Book Review: End Times for Beginners by David McKillen

coverDavid McKillen, End Times for Beginners (Kilmarnock, Scotland: John Ritchie Ltd, 2021), 358 pp.

Reviewed by William Skates

Not many benefits can be cited as an outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there is at least this bright gem shining against that dark background. Brother McKillen gave an online series of talks entitled End Times for Beginners. From this work has come the hardcopy product. It is a large book, both in physical size and in its sweep through the subject of biblical prophecy. Outlined is the unfolding of God’s great program for this world. The future events of end times is the focus and mainstay of the study. The book is structured to easily navigate its five color-coded parts, including appendices and a bibliography. Pictures, charts and illustrations give visual aids throughout and greatly assist the reader to easily understand what could otherwise be difficult concepts. Careful students of the Word will recognize a “literal, pre-millennial, dispensational” approach to the Bible’s clear teaching, and room is given, in a non-dogmatic way, for consideration of alternate views in the details. The writing style is often conversational in tone, as we are gently led into a developing narrative exploring the subject. Blue colored “Keynote” blocks within a chapter are supplied to extract key points in the text. At the end of each chapter readers are challenged to reflect retrospectively on the content by a list of probing questions. The book is an excellent tool for young and old to study, in North America and beyond.