sowers distribution was held on May 28 in view of tent meetings that were planned for June 4-25 with Gene Higgins and David T. Zuidema (Midland Park, NJ). The assembly also anticipates the visit of Shad Kember Jr. June 25-July 2 to focus on gospel outreach with Spanish speaking contacts.

New York

Belfast: The assembly was encouraged by a young believer’s obeying the Lord in baptism on May 21. Please pray for their Community Youth Nights gospel outreach planned for mid-July.


Bryn Mawr: In May, the assembly had the privilege of hearing valuable teaching by A.J. (Sandy) Higgins three consecutive nights; his subject was “The Scriptural Profile of a Spiritual Person.” They also had a report of gospel work in Malawi by Stephen Harper.


Matoaca: The assembly held two weeks of tent meetings June 12-25 with Paul Barnhardt, who was helped by local brethren.


Black River Falls: Brandon Doll and Isaiah Frazier commenced gospel meetings on June 4. The assembly is working the villages of Merillan, Taylor and Hixton. Meetings were planned two nights a week at each place for at least three weeks.

Blue River: In mid-April, the assembly commenced gospel meetings in the village of Muscoda with local brethren. They were encouraged by the good interest, and the meetings eventually closed on May 30.

La Crosse: The gospel meetings at the Campbell Town Hall with Brandon Doll and Isaiah Frazier closed on Thursday, May 11. The assembly appreciates all the prayers of the saints for this series. They look to the Lord for future blessing on the seed sown.

Muscoda: Gospel meetings closed on May 30 after five-plus weeks.



Guadalajara: The assembly had a series of gospel meetings at the beginning of May with Jonathan Seed, who was helped by local brethren. Although there were few visitors in attendance, the believers were encouraged.


Pachuca: The believers from the assembly visited Real del Monte, a nearby town, for the first time to share the gospel in May. One family expressed an interest in the gospel, and the believers plan to visit weekly.

Mexico State

Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl: The assembly appreciated a visit from Sandy Higgins (Barrington, NJ) and Paul Thiessen the first weekend in May. Teaching meetings were held over the weekend, and the believers benefited greatly from the ministry given. The believers continue with their regular open-air work, and that weekend they were preaching in the main town square.


Veracruz: At the end of April, a special children’s class was held in recognition of the “Day of the Child,” followed by regular children’s classes. The assembly has seen encouraging numbers and God’s blessing in salvation.

Quintana Roo

Cancún: On Mother’s Day, a special Sunday School class was held, and it was encouraging to see a good number of mothers out under the sound of the gospel.


Conferences Previously Published:

Pugwash Jct., NS – July 1-2

Augusta, ME – July 15-16

Sioux City, IA – July 16

Clinton, ON – July 23


Change of Address

Dave and Yvonne Patten: Email: dandypatten@gmail.com


Benjamin Yocum of Parry Sound, ON, on February 22, 2023, age 57. He was born in Huntsville, ON, and his family moved to Parry Sound when he was in Grade 9. Benjamin was saved at age 15 on October 1, 1980, and later received into the Parry Sound assembly, where he actively preached the gospel and taught Sunday School for many years. Only days before his unexpected passing, he was personally witnessing to a local man who was attending the community dinner hosted by the assembly. His joy and happiness, despite being afflicted with Huntington’s disease for a number of years before being called home, were a great encouragement to the saints. He is predeceased by his parents George and Velma Yocum. He is survived by his wife Evelyn and son Brandon. Ben’s uncle Bill Yocum, cousin Dan Elwes, and others spoke at his funeral service, which was attended by over 100 people from the community.

Muriel Porter of London, ON, on April 17, 2023, in her 100th year. She was saved as a girl of 13 while speaking with her older sister Agnes at the family home. Muriel married James R. Porter and together they served the Lord, the assembly and the unsaved. Their home was open to all—saints or sinners. Their hospitality, visits and encouragement were a real blessing to all. Muriel resided at Bethany Lodge for a number of years. During her funeral service in the Highbury Gospel Hall, her daughter Nancy gave the eulogy, Chong Han shared his memories, and Ross Parker spoke in the gospel. Glen Woodside spoke at the graveside. We thank the Lord for the memories of this dear godly, devoted Christian lady.

Grace Stickfort of Dunkerton, IA, on May 22, 2023, age 94. Grace trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior on February 12, 1951, while reading Matthew 11:28, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” She and her husband, Harold, were in happy fellowship in the assembly that meets in Waterloo until 1976, when they became a part of the assembly that began meeting in Dunkerton. Grace was a committed and faithful Sunday School teacher for over 40 years. She is survived by one daughter, three sons and their wives, 17 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren. “Her children arise up, and call her blessed” (Proverbs 31:28). Preceding her in death were her husband, one daughter, one son-in-law, and one grandson. Russ Nesbit took the well-attended service.