Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander Bay: The saints very much appreciated a visit from Marvin Derksen, along with his wife, on February 20-21. He gave two nights of ministry taking up the subject of “Grace.” They spent the last two weeks visiting the four assemblies in Central Newfoundland.

L’Anse au Loup: Gospel meetings ended Sunday night February 25 after five weeks with Eric Fowler and Brody Thibodeau. Many unsaved attended the meetings and are a concern for the Christians. Please continue to pray for the many dear souls that need God’s salvation.


Charlton: Bruce Rodgers encouraged the believers in a week of ministry in late February.

Welland: Early in February, Bruce Rodgers visited and gave a week of helpful and informative ministry on the sovereignty of God.


Glen Ewen: The assembly enjoyed one week of ministry in November with Bruce Rogers on Romans 1-8. In January, Paul Barnhardt and Steve Kember had three weeks of gospel meetings. The Lord blessed with one confessing Christ as Savior.



Alpena: The assembly has decided to move this year’s conference from November 3-4 to September 8-9 to allow more invited speakers to attend.


Newington: The assembly had a special meeting in November commending their beloved sister Kaitlyn Brescia to the full-time work of the Lord. Her desire over the last five years to bring the gospel to the Nepali people in the USA and abroad, and to be a help in whatever work was at hand, caused all to see the Lord’s leading in her life. Following her commendation, she left for an extended six-month stay in India and Nepal to help in the work there and to further her language studies. Prayer for her will be very much appreciated. Contact: k.brescia@icloud.com.


Hampton: The assembly recently had one week of children’s meetings with Dan Shutt. They had a great turnout. A gospel series is also planned this summer with Clive Barber and Norman Mellish starting at the end of July.

Hitesville: The gospel meetings in February with Russ Nesbit and Robert Orr were well attended by attentive listeners. A few from the surrounding community came, as well as a number of families from nearby assemblies who brought their children. One teenager professed salvation. Prior to this series the assembly hosted the second annual free community breakfast with a good number enjoying the variety of breakfast fixings.

Manchester: Jerry Jennings and Roy Weber purpose gospel meetings beginning March 4.


Saugus: Larry Perkins visited the assembly for a Lord’s Day in February. The saints appreciated both his ministry and his word in the gospel.


Battle Creek: In February, Tom Baker’s ministry was appreciated when he and his wife Nellie visited the assembly. Food and goods shipments have resumed to Venezuela using the gifts sent to the Venezuela Relief Fund through T&T Trust Funds in Canada and the US. Prayer is requested for safety in shipping and the safe arrival to the intended destinations in Venezuela.


Rio: In February, Brandon Doll continued to preach the gospel on Thursday nights. Please keep praying for this work.


Nuevo Leon

Monterrey: A few times each week, Anderson Hernández visits the markets and areas surrounding the hall to invite people to the meetings. Some have come along as a result of this effort. The number of children attending the Sunday school is also encouraging.


Chihuahua: A series of gospel meetings was held in the north of the city.


Ciudad Obregón: The second annual conference was held in early February, with appreciated help given by Marcus Cain, Jonathan Seed, and Paul Thiessen. One young sister, a school contact of one of the believers, was baptized on the Saturday evening. God blessed in salvation during the Saturday night gospel meeting as well.

San Luis Potosí

El Barril: Shad Kember and Jason Wahls commenced gospel meetings mid-February. The attendance has been very encouraging and God has blessed in salvation. Miguel and Ruth Mosquera have been bringing some folks along from Chaparrosa, a nearby village. There is an exercise to preach the gospel in this village in the summer, if the Lord opens the door.


Santiago Ixcuinta: The annual conference was held in February with help in ministry and the gospel given by Sergio Arrez (San Juan de Abajo, Nayarit), Marcus Cain, James Dyck, and Ricardo Guerra (Ixtapa, Jalisco). Two sisters were baptized after the gospel on Saturday night. James commenced a series of gospel meetings, helped by local brethren, that same weekend. Marcus and Alison were able to visit the nearby assembly in Tepic on the same visit.


Iguala: Gospel meetings that commenced on January 1 in a tent after the Seed Sowers distribution continued into March with evident blessing from God and sustained interest. Duncan Beckett has appreciated the help of a few brethren during the series including, most recently, John Nesbitt.


Veracruz: The assembly has had reason to rejoice of late. Two brothers (father and son) from the outreach work in El Hatito were received into fellowship. The following Sunday, a man that started attending when the new hall was inaugurated last fall was baptized.

Tuxpan: John Nesbitt and Timothy Stevenson made two separate visits recently to this town, located five or six hours from both families, to hold house meetings. There are several contacts here with a genuine interest in the gospel, and your prayers are appreciated.

Quintana Roo

Cancún: The believers appreciated the teaching given by Shad Kember during his visit in February.


Waukesha, WI

April 28-29, in the Gospel Hall, 2641 Pebble Valley Rd. Friday, April 27: Prayer meeting 7pm. Saturday: Ministry 10am and 2pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Ministry 2pm. Contact: John Orr, Tel: 262 227-1400, E-mail: j.c.orr@earthlink.net.

Toronto, ON

May 11-13, Langstaff Missionary Conference in the Gospel Hall, 1350 Langstaff Rd., Thornhill. Expected speakers are Mark Bachert (Nicaragua), Crawford Brown (Brazil), Rodney Brown (South Africa), Gaius Goff (Newfoundland & Labrador), and Shad Kember (Mexico). Accom: Sheryl Payne, Tel: 416 809-2061; E-mail: sheryl.payne@icloud.com. For more information, visit http://langstaffgospelhall.com/missionary.

Ottawa, ON

May 19-21, in the Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre, 300 Des Pères-Blancs, Ottawa; Tel: 613 560-6030. Friday: Prayer meeting 7:30pm (Gospel Hall). Saturday: Prayer/Ministry 10am and 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 9am (Psalm 8:1 – His Excellent Name, Song of Solomon 1:3 – His Fragrant Name, Philippians 2:9 – His Exalted Name), Breaking of Bread 10:30am, open Sunday school 1pm, Prayer/Ministry 2:15pm, Gospel 7pm. Please give advance notice if possible for meal and accommodation planning to Colin Meaklim, Tel: 613 730-7410; E-mail: meaklim@primus.ca.

Prince Edward Island

May 19-20, The Island Conference is held again this year at the Bluefield High School in Hampshire. Saturday: Prayer/Ministry 10am and 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Sunday: Bible study 8:30am, Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday school 1pm, Prayer/Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Accom: Philip Collicutt, Tel: 902 940-7560, E-mail: pjcollicutt@gmail.com. Corr. Glen McKenna, Tel: 902 888-8849, or Brian MacDonald Tel: 902 566-3831.

Hickory/Denver, NC

May 25-27, in the Gospel Hall, 253 17th Ave NE, Hickory. Friday: Prayer/Ministry 7:30pm; Saturday: First ministry meeting at 10:30am; Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am. Speakers expected: Clive Barber, Russ Coleman, David Hierlihy, and David Petterson. Contact: Philip Moore, Tel: 828 244-8329; E-mail: pemchile@charter.net; or David Turnbull, Tel: 828 218-2417; E-mail: dpturnbu@charter.net.

Bancroft, ON

June 2, in the Lakeview Gospel Hall, 644 Maxwell Settlement Rd. Bible Reading 10am, Ministry 2pm and 7pm. Corr: Mark Freymond, Tel: 613 332-4317.

Saugus, MA

June 2-3, with Prayer Meeting, Friday, June 1 at 7:30pm. Subject: The book of Ruth. Saturday: Bible Readings 10am and 2pm, Gospel 4:45pm. Sunday: Remembrance 10am, Sunday school 11:45am, Bible Reading 2pm, Summary 4:30pm Gospel 6:30pm. Lunch and dinner will be served. Accom: Shad Brook, Tel: 617 285-4677; E-mail: shad.brook@yahoo.com. Corr: Tony Grillo, Tel: 781 248-8900; E-mail: tonygrillo109@gmail.com.

North Bay, ON

June 8-10, in the Nipissing Junction Gospel Hall, 1340 Lakeshore Drive. Friday: Prayer meeting 7pm (Note change of time). Saturday: Bible Reading 10am (The Aging Saints: Finishing Well), Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Gospel 4:30pm. Contact: Glenn Pratt, Tel: 705 474-9473; E-mail: pratt144@hotmail.com. Accom: Terry Hurd, Tel: 705 752-2058; E-mail: terlis@sympatico.ca.

Conferences Previously Published:

Antioch, IA – April 1

Stout, IA – April 7-8

Cedar Falls/Waterloo, IA – April 14-15

Cumberland, MD – May 19-20

Change of Address

Bruce & Becky Rodgers: E-mail: bhrodger@gmail.com, rebekahrodgers2@gmail.com.

Change of Correspondent

East Aurora Gospel Hall, NY: Mark Stoehr, Tel: 716 308-8143; E-mail: mnkstoehr@hughes.net. Alternate: Peter Stoehr, Tel: 716 206-9481; E-mail: stoehrfam@gmail.com.

Manchester Gospel Hall, IA: Luke Roling, E-mail: lukeroling82@gmail.com.


Edna Golden of Welland, ON on December 15, 2017, age 87. In 1956, while living in Trenton (Canadian Forces Base), Edna was invited by a friend to a gospel meeting and attended faithfully thereafter. She also brought her children to Sunday school. The family often moved and she always looked for a gospel hall that was near enough to attend. She was saved while living in Ottawa, ON in 1967 during a series with Fred Holder and Murray McLeod. The family moved to Welland in 1969, where she remained in happy fellowship until her call to Glory. Eric Fowler spoke at her funeral.

William “Desmond” Hyslop of Cleveland, OH on January 6, 2018, age 95. Born in May of 1922 in a small Indiana town, Desmond’s family moved to Akron, OH in search of work. Desmond was saved at age 16 when he trusted the Savior during gospel meetings that were extended just for him. He was faithful to the assembly and, over the years, fellowshipped in Akron, Mansfield, and finally in Cleveland. Desmond had a unique artistic ability that allowed him to create beautiful gospel texts which are still in many assemblies today. Even in his senior years, he enjoyed fulfilling orders for texts from around the world. Desmond was also faithful in the gospel and enjoyed handing out God’s Way of Salvation tracts to any he came in contact with. He was preceded in death by his wife Edna and is survived by two children, and many grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Norman Chrest of Glen Ewen, SK on January 10, 2018, age 86. Norman was a long-time member of the Glen Ewen assembly. In 1973, he was saved out of alcohol addiction and a broken marriage. His path afterwards was not easy, but his faith in the Lord was steady, and he loved the gospel and the Lord. He was unable to attend meetings for the last eight years, but was always interested in news of the assembly meetings and its members. Randy Logue preached the gospel at the funeral. His presence will be missed until the Lord comes. Please pray for his two sons and daughter.

John W. Marks of Hatboro, PA on February 1, 2018, age 74. Born on November 6, 1943, he first heard the gospel from Bill Coleman, a neighbor. John was saved on May 18, 1982 during tent meetings the assembly had with Walter Gustafson and Gene Higgins. John had a remarkable ability to engage people in conversations about salvation and saw a number of souls saved as a result of his efforts. He displayed a deep appreciation for the grace of God and often lifted the assembly by his warm worship at the Breaking of Bread. The last three years of his life were pain-filled, due to cancer. His wife Carole and their family lovingly cared for him through this final illness. John is survived by his wife, a daughter (Cari), and two sons (John and Dan).