Tribute: Norman Lorimer

When Norman Lorimer passed into the presence of the Lord on August 11, he left behind a legacy of Christian service of which it can be said “whose faith follow.”

His life was exemplary. He was committed to God’s assembly, the teaching of the saints, and the spread of the gospel. Saved at 17, and soon active in the Highfield Rd (Toronto, ON) assembly, Norman was asked by A. W. Joyce at the age of 24 to assist with the start of the Truth & Tidings magazine in 1948. In 1977, under the direction of the editor, John Norris, Norman became associate editor, and accepted the responsibility for the news section, which he faithfully and accurately managed until 1999.

In addition to over 50 years of service to the magazine, Mr. Lorimer invested 47 years carrying on the work of Gospel Trust Canada. He was a great preacher of the gospel in summer tents and in the halls around Toronto. As a child, I recall sitting in fear and trembling as I listened to him preach of the coming of the Lord and the wrath to come. His love for souls was seen as he handed out his own Two Roads gospel tract at the end of each meeting. Many will remember him as “the voice of the Toronto Conference” as he faithfully handled the announcements from 1975 to 2002.

Since 1971, brother Lorimer ministered on a monthly basis at Bethany Lodge in Unionville, ON. Nine days before his passing, he spoke his 312th and last message, and said good-bye to the saints, because he was moving to a retirement home. He completed his work at Bethany and then, on August 16, at a farewell tea, our brother was to complete 49 years of service as an overseer of the Pape/Victoria Park assembly. However, the Lord had other plans and he went into the hospital on August 6. On the morning of the 11th, he said to his family “I’d rather be in heaven.” The Lord saw his life’s work was complete and took him home later that day. His sudden passing was a shock, but he had finished his course and kept the faith. Norman Lorimer will be missed. He is honored by many and has left us an outstanding example to follow.