This Is My Story

This is my story. It’s mine. It can’t be refuted, renounced or discredited. I’ve personally experienced it, an event unlike any other before or since.

The Lord promised that I would speak on His behalf to kings, and so I’m very pleased to tell you my own story, King Agrippa, even if it means doing so while wearing these chains. I was raised near Jerusalem, and was skilled in learning the law and could grasp the most difficult topics, living them out to the letter. I opposed those with less understanding than me, especially any who took the name of Jesus on their lips. This impostor who claimed to be the Son of God was now dead, but His followers lived on. So I sought them out, locked them up, voted for their deaths and persecuted them at every opportunity. In anger and rage, I would track them down to the furthest place if it led to their sure destruction and slaughter.

And then it happened. The part of my story that matters the most. The part that changed everything. The part you need to experience to be saved. It’s the part where I met Jesus and called Him “Lord.” I was on my way to Damascus in the middle of the day when a light shone brighter than the sun. You don’t believe anything can be brighter than the sun? This was. It arrested me, stopped me in my tracks and forced me to pay the closest attention. And from my knees I heard His voice:

“Why are you going against me? Why are you choosing the hardest possible life? I have so much in store for you if you’ll bend your heart as you are bending your knee!”

It was Him! He was alive! Jesus of Nazareth was the Chosen One of God, sent by God to rescue the world from sin. And He had a purpose for my life that went so far beyond keeping the law and doing good. He was going to entrust me with His own gospel of truth, to open the eyes of those blinded and lost in their sin, to set free those captured by Satan and deliver them from the power of evil into the triumph of God.

A truly repentant person, broken by the obstacles of this world and ensnared by their sin, can now find rest. Searching for satisfaction and longing for peace will lead them to this moment in their own story. It’s the moment of forgiveness. When you realize that your very best falls short of God’s holy standard and you recognize the value of the blood that was shed on Calvary’s cross – that’s the part of the story that changes everything. God is satisfied with the death of Christ on my behalf, to cover all my sin – for all time. This is my story. It can’t be refuted, renounced or discredited. I’ve personally experienced it.

Do you have a story like this to tell? One that changed everything? One that redirected your pathway to a lost eternity and fitted you for the glory of God’s heaven? A moment unlike any other before or since? It’s a meeting with the Lord Jesus Christ, and you’ll never be the same.