British Columbia

Vancouver: The Easter conference saw an increase in attendance this year. Ministry and gospel were shared by Stephen Grant, Murray McCandless, David McKillan, and Paul Thiessen. There were missionary reports on South Africa and Mexico. Four nights of profitable Bible readings were held in West Richmond on the prophecy of Malachi. Stephen Grant and David McKillan shared in this.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander: The annual Easter conference was well attended with about 175 present, including visitors from across Atlantic Canada. The weekend went nicely with encouraging, challenging ministry, and the gospel was faithfully preached. Wallace Buckle, Marvin Derksen, Eric Fowler, David Hunt, and Brody Thibodeau were present to help.


Burgessville: In lieu of a conference this year there will be three nights of ministry with Scott MacLeod on June 6-8 covering “Covenants, Dispensation, and Mysteries of Scripture.” The meetings will be from 7-9pm with a break in the middle for refreshments. Visitors are welcome. Send inquiries to Burgessvillegospelhall@gmail.com.

Deer Lake: A brother in his 80s who came to know the Lord a couple of years ago has been received into fellowship, giving joy to all. A Sunday school treat on Lord’s Day, March 27, was well attended by children as well as some parents. Gary Sharp gave a timely message. There are three or four men from the prison still attending the gospel meeting. Pray that they may come to know the Lord Jesus.

Kapuskasing: The Easter conference was spiritually enriching, with profitable ministry from Jim Beattie, Brian Crawford, Fred Krauss, Murray Pratt, Bruce Rogers, and Doug Yade (Kirkland Lake). Though the conference was not large in numbers, the ministry was appreciated. We are thankful to the Lord that good driving weather at this time of the year allowed for safe travel. Jim Beattie gave ministry on the Thursday evening prior to the conference, and the Monday following.

Toronto: The West Hill assembly recently appreciated a day of ministry with Blair Martin (Scotland) on “Lessons from the Lives of Joseph and Joshua.” The ministry was a blessing and there was a good number in attendance. A nice time of fellowship was enjoyed between meetings as supper was also provided.



West Phoenix: The annual conference was held on the first weekend in April. The ministry was shared by Marcus Cain, John Clingen, Shad Kember, Carl Knott, and Tim Woodford. The hall was full on Saturday evening when three believers were baptized. A good number of unsaved were present in all the meetings and it was encouraging to see how the Spirit led in the ministry so that the unsaved heard the gospel throughout the day.


Fresno: The assembly greatly appreciated the recent week of ministry by David Richards, who took up the first half of Ephesians. Earlier, Timothy Sloan came for a short visit, giving views of the continuing refugee problems in the Ukraine.

Westmorland: John and Joanne Clingen have been working in the gospel here for about a year, with meetings on Thursday nights. In January, meetings started on Lord’s Days as well. The end of March was a joyous time when three new believers were baptized, with approximately 80 people present to witness this public testimony. Isaiah and Silvia Frazier visited recently for a week, giving help in remodeling the hall and in ministry of the Word of God.


Newington: The assembly is planning a gospel series in the tent on June 5-26 with Gene Higgins. There was good interest last year and we would appreciate prayer for this effort.


Tampa: In a short series of gospel meetings in early February with Gene Higgins, contact was made with a Christian couple living in the neighborhood of the gospel hall. They recently requested assembly fellowship and have been added. Please pray that the unsaved who attended will be reached. At the two-day conference in March, the believers were encouraged by the ministry of Sandy Higgins and Dale Vitale.


Ankeny: Frank Sona and Al Christopherson will be engaged in two weeks of gospel meetings beginning April 17.  Please pray for this effort.

Stout: Gospel meetings which commenced on March 13 with John Meekin and Jonathan Procopio continued into a fourth week. Two have professed to be saved.

New Jersey

Barrington: Gene Higgins began gospel meetings on March 27. The meetings have been characterized by excellent preaching and interest.


Grant’s Pass: John Fitzpatrick and Jerry Jennings commenced gospel meetings on April 10. Prayer will be valued.


Bryn Mawr: The assembly enjoyed two weeks of gospel meetings with Gene Higgins and the brethren asked David Oliver to share in the preaching. The meetings were well supported by the area assemblies. There were unsaved in every night but one. The assembly looks to the Lord even now to bless in salvation, the Word so faithfully and solemnly proclaimed.


Crandon: Sandy Higgins was with the assembly April 4-8 for a week of upbuilding ministry, comparing and contrasting the four Gospel accounts and commenting on specific passages.


Ontario: Murray McCandless and Scott MacLeod continued into their fifth week of gospel meetings with one woman professing to be saved.



Sibactel: The Easter conference in this small rural and mountainous village was very well-attended by believers from 24 assemblies in Chiapas, as well as a good number from Guatemala. Edgar Roseyon (Puerto Vallarta) helped in the ministry of the Word of God and preached the gospel in Chiapa de Corzo, near Tuxtla Gutierrez, the capital city.

Quintana Roo

Cancún: The remodeling of the new hall was finished in March, allowing the believers to commence using it on March 13. Timothy and Amy Turkington enjoyed the visit of Dennis and Joy Walker (Portage la Prairie) when Dennis helped in the ministry of the Word.

Nicolas Bravo: A sister saved late in 2015 was baptized in March in an outreach work in this rural area.


Zamora: The 19th annual conference was held over the Easter weekend with around 200 present from many assemblies and works in Mexico. Those that shared in the responsibilities of the ministry and gospel were Marcus Cain, Anderson Hernandez, John Nesbitt, Harrys Rodriguez, and Abisai Vieyra. It was encouraging to witness two sisters obey the Lord in baptism and to hear of God blessing in salvation during the meetings on Friday and Saturday nights.


Iguala: Early in March, the assembly appreciated a three-day visit from Timothy and Jenna Stevenson, when they also visited the work in Oacalco. Steven Anderson (Arlington, WA) visited for 10 days, sharing edifying teaching and helping in the gospel. Andrew Zuidema (Midland Park, NJ) and Alberto Mendoza (Ciudad Obregón, Sonora) had a week of children’s meetings at the end of March on a street near the hall, and the same week, Abisai Vieyra and Duncan Beckett preached the gospel in the same area.

State of Mexico

Nezahualcóyotl: The assembly was blessed by a recent series of ministry meetings on gifts given to believers and the role of believers in the assembly.


Puerto Vallarta: Harrys Rodriguez and Jonathan Seed held two series of gospel meetings, first in El Palmar de Ixtapa, and then in El Coapinole. Both assemblies were encouraged to see friends and family members under the sound of the gospel. Pray that the seed sown will bear fruit.


El Vergel: This town was visited again in March with gospel meetings over four days in a rented house. Andrew Zuidema (Midland Park, NJ) helped here and also preached in the town of Parral, where the interest in the gospel is growing.


Ciudad Obregón: The assembly enjoyed a three-week visit from Tim Boddy (New Creek, WV). He was involved in some final details related to the hall construction, and also gave help from the Word of God. Josefina, a believer in her mid-50s, whose husband is in the fellowship, was diagnosed with fast-growing cancer in March. Very suddenly, she lost all feeling and movement in her legs, and is currently awaiting radiation to alleviate some of the pain.

Hermosillo: The annual conference in March was a time of challenging ministry shared by John Dennison, Shad Kember, and Timothy Turkington. Believers from more than a dozen assemblies or works were present for the weekend.

N. Ireland

Co Antrim

Ahoghill: W. Fenton and I. McClean commenced a gospel series in a portable hall on April 3 in connection with the assembly.

Ballintoy: R. Plant had two weeks of well-attended children’s meetings.

Buckna: On April 3, D. Gilliland and D. Strahan started meetings in the gospel hall. Pray for many connected to the believers who have heard much preaching over the years and who still attend respectfully and regularly.

Larne: W. Martin and T. Armstrong had seven weeks of gospel meetings in the Auction House, Larne Market Yard with quite a few unsaved in every night. An elderly lady rejoiced to discover the way of salvation.

Newtownabbey: E. Fairfield had three weeks of gospel meetings in the Cloughfern Gospel Hall during March, with encouraging interest. J. Rogers and A. Steele concluded five weeks of gospel meetings in the Glengormley Gospel Hall with good interest and help to preach.

Co Down

Belfast: A large number of unsaved listened to the gospel preached by F. Sona (Canada) at the annual gospel meeting held in the Assembly Buildings at the end of the Belfast Easter conference.

Newtownards: N. Fleck and S. Nelson, along with the believers who meet in the James Street Gospel Hall, were greatly encouraged to see blessing in recent gospel meetings.

Co Londonderry

Kilrea: W. Martin and J. Rogers expect to commence gospel meetings in the Timaconway Gospel Hall. The assembly is small, with four believers in fellowship. Pray that the Lord will bless in salvation and that new believers will be added to the assembly as a result.


Eric and Margie Fowler plan to leave for Ukraine May 6 until June 1, Lord willing, with plans to spend time with the saints each week in Lviv and Ivano Frankisk, about two-and-a-half hours apart. There is also an exercise to make the trip of five hours or more to Lutsk, and also to visit a school in the mountains towards Romania. The prayers of the Lord’s people will be highly valued.


Gander Bay, NL

May 20-22, on the Victoria Day holiday weekend in the Gander Bay Gospel Hall in Main Point, Gander Bay, NL. The first meeting is on Friday at 7:30pm. Contact Lindsay Earle at learle@wheygroup.com for a detailed schedule or more information.

Cumberland, MD

May 21-22, with Prayer Meeting, Friday, May 20 at 7:30pm in the Cumberland Gospel Hall, 700 E. First St. All other meetings at South Penn Elem. School, 500 E. Second St.  Saturday: First meeting 10am. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am. For accommodations, directions, or local hotel numbers for those wishing to make their own arrangements, contact Harold Harrison, Tel: 301 689-2432; or Tim Harrison, Tel: 301 689-0152, E-mail: sonnyh60@aol.com.

Saugus, MA (revised)

June 4-5, Bible Reading conference, with prayer and ministry, Friday, June 3, at 7:30pm. The study will be “What the Bible Teaches – Courtship, Marriage, and Family Life.” Andrew Ussher, John Dennison, and Lindsay Parks will be responsible for the readings. Saturday: Readings 10am and 2pm, Gospel 4:45pm. Sunday: Remembrance Meeting 10am, Sunday school 12 noon, Reading 2pm, Summary 4:30pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Meals will be served. Study outline will be posted at www.walnutstreetgospelhall.com. Accom: Shad Brook, Cell: 617 285-4677, E-mail: shad.brook@yahoo.com. Corr: Tony Grillo, 46 Grey Lane, Lynnfield MA 01940; Tel: 781 248-8900. E-mail: tonygrillo109@gmail.com.

Garnavillo, IA

June 11-12, with prayer meeting, June 10, at 7pm. Saturday and Sunday meetings begin at 10am. Speakers: Marcus Cain, Bruce Rodgers, and Brody Thibodeau. Contact John Kregel, Tel: 563 880-0520; E-mail: j_kregel@yahoo.com.

North Bay, ON

June 11-12, in Nipissing Junction Gospel Hall, 1340 Lakeshore Drive. Prayer Meeting, Friday, June 10 at 7:30pm. Saturday: Bible Reading 10am (Christ’s Millennial Reign), Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Bible Reading 11:30am (God’s Throne), Gospel 4:30pm. Contact: Glenn Pratt, E-mail: pratt144@hotail.com, Tel: 705 474-9473. Accom: Terry Hurd, E-mail: terlis@sympatico.ca, Tel: 705 752-2058.

Portage la Prairie, MB

June 10-12, sponsored jointly by the assemblies meeting at River Road Gospel Hall and Fifth Avenue Gospel Hall for three full days of ministry, Bible readings, missionary reports, gospel, and the Breaking of Bread. Prayer meeting on Thursday, June 9 at 7:30pm, in the Fifth Avenue Gospel Hall, 502 Fifth Ave. Meetings on Friday will be in the River Road Gospel Hall, with all meetings to follow in the William Glesby Centre, 11- 2nd Street NE. The two Bible readings on Friday will be on 1 John 3 and 4. General inquiries: Philip Ronald, Tel: 204 870-1140, E-mail: pronald@mymts.net. Accom: Malcolm Stanley, Tel: 204 857-9074, E-mail: mj@thestanleyshouse.com.

Glen Ewen, SK

June 16-19, in the Glen Ewen Gospel Hall. Thursday: Prayer/Ministry 7:30pm. Friday: Bible Reading 10:30am (1Tim 2:8-15), Bible Reading 1:30pm (1Tim 3:1-13), Ministry 3:30 and 7pm. Saturday: Ministry10:30am, 1:45and 3:45pm, Gospel 7pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Sunday school 1pm, Ministry 2 and 3:45pm, Gospel 7pm. Corr: Sidney Griffin, E-mail: sid.connie.griffin@gmail.com.

Augusta, ME

June 25-26, with Prayer meeting, June 24, at 7:30pm. Matthew Cain, A. Higgins, Robert McIlwaine, and Peter Ramsay are expected. A. Higgins will open the Bible reading Saturday at 9am on Philemon, and Matthew will look at themes in the book of Esther. There may be a report of the early work in Nova Scotia and some information about the Holy Land. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 421 Old Belgrade Road, Augusta, ME. Corr: Jim Thompson, Tel: 207 512-2636. E-mail: jptbooks@gmail.com.

Taylorside, SK

June 24-26, with a Prayer meeting on Thursday, June 23 at 7:30pm in the Taylorside Gospel Hall (located 3 miles south and 4 miles west of Beatty, SK). Meetings begin on Friday at 2pm. Corr: John Parker, Tel: 306 752-4079; E-mail: jeparker@sasktel.net.

Kamloops, BC

July 2-3, with prayer meeting on July 1, at 7pm. Saturday: Ministry 10am; Bible Reading 2pm (Philippians 4:1-23), Gospel 7pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30am; Open Sunday school 11:15am; Ministry 2pm; Gospel 7pm. All meetings in Westsyde Gospel Hall, 849 Wawn Rd. Meals served for July 2 & 3 at 8am,12pm, 5pm. Accom: John Eggers, Tel: 250 579-8814, E-mail: jfeggers@telus.net. Further info: westsydegospelhall.com.

Pugwash Junction, NS

July 2-3, with Prayer meeting, Friday, July 1, at 7pm. All meetings will be held at the Gospel Hall, 6120 Thomson Road, Pugwash Junction. First meeting on Saturday: Ministry 10am. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 8:30am, Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2:15pm. Gospel both evenings at 6:30pm. Accom: Jerry Thompson, Tel: 902 694-8146. Corr: Merlin Russell, Tel: 902 243-3197; Cell: 902 694-8431; E-mail: m.russell462@gmail.com for more information.

Conferences Previously Published:

Newmarket, ON – May 1

Livingston, NJ – May 6-8

Toronto, ON – May 13-15 (Missionary)

Ottawa, ON – May 20-22

Prince Edward Island – May 21-22

Hickory/Denver, NC – May 27-29

Welland, ON – May 27-29

Bancroft, ON – June 4

North Bay, ON – June 11-12

Staffordville, ON – June 25-26


Miriam Horne of Rosebank, PE, on January 29, 2016, age 98 years. Miriam was saved in gospel meetings held by the late Albert Ramsay and Robert McIlwaine in 1960. Her husband, Kentford, was saved at that time also. She lived a quiet, consistent life for the Lord, with great strength and love for Christ and the saints of God at Rosebank. Her funeral service was conducted by Robert McIlwaine who gave words of comfort and a gospel message, with Brody Thibodeau speaking at the graveside. She leaves a son and a daughter, with several grandchildren and great-grandchildren, to mourn her passing.

Margaret Martin of Jackson, MI, on February 8, 2016, age 87. She was born on April 29, 1928 in Detroit, MI to Thomas and Olive Mooney. Margaret was saved in gospel meetings held by Oswald MacLeod in the West Chicago Gospel Hall in Detroit in 1945. She was received into fellowship there and remained until marrying in 1954 and becoming a part of the assembly in Jackson, MI. Ed and Margaret were married for over 61 years and raised a family of four children. They were able to spend the last 20 plus winters in Florida with the saints in Tampa. Margaret was a faithful and devoted wife and mother. She was marked by a sweet and cheerful attitude, and will be deeply missed. Her life was centered on her family and the assembly. The funeral was taken by Jack Donaldson, Paul Wielenga, and Larry Perkins. The gospel was faithfully presented to the many unsaved that were present to honor her.

James Saword of Kitchener, ON, on February 14, 2016 age 82. He was the fourth child of Sidney and Eleanor Saword, born in Venezuela in 1933, and saved through John 3:16 as a lad of ten after a gospel meeting, with his parents at his side. He studied for a short time in Vancouver, but his heart was in Venezuela. He and his wife, Marion (of Toronto), were there for another 13 years. The family returned to Canada in 1972, and were in fellowship in Pape Avenue for many years until his retirement, at which time they moved to Kitchener. He was in ill health for many years; a very quiet man, but was loved of many. He leaves his wife of 57 years, and four children: Susan (John), Evelyn (Ben), Stephen (Wendy), Ruth (Chad), and five grandchildren, all of whom profess to be saved. His son, Stephen, gave the eulogy; Marvin Derksen and Murray McLeod shared in the service.

Virginia “Ginny” Colella of DeLand, FL, on February 18, 2016, age 94. She was predeceased by her husband, Phil, in 1993 and her eldest son, Wayne, in 2014. She was saved, along with her husband, in 1951, and the following year they were received into fellowship in the Addison Road Gospel Hall, Cleveland OH. Later, they moved to Clyde, OH and finally to DeLand, FL where she spent over 30 years in happy fellowship. She loved to cook and supervise the assembly kitchen, along with her dear friend Sadie Orsini. She and Phil loved to entertain in former years, especially the Lord’s servants. Even in failing health, when it was a struggle, our sister attended the meetings faithfully. The funeral was taken by Larry Steers, who tenderly preached the gospel. She is survived by her son Tom (61), five grandchildren, and eleven great-grandchildren who are in need of God’s salvation.