British Columbia

Burnaby: The South Burnaby assembly was encouraged by three believers being baptized on July 21 (two from the community and one from the Burnaby Bible Hour). Prayer is requested for their continued testimony.

Vancouver: The Victoria Drive assembly held three weeks of children’s meetings in July and August at three different parks and were encouraged by the interest shown from the children and their parents.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Corner Brook/McIvers, NL: The saints appreciated two weeks of gospel meetings in Irishtown under canvas with Jim Jarvis and Timothy Burton in July. The meetings were well attended with a good number of unsaved out each night. Both assemblies look to the Lord of the harvest for the in-gathering.


Collingwood: The assembly had a time of rejoicing on July 28 when four young people ages 13-25 obeyed the Lord in baptism. Prayer is requested for their preservation and guidance. The assembly also appreciated visits from Eric Fowler and Lorne Langfeld in July.



Manchester: The assembly had three weeks of tent meetings in Bolton with Gene Higgins and David Oliver (Bryn Mawr, PA) with some blessing. There was good interest, with 55 new visitors over the three weeks, and some came more than once.


Ankeny: The assembly was encouraged by the response from the Spanish community during their Spanish meetings in July. Alex Ruiz (Mexico City, Mexico) and Ramiro Ruiz (Hampton, IA) shared the gospel, followed by a picnic in the park where many of the unsaved expressed their interest in the message. The next Spanish meeting was planned for August 19 at the Franklin Avenue Library in Des Moines. The assembly expresses their thanks to Ryan Hayes’ family (Marion, IA) and many Christians from the Hampton assembly for their continued help in these meetings.

Dunkerton: The Sunday night gospel meetings conducted in the nearby small town of Dewar during the month of June concluded with a fair amount of interest. The community building in Dewar has also become available during the last half of August so the assembly has purposed gospel meetings beginning August 18 with William Skates and Jerry Jennings.

Stout: Dustin Hayes (Stout, IA), Jeff Kramer (Hampton, IA), and local brethren held gospel meetings July 8-19 at the Community Center in New Hartford, IA. Several visitors attended for the first time. A few that have been prayed for also came a night or two. The support from the Christians and their families was much appreciated.


West Springfield: The assembly had a two-week gospel series in June with John Meekin and Jonathan Procopio in a rented storefront.


Battle Creek: Venezuela Relief Fund: Shipments of food pallets continue from Florida to Venezuela. Medications are now being hand carried in from Colombia, and medical procedures and operations are being funded from the Relief Fund as needed.

Lansing: The assembly requests continued prayer for the souls that received Seed Sowers texts in July. Over 55,000 texts were distributed, and many visitors attended the three weeks of gospel meetings during and following the distribution. ESL classes have also started, to follow up with some of the new contacts.

Saginaw: The August 4 Bimonthly Ministry Meeting was well attended. Ministry of the Word from Joseph Baker (Jackson, MI), Jonathan Seed, and Matt Smith (Jackson, MI) was encouraging and most instructive. Joseph Baker and Matt Smith presented a clear and searching gospel, with family from Sunday School contacts present.


Fridley: The assembly purposed gospel meetings starting August 11 with Brandon Doll and Bill Lavery.

Hinkley: Gospel meetings in the hall, which began on June 16 with Jerry Jennings and Robert Orr, closed on June 28 after two weeks. There was some interest, including a man who had attended meetings in the hall when Robert Orr was there 20 years ago.


Lorain: Jim Frazier and Robert Surgenor commenced gospel meetings on August 4.


Crandon: The assembly welcomed a young sister into the fellowship recently, thankful for her desire to please the Lord by gathering with the Christians. Gospel tent meetings July 7-19 were held in the town of Pearisburg, where most nights someone new came in to the tent to hear the Word of God. Russell Coleman and David Petterson preached the gospel. Prayer is appreciated for the continued blessing of the gospel to the area.


Black River Falls: Tent meetings with Brandon Doll, Jerry Jennings and Jim Frazier concluded in early August after four weeks.

Brodhead: William Skates was with the assembly July 28-August 1 in ministry concerning Lessons from the Life of Jacob.

Lancaster: The gospel work continues at the Grant County jail each Sunday evening with Jim, Jacob and Jason Frazier, and Tom Novak from the Blue River assembly. The numbers range from two to five, mostly men, with the occasional group of women coming in to listen. With many difficult childhoods and lives ruined by wrong choices, the inmates are searching for answers. It is a privilege to tell them of the Savior, the true solution to their problems.



Hermosillo: The assembly appreciated a weekend visit from John and Michelle Dennison at the end of July. John gave helpful ministry on Christ’s ascension and also shared in the gospel.

Ciudad Obregón: The assembly enjoyed a brief visit from Shad and Deborah Kember in July, with Shad sharing in the responsibility of the regular meetings.


Guasave: In July, four believers were baptized. A good number of unbelievers heard the gospel presented at the gospel meeting.

San Luis Potosí

El Barril: Julian Vega passed into the presence of his Lord and Savior on July 8, having suffered from complications due to diabetes. He was saved in 2014 and faithful to the assembly despite problems with his health and sight. Miguel Mosquera, Paul Thiessen and Jason Wahls preached the gospel on nine occasions during the wake and burial, with many hearing the glorious message. Paul Thiessen stayed for three more nights to share in the gospel with Jason, and then local brethren helped Jason for another two weeks, and God blessed in salvation.


Puerto Vallarta: The assembly in El Coapinole held its annual Sunday School event early in July, rejoicing to see a good number of students and parents present. Sergio Arres (Santiago Ixcuintla, Nayarit) presented a gospel message to all present.


Pachuca: The annual conference during the last weekend in July was well attended by several assemblies. Duncan Beckett, Shad Kember, Harry Rodriguez, Timothy Stevenson and Paul Thiessen all shared in the responsibilities of teaching and preaching.

Mexico State

Nezahualcóyotl: Three believers were recently received into fellowship: a young sister, and a married couple.  Children’s meetings were held in July with encouraging attendance.


Actopan: Timothy Stevenson visited again, preaching the gospel in Agustina’s home, where several people met to hear the good news of salvation. The first visit was made five years ago.


Puebla: Timothy Stevenson returned to preach the gospel again in the home of Francisco and Valeria. A good number who show interest in the gospel attended the meeting.

Quintana Roo

Cancún: At the beginning of July the believers gave out gospel literature and invitations to gospel meetings that were held for three weeks. David Cadenas and Timothy Turkington appreciated Duncan Beckett’s help during the second week of the series. Andrew Feinberg (Phoenix, AZ) shared his testimony on July 7.


Arnstein, ON

September 13-15, in the Arnstein Gospel Hall at 10762 Hwy. 522, Arnstein. Friday: Prayer 7:30pm. Saturday: Prayer/Ministry 10am, Ministry 2pm, Bible Reading 3:15pm (The foxes that spoil the vines, Song of Solomon 2:15 – A study on the foxes that creep in and destroy), Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 8:45am (Fulfillment of Scripture at Calvary – “All this was done that the scripture might be fulfilled,” Matthew 26:56), Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. For advance accommodations, call Jesse Booth, Tel: 705-757-3716; Email: boothjesse@yahoo.com.

Ankeny, IA

September 14-15, in the Gospel Hall, 803 SW 3rd Street. We will have a two-day conference this year instead of our usual one-day conference. The Christian Academy is no longer available to us, so the conference will be in the newly constructed auditorium at the Gospel Hall. Saturday: Ministry 10am, Gospel 6pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 1:30pm. Community open house for new auditorium at 5pm. Gospel 6pm, commencing the gospel series with John Fitzpatrick and Jerry Jennings. For information or accommodations contact Dan Massoth, Tel: 515-556-9470; Email: ankenygospelhall@hotmail.com.

Hardwick, VT

September 14-15, with Prayer Meeting on Friday, September 13 at 7:30pm at the gospel hall, 153 Cherry Street. Saturday and Lord’s Day meetings are at the Hardwick Elementary School, 135 South Main Street (at the village jct. of Routes 14 and 15). Saturday: Ministry 10am and 2pm, Gospel Meeting 6pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday School 11:45pm, Ministry/Gospel 2pm. Breakfast, lunch and supper will be served on both days of the conference. Contact Bill Scott in advance for accommodations, Tel: 802-472-6257; Cell: 802-473-0238; Email: billsinvt@earthlink.net.

Midland Park, NJ

September 21-22, the 78th annual conference with Prayer Meeting on Friday, September 20 at 8pm in the Gospel Hall, 61 Prospect St. Meetings on Saturday and the Lord’s Day will be in the Eastern Christian High School, 50 Oakwood Ave. (off High Mountain Rd.), North Haledon, NJ. Speakers expected are David Gilliland (Northern Ireland), Mervyn Hall (UK), and Peter Ramsay (Prince Edward Island). Saturday: Ministry 10am and 2pm, Gospel 6pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday School 11:45am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 4:30pm. Two meals will be served on Saturday and on the Lord’s Day. Please advise beforehand of your coming. Accom: David Hamilton, 189 South Central Ave., Ramsey, NJ 07446; Tel: 201-312-8439; Email: davidandjoyhamilton@gmail.com.

Sussex, NB

October 5-6, at the Sussex High School with Prayer Meeting on Friday, October 4, in the Sussex Gospel Hall. Saturday: Ministry 10am and 2:30pm, with Children’s Meeting 1pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday School 1pm, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Excellent meals are provided each day. For information, please contact Jim MacIntosh, Tel: 506-943-0101; Email: j1947m@rogers.com. For accommodations in advance, contact Trevor McClelland, Tel: 506-433-1234; Email: trevor@commercialtent.com.

Victoria Road, ON

October 5-6, with Prayer Meeting Friday, October 4 at 7:30pm.  Saturday:  Ministry 10am and 1:45pm, Bible Reading 3:15pm (“Handling Trials”), Ministry 7pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Brethren teaching “those things most surely believed among us” are welcome. All meetings and meals (breakfast at 8:30am, lunch and supper) are at the Victoria Road Gospel Hall, 1108 Fenel Road, Kawartha Lakes (Kirkfield). For information contact Chad Foreshew, Cell: 705-344-1666; Email: crforeshew@live.ca.

Clinton ON

October 6 (changed to the Lord’s Day), at the Gospel Hall, 143 Joseph Street, Clinton. Breaking of Bread 10am with Gospel and Ministry sessions to follow. Both dinner and supper will be served. Accom: Larry Schade, Tel: 519-348-9408; Email: lbschade18@hotmail.com, or Keith Bachert, Tel: 519-526-7135; Email: kjbachert@sympatico.ca.

St. Thomas, ON

October 12, the location has been changed to the Southwold Keystone Complex, 35921 Talbot Line, Shedden.  Sessions 2-5:30pm with a mid-afternoon break. Supper will be served following the last session. Invited speakers are Dan Shutt and Andrew Ussher (Toronto, ON). Corr: John McCandless, 5846 Boxall Road, Port Stanley, ON N5L 1J1, Cell: 226-582-6026; Email: johnmccandless1@gmail.com.

Sydney Mines, NS

October 12-13, (formerly the Cape Breton) Thanksgiving Conference in Memorial High School, Memorial Drive, Sydney Mines. Saturday: Prayer/Ministry 10am, Bible Reading 1:30pm, Ministry 3:30pm, Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 8:30am, Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2:15pm, Gospel 7pm. For information please call Joe Bernon, Tel: 902-577-0156. Please contact in advance for accommodations, John Ingram, Tel: 902-794-2691; Email: j.p.ingram@ns.sympatico.ca. See www.thegospel.ca for Bible reading outlines.

Vancouver, BC

October 12-13, Thanksgiving Conference in the Michael J. Fox Theatre at Burnaby Secondary School, 5455 Rumble Street, Burnaby. Friday: Prayer Meeting 7:30pm in the Victoria Drive Gospel Hall, 4659 Victoria Drive, Vancouver. Saturday: Sessions at 10am, 1:30pm, 3:30pm, 7pm, 9pm (Sing/Ministry). Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am (Gospel Hall), Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 7pm, Hymn Sing/Ministry 8:30pm.Expected speakers are Clive Barber (Australia), Jack Gould, Scott MacLeod, Dave Richards and Brody Thibodeau. Corr: Phil Broadhead, Email: pabroad@gmail.com. For accommodations in advance: Eddie Wong, Tel: 604-777-7017; Email: eddie@alumni.sfu.ca.

L’Anse au Loup, NF

October 18-20, with Prayer Meeting at 7:30pm on Thursday, October 17. All meetings are in the Gospel Hall. A Bible reading on 2 Timothy 2 is planned for the Saturday morning session. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am. A warm welcome goes out to all. Accom: Francis Barney, Tel: 709-927-5696, or Preston Belben, Tel: 709-927-5622. Also, immediately after the conference Brody Thibodeau will be having nightly Bible studies on Assembly Truth October 21-24 at 7:30pm in English Point.

Brampton, ON

October 19-20 (note the NEW date), with Prayer Meeting on Friday, October 18, at 7:30pm. Meetings begin on Saturday at 10am. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 6:30pm. All meetings will be held in the Gospel Hall, 6 Beech Street. This year’s conference is open to the Lord’s servants to take part as the Spirit guides. Corr: John Selesnic, Tel: 905-793-5450; Email: john.mar.slsnc@sympatico.ca.

Terryville, CT

Due to the decreasing number of believers in the Terryville assembly, the conference this October 2019 is CANCELLED. The assembly desires to have a weekend of ministry meetings in the hall in early 2020, D.V.

Conferences Previously Published:

Beetown, WI – September 2

Alpena, AR – September 7-8

Kamloops, BC – September 13-15

Hitesville, IA – September 21-22

Sault Ste. Marie, ON/MI – Discontinued

Joliet, IL (formerly New Lenox, IL) – September 28-29

Chapman Valley / Parry Sound, ON – Cancelled

Manchester, IA – October 5-6

Blue River, WI – October 12-13

Brandon, MB – October 14

Brampton, ON – October 19-20

Huntsville, ON – October 19

Change of Address

Brian and Carolyn Owen, Email: brianeowen50@gmail.com


Carroll Eisner of Vancouver, BC, on March 25, 2019, age 60. Born in Swan River, MB, Carol was 12 years old when she settled in Vancouver with her family. Several years later, through her high school friend, she came to hear the gospel preached at the Fairview Gospel Hall and received the Lord Jesus as her Savior. Soon after, Carol was received by the assembly, and remained in consistent and happy fellowship at Fairview until her homecall 42 years later. Always cheerful, helpful and cooperative, she was a terrific asset to the fellowship. The assembly much admired her courage as she spent her last 4 years fighting cancer. Carol is survived by her mother Grace, sister Nancy, brothers Richard and Lorne, along with nieces and nephews whom she helped as much as possible. Her seat at the assembly is empty, and her memory is bright amongst us; she is missed.

Elizabeth May Atkinson of Toronto, ON, on June 3, 2019, age 88. Our dear sister was born on April 10, 1931, in Montreal. She was saved April 26, 1947, at age 16, while pondering “Will you go with this Man?” Work transferred Elizabeth to Toronto over 50 years ago. She retired early, joining Pfaff as a second career. Birchcliffe was her first fellowship, then Eglinton Gospel Hall became her spiritual home for over 47 years. Elizabeth joined the Unionville saints for a short time. She was a faithful, independent sister who seldom missed a meeting, despite later serious health issues. Always abounding in the work of the Lord, her gifts included Sunday School work, missionary support, Toronto Conference teamwork, and ministering to the saints’ needs. Elizabeth will be missed! Her funeral was aptly taken by Fred Kraus. She is fondly remembered by her sister Eileen, a nephew, and her friend Fran.

Jennie Vincenzo of Newington, CT, on July 4, 2019, age 88. She was saved during gospel meetings with Fred Holder and Sam Rea in the summer of 1962 at the Charter Oak Gospel Hall. A quiet, godly sister who went on well, Jennie was at all the gatherings of the assembly, with her father, mother and sisters who predeceased her, until she was unable to attend because of illness. She bore an excellent testimony for the Lord for over 40 years as a nurse and office manager for a prominent Hartford cardiologist. Content in a nursing home in her later years, she was unable to communicate for more than three years. Now she can forever sing His praises, and her understanding has returned. Matt Brescia read Proverbs 31:30 at the funeral and spoke of her faithfulness to the Lord and to the assembly. The gospel was also faithfully preached.

Doylena Caines of Parsons Pond, NL, on July 10, 2019, age 89. She faithfully served her Lord since coming to know Christ as her Savior in the winter of 1961. Living at the time in Belldown’s Point (not far from Parsons Pond), she appreciated the finished work of Christ for her, the guilty sinner, in a series of gospel meetings. Her husband Fred came home from his work in the wood camps to find a wife who had trusted Christ and who was active in getting her children out to gospel meetings. Shortly after, he put his trust in Christ. Doylena was later baptized and came into assembly fellowship near the beginning of the work in Parsons Pond. She was lovingly cared for by her son Roger and his wife Ruth during the period of her widowhood and during her failing health at the end. She will be greatly missed.

Donabel Williams of Iowa City, IA, on July 16, 2019, age 96. Born on June 17, 1923, on her parents’ farm near Winthrop, IA, she was saved on October 14, 1937, through the preaching of Willie Grierson, was baptized, and then received into fellowship in Manchester, IA. She later married Don Williams on April 8, 1942, and together they joined the assembly in West Union, IA. They later moved to Iowa City and both worked for the University of Iowa until retirement. Donabel and Don were early members of the Marion assembly and faithfully drove the 35 miles to meeting, even in snowy winter roads, until her homecall. Donabel was preceded in death by her husband Don, and four brothers. She is survived by one daughter, Karen (David) Baculis, two grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren. Alan Christopherson took her funeral. Her smile and encouragement will be greatly missed in Marion.

Micah Hackett of Windsor, ON, on July 17, 2019, age 19, after a seven-month battle with cancer. Born in Milton, ON, Micah was saved at age five after hearing how God’s wrath was poured out on the Lord Jesus instead of him.  He desired to live a life well-pleasing to his Savior. He would distribute tracts whenever possible, and share the gospel over coffee with door-to-door purveyors of world religions. Many will miss his warm smile, quick personality, and scriptural discussions. The Windsor assembly will miss his love for singing, deep insights into the Bible, his teaching ministry, children’s work, and his exercise to preach the gospel. Micah leaves behind his parents, Brent and Angie, two sisters, and a brother. Dan Shutt and local brethren shared in his funeral. Prayer is requested for the many contacts Micah made, and the hospital staff who were deeply affected by his testimony.

Fern Davis of Alpena, AR, on July 20, 2019, age 88, following a recent illness. She was born to Nealy and Pearl Grisham, who helped with the beginnings of the Lord’s work in Alpena. Saved at a young age, Fern was later brought into happy fellowship with the Alpena assembly; she resided next to the hall and never left the Alpena area. She was faithful in attending meetings and ministering to the needs of believers until she entered into the care of a nursing home. Fern was preceded in death by her parents and husband, RT, who also was in assembly fellowship. Prayer would be valued for her surviving son James, daughters Sue and Beth, three grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. The gospel was preached simply and clearly at the graveside service.