Book Review: Possessing the Inheritance by Malcolm C. Davis

Malcolm C. Davis, Possessing the Inheritance: A Concise Commentary on the Book of Joshua (Cookstown: Scripture Teaching Library, 2013), 125 pp.

Reviewed by Matthew Cain

This book is a helpful introductory study to Joshua, and its small size is not intimidating for younger believers.

The overview, while a brief two pages, does provide a good high-level summary of Joshua. The author establishes the link between Joshua and NT truth, which will be developed in later chapters. Early on, a recurring interplay between God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility is highlighted – the victories God provides do not negate His people’s need to do what they can in their spiritual battles, with dependence upon the Lord. Chapters 3 & 4 were the highlights of the book in the mind of this reviewer. Both chapters relate to the crossing of the Jordan, but the writer profitably points out the different emphases. The links to NT truth, particularly in Ephesians and Colossians, were very helpful.

There are a few occasions when I wished the book engaged with a subject more deeply (e.g., the decision of the 2 ½ tribes), or when I wished applications were fleshed out with further examples. But bear in mind it is intended to be concise. Many of the thoughts presented are really just seeds for further thought, and because of this, the book promotes further Bible study. The reader’s enjoyment will be enhanced by meditating upon and nourishing the seeds planted by the author. For believers new to the study of Joshua, this book will serve them well.