Book Review: Romans: A Commentary on Chapters 1-8 by Albert Leckie


Albert Leckie, Romans: A Commentary on Chapters 1-8 (Fareham: Precious Seed Publications, 2007), 134 pp.

Reviewed by Mitchell Taylor

This very small commentary on Romans is a helpful go-to book when the finer points of the doctrine of the gospel get foggy in your mind. Understanding the book of Romans and its structure is vital for clear gospel preaching. The objective of Romans is to lay out the gospel point by point, and Leckie’s book provides a framework for understanding that. Filled throughout with headings to introduce the structure of Romans, its verse-by-verse format allows for quick referencing to find answers to your specific questions.

This book is a brief exegesis of the first 8 chapters of Romans. As the preface states, this book was not written technically by Albert Leckie but is a composition of his thoughts transcribed from audio recordings of the Trimsaran Bible Readings in Wales.

Therefore, this commentary is not exhaustive, but it will help broaden your comprehension of the doctrine of the gospel. Connections and contexts you might have missed are highlighted. Comments follow wherein, as the preface states, “the reader will discover delightful lines of truth not commonly expressed elsewhere.” Leckie’s understanding of subtle nuances may challenge your own views. Following the pattern of his oral teaching, he unfolds the gospel within Romans as faithfully to the text as possible. The book’s thin size makes it undaunting for any reader, while the wealth within proves indispensable to all.