Edmonton: On May 4, the saints were thrilled to baptize a young sister who had recently trusted Christ as her Savior. The assembly had a few nights with James Ronald and a day with David Richards, here for his granddaughter’s baptism. John Fitzpatrick is expected for a few meetings in May.

British Columbia

Port Alberni: William Skates was here for a short visit during the fourth week of April.

Vancouver: The Easter conference was profitable with ministry and gospel shared by John Grant, Tom Hoy, William Skates, Stu Thompson, and Stephen Vance. Also, Jim Currie gave good help in the two Bible Readings on Colossians 1 and 2 led by John Grant. Brother Grant had five nights of ministry in the West Richmond assembly, and Stu Thompson visited the North Vancouver, Deep Cove, and Fairview assemblies for ministry. A mini conference was held in West Richmond the following weekend, with John Grant and William Skates sharing the afternoon and evening sessions. William Skates had five nights in Victoria Drive, April 28 to May 2, on “The Challenge of Living in a Post-Modern World,” with lessons from the book of Judges.

Vancouver: The South Main Street assembly set up a booth in front of their hall during a parade for the Indian harvest festival of Vaisakhi. There is a custom of setting up booths along the roadside to give free food to the parade’s participants and spectators which presented a ready opportunity to reach out to the community. Coffee, juice, water, and gospel literature in several languages were well received. Contacts were renewed with parents of former Sunday school students. A number of people came into the hall for the first time.

New Brunswick

Sussex: Frank Sona gave ministry on the topic of “Egypt to Canaan,” May 5-9.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander: The Easter conference was well attended with numbers up from last year (about 160 in attendance). Speakers were Wallace Buckle, Alex Dryburgh, David Hunt, Bryan Joyce, and Pete Smith, who provided helpful ministry along with gospel preaching. There were some present for the first time.

Sandringham: In March, two-and-a-half weeks of gospel meetings with Marvin Derksen and Larry Perkins were very encouraging with some new interest. It was during these meetings that our sister, Mrs. Brown, went to be with the Lord on March 23. At the funeral, Marvin Derksen preached to a large number of unsaved and gave words of comfort to the family, with Larry Perkins closing in prayer at the graveside. On April 17, Bryan Joyce gave very encouraging ministry.


Huntsville: The assembly is planning a conference, Lord willing, on Saturday, September 6, 2014. Details will follow.

Kapuskasing: The believers enjoyed profitable ministry provided by Lorne Langfeld on a short visit in February. In early March, Brian Owen gave a two-week series on “Egypt to Canaan” which was well attended and appreciated. The Easter Conference was also well attended, with good travelling weather and profitable ministry. Preaching brethren were Matthew Cain, Murray Pratt, Peter Ramsay, Bruce Rodgers, and Larry Steers. Prayer is requested for new interest in Kapuskasing. Some young couples have been attending Sunday gospel meetings on a frequent basis, with some of their children coming to Sunday school regularly. One young woman professed to be saved in February.

Sault Ste. Marie: The assembly enjoyed ministry by Bruce Rodgers in April.

St. Thomas: The assembly enjoyed a visit on a Lord’s Day in April from Andrew Kluge (Chile). Alvin Cook gave a night of ministry which was also appreciated. Steve McCandless spent Easter Sunday with the believers and spoke to Sunday school children and parents at the Easter dinner. A young girl was baptized on the last Sunday of the month. There were a number of Sunday school children and others present to witness.

Welland: A three-week gospel series ended here May 4 with Eric Fowler and Jim Jarvis. Unsaved were out every night, although no one has professed as yet. On the last day, a 16-year-old girl was baptized. Many of her relatives were out to witness it, so the meetings ended on a high note.



West Phoenix: The last weekend in April was the sixth annual conference with 170 present. God gave help in the ministry of the Word and the gospel preaching. Two missionary reports on El Barril and Irapuato were encouraging and challenging. Help was given by Marcus Cain, John Clingen, Shad Kember, Ross Vanstone, Jason Wahls, and Tim Woodford


Fresno: The assembly appreciated five nights of practical ministry by David Richards who was on his way to the Culver City conference.


DeLand: The annual conference in February was one of the largest ever, with five of the Lord’s servants giving appreciated help and encouragement. Scott MacLeod stayed after the conference for a week of ministry on the book of Revelation. William Metcalf was with the assembly and gave help in March. The assembly here has been blessed and greatly encouraged recently with the addition of seven believers to the assembly and three others potentially in the near future. They have come from Venezuela, Kansas City, and from a large local family.


Ankeny: A new assembly commenced here on May 4. Please see Updates for details.

Manchester: As of May 4, the meetings were continuing into the ninth week with Murray McCandless and Brody Thibodeau. A number have professed faith in Christ with a number still interested.


Saugus: The gospel series with J. Procopio and F. Sona concluded on April 13, with good attendance over the three weeks and blessing of one who came to the knowledge of sins forgiven. The work at the rehab center continues with gratefulness that the door has been open for us these past eight years. Prayer is valued for this exercise.

Watertown: The Lord’s testimony here came to an end effective the last day of May, 2014. The assembly is thankful for all the support from God’s people in the past years. This has been a great encouragement and we continue to wait for that day when we shall hear the shout.


Battle Creek: The assembly welcomed recent immigrants, Evelyn (Turkington) and William Ortega, from Venezuela.

Cass City: The assembly had gospel meetings in April with Dan Shutt and Matt Smith. The meetings were well attended with one professing salvation.

The assemblies in the upper peninsula had encouragement from Louis Smith. A meeting was held in Laurium, and in Pelkiethere were five meetings on the Levitical offerings. They appreciate help as they get very few visits.


Fridley: The saints were instructed by Fred Krauss on historical and prophetic subjects as seen in the four temples of Scripture. An awareness of the Lord’s imminent return was felt.


Cancun: Marcus Cain gave appreciated ministry on the life of Abraham in March. In early May, there was a very encouraging weekend of Bible readings on the five chapters of the epistle of James. David Alves, Jr., Timothy Stevenson, Sidney Turkington (Valencia, Venezuela), Timothy Turkington, and Jack Zhang (Vancouver) also gave help in ministry and gospel meetings. There were about 50 present, including believers from the work in Paraiso. Timothy’s father, Sidney, has been giving appreciated help in the various meetings during a three-week visit.

Chihuahua: Anderson and Maria Eugenia Hernandez, along with their son Timothy (3 years old), arrived May 24, commended to full-time service from the Calle Sucre assembly in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. Please pray for this dear couple as they settle in this country.

Ciudad del Carmen: Ministry meetings were held on the five symbols in Christian living found in 1 Corinthians.

Ciudad Obregón: The assembly here has started a weekly gospel outreach work in a small town called Campo 29 on the outskirts of the city of Obregón.

El Barril: Jason and Shelley Wahls rejoiced in seeing two men obey the Lord in baptism. The visit of Tim and Eunice McCalley from their commending assembly was a real encouragement.

Frontera Hidalgo: Marcus Cain and Dr. John Thropay gave appreciated help at the conference in a place called 21 de Marzo in the state of Chiapas.

Guasave: Help was appreciated from Shad Kember and several young brethren from Hermosillo and Obregón on various occasions recently. God has blessed lately in the salvation of a couple.

Iguala: The work here recently appreciated helpful ministry meetings by Tim Woodford. Emily McCandless also visited and was a help to Andrea Gomez in the children’s work and in house visitation.

Irapuato: Ricky Sawatsky and Ross Vanstone have returned to this city to attend to the new the work that has begun here.

Palmar de Ixtapa: The conference in early May was an encouragement to the assembly and believers in the area. Several missionaries along with several local brethren helped in the ministry and gospel preaching.

Santiago Ixcuintla: Please continue to pray for James and Nelly Dyck and their family in Canada, as their youngest son, Josiah, (almost three years old) receives treatment for leukemia.

Tlalpan: Several believers from the Ciudad Netzahualcoyotl delivered several thousand texts and invitations in the area in the south of the city. They were very encouraged with the number that attended the first Saturday night gospel meeting and plan to continue on a weekly basis.

Xalapa: Paul Thiessen had well-attended and encouraging ministry meetings for five nights. One man also professed faith.

Zamora: The assembly in La Rinconada held its 16th conference at Easter time. Some 240 enjoyed the Word of God, and some responded immediately to searching ministry given. A number of brethren helped in the ministry and preaching of the gospel.

N. Ireland

Ballywatermoy: The believers rejoiced and are thankful to God for rich blessing in salvation during the recent gospel effort. Good numbers attended and W. Fenton and S. Gilfillen preached with help from the Lord.

Belfast: M. Radcliffe and A. Steele had four weeks of gospel meetings with the Newtownbreda assembly and were encouraged with the attendance and blessing. A gospel effort commenced in the hall in Glenburn in mid-March with J. Rogers and T. Armstrong. Good numbers are attending the meetings.

Belfast: The Easter Conference was held in the Spires Centre over the Easter weekend from Saturday to Wednesday for prayer, helpful ministry, challenging reports, and gospel. At the concluding meeting, a clear gospel message was presented by W. Martin to a number of unsaved. M. Derksen (Canada) and A. Sinclair (Scotland) were visiting speakers whose help and ministry was appreciated.

Duneane: J. Fleck and J. Rogers have started preaching in a furniture store between Randlestown and Toombridge in connection with the Clonkeen assembly.

Glenarm: D. McGarvey and A. Steele have started preaching in the new Gospel Hall.

Larne: R. Reynolds and P. Kaestner had four weeks of gospel meetings in the hall in Craigyhill. A consistent number of young people from a local hostel for homeless people came almost nightly and listened respectfully. Sadly, one of these died tragically less than a week after the meetings concluded.

Carrickfergus: M. Radcliffe and P. McCauley started gospel meetings in Sandringham with the assembly on April 27.

Republic of Ireland

Dublin: The Rathmines assembly conducted three days of meetings in a hotel at Trim County Meath, about a one-hour drive from Dublin, supported by some from the Longford assembly. A children’s meeting was held each afternoon and a gospel meeting at night. On the final evening, approximately 135 were present, including children. Quite a number of unsaved attended. The preachers were George Matthews (India) and Robert Armstrong (Tanzania). The annual conference was held on Saturday and Lord’s Day, May 3-4. Approximately 250 believers from all over Ireland attended. The brethren taking part were John Dennison, John Rogers, W. J. Nesbitt, Robin McKeown, Tom McNeill, and Alan Davidson. There was a baptism after the gospel meeting when a young sister obeyed the Lord. The assembly appreciated the continuing visit of John and Michelle Dennison for three days following the conference.


Timothy Sloan writes, “Some call it war, others a civil war, while others believe that Russia will soon invade. It leads to a very tense situation and, sadly, many deaths. Ukraine’s acting president, Oleksandr Turchynov, is an elder and lay preacher in the Evangelical Baptist Union of Ukraine. Our government needs your prayers as they face a formidable foe. We would appreciate your prayers for all the believers in the Lutsk and L’viv assemblies. Some have family and friends in the east and south of Ukraine so it is a trying time for them. We continue to support the believers by being with them as well as in our ministry and practical help. Last Lord’s Day, we sought to encourage the believers that David, who was faced with an enemy who wanted to do him harm, could say in Psalm 27:1, ‘The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?’ David asserts his confidence in God. God had delivered him from a bear, a lion, and Goliath, and the same God would not forsake him now.

On May 18, we have our final Sunday school for the season and, on May 24, we have our Sunday school outing. We expect about 80 children and parents to be present to hear the gospel faithfully preached.”


Portage la Prairie, MB

June 13-15, with prayer on Thursday, June 12th, 7:30pm in the Fifth Avenue Gospel Hall, 502 Fifth Avenue. The conference will continue with ministry, Bible readings, missionary reports, gospel, and the Breaking of Bread in the William Glesby Centre, 11 2nd Street NE. The two Bible readings on Friday are in 2 Peter 2 and 3. General inquiries: Philip Ronald, Tel: 204 857-9339; E-mail: pronald@mymts.net. Accom: Malcolm Stanley, Tel: 204 857-9074, E-mail: mj@thestanleyshouse.com. The conference is sponsored jointly by the assemblies meeting at First Street Gospel Hall and Fifth Avenue Gospel Hall.

Augusta, ME

June 21-22, Prayer Friday 7:30pm, Saturday Bible Reading, 9am on Job 1, “Satan Active,” Sunday, “Satan Defeated.” Speakers expected are David Hunt, Shawn St. Clair, Jon Procopio, Matthew Cain. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 421 Old Belgrade Road, Augusta, ME. New exit 113 off I-95: follow #3 East past hospital, hall on right. Jim Thompson 207 512-2636 or 207 221-3308. E-mail: jptbooks@gmail.com.

Glen Ewen, SK

June 19-22, 112th annual conference in Glen Ewen Gospel Hall. Thursday, Prayer and Ministry 7:30pm. Friday, Bible Reading (John 1:1-14) 10:30am, 1:30pm (John 1:15-34), Prayer/Ministry 3:30pm and 7pm. Saturday: Prayer/Ministry 10:30am, 1:45and 3:45pm, Gospel 7pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Sunday school 1pm, Prayer/Ministry 2 and 3:45pm, Gospel 7pm. Corr: Sidney Griffin, E-Mail: sgriffin@sdcwireless.com.

Clinton, ON

July 12, Eleventh Annual Summer Conference at Clinton Gospel Hall, 143 Joseph St., Clinton, ON. Meetings start at 9:30am, following breakfast served 8-9am. For more information for Friday evening BBQ supper, or for overnight family reservations, please contact Marvin or Wendy Bachert, Tel: 519 887-9791; E-mail: mwbachert@yahoo.com.

Sioux City, IA

July 19-20. Saturday: Prayer 7:30pm, with refreshments afterwards. Sunday: Breakfast 8am, Breaking of Bread 9:45am, Bible reading 11:15am (Atonement – Lev 16), Lunch 12:30pm, Children’s meeting 1:30pm, Ministry 2pm, Dinner 4:30pm, Gospel 6pm. Corr: Gary Hayes, Tel: 712 560-6911. Accom: Gary Hayes, or Bernie Mertens, Tel: 712 223-0439.

Conferences Previously Published:

Burgessville, ON – June 7

North Bay, ON – June 7-8

Garnavillo, IA – June 14-15

Englehart, Earlton, Charlton, Kirkland Lake, ON – June 27-29

Kamloops, BC – June 27-29

Taylorside, SK – June 27-29

New Assembly

Ankeny, IA: Ankeny Gospel Hall, 803 SW 3rd St., Ankeny, IA, 50023. Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry/Sunday school 11am, Gospel 6pm. Wednesday: Prayer/Bible Study 7:30pm. Corr: Robert Weber, 5648 NW 5th Ct., Des Moines, IA 50313. Tel: 515 777-1890, E-mail: rjweber5648@gmail.com.


Arthur (Art) Quigley, Rosebank, PE, on December 31, 2013, age 90. Art was born May 1, 1923 on Prince Edward Island. He was born again February 12, 1956 in Halifax, NS. He met and married Hazel Waddell and together, they raised six children. From the time Art was saved, he had an exercise to spread the gospel and helped several preachers in series of gospel meetings in his earlier years. He and his family moved to PEI where God used him as an elder in the Rosebank assembly. He had a care for the saints and a love for the assembly. He will be greatly missed. The large funeral attested to the esteem in which he was held by believer and unbeliever alike. The funeral service was conducted by Albert Hull and Brody Thibodeau.

Alfred Percy Ross of Deseronto, ON, on March 15, age 91. He was born near Limavady, NI. On March 14, 1948, Percy accepted Christ through Isaiah 53:5. He came to Canada and joined the Toronto Police Force in 1952 where he remained until he retired in 1983 as a staff sergeant with Investigative Support Services. In 1959, Percy married Annie Brownlow and they had four children; Donald, Sharon, Gregory, and Colleen. Annie died suddenly in 1990, and in 1992, Percy married Joan Taylor. Percy was in the Pape Avenue assembly for a number of years before moving to Newmarket where he was an elder. The assembly was always a very important part of his life. In 1995, Percy and Joan moved to the Bay of Quinte and went to the assembly in Deseronto. They spent the winters, first in Tampa, and later in Phoenix, where they enjoyed the fellowship of the Christians. The large funeral was in Deseronto and taken by Murray McLeod and Eugene Badgley. He will be greatly missed by family and the assembly.

Jean McBride, of Tassagh, N. Ireland, March 24, age 89. She was saved as a girl shortly before her tenth birthday, and later baptized and received into the assembly at Tassagh, where she served the Lord faithfully for over 75 years. She was a diligent student of the Scriptures and her exemplary, consistent character bore eloquent testimony to her deep, spiritual convictions. She maintained a real interest in the furtherance of the gospel and truly adorned the doctrine by her quiet, contented life. She was lovingly cared for in the remaining four years of her life in Faith House. The large gathering for her funeral was evidence of the high esteem in which she was held in the local community and among the Lord’s people. The funeral services were conducted by W. J. Nesbitt, R. J. Smyth, T. W. Wright, B. Glendinning, N. Fleck, and J. Rogers. Her prayers and godly influence will be greatly missed. Prayer is requested for her only remaining brother, Samuel (evangelist) and his wife, and for the wider family circle.

Mildred Berger of Guelph, ON, on March 28, 2014, age 96. She lived the last few years in a nursing home in Guelph. She was formerly from the Arnstein assembly where she resided most of her life. She was saved at the age of 28 at meetings held by Mr. Watson and Mr. Sprunt. She is survived by one son, two daughters, six grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren, many of whom need salvation. Her funeral was taken by Don Nicholson who faithfully preached the gospel to a number of unsaved.

Betty Madigan of the Deseronto, ON, on April 4, age 71. Betty was born into the Badgley family, August 18, 1942, and married Allen Madigan in 1965.  After stating she would never be happy until she was saved, through a home visit and the Spirit working, she came into deep soul trouble and found out she was lost through Luke 19:10. The next day, April 30, 1965, she was saved through Luke 15:6. Allen was saved later and they were received into the fellowship of the River Road assembly in Ottawa. Later they moved to Napanee and were in the Deseronto assembly where they were a bright testimony and mainstay for years. Betty was a wonderful testimony in sickness, and Allen was her faithful and patient caregiver, who will miss her greatly, as will the small assembly. The large funeral was taken by Murray McLeod, Ronald Badgley, and Eugene Badgley, with Reginald Badgley praying at the grave side.

William Smith of San Diego, CA, on April 20, age 93, after a short illness. He was born in Scotland, but moved to the U.S. while young. He was saved at 16 and in fellowship in Cleveland and Boston. He spent the last 32 years in San Diego where he served as an elder. He was a clear gospel preacher and a good help in handling the Word of God. His seat is empty and he is missed. He is survived by his wife, Arletta, son Glenn, daughter Donna, stepson Samuel, their spouses, as well as many grandchildren.

Willis Conrad, Manchester, IA, April 23, age 98. Willis attended many meetings of the recent gospel series and was present the last Lord’s Day. His wife tenderly cared for him. Tuesday, he went into a nursing home and, on Wednesday morning, home to glory. In 1936, he attended tent meetings held by Oliver Smith in Littleton. He was teaching a Sunday school class when he discovered that he had no time, place, nor manner how he had been born again. While out chopping wood, he realized that Christ had finished the work and he received assurance through 1 John 5:11-13. Robert Orr, Murray McCandless, and Brody Thibodeau shared in the service. Prayer is earnestly requested that two sons and their families will enter into the great blessing of God’s salvation.

Paul Brown of Ontario, WI, on April 26, age 88. Our beloved brother was saved April 2, 1958 while reading the words of John 19:30, “It is finished.” He and his wife were received into the fellowship of the local assembly at Western Avenue in Waterloo, Iowa later that year. They continued in happy fellowship there until 1998 when they moved to Wisconsin to be closer to their family. From that time they continued steadfastly in the Ontario assembly. His wife, Rose, predeceased him in 2008. A quiet brother, he was appreciated by all for his faithfulness to the Lord and the assembly. He was always ready to help wherever there was a need. He is survived by one son, Naasson (Peggy), and four grandchildren. His grandchildren were continually in his prayers. Robert Orr, Ron Doll, and Kent Hendrickson, shared in the funeral service.