British Columbia

Vancouver: The assembly in South Main was helped by the ministry of David Richards on Peter’s first epistle during January 22-27. Please pray for gospel meetings which commenced February 19 in conjunction with the Victoria Drive assembly, with Jonathan Procopio and Leslie Craig speaking.


Kapuskasing: The saints were warmed, refreshed, and encouraged at the annual mini conference on January 15. Ministry was given by Murray Pratt and local brethren. A few unbelievers were present at the gospel meeting.

Kirkland Lake: Marvin Derksen had a week of appreciated practical ministry in early January.



Waianae: The saints enjoyed a visit from Bill and Linda Lavery recently, and brother Lavery ministered on the book of Exodus. Please pray for blessing on gospel meetings with Bryon Myers which ended on February 26.


Dewar: Gospel meetings at the Dewar Community Hall in January with Russ Nesbit and Dennis Stickfort closed with blessing.


Byfield: The assembly will not be convening their annual conference this year, May 26-28, due to continuing renovations to the hall that started in Spring 2016. Rough inspections have been received to allow for completion of work on the main floor to proceed.


Saginaw: The Saginaw and surrounding assemblies were encouraged with sound, uplifting ministry, and gospel messages from Bruce Cottrill (Leamington, ON) and Louis Smith (Jackson, MI) during the bimonthly ministry meeting, February 5th. The assembly was also encouraged with a sister in the Lord added to the fellowship.

New Mexico

Albuquerque: The meetings with Brandon Doll and Larry Perkins closed February 5th after two weeks. There are no professions to date, but continue to pray for the salvation of two young men in their mid-twenties who showed good interest and a few Sunday school children who attended some of the meetings. There were three middle-aged folks that attended only once. The meetings were well supported by the saints who were encouraged by the clear gospel and ministry.

New York

Caneadea: The assembly here has moved to Belfast, NY. The new address is listed under Updates.


Salem: The gospel meetings held in January with Roy Weber and Jerry Jennings were blessed with the salvation of two.


Hatboro: In November, the assembly commended Russell Coleman to the full-time service to which God has called him, to labor in the preaching of the gospel and ministering to His saints. Russell has been involved in numerous community outreaches and tent efforts over the past years, and after learning Spanish, is now capable of preaching the gospel in Spanish. See contact information under Updates.


Clearview: After completing a new building in September 2016, the assembly rejoiced to hold a gospel series with David Booth and Dan Shutt, January 22 – February 5. On the final night of the series a young believer was baptized.

Marysville: On January 29, two weeks of well-attended gospel meetings concluded with Dale Vitale and David Hierlihy. A nice number of Bible Hour students from Arlington and Marysville attended every night, and also several visitors from the community. The good seed of the Word of God was sown and prayer continues for fruit in salvation.


Nuevo Leon

Monterrey: Anderson Hernandez and Abisai Vieyra were continuing in February in the seventh week of gospel meetings following the Seed Sower distribution in December. Most nights someone new has come along due to the text and invitation received in their homes, although many have come only once. They are thankful that there are around 12 contacts who are showing genuine interest in the gospel. On January 22, they commenced a weekly Sunday school as well.


Chihuahua: The assembly commenced the year with prayer meetings, seeking God’s direction for the New Year. They enjoyed a visit from Andrew Zuidema (Midland Park, NJ) who shared in the ministry and gospel over the course of a weekend.

El Vergel: Andrew Zuidema and a family from Guasave visited for several nights of gospel preaching at the end of January. From the first evening they were encouraged to see three unsaved people attending. Yari Chávez took the children aside each evening for a meeting as well.

Parral: Taking advantage of his time in the area, Andrew also visited this town to preach the gospel.


San Luis Río Colorado: Recently two unsaved spouses of believers have begun attending meetings, encouraging the believers here.

Obregón: The assembly very much appreciated the visit of Ken and Margaret Netti (Stark Road, MI) and Tim and Rachel Boddy (New Creek, WV) to help with some last-minute details on the new hall prior to their first conference.


Zacatecas: Jason Wahls continues preaching the gospel in the city, and he and Shelley continue delivering many tracts. The rented hall is located in the center of the city, and they open it a few days a week for a few hours so that interested people can drop in and converse about Bible-related themes.


Irapuato: The believers here took advantage of the parade on January 6 (“Three Kings Day”) to deliver texts in the center of the city.


Puerto Vallarta: The assembly enjoyed Dr. A. J. Higgins’ visit in January for four nights of ministry based on the lives of four women in the Bible. The teaching was of great spiritual profit to the believers.


Zamora: In preparation for gospel meetings in February, invitations and calendars were delivered house-to-house in the community around the hall.


Iguala: On January 8, a gospel series in a tent commenced in this city. Duncan Beckett has been helped by Jorge and Andrew Gómez from Venezuela during this effort. More than 30 new contacts have come along to hear the gospel. Children’s meetings are being held consecutively as well.


Veracruz: The assembly appreciated a visit from Tim and Eunice McCalley in January. Tim shared in the ministry of the Word. Construction of the new hall continues at a good pace.

Xalapa: At the beginning of the New Year, the assembly met together to hear of the work of the Lord in different parts of Mexico, with the purpose of increasing the exercise in prayer. Timothy Stevenson, joined by others, has been visiting a village called Pacho Viejo, where 5000 souls live. The first visit was two years ago when there was little evident interest. But when calendars were delivered in January several expressed their interest in learning more about the gospel.

Quintana Roo

Cancun: After the Seed Sower effort in December, Timothy Turkington has been preaching the gospel nightly, helped by Timothy Stevenson, Shad Kember, and John Nesbitt. The attendance is variable from night to night, but they are thankful for God’s blessing in salvation.

San Luis Potosi

El Barril: After a long battle with her health, Rebeca was called home to heaven in January. She leaves her husband, Paco, in fellowship, and seven grown children, six of whom live in the United States. The gospel was faithfully preached at her wake and burial to a good number of those who live in this town.


Donald Alves, Sr. writes: “Notwithstanding the current desperate situation, gospel work and assembly testimony in Venezuela continue to prosper. New doors are opening and the Christians are still preaching the gospel. Meetings may be canceled due to public disorder, but rarely due to political interference.

“Social, political and economic values have deteriorated drastically since the present regime was voted into power. Exceptionally high petroleum prices allowed this far-left government to introduce a plethora of social benefits for the poor, but eventually productive companies and farms were expropriated and became unproductive. Now, corruption and violence have become the order of the day and are worsening. In the past, people were held up at gunpoint in marginal areas, but never the Lord’s people where a testimony had been established. These days, it is sad to hear of what some saints are suffering at the hands of makeshift criminals, including the loss of unsaved sons who have been found in a pool of blood.

“In recent years, medicines had been difficult to obtain and very expensive. Lately, however, many medications are no longer available in the country, so it is heart-rending to learn of many deaths due to lack of medications and health care.

“Stated simply, the government has run out of money. Less and less food is being imported or produced and people line up for six hours or more to purchase food. As a result, many of the Lord’s people are going hungry. Signs of malnutrition and hunger abound in the youngsters who attend outreach classes. Still, to the poor the gospel is preached! We covet your prayers for the safety of the Christians and the workers.” (For inquiries about sending relief, please contact the missionary trusts who can advise).


Arlington, WA

March 10-11, in the Arlington Gospel Hall. The Bible study format will be on the book of Philippians led by David Vallance (MI) and Stephen Grant (Scotland). Saturday: Bible Studies at 10am, 2pm and 7pm. Sunday: Breakfast 8am, Breaking of Bread 9am, Bible Studies 11am and 2pm. Lunch and dinner will be served. Contact: Mark Anderson, Tel: 360 435-4188, E-mail: mmanderson_84@hotmail.com.

Antioch, IA

April 2, in the Gospel Hall, 18929 Vail Ave., Clarksville, IA. Ministry 10am, Breaking of Bread 11am, Sunday school 1:15pm, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 4:30pm. Lunch and supper will be served. Corr: John Wessels, Tel: 319 269-3493, Email: jandlwessels@gmail.com; or Gene Jacobs, Tel: 319 483-8120.

Manchester, CT

April 8-9, the 99th Annual Conference, with Prayer Meeting, Friday, at 7:30pm in the Gospel Hall, 415 Center St, Manchester. All other meetings will be held in the Bolton High School, 72 Brandy St. Bolton, CT (not the original Middle School location). Saturday: Ministry 10:30am and 2 pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry/Gospel 2pm. Contact: Ted Kaulback, Tel: 860 742-0002, E-mail: kaulted@aol.com for information and accommodations.

Cedar Falls/Waterloo, IA

April 15-16, with Prayer Meeting on Friday, April 14, at 7:30pm in the Waterloo Gospel Hall, 726 Western Ave., Waterloo, IA. All other meetings are in the Cedar Falls High School, 1015 Division St. Cedar Falls, IA. Saturday: Ministry 10am. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 9am (Heb 10:1-20), Breaking of Bread 10:15am. Corr: Waterloo: Delmer Stickfort, 317 N. 3rd St. Raymond, IA 50667, Tel: 319 235-7452; or Cedar Falls: Mike Palmer, 18502 X Ave., Dike IA 50624, Tel: 319 989-0869, E-mail: mjpalmer89@gmail.com.  Bible Studies will be shared jointly with the Stout, Cedar Falls, and Waterloo assemblies at 7pm nightly on “Assembly Truth.” Cedar Falls Gospel Hall: April 10 – Planting (Acts 2 & 11), April 11 – Pursuit (Phil 3). Stout Gospel Hall: April 12 – Problems (1Cor 3), April 13 – Participation (1Tim 2 & 3).

Nineveh, NS

April 15-16, in Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre, 135 North Park St, Bridgewater, NS. Friday: Prayer meeting 7pm in Gospel Hall, Route 208, civic # 2495 Nineveh, NS where supper will be served, 5pm. All other meetings will be at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre. Saturday: Ministry 10am. Corr: Robert Kaulback, 19 Medway Street, Bridgewater, NS, B4V-1J8, Tel: 902 543-5530. Accom: Clark Hubley, Tel: 902 527-7490.

Toronto, ON

April 14 -16, in Le Parc Conference Centre, 8432 Leslie St., Thornhill. Meetings on Friday and Saturday at 10am, 1:30, 3:45 and 7pm. Lord’s Day meetings at 2:00, 3:45 and 7pm. Prayer meeting on Thursday, April 13 at 7:30pm in Langstaff Gospel Hall, 1300 Langstaff Rd. Expected speakers: Mark Bachert, Matthew Cain, Malcolm Radcliffe, Bill Seale, John See, and Dale Vitale. Corr. Ian Margerison, 3 Hill Top Trail, Stouffville, ON, L4A 3G7, Tel: 647 291-8831, E-mail: ijmargerison@gmail.com; and Randy Marisette, 30 Fieldview Cres., Markham, ON, L3R 3H7, Tel: 905 475-7919, E-mail: marisettes@hotmail.com.

Vancouver, BC

April 14-16, with Prayer/Ministry on Thursday, April 13 at 8pm at South Main Gospel Hall. All other meetings except Breaking of Bread in the South Burnaby Secondary School, 7373 MacPherson Ave., Burnaby. Friday and Saturday: Missionary/Ministry 10:30am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm, Young People’s 9pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30am (at convening assemblies), Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 7pm, Young People’s 9pm (South Burnaby Gospel Hall). Expected speakers are Brody Thibodeau, Lindsay Parks, Phil Coulson, and Daniel Rudge. Contact Earl Ritchie, E-mail: earlrit@aol.com for more information. Bible Readings (Leviticus 23) will be held April 18-21 in the West Richmond Gospel Hall, 5651 Francis Road, Richmond.

Newmarket, ON

May 7, in the Newmarket Gospel Hall. Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Bible Reading 11:30am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Bible study will be on Ephesians 1:13-23, Ephesians 3:13-19, Revelation 2:1-7. Contact: Tim Scheer, E-mail: 222tandes@gmail.com.

Conferences Previously Published:

Cambridge, ON – March 3-5

Matoaca, VA – March 4-5

Mount Sterling, WI – March 25-26

Stout, IA – April 8-9

Kapuskasing, ON – April 14-16


Commended Worker

Russell and Jenn Coleman, 72 Woodlawn Ave., Chalfont, PA 18914, Mobile: 215 421-3642, E-mail: russandjenn@gmail.com.

Change of Address

Belfast, NY: The Caneadea assembly has moved to Belfast Gospel Hall, 38 South St., Belfast, NY 14711. Corr: Doug Behen, E-mail: dvbfarms@hotmail.com.


Margaret Berry of Clementsvale, NS, on April 21, 2016, age 87. Margaret was saved as a young lady at gospel meetings held in Clementsvale by Norman Crawford and Robert Fuller. Shortly afterward, she was baptized and received into the assembly at Clementsvale. Her life was devoted to the Lord, to her family, and to helping and serving others. She often went out of her way to make sure that the needs of others were being met. Her uncomplaining attitude through prolonged illness was a testimony to her godly character. Margaret was predeceased by her husband Ronald in 2003. She will be missed by her three children, nine grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren, and also by the assembly. Her funeral was taken by James McClelland. It was well attended and many heard the gospel faithfully presented. Prayer for her family would be appreciated.

Ernie Dargatz of Bancroft, ON, on November 28, 2016, age 93. He was born in Germany and moved to Canada in 1954. Ernie was born again April 21, 1970 and was received into the fellowship of the Lakeview assembly in the year 2000 where he continued faithfully for 16 years. He had a gift in bringing the gospel to those he met and always had an interest in winning souls. He leaves a wife and daughter for whom he prayed for many years. “He will be missed for his seat will be empty.”

Ada Lennox (nee Kissik) of Peterborough, ON, December 27, 2016, in her 90th year. She and her husband Bill, came from N. Ireland in 1948 to Ontario and were married in June 1950. Their 66-year marriage was blessed with three sons and one daughter. Ada was a true helpmeet to Bill and her children rise up to call her blessed. Although she was raised in the gospel, she never got saved until she attended meetings held by Harold Paisley and Albert Joyce in Pape Avenue in September 1956. Ada was a quiet and very happy Christian, always with a smile and lovely disposition. She loved God’s people and appreciated the assembly. Most of all, she loved prayer and her Savior whom she longed to see. Over her 60 years of fellowship, she was in Pape Avenue, West Hill, Oshawa, Peterborough, and Tampa assemblies. Words of comfort were given to the family by Ken Nicholson. Pray for the comfort of her elderly husband and her children.

Anna G. Vendetta, of Waianae, Hawaii, passed into the presence of her Lord on December 27, 2016, age 87. She was predeceased by her husband, Francis P. Vendetta in 1990, a servant of the Lord who labored in Hawaii since 1964. She was saved December 6, 1948 through the truth of John 3:15. Given to hospitality, she entertained many visitors to the islands until Alzheimer’s prevented her from doing what she loved most. She is survived by three sons, two daughters, 14 grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. The gospel was faithfully presented at the funeral and words of comfort were given at the graveside by Nathan Baker.

John (Jack) Irwin, Jr. of Fresno, CA, on December 28, 2016, age 93. He was saved in his early 20s while serving in the army during World War II. He was brought up knowing the truth of the gospel, but didn’t come under conviction until danger was close at hand. Upon returning to California, he was gathered out with the believers in Fresno. The latter part of his life was a succession of health problems culminating in heart failure. He is survived by his wife of over 70 years, Catherine, two sons, two daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Tom Baker took the funeral service.

Vernon Miller of Picton, ON, on January 1, 2017, age 74. Vernon was saved in May 1966 after attending one gospel meeting in a portable hall north of Belleville, ON where Timothy Kember and Bert Grainger were preaching. Vernon and Ruth were in happy fellowship with the Picton assembly for many years. Vernon was a quiet person who loved the Lord’s people. As a respected elder in the assembly, he was a caring, faithful, and consistent brother. The Christians appreciated the valuable work that he and Ruth contributed in janitorial maintenance of the hall. He was a real help to the assembly and will be greatly missed. He leaves behind his wife, Ruth, two daughters, three sons, eight grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. We continue to pray for his family. The funeral service was taken by Eugene Badgley and the gospel was faithfully presented to a large number of unsaved.

Mrs. Ruby Smyth of Growell, Northern Ireland, on January 15, 2017, age 87. Our sister was born into a Christian home where she attended Donegal Road with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Whyte, and sister Jean. At the age of 11 she came to know the Savior under the preaching of Fred Bingham. Following baptism at age 14, she was received into fellowship at Ormeau Road. At the age of 25, she emigrated to Vancouver and married Leonard Smyth, where they were in happy fellowship at the Fairview Gospel Hall. In January 1960, the family returned to N. Ireland, and in 1961 came into fellowship in Ballymagarrick where they remained to 2006, the ensuing years of her life being with the saints at Growell. She was predeceased by her husband, Leonard, in 2007. Ruby loved the Lord’s people, and was interested in the Lord’s work. She was faithful, consistent, given to hospitality, and will be keenly missed. The very large funeral services were conducted by T. Baxter, T. Cardy, S. Glenn, S. Whitten, and J. Bingham. Prayer is requested for her daughters, Lynnette and Joanne, son Adrian, and their families, that they all will come to know the Savior.

Flora Ann Leerhoff of Fresno, CA, on January 4, 2017, age 86. She was born again in her mid-teens at home after a solemn gospel meeting. While reading and rereading Romans 10:9, the words, “thou shalt be saved,” were made real to her, and she exclaimed “I’m saved!” She loved children and was soon teaching a Sunday school class after being gathered out in the Fresno assembly, which she continued doing for the rest of her life. She remained in good health almost continually until surgery for the removal of her gall bladder revealed extensive cancer which swiftly took her life. Thankfully, there was very little pain right up to the end. She is survived by Robert, her husband of over 60 years, one son, three daughters, and seven grandchildren. Tom Baker spoke to an overflow crowd at the funeral and at the grave site.