Fort McMurray: The assembly met in the new hall for the first time on April 2. It was a special time and the saints wish to thank all who prayed, sent financial support, and gave encouragement. Continue to pray that this building may be used for the Lord’s honor and that it will be the spiritual birthplace of many souls.

British Columbia

Kamloops: Gospel meetings concluded on April 9 with David McKillan and Bryon Myers. The meetings have been good for the assembly. A few more than usual came as a result of newspaper ads and door-to-door flyers compared to other years. Some of the believer’s children showed some concern.

Vancouver: Gospel meetings in Victoria Drive closed March 17 after four weeks with Leslie Craig and Jonathan Procopio. The meetings were well supported and the assembly was encouraged to see blessing in salvation and reassurance.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Corner Brook/McIvers, NL: The saints appreciated the ministry of Bryan Joyce on Colossians 1 and Acts 12 during the week he was home to visit his 90-year-old father, Bert.

English Point: Gospel meetings with Brody Thibodeau and John Meekin ended March 12. One young girl professed. Many attended through the five weeks with some interest in salvation. Some attended for the first time and others regularly after not attending for many years. There are still many along the Labrador coast who are well acquainted with the gospel and who are a concern to the Christians. Continue to pray for these who are not yet saved.

Gander Bay: Eric Fowler was with the assembly on March 9 for ministry and an update on the gospel work in the Ukraine, where he planned to return at the end of March. On March 24, Gaius Goff had ministry on “Being Diligent,” following a fellowship supper at the hall. He returned on March 29 for an additional ministry meeting.

West Coast: The Word of God was ministered by Gaius Goff in Corner Brook/McIvers, Parsons Pond, Flowers Cove, and Rocky Harbour before he left for the Central and East coast. He and his wife have been a tremendous encouragement to the Newfoundland assemblies as they visit year by year.


Guelph: The assembly was encouraged with recent visits by Marvin Derksen, Gary Sharp, Jim Beattie, and Bruce Cottrill. Encouraging ministry, and messages to the Sunday school children, were given.

St. Thomas: Bryan Joyce had two weeks of gospel meetings beginning March 19. The messages were faithfully and uniquely presented with foundational truths from Genesis. The meetings were well-attended by youth from the Sunday school and Straffordville area, as well as others. The assembly was encouraged and is looking to the Lord for further blessing.

Toronto: All are welcome to “Weekend in the Word” at the West Hill Gospel Hall with Blair Martin (Scotland), June 16-18.


Taylorside: The saints enjoyed eight nights of profitable ministry on the Tabernacle with William Skates.



Phoenix: The Orangewood assembly had two weeks of gospel meetings with Gene Higgins which commenced on March 19.


Cedar Falls: Children’s meetings with Bill Seale were conducted March 26-30. Scott MacLeod conducted a two-night Newberry Bible study class with the goal of teaching the use of the signs and grammar of the Newberry Study Bible.

Postville: Gospel meetings with Raul Aguirre and Jeffrey Saword closed in early March after two-and-a-half weeks. The assembly was encouraged with blessing in salvation.


Byfield: The assembly enjoyed a two-week series of gospel meetings with Gene Higgins, who spoke each night from his “Christian Apologetics” series. A boy of nine years old professed salvation during the second week.


Cass City: Please pray for the upcoming gospel meetings that will commence on June 11 with William Lavery and Dan Shutt.

Jackson: Please pray for gospel tent meetings scheduled in June with Bill Seale and Gary Sharp.

Saginaw: The saints in Saginaw and surrounding assemblies enjoyed, and profited from, the ministry and gospel messages by Larry Perkins and Matt Smith (Jackson, MI) at the April bimonthly ministry meeting. Larry Perkins had two additional nights of ministry in Saginaw, and a night each in the Cass City and Deckerville assemblies. The saints were encouraged and blessed with this ministry.


Burwell: Roy Weber ministered four nights on Philippians with the believers here in March.

New Jersey

Barrington: David Petterson had a weekend of ministry on “Stewardship, Headship, and Discipleship,” March 18-19. Valuable and practical ministry was given.


Blue River: The assembly looks forward to meetings April 16-20 with Scott MacLeod.

Brodhead: Scott McLeod was with the saints during the last week of March for ministry.

La Crosse: Please pray for gospel meetings planned for July 23 through August 5 with William Skates and Brandon Doll.

Ontario: Gospel meetings began March 19 with Bruce Rodgers and Brandon Doll.

Mt. Sterling: The 22nd annual Bible conference was held March 24-26. The subject was “The Local Assembly: Its Formation, Fundamentals, Fellowship, and Fostering.” The readings were led by Tom Baker, Sandy Higgins, Bruce Rodgers, and Alan Summers.



Chihuahua: Two weeks of gospel meetings commenced in the hall in El Porvenir.

Nuevo Leon

Monterrey: The workers here appreciated a visit from Neal Thomson, Jr. (Vancouver), who helped in several gospel meetings as well as the Sunday school. Later in March, Bernardo Chirinos (Puerto Cabello, Venezuela) arrived for a month to help in gospel and ministry.


Hermosillo: The annual conference was held in March with larger attendance than last year, due in part to the presence of close to 30 relatives of the Sauceda family (East Los Angeles, CA) who traveled from the state of Sinaloa in a chartered bus. Most are not saved, but heard the gospel clearly presented. John Dennison, Paul Thiessen, Shad Kember, and Abisai Vieyra all gave appreciated help in the ministry and gospel.

Ciudad Obregón: Gospel meetings began here on March 26, with a local brother, Alberto Mendoza, helping in the preaching. Several unsaved have been attending.


Guasave: The believers here again enjoyed the help of Andrew Zuidema (Midland Park, NJ) over the past several months, including a week of children’s meetings in March. He was also able to go to El Vergel, Chihuahua on a few occasions during his time in Mexico.


Santiago Ixcuintla: The assembly enjoyed a three-day visit from Marcus Cain in March when he had several teaching meetings. There has been good interest in the gospel of late, and the assembly is praying about a possible gospel series.

Mexico State

Nezahualcóyotl: The assembly recently had the joy of seeing four believers obey the Lord Jesus in baptism.


Iguala: The believers commenced using a new rented hall on March 26, with encouraging attendance.


Veracruz: The believers are encouraged by the regular attendance and increasing interest in the gospel of three new families. The construction of the new hall continues at a good pace.

Quintana Roo

Cancún: Gospel meetings which commenced on December 26 concluded on March 12. Timothy and Amy Turkington were greatly encouraged to see God working in the salvation of a good number of souls, and are thankful for the prayers of God’s people for the work in this city. During the last few weeks of the series, Shad Kember was able to help in visitation, preaching, and teaching the Word.

N. Ireland

Despite present political uncertainties and economic difficulties, the gospel of the grace of God is still being proclaimed in the towns, villages, and country areas of the Province.

Co. Antrim

Ballywatermoy: B. Currie and J. Palmer have had a gospel series in the gospel hall.

Craigywarren: E. Fairfield and S. Davison had two weeks of gospel meetings in a country area between Broughshane and Clough, and were encouraged with locals attending.

Dunclug College: A. Steele and P. Kissick have had three weeks of gospel meetings in the school assembly hall. A good number of the pupils and teachers attended.

Aghadowey: J. Fleck and A. Steele are to commence in a portable hall near Aghadowey in connection with the Moneydig assembly.

Co. Down

Belfast: W. Martin and T. Armstrong conducted a gospel series in the Glenburn Gospel Hall.

Dromore: T. W. Wright and A. Nesbitt were encouraged with a number of local people who attended meetings in the Dromore Gospel Hall.

Growell: E. Fairfield and M. Radcliffe commenced in the gospel on March 12 in the hall.

Newry: John Fleck and John Rogers preached the gospel in the hall to good numbers with blessing in salvation. A large number of invitations and gospel literature was distributed over a wide area.

Portavogie: D. Gilliland and J. Rogers held gospel meetings in a portable hall, supported by the two local assemblies.

Co. Fermanagh

Drumlone: S. Gilfillan and D. Straghan are expected to start a gospel series in the gospel hall on April 23. Pray for the Lord’s blessing in the border area.

Co. Tyrone

Fintona: N. Fleck and S. Nelson have been preaching the gospel in the Fintona Gospel Hall. A number from the locality attended, along with support from surrounding assemblies.


Ankeny, IA

May 6, in the Ankeny Christian Academy, 1604 W. First St., Ankeny. Meetings start at 10am. Accom: Jon Lai, Tel: 641 275-7845, or E-mail: Jonlwj@gmail.com. Two local motels have discounted rooms if reserved by 6pm, May 5.

Saugus, MA

June 3-4, with Prayer Meeting, Friday, June 2 at 7:30pm. Saturday: Bible Readings 10am (“Close of the Day of Grace and the Rapture” – Lindsay Parks) and 2pm (“Tribulation and Glorious Return” – Dan Shutt), Gospel 4:45pm. Sunday: Remembrance 10am, Sunday school 11:45am, Bible Reading 2pm (“The Kingdom and the Day of God” – David Petterson), Gospel 6:30pm. Lunch and dinner will be served. Accom: Shad Brook, Tel: 617 285-4677, E-mail: shadbrook@yahoo.com. Corr: Tony Grillo, Tel: 781 248-8900, E-mail: tonygrillo109@gmail.com.

Portage la Prairie, MB

June 9-11, with prayer Thursday, June 8 at 7:30pm, followed by three full days of ministry, Bible readings, missionary reports, gospel, and the Breaking of Bread. The opening prayer meeting, all meetings on Friday, and all meals provided during the weekend, are to be at the River Road Gospel Hall, 350 River Road. Meetings on Saturday and Sunday, except for the Breaking of Bread will be in the William Glesby Centre, 11 2nd Street NE. The two Bible readings on Friday are to consider 1 John 5, 2nd and 3rd John. General inquiries: Philip Ronald, Tel: 204 870-1140, E-mail: pronald@mymts.net. Accom: Malcolm Stanley, Tel: 204 857-9074, E-mail: mj@thestanleyshouse.com. The conference is sponsored jointly by the assemblies meeting at River Road Gospel Hall and Fifth Avenue Gospel Hall.

Glen Ewen, SK

June 15-18, in the Glen Ewen Gospel Hall. Thursday: Prayer 7:30pm. Friday: Bible Reading 10:30am (Psalm 23), Bible Reading 1:30pm (Psalm 24), Ministry 3:30 and 7pm. Saturday: Ministry10:30am, 1:45 and 3:45pm, Gospel 7pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Sunday school 1pm, Ministry 2 and 3:45pm, Gospel 7pm. Corr: Sidney Griffin, Tel: 306 925-2248, E-mail: sid.connie.griffin@gmail.com.

Corner Brook, NL

June 23-25, Corner Brook Annual Bible Conference, at Corner Brook Intermediate, 11 Mt. Bernard Ave. (www.google.ca/maps/place/Corner+Brook+Intermediate+School). Friday: Prayer Meeting 7:30pm. Saturday: Prayer and Ministry 10am and 3:30pm, Bible Study 1:30pm (John 15), Gospel 7pm, Sing 8:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday school 1pm, Prayer and Ministry 2:30 and 4pm, Gospel 7pm. For information or accommodations, contact Roy Foster, Tel: 709 634-5022 or 709 640-7447, E-mail: rfoster@nl.rogers.com.

Taylorside, SK

June 23-25, with a Prayer meeting on Thursday, June 22 at 7:30pm in the Taylorside Gospel Hall (located 3 miles south and 4 miles west of Beatty, SK). Meetings begin on Friday at 2pm. Corr: John Parker, Tel: 306 752-4079; E-mail: jeparker@sasktel.net.

Englehart, Earlton, Charlton, Kirkland Lake, ON

July 1-2, in the Englehart High School. Friday: Prayer 7pm in the Englehart Gospel Hall. All other meetings in the Englehart High School. Saturday and Sunday: Meetings at 10am, 2pm, 7pm. Contacts: Jeff Taylor (Earlton), Tel: 705 563-8131, E-mail: jdtaylor1996@live.ca; Doug Yade, (Kirkland Lake), Tel: 705 567-5951, E-mail: doug_yade@hotmail.com.

Kamloops, BC

July 1-2, with Prayer meeting, June 30, at 7pm. Saturday: Ministry 9am; Bible Reading 2pm (John 17) Ministry 4:15pm, Gospel 7pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30am; Open Sunday school 11:15am; Ministry 2pm; Gospel 7pm. All meetings in Westsyde Gospel Hall, 849 Wawn Road. Meals served for July 1 & 2 at 8am, 12pm, 5pm. Advance notice for accommodations: John Eggers, Tel: 250 579-8814, E-mail: jfeggers@telus.net. Further info: westsydegospelhall.com.

Pugwash Junction, NS

July 1-2, with Prayer meeting, Friday, June 30 at 7:30pm. All meetings will be held at the gospel hall, 6120 Thomson Road, Pugwash Junction. Saturday: Ministry 10am and 2:15pm; Gospel 6:30pm. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 8:30am, Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2:15pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Accom. Jerry Thompson, Tel: 902 694-8146. Corr. Merlin Russell, Tel: 902 243-3197; Cell: 902 694-8431; E-mail: m.russell462@gmail.com for more information.

Augusta, Maine

June 24-25, with prayer June 23 at 7:30pm. Saturday Bible Reading 9am “The School of God,” – A. J. Higgins. Sunday Bible reading, “Timeline of Christ’s Coming,”- Marcus Cain, who will also give a report of the work in Mexico. Bryan Joyce will give a report on his recent visit to Sri Lanka. Jim Thompson 207-512-2636 jptbooks@gmail.com.

Conferences Previously Published:

Newmarket, ON – May 7

Toronto, ON – May 12-14 (Missionary)

Cumberland, MD – May 20-21

Ottawa, ON – May 19-21

Prince Edward Island – May 20-21

Hickory/Denver, NC – May 26-28

Bancroft, ON – June 3

North Bay, ON – June 10-11


Dorothy Scheer of Ferndale, MI, on December 19, 2016, age 91. Upon hearing the gospel for the first time in meetings held by Norman Crawford and James Lipke in Fremont, OH, she received Christ as her Savior in August, 1955. She and her husband, Louis, were part of the original assembly gathering to the Lord’s Name in Clyde, OH. She earnestly sought to tell her family and friends about salvation through Christ. She moved to Florida and spent the next 46 years in fellowship at North Tampa Gospel Hall. When she was preceded in death by her husband in 2008, she spent her summers up north visiting her daughter, Dorothy, and her son, Tim. She passed away after just recently moving north and attending Ferndale Gospel Hall. Please pray for an unsaved son, Wayne.

Barbara Ann Chisholm of Sarnia, ON, on January 18, 2017, age 64. Barbara was saved by the grace of God in 1985. She was a quiet and consistent believer who faithfully loved and served her husband and family, and the assembly in Sarnia. The respect shown to her by her in-laws evidenced the good testimony she had with them. She will be missed. She was predeceased by her son, Mark, and leaves behind her husband, Jim, sons Rob (Crystal), Daniel (Rachel), Michael and also grandchildren Breanna, Kalib, Adele, and Eleanor. The funeral was taken by David Chisholm and Bill Metcalf, with John Prins at the graveside. At the funeral, her children arose and called her blessed, her husband also, he praised her (Prov 31:28).

Lena Ehlert of Chilliwack, BC, on February 19, 2017, age 90. Lena was saved for 57 years, having been reached at gospel meetings in North Vancouver conducted by two brethren, one of which was Walter Gustafson. She was in assembly fellowship most of those years in Victoria Drive, but relocated to Chilliwack with her son, and was briefly in the Parkview assembly in Abbotsford before her passing. She loved the gospel and was outspoken in her witness. She was predeceased by her daughter, Leona, several years ago, and is survived by her son, Chester, two granddaughters, Jennifer and Michelle, and four grandchildren. Jonathan Procopio spoke at the graveside and Leslie Craig commended the family and friends to the Lord, many of whom are not saved.

Florence Bertram of Taylorside, SK, on February 25, 2017, age 98. Our dear sister was born in Swan River, MB and moved to the Melfort area in 1939. Their neighbor, the late Roland Seale, shared the gospel with them. Florence’s husband, Robson, was saved first, then she received Christ as Savior in 1948. She enjoyed assembly fellowship for over 65 years and was loved and appreciated by all. She was a widow for 22 1/2 years and also predeceased by her son-in-law, Paul Kember. She leaves three daughters, Marion (Dave) Taylor, Phyllis Kember, and Georgina (Ross) Wright, 11 grandchildren, 34 great-grandchildren, and 13 great-great grandchildren. Her grandson spoke wholesome words at the funeral service, with Herb Wright bringing words of comfort at the graveside. All rejoiced in her long life of faithfulness to her Lord.

Verna Black of Guelph, ON, on February 25, 2017, age 90. She was predeceased by her husband, Garnett, and son David. Our sister was saved in 1944 and in fellowship in the Guelph assembly for 72 years. She had a gentle and quiet spirit which is precious in the sight of God. She was a faithful attender and a help in practical things. The funeral was taken by Frank Sona, and the gospel was faithfully preached with many unsaved family members present.

Ken Hultman of Tacoma, WA, on March 2, 2017, age 89. Ken’s mother was saved when he was eight years old, so he went to Sunday school and church until he was 18. He said the Lord dealt with him nearly every day until he was saved at age 32. After diligently reading his Bible, he prayed that the Lord would lead him to a place where His Name alone was honored. After reading Jim Elliot’s book and mention of just such a place, the Lord led him to the assembly at 43rd and A Street in Tacoma, where he became a well-respected elder for many years. His home-call was a happy release after nearly 11 years on dialysis. He was a very loving husband and father. Daniel, his eldest, preceded him to heaven in August of last year. He is survived by his wife, Alice, sons Joel (Merideth) and Nate (Carmen), daughter Louise, grandchildren Katie and Alissa, Ryan and Shauna. Bryon Myers spoke at the memorial and Bob Stephens at the graveside.