Calgary: The West Hillhurst assembly has been meeting with a 15% capacity each week with the remaining saints taking turns viewing online from home. They continue an ESL outreach Zoom meeting each week with six to eight people attending. Major hall renovations are nearing completion.

British Columbia

Vancouver: The Victoria Drive assembly held a Saturday night gospel series March 20-May 2 in Mandarin via Zoom with brethren Harry Chen and subsequently Marvin Xu from the West Richmond assembly sharing the preaching duties. The assembly also hosted a week of online ministry April 19-23 with Sandy Higgins on “Marriage and the Family.” Over 100 attendees each night appreciated the ministry via Zoom and Facebook livestream. The assembly was encouraged by the baptisms of a mother and daughter on April 11 who were saved through ESL and Sunday school outreach work, respectively. Dave Richards preached the gospel via Zoom on April 25.

The Fairview assembly hosted four Sunday afternoon ministry meetings May 2-23 via Zoom with Dan Rudge covering the “Panorama, Pictures, Practice and Principles of Church Truth.”

New Brunswick

Fredericton: After a seven-year hiatus, the assembly was thrilled after answered prayer to host a virtual conference.  Murray McCandless, Jonathan Procopio, Peter Ramsay and Brody Thibodeau took part in ministry. David Hierlihy and David Hunt were faithful in the gospel. They are thankful to the Lord for expressions of appreciation from among the 300+ attendees (estimated 700 viewers) that joined via Zoom.

Nova Scotia

Halifax: The assembly held gospel meetings April 18-May 2 with Matthew Cain and John Meekin. Meetings switched to Zoom and YouTube beginning April 25 due to government COVID-19 restrictions.


Huntsville: Murray McCandless gave a word of ministry via Zoom on April 20 to the assembly.

Mississauga: Following their gospel series March 14-21 via Zoom with Paul Robinson (Toronto, ON) and Shawn St. Clair with the theme “The Miracles and Messages of Christ in the Fourth Gospel,” the Applewood Heights assembly was encouraged by the salvation of a young Asian student from a non-Christian home who had joined nightly. He is presently progressing in his Christian life, in spite of opposition from his parents.

Welland: The assembly appreciated ministry via Zoom from Murray McCandless on April 21, Kevin Flett on April 28, and Tom Matthews on May 5.



Alpena: For their upcoming conference September 25-26, the Bible reading passage will be Hebrews 2.


Newington: The assembly is meeting in person and the Lord has graciously preserved all the saints in health. Outreach work continues in Hartford with daily ESL and citizenship classes held by Kaitlyn Brescia, along with a new assembly work distributing meals, Bibles, and tracts each Friday afternoon in a local park. Local brother Paul Tornaquindici has been able to continue a once-a-week gospel work originally started by (the late) Andrew McPhee in two retirement homes. In-person gospel meetings are planned with Gene Higgins June 6-27. Prayer is appreciated for all of these efforts.


Stout: After a very trying year, the assembly held a regular in-person conference April 10-11. It proved to be a time of blessing and real joy with very good attendance and fitting ministry provided by Al Christopherson, Brandon Doll, John Fitzpatrick, Isaiah Frazier, Jerry Jennings, Shad Kember, William Lavery, William Skates and Dave Yoder (Manchester, IA). Many comments were made regarding the good word and the fellowship enjoyed in conference capacity once more.

Waterloo/Cedar Falls: During their online conference April 17-18 via Zoom, missionary reports were given by Alan Clark (El Salvador) and Jim McMaster (homeless and street people in the UK). Other brethren taking part were Clive Barber, Gaius Goff, Stephen Grant and Brody Thibodeau.


Blue River: Five teenagers obeyed the Lord in baptism on April 18, bringing the saints much joy. The assembly purposes to have an all-day meeting on May 2.

Mount Sterling: The assembly commenced gospel meetings April 25 with Brandon Doll and Isaiah Frazier.


Nuevo León

Monterrey: April presented a good opportunity to evangelize in the area around the hall with invitations to the regular meetings, accompanied by Via magazines. Anderson Hernández preached in the open air in several areas near the hall. The assembly was encouraged to see close to 30 children (ages 5 to 19) attending the Sunday School as well as the regular meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The assembly also rejoiced when one sister was added to the assembly in April.


Hermosillo: The believers were encouraged when Lupita was baptized in April. She was saved ten years ago, but due to the situation in the home she was rarely able to attend meeting. Her husband (age 42) died from COVID-19 several months ago and it has been good to see her attending meetings both in person and via Zoom regularly. A brother was received back into fellowship, having been on the outside for a number of years; this, too, brought joy to the assembly.

Ciudad Obregón: The assembly enjoyed a weekend visit by Duncan Beckett in April. Special meetings were held on Saturday and Sunday for the ministry of the Word.


Irapuato: Several believers were seriously ill with COVID-19, but have recovered well. The assembly hopes to meet again in person soon.


Guadalajara: Jonathan Seed visited in April for two weeks of in-person gospel meetings. God blessed in salvation, and several visitors were out every evening.


Iguala: The believers began to meet in a new rented facility the last Sunday in April.

Northern Ireland

A second “lock-down” was introduced on December 26, resulting in indoor meetings being suspended.

Assemblies around the Province commenced drive-in gospel meetings early on a Lord’s Day afternoon either in a gospel hall parking lot (if there was sufficient room) or in a local parking lot in the town or village where they were situated. This outreach enabled a regular weekly gospel witness, with quite a number hearing the gospel who normally would not have attended.

Belfast: Due to restrictions still in place for large indoor gatherings, two of the convening assemblies for the April 5-6 Belfast Easter conference (Bloomfield and Whitehouse) arranged Zoom ministry and reports.

Co. Armagh

Ballyshiel: R. Kirkpatrick and J. Rogers had a series of gospel meetings in the gospel hall parking lot that commenced February 28 and continued nightly for four weeks with good attendance and support from surrounding assemblies.

Bleary: The assembly commenced a series of drive-in gospel meetings in their hall parking lot in mid-April with D. Gilliland and S. Redpath.

Co. Antrim

Broughshane: The assembly in Broughshane made use of their large parking lot to have a series of drive-in gospel meetings. A. Steele and S. Gilfillan preached nightly for four weeks during March, with encouraging numbers attending.

Co. Tyrone

Newtownstewart: On New Year’s Day, the assembly hosted a drive-in ministry conference in the local Farmers Mart parking lot. Many believers from the southwest of the Province took the opportunity to come and hear the good Word of God ministered by S. Gilfillan and D. Gilliland.

Omagh: The assembly arranged drive-in gospel meetings with J. Rogers and R. Kirkpatrick in the local Farmers Mart parking lot on the Drumquin Road. This gospel series commenced on the Lord’s Day, March 28, and was expected to continue for four weeks. As of early April, good numbers were attending, especially a number from the area that would not normally be at gospel meetings.

Co. Down

Ballymagarrick: W. Martin commenced a series of drive-in gospel meetings on April 11 in the hall parking lot.

Banbridge: A. Steele and S. Gilfillan commenced a series of drive-in gospel meetings on April 11 for the assembly.

Newry: The assembly appreciated ministry from Malcolm Radcliffe via Zoom on March 31.

Co. Londonderry

Moneymore: The Quilly assembly hosted a drive-in New Year’s Day ministry conference in a large parking lot on the Desertmartin Road. Approximately 150 cars with believers parked to hear T. Armstrong, E. Fairfield, and W. Martin give suitable and seasonable ministry to encourage and challenge.

Portrush: The assembly arranged a drive-in conference over the Easter weekend at a local area known as The Pits. Ministry and the gospel were shared by T. Armstrong, E. Fairfield, D. Gilliland, M. Radcliffe and G. Woods.


Sioux City, IA

July 17-18, in the Sioux City Gospel Hall, 120 South Leonard Street. Saturday: Prayer 7pm with refreshments afterwards. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:45am, Bible Reading (1 Timothy 4) 11am, Lunch 12:30pm, Children’s Meeting 1:30pm, Ministry 2pm, Dinner 4:30pm, Gospel 6pm. Corr: Gary Hayes, Tel: 712-223-2398; Email: george55698@outlook.com. Accom: Bernie Mertens, Tel: 712-223-0439.

Hampton, IA

September 4-5, annual missionary conference in the gospel hall, 9 3rd Street SE. Expected speakers will be Stephen Baker (Pakistan), Phil Coulson (India) and Tony Flett (Nicaragua). For more information, please contact Ben McCandless, Email: benmcc5000@gmail.com.

Conferences Previously Published:

Kirkland Lake /Englehart /Earlton, ON – June 26-27 (online)

Pugwash Junction, NS – July 3-4 (cancelled)

Alpena, AR – September 25-26

Change of Address

Marvin and Barbara Derksen: 23 Creston Place, St John’s, NL, A1E 5X6

Stanley and Vera Wells: c/o Steve Wells, 5935 Goudie Rd, Kelowna, BC, V1P 1M4, Canada


Mary Lutley (nee Smith) of Brampton, ON, on March 12, 2021, age 97. Mary was raised in the Brock Avenue assembly in Toronto and was saved as a teenager on December 5, 1940, during a series of meetings. She married Roy Lutley, also from Brock, in September 1948, and they continued in fellowship there until moving to the West Toronto assembly. An outreach work resulted in an assembly in Rexdale, and they were among the original families to gather when the assembly first broke bread in June 1960. They continued there until Roy was called home in 2014. Mary has been in fellowship in the Brampton assembly since then. Mary was known for her genuine interest in and care for others. Her bright smile, ready laugh and faithful prayers will be missed by us all. She leaves behind her four children, their spouses, eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Kendy Sue Reiss of Manchester, IA, on March 17, 2021, age 60. Raised in the godly assembly home of Kenneth and Sue Ellen Gentz, Kendy was saved on May 31, 1970, at the age of ten while listening to a gospel message from John 3:16. After God opened her eyes to see her need, she said, “I am very happy, and love Him with all my heart.” In June 1981, she married David Reiss, and together they were key workers in the assembly. Kendy was marked with a depth to her Christian life that was often overlooked. She remained faithful to God’s principles, being fully committed to the assembly. Kendy is survived by her husband David, three children and spouses, eight grandchildren, her father Kenneth Gentz, her siblings Kay Mulder, Tonya Naber, Jeff and Chad Gentz, and father-in-law Leland Reiss. Robert Orr and Al Christopherson shared in the funeral service.

Gertrude Marco of Melrose, WI, on March 18, 2021, age 91. She was one of 13 children, and was saved at age 51 in meetings held by her brother Dick Bruley and Robert Orr. Both she and her son Peter attended the meetings, and were both saved in December 1980. Gertrude was received into fellowship at Pine Hill, which later relocated to Black River Falls, where she remained in happy fellowship until her homecall. When she was unable to attend meetings later in life, she enjoyed listening via Zoom. A very nice number came and heard the gospel at her funeral, where God’s offer of peace to a troubled world was faithfully presented. Prayer for unsaved family is appreciated.

Tony Gallant of Summerside, PE, on March 22, 2021, age 88. Our beloved brother passed into the Lord’s presence from his home. Tony was saved in 1979 while watching an evangelical gospel message. Being from a Catholic background, he thought he was alone in his new-found peace. Shortly after his conversion, he came in contact with Island assembly believers, his wife was saved, and they were received into the Freetown, PE, assembly. Tony was a kind, happy man who never lost the joy of his salvation. He served as an elder for many years. Tony is survived by his wife Stella, seven children and their families. The private family funeral, which was also livestreamed, was taken by Peter Ramsay and Ira Kember. His daughter-in-law spoke kind words of remembrance on behalf of the family. Please pray for the large family, that they might come to know Tony’s Savior.

Jack Bruce of Portage la Prairie, MB, on March 26, 2021, age 79. As a newcomer to Portage and without family in the area, Jack was invited by a neighbor in November 1990 to meetings with Al Christopherson and Murray Pratt. He promptly accepted the sinner’s Savior. Jack’s life subsequently became one of prayer and gospel witness. His eccentric manner and unwavering faithfulness earned him the scorn of many. For years, Jack arranged for and maintained display racks with Via Magazines in restaurants, service stations and other public places. Whenever he received encouragement in his work, he would share it with the saints, who had become his family. Quiet in public, Jack consistently enjoyed assembly fellowship both at the River Road and Austin Gospel Halls. The funeral service on April 2 was shared by Don Bowden and Ross Vanstone, with a nice word also by Garth Knox at the graveside.

Mary “Faustina” Guindon of Charlottetown, PE, on March 29, 2021, age 89. Born on February 19, 1932, Faustina was born again on August 13, 1976, and faithfully attended the assembly meetings until her health would not allow her to do so. The funeral service was taken by Peter Ramsay and the gospel message was faithfully preached. Please pray for many family members who are not saved.

Audrey Smith of Portage la Prairie, MB, on March 31, 2021, age 86, after prolonged deteriorating health. Saved at age nine, Audrey’s enthusiasm for life, her wonderful sense of humor, and her devotion to the Lord were always part of her tireless service to family and friends. Her service included mentoring younger sisters, Via Magazine editing, showing hospitality as a supportive elder’s wife, operating her seniors care home, home contact for several missionaries, PBS teaching, and being the go-getter who often noticed what needed to be done and then just did it. She married Sanford Smith in 1980, who predeceased her in 2011. She is survived by her sisters Daryl MacFarlane and Bethel Hull, their families, and numerous step-children and step-grandchildren. The funeral service on April 9, livestreamed from the River Road Gospel Hall, was taken by Bruce Smith, along with some family tributes. David Vanstone spoke at the graveside.

Harlan H. DeGroote of Stout, IA, on April 3, 2021, age 93. He was saved on August 24, 1947, through John 19:30. Shortly afterwards, he was received into the fellowship of the Stout assembly. Harlan was preceded in death by his wife Berniece on November 29, 2020, and their son, Dennis. Together, Harlan and Berniece were known for their friendship, faithfulness to the assembly, and hospitality to the Lord’s servants and all other saints. His testimony demonstrated a love for the gospel and souls in need of salvation. He is survived by a daughter Karen (John) Tolsma, a daughter-in-law Mary (Eldon) Winkle, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. The funeral was conducted by Robert Orr, with the assistance of Sid Hayes.

Nancy Wirkler of Garnavillo, IA, on April 19, 2021, age 52. Raised in a religious home, she was invited to gospel meetings held by Al Christopherson and Paul Kember in Garnavillo in 1987. At the age of 19, Nancy discovered religion did nothing whereas Christ had done everything. She married Robert Wirkler in 1988 and both were linked with the assembly fellowship at Garnavillo. Four children were born to this union: daughter Kelly (Cade) Holub, and sons Daniel, Zachary and Quentin. Robert and Nancy gave appreciated help when the new work started at Postville, IA. She suffered with cancer and a bad back, which eventually weakened her heart, prohibiting further operations. Yet through her many trials, she enjoyed the assurance that heaven was her home. A large number of relatives and friends, along with assembly believers, filled the Garnavillo Hall, where the gospel was preached by Al Christopherson.

Ralph Burton Ferguson of St. Thomas, ON, on April 20, 2020, his 72nd birthday. Born and raised in Matachewan, ON, Ralph and his family later moved to Ilderton, ON, for employment. He was introduced to David Kember (faithfully visiting door to door) by Alvin Cook, Ralph’s brother-in-law. Ralph consented to gospel house-meetings in his own home and was saved on November 25, 1980, resting upon the truth of Romans 5:6. He and his family arrived in St. Thomas in 1986. Ralph loved the gospel. After retirement, he enjoyed helping Alvin Cook with house and tent meetings in New Liskeard, ON, each summer. He loved to encourage the newly saved and rejoiced in their spiritual progress. Although severely hindered by health issues in later years, Ralph finished well. Confined to his apartment for the final months, he peacefully entered the Lord’s presence, with his son and daughter at his bedside.

Marlen Hagen of Crystal, MN, on April 20, 2021, age 83. He was saved in 1964 in gospel meetings in the Willmar, MN, area. The truth of John 14:6 was brought home to his heart and he knew that he had salvation. Marlen was in happy fellowship in the Fridley assembly for many years, and will be greatly missed. He fought a good fight after a stroke three years ago, the diagnosis of cancer, and then pneumonia. Marlen is survived by his wife Judy, two daughters, two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. The funeral home in Crystal was full of those wishing to honor Marlen for his steadfast testimony over the years. Robert Orr officiated at the funeral, and readings were done by Dave Knutson and Perry Bauer of the Fridley assembly.