Assembly Hymn Writers: The Exalted Christ

The 19th century saw the raising up of a large number of believers who have given us hymns of matchless worth, expressing the glories of Christ and the truth of the Word of God. We would like to encourage believers to submit hymns that they have written. It is understood that if they are used by individuals or assemblies, no changes will be made to them.

The Exalted Christ

C. Barber – Oct 2016

Who can estimate the fullness
Of the Son upon the Throne?
Who can tell His Blessed Person
Known to none but God alone?
His, the infinitum wonder,
His, the untold majesty.
His, the glory and the kingdom,
Now and shall forever be!

Who can calculate His goodness
When in grace He stooped to save?
Laid aside His reputation,
Took a place in death’s dark grave.
His, is love transcending barriers,
His, is grace beyond degree.
His, the travail and the triumph,
Now and shall forever be!

Who can contemplate the moment
When in love He will appear?
Then we all shall stand before Him,
Will it be “well done” we hear?
His, the hand that shall embrace us,
His, the face that we shall see.
His, the pleasure as He crowns us,
Then and shall forever be!

Who shall dominate the Savior
When He comes to take His place?
In a world that did reject Him,
Cast Him out and did deface.
His the right and His the power,
His, the reign from sea to sea.
His, the glory and dominion,
Then and shall forever be!

Who could speculate the wonder
When with peace He rules the world?
Every aspect of creation,
In submission to His Word!
His blessed Name, the world shall worship,
His, to whom they’ll bow the knee.
His own Lordship, all confessing,
Then and shall forever be!