Book Review: Joy in the Desert: 50 Years of Gospel Blessing in Botswana by Clark Logan

book coverClark Logan, Joy in the Desert: 50 Years of Gospel Blessing in Botswana (Kilmarnock, Scotland: John Ritchie Ltd., 2021), 280 pp.

Reviewed by Peter Higgins

The genre of the missionary biography is always spiritually edifying, evangelically motivating and personally challenging. Joy in the Desert is certainly not left wanting in any of these aspects. However, the reader will quickly notice that the layout of the chapters is distinct from the majority of missionary writing. Rather than adhering to a strict chronological telling of the Lord’s work in Botswana over the last 50 years, our brother chooses to devote each chapter to a separate location or aspect of the labors in that country. The genius of this approach is that as each chapter concludes the reader feels that he or she has gained a well-rounded understanding of the present topic, whether it be children’s work, cultural challenges or a specific location in Botswana. In fact, the book would serve well as a primer course for someone going to help in the work in Botswana. How wonderful if the Lord would use it to bring further laborers to that field! However, the vast majority who read it will continue to serve the Lord in other spheres of service. Yet, even if the reader is never able to visit the deserts of Botswana, the practical wisdom and poignant delivery of this universal message concerning laboring in the gospel will serve to encourage anyone seeking to do a work in obedience to the Lord.

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