Our brother, Phil Broadhead has handed over the responsibility of the tidings to Eddie Wong of the Victoria Drive assembly. His contact information is on the masthead. At the time of his resignation from the Board, Phil had been responsible for collating the tidings for almost 17 years, and had contributed to 198 issues. We thank him and recognize the excellent job he has done for the Lord’s people and the magazine.


British Columbia

Abbotsford: The Parkview assembly had three weeks of gospel meetings, May 21 – June 11, with D. Hierlihy and D. Hunt.

Burnaby: E. Fowler gave a word of practical ministry on June 4 at the monthly ministry meeting hosted by the South Burnaby assembly.

Vancouver: E. Fowler spoke at the Victoria Drive Sunday school picnic on June 3. D. Hierlihy and D. Hunt gave missionary reports at the monthly missionary meeting on June 10.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander: The annual Easter conference was very encouraging. Preaching brethren in attendance were D. Booth, W. Buckle, M. Derksen, G. Goff and J. Jarvis. D. Hunt spent the Lord’s Day with the assembly on April 30 with a word in ministry and gospel which was much appreciated. The Sunday School had a Mother’s Day program Sunday evening on May 14.  It was well attended with about 80 people coming.

Gander Bay:  The assembly greatly appreciated all those that attended the annual conference held over the May 24 holiday weekend. The general theme was “Love for Christ.” Three of the Lord’s full-time servants were W. Buckle, E. Fowler and B. Joyce, with E. Dredge of the Flowers Cove assembly helping in the Gospel and ministry.  Other local men from surrounding assemblies also helpfully participated.


Burgessville: M. McCandless gave ministry over three evenings in early June at the Woodstock Christian School, taking up “Foundational Truths of the Local Assembly” in two 45-minute sessions each night.

Clinton: The saints were encouraged by the attendance at the Mother’s Day dinner and noon gospel meeting. Appreciated ministry was given in recent months by M. Bachert (Nicaragua), M. Radcliffe (N. Ireland), and A. Steele (N. Ireland).

Kapuskasing: The Easter Conference was attended by many unsaved from the area, and the Holy Spirit saw fit to exercise brethren with gospel messages and testimony, as well as devotional and doctrinal ministry. B. Joyce, L. Langfeld, M. Pratt, L. Steers, M. Stanley (Portage), R. Vanstone, and D. Yade (Kirkland Lake) participated in ministry and the gospel.

Mississauga: The Applewood Heights assembly appreciated visits from A. Dryburgh, J. Jarvis, W. Metcalf, B. Owen, M. Radcliffe, and S. Vance.

Toronto: The 130th annual Toronto Easter Conference was a time of blessing for the saints of the nine convening assemblies and many visitors. Varied ministry was given to meet the needs of 1,100 in attendance, who also heard of the working of God in the mission fields of Borneo and Nicaragua. The Lord blessed in salvation. The Langstaff assembly held a community outreach barbecue for Canada Day on July 1 to reach first-generation immigrant families from the community as part of their gospel outreach.



Phoenix: The West Phoenix assembly was encouraged by the salvation of a young lady and the baptism of a few others. D. Beckett and S. Kember commenced gospel meetings on June 4.


Springdale: The annual conference was held in May and the believers enjoyed ministry from I. Frazier, M. Mendez, A. Milne, D. Shutt, and T. Woodford.


Denver: Please pray for a Seed Sowers distribution, gospel meetings, and children’s meetings. The Seed Sower distribution is scheduled for July 8-14. The gospel series with J. Dennison and M. Derksen will be in English and Spanish starting July 9 and continuing for several weeks. The children’s meetings are scheduled in the mornings from July 17-21. Meetings will be held at the gospel hall located at 1631 E. Martin Luther King Boulevard, Denver, CO. If any have contacts, saved or unsaved, please contact Julian Spence at julian.spence1@gmail.com, or Cal Erickson at cberickso@hotmail.com.


Newington: A three-week series in the gospel tent is planned for July 9-30 with Eugene Higgins. Please pray for salvation for many who have been a burden on the hearts of the saints for many years.


Ankeny: The annual conference was held on May 6 with A. Christopherson, J. Fitch, W. Lavery, E. McCullough, and G. Tombs taking part.

Cascade: J. Portman and J. Wahls had nine nights of gospel meetings in Spanish with I. Frazier also helping for two nights.


Saugus: Please pray for the outreach work at the rehab center. The assembly is thankful for the open door these past 11 years and for the men who heard the gospel. A recent change in administration has caused attendance to drastically dwindle. One of the men’s counselors is a saved man and he is earnestly trying to create an interest in the men to attend the meetings. The work with the women continues and several of them want to know more about God’s way of salvation.


Battle Creek: Venezuela Relief Fund: The April shipment of food and goods to Venezuela arrived safely and was received with great joy and tears. Please pray for the safe arrival and distribution of the most recent shipment in May.

Saginaw: J. Baker (Jackson, MI) and W. Metcalf encouraged the believers with excellent ministry and gospel messages at the bimonthly ministry meeting on June 4.

Sherman: The assembly is planning to have a VBS series July 31–Aug 4 with P. Barnhardt speaking. Please pray for this effort, that it might build up the Sunday school and result in young souls being saved.


Rochester: A gospel series with W. Skates and B. Doll is scheduled for July 23-August 4. The location of the series is The Northgate Shopping Center on 7th St NW in Rochester. If you have any contacts, saved or unsaved, please notify Jeff Scherer at jscherer17@yahoo.com or Cal Erickson at cberickso@hotmail.com.

New Jersey

Midland Park: Please pray for gospel tent meetings planned again in the neighboring town of Wyckoff at the Eastern Christian Middle School, 518 Sicomac Avenue in the athletic field from July 9-23, (except Saturdays), at 7:30pm. Speakers are M. Hebert (New Lenox), and D. T. Zuidema (Midland Park).


Blue River: R. Surgenor was with the assembly for meetings May 18 through 21.

Jackson Port: R. Weber and J. Jennings started gospel meetings on May 14.

La Crosse: The gospel series concluded on May 12. L. Perkins, assisted by local brethren, was responsible for preaching the gospel. One 30-year-old woman who had a profession when she was 12 found out she is lost and is fearful of the Lord’s imminent return. There were about 20 others who attended at least one meeting. Several attended almost every night, mostly older children and teenagers contacted through the ongoing outreach. Please pray for the salvation of these precious souls.



Hermosillo: Two young sisters obeyed the Lord in baptism. Four sisters (two younger, two older), and a married couple were recently received into fellowship. The annual Sunday school event took place in May with several visitors present.


Ciudad Delicias: Brethren from the assembly in the capital city visit weekly to preach the gospel. They have been encouraged to see a new couple attending of late, with interest. Please pray for this city of 100,000 souls.


Iguala: T. Woodford ministered on the disciplines in the Christian life. P. Thiessen also gave ministry on the Tabernacle in May.


Guadalajara: S. Kember and J. Seed shared in three weeks of gospel meetings in the hall in May. The assembly was encouraged by the attendance of several contacts and the blessing of God.

Nuevo Leon

Monterrey: New people continue to arrive at the hall, having received the Seed Sower text and invitation in December 2016.

Quintana Roo

Cancun: J. Dennison gave ministry in May, including a message especially for mothers. Fourteen mothers, several fathers, and many Sunday school children were present to hear the Word of God.


Guasave: S. Kember and T. Woodford had two days of special meetings with the assembly to commemorate a year of God’s faithfulness.

San Luis Potosi

El Barril: M. Cain gave ministry and preached the gospel for several days in May. He also shared in the gospel in the nearby city of Zacatecas. M. Mosquera and J. Wahls commenced a gospel series there on June 12.


Xalapa: T. Stevenson had six weeks of gospel meetings in the hall with help from D. Beckett and M. Mendez.

Veracruz: Several believers from the assembly visited El Hatito, an outreach work, on May 7 when a married couple and their son were baptized in a nearby river. The following week M. Cain gave ministry on the book of Daniel.

Northern Ireland

Co Armagh:

Portadown: The Hanover Street assembly commenced gospel meetings on May 7 with W. Martin and M. Turkington preaching.

Co Antrim:

Ballymena: Ballinaloob Gospel Hall had a three week series of gospel meetings in May with J. Rogers.

Ballymena: The Cambridge Avenue assembly erected a tent in the Old Park Road area of town and commenced gospel meetings on June 4 with J. Rogers and A. Steele. The whole area was covered with invitations.

Co Down:

Banbridge: The gospel series that commenced at the hall on May 7 with D. Callaghan and G. Woods generated good interest.

Belfast: P. McCauley and D. Williamson rented a local hall on the Springfield Road, on the edge of West Belfast, for gospel meetings held June 5-21. Approximately 20,000 homes in the heavily populated area of West and North Belfast were covered by a Seed Sowers distribution.

Castlewellan: K. Newell and M. Radcliffe commenced gospel meetings in Castlewellan on June 4 in a portable hall on the grounds of a large residential home.

Kilkeel: At the end of May, T. W. Wright and N. Fleck concluded nine weeks of gospel meetings in the hall with sustained interest and blessing in salvation. Some remain concerned about their soul.

Co Fermanagh:

Clones: The assembly had a series of gospel meetings with S. Gilfillan and D. Strahan at their outreach hall in Drumlone. The meetings concluded June 2 with excellent interest and blessing in salvation.

Co Londonderry:

Aghadowey: J. Fleck and A. Steele had gospel meetings in a portable hall in connection with the Moneydig assembly. A good interest was seen and some long-prayed-for individuals attended.

The Republic of Ireland

Rathmines: The conference went well, with increasing numbers attending. J. Hay remained for a week and two professed to be saved.


Fort McMurray, AB

August 26-27, with a prayer meeting on Friday, August 25 at 7:30pm. All meetings will be held in the Wood Buffalo Gospel Hall at 119 Brett Drive. For more information call Wade Bauld at (780) 370-5459 or Robin Schiltroth at (780) 743-6310.

Kansas City, MO

September 2-3, in the gospel hall, with prayer meeting on Friday, September 1 at 7pm. Ministry will be on Saturday at 10am and 2pm with the gospel meeting at 6pm. Bible reading Sunday in John 17:1-26; the Breaking of Bread at 11:00am, and Ministry at 2pm, with the gospel at 4:30pm. Corr: Leroy Scott, 597 NW AA Hwy, Kingsville, MO 64061. Phone: (816) 739-1686; E-mail: alanesther@embarqmail.com. Please contact in advance for accommodations. Address of the hall is 4603 E. Linwood Blvd, Kansas City, MO

Akron, OH

September 2-3, in Copley High School, 3797 Ridgewood Road, Copley. Saturday ministry at 10:00am. At 1:00pm. ministry on “Aspects of the Assembly.” Breaking of Bread at 10am Lord’s Day. Prayer meeting Friday at 7:30pm in the gospel hall, 2705 Smith Road. Accom: Eric Prough. E-mail: akrongospel@gmail.com. Corr. Kenneth Webb, PO Box 13350, Akron, OH 44334. Phone: (330) 606-1460, E-mail: kwebb330@aol.com.

Clinton, ON

July 29, the annual summer conference at the farm facilities of Marvin & Wendy Bachert, 43892 Walton Rd, Walton ON, Canada. Supper served Friday July 28, 2017 at 5:30pm. On Saturday, July 29, following breakfast at 8:15am, conference sessions will begin at 9:30am on the theme “Gospel Outreach.” Speakers expected are J. McMaster and R. Vanstone. All are welcome. Please pray for a renewed spiritual blessing for all in attendance. For further info contact Marvin & Wendy Bachert at mwbachert@yahoo.com or (519) 887-9791.

Hampton, IA

September 2-3, annual Missionary Conference with prayer meeting on Friday night in the Hampton Gospel Hall, 93rd St SE, Hampton, IA. Speakers at this conference will be Stephen Grant (Indonesia), Jack Hay (Sri Lanka) and John Nesbitt (Vera Cruz, Mexico). More info: Ben McCandless, Tel: (319) 239-5000, E-mail: benmcc5000@gmail.com.

Beetown, WI

September 4, Labor Day all-day meeting in the Lancaster Senior High School auditorium, 806 E Elm St, Lancaster, WI. Meetings begin at 10am. Corr: Marvin Studnicka, 697 Pigeon Creek Drive, Lancaster, WI 53813. Tel: (608) 723-7156

Conferences Previously Published:

Englehart, Earlton, Charlton, Kirkland Lake, ON – July 1-2

Kamloops, BC – July 1-2

Pugwash Junction, NS – July 1-2

Sioux City, IA – July 15-16

Westbank, BC – August 5-6

Change of Address

Joe and Penny Clark: Correction – new E-mail address is joeandpenclark@gmail.com.

Change of Correspondent

La Crosse, WI: Jeremiah Collins, 1012 Greenwood Street, Holmen, WI 54636. Cell: (608) 769-4017, E-mail: collins.jere@gmail.com. Alternate: Tim Anderson, Tel: (608) 604-6641, E-mail: tim13823@gmail.com


Julie Shelleau (nee Bruni) of Sault Ste. Marie, ON, on March 10, 2017. Predeceased by her beloved husband Roland (Rollie) of 68 years, Julie was saved on September 20, 1951 after her husband got into an accident with their first new car. Upon hearing the news she thought, “If I had been in the car and had died, I would have been in hell.” She was saved through Romans 10:9 and later had the joy of seeing both her daughters trusting Christ as Savior. She had further joy when her husband trusted Christ in 1975. She will be remembered as having a caring, motherly heart; a woman of strength and dignity of character; and a woman of hospitality. The Soo assembly will remember her faithfulness to assembly meetings. The gospel was faithfully presented to family and friends by her nephew, Aaron Gordon.

Dorothy Fay Henderson of Albuquerque, NM, on March 28, 2017, age 93. She was saved in her early teens and was in fellowship with the Albuquerque assembly with her late husband for over 70 years. She was predeceased by her husband, Irvin, and a daughter, Mary (Dale Rankin), and is survived by sons, Sam (Terri) and Dan (Mary); daughters, Judy (Larry Mangione) and Priscilla (Jim Fiddler). Dorothy was a very godly, loving, and kind wife, mother, and sister in the Lord, as testified by her children, grandchildren, and the many friends and relatives who attended the funeral. It was shared by local brethren Chuck Walker and Duane Pickett, who spoke words of comfort and faithfully declared the gospel.

Thelma Cogswell of Taylorside, SK, on April 15, 2017, age 89. Our dear sister was born in Taylorside on September 8, 1927 and saved at age 13. Following her conversion, she was baptized and received into assembly fellowship, involving herself as a Sunday school teacher. In 1958, she married Doug Cogswell. In 1992, they relocated to Calgary, AB and fellowshipped at the West Hillhurst assembly. In 2008, they moved to Oxbow, SK, and fellowshipped with the Glen Ewen assembly. In 2011, they returned to Taylorside. Thelma loved her Savior and family. She showed love to others and was given to hospitality. Prayer is requested for her husband Doug of 59 years, their four children, and their families. The large funeral was taken by her nephew Randy Logue of Glen Ewen and John Parker at the graveside. She will be greatly missed.

Neal and Alice Thomson of Vancouver, BC, on May 5 and May 1, 2017 respectively, ages 90 and 89. Our beloved brother and sister were close in life and service, and close in passing home to glory. Alice (nee Broadhead) was commended to Venezuela in 1954 by the Cedar Cottage assembly in Vancouver, Westbank, BC, and Arlington, WA assemblies to labor in the Home for the Aged as a registered nurse in Puerto Cabello. Neal, a dentist, was first commended in 1950 by the Conference Hall assembly in Brisbane, Australia to full-time service, laboring in the gospel in northern Australia. In 1956, he was further commended to Venezuela where he and Alice met and were married. They were an effective team in the Lord’s work, beloved and respected by those who were blessed by their godly influence spanning six decades. In 2011, with failing health, they settled in Canada to be close to family. Two sons, their wives, and seven grandchildren mourn their passing as do many nieces and nephews. Alice is survived by three sisters, Francis Funnell, Edith Bergsma, and Jean Grice. Neal leaves an older sister, Joan Rosie, in Australia. A combined funeral service was held for them on May 12 at the South Burnaby Gospel Hall. Paul Chapman (Australia/Venezuela) gave a word of comfort from the Scriptures, followed by eulogies by son George, nephew Victor Griffin, and son Edward. At the graveside, Edward Smith (Australia/Venezuela) opened in prayer followed by a word from the Scriptures by Willians Alcala (Venezuela/Australia). Local brethren also participated in prayer, both at the funeral and the graveside.

Edward “Ted” Golden of Dunkerton, IA, on May 5, 2017, age 65. Ted was saved as a young man through the truth conveyed in 1 Peter 3:18. “For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God.” Following baptism, he gathered with the assembly in Welland, ON where he was active in teaching Sunday school and in children’s meetings. When the plant where he worked closed in 2000, he, with his wife Lois, moved to Iowa. He became a part of the Dunkerton assembly where he was faithful in attendance and leaves an example of commitment. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, and two sons, his parents, one brother, and five sisters. Robert Orr took the service in the Dunkerton hall, with Russ Nesbit speaking at the grave.

Ronald H. Martinmaki of La Crosse, WI, on May 16, age 82. In January of 1960, Ron trusted Christ as his Savior while behind the wheel of his car. He moved to La Crosse in 1961 and was called to be an overseer in the late 1980s. He served the Lord faithfully by caring for the assembly until his passing. He was a godly man who knew the Scriptures well, displaying the character of Christ in his love for his wife, children, and the saints. His final advice to some of the saints was, “Do everything in love, as unto Christ.” Psalm 139 was his favorite passage, especially verse 14. Jerry Jennings officiated at the funeral service. He is survived by his wife, Lois, of 59 years, two sons, two daughters, nine grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, some of whom are not saved. Please pray for the family.

Peggy Groothuis of Willmar, MN, on May 18, 2017, age 77. She was born in West Hope, ND on October 27, 1939, saved on June 22, 1949 at age nine, and received into fellowship in 1950. Peggy married Ivan Groothuis on February 24, 1962. Following their marriage, they farmed in Dumont, IA and fellowshipped with the Hitesville assembly until 1969 when they moved to Willmar. Ivan preceded her in death on November 2, 1993. She was faithful and greatly exercised in Sunday school outreach. Many of these young people attended her funeral service. Robert Orr spoke at the service in Willmar, and the following day William Lavery gave the message at the interment in Hitesville, IA. Surviving are her children Dawn (DJ) Defreece, Daniel, Craig (Darlene), Connie (Greg), Clark, Brenda (Steve) Flett, 11 grandchildren, and three sisters, Joyce (Don) Wagar, Marjorie Chill, and Gayle Peterson.

Irene Canning of Orillia, ON and Collingwood, ON, on May 26, 2017, age 96. Irene was saved in the mid-1950s and made her home with her husband Graydon in Collingwood for a number of years. She was always known for her love, hospitality, and warmth. Her husband died suddenly in 1965 and left her with four children, three of whom have also predeceased her. She moved to Orillia in later years and was in happy fellowship at the Dominion Gospel Hall until age and weakness required her to be moved to a long-term care facility elsewhere. The funeral in Orillia was taken by Larry Steers with touching eulogies by the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The language of Proverbs 31:28 befitted her well.