British Columbia

Vancouver: The Vancouver conference was blessed with help and encouragement in ministry by Phil Coulson, Sandy Higgins, Bill Lavery, David Richards, and Andrew Robertson. The Bible readings in Colossians 3 and 4 were ably led by brethren Higgins and Coulson, and were most helpful. Bill Lavery had ministry in FairviewSouth Main, and Fleetwood, both before and after the conference. Phil Coulson had four nights in Victoria Drive, with a report meeting on India and Sri Lanka, then a Lord’s Day and two nights in Langley.

Burnaby: The South Burnaby assembly is rejoicing over two young ladies who obeyed the Lord in baptism on September 28.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander: Eric Fowler visited in October for a night of ministry and an update on the work in Ukraine.

West Coast: Alex Dryburgh and Gaius Goff gave appreciated and valuable ministry in Flowers CoveParsons Pond, and Rocky Harbour. The saints in Corner Brook and McIvers were helped by the ministry of Eric Fowler and Marvin Derksen. These brethren, along with Scott MacLeod and Wallace Buckle, participated in ministry and gospel at the Parsons Pond conference.

Sandringham: Marvin Derksen and Wallace Buckle visited for ministry in October. Gaius Goff and Stephen Meyers visited in early November for a weeknight meeting.

English Point: Gaius Goff and Alex Dryburgh visited here in October on a Lord’s Day, with brother Dryburgh continuing with three nights of ministry. Scott MacLeod had six nights of ministry on end-time events.

Red Bay: Gaius Goff was with the saints on a Lord’s Day in October. Alex Dryburgh encouraged the saints over the weekend of October 12 and remained for two nights of appreciated ministry.

Charlottetown: The assembly was encouraged by the visit and ministry of Gaius Goff in October.

L’Anse au Loup: The ministry at the three-day October conference was encouraging and edifying. The gospel was preached to a large crowd on three occasions. Those taking part were Marvin Derksen, Alex Dryburgh, Eric Fowler, Gaius Goff, Scott MacLeod, John Meekin, and Jon Procopio. Our dear brother Bert Joyce, though unable to take part in ministry, enjoyed fellowship with the saints again. It was a joy to have him present.

Nova Scotia

Avonport: The assembly had three weeks of gospel meetings in September with Noel Burden and Brian Glendinning (NI). The gospel was faithfully preached.

Blues Mills: The Christians were encouraged to hear of the salvation of a young lady from the First Nations community. This sister has requested baptism and is active in inviting and bringing children from the Reserve to the assembly’s Monday night children’s meetings. Please pray that this opens a door which has been closed for many years.


Hamilton: The assembly appreciated the faithful preaching of Brian Crawford and Frank Sona during two weeks of gospel meetings in early October. A follow-up series is planned for early December with Gene Higgins who will be taking up “The History of Christmas Carols.” The believers were encouraged with a visit by Robin McKeown in late October.

Kitchener: Our annual September ministry meeting with Stephen Vance and Peter Ramsay, on “Let this mind be in you,” was well-attended with many young people present. Messages were both challenging and encouraging. In late October, children’s meetings each night with Bill Seale averaged 90 children attending nightly.

Oil Springs: Terry Topley and Jim Frazier commenced gospel meetings on October 26. Pray for the unsaved husband of a sister in the meeting.

Ottawa: Gaius Goff and Shawn St. Claire were here for gospel meetings September 7-28. The meetings were well attended, with several children of the Lord’s people and a number of visitors attending every night. Two men have continued to come out to the Lord’s Day evening gospel meetings. The assembly was encouraged and leave the results with the Lord.

Mississauga: The Applewood Heights conference was well attended with edifying and encouraging ministry given by Ian Gibson, David Richards, and David Vallance.

St. Thomas: The assembly hosted its 63rd annual conference on Thanksgiving weekend. The Christians enjoyed a missionary report by Duncan Beckett on the work in Iguala, MX and the surrounding area. Stephen McCandless reported on visits to Inuit communities including Iqualuit and Pond Inlet on Baffin Island in the far north of Canada. Excellent teaching ministry was given by Bryan Joyce, Murray McLeod, Peter Ramsay, Shawn St. Clair, Stuart Thompson, and Stephen Vance. Gary Oakes spoke to the children and parents in Sunday school. The gospel was faithfully preached Saturday and Sunday nights.

Toronto GTA: David Richards visited and gave helpful ministry to several assemblies in the Toronto area.

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown: The assembly had an appreciated visit in October from David Petterson of Denver, NC, with an encouraging week of very practical ministry on the life of Moses.

Springfield West: The Christians were encouraged by a young man obeying the Lord in baptism at the end of October.



Anchorage: The assemblies enjoyed the annual conference held the last weekend in September, and appreciated the help of Matthew Cain, Phil Coulson, and Larry Perkins. Matthew Cain had three days of ministry prior to the conference on lessons from the pre-monarch life of David. The subject for the two conference Bible studies was the first four “Feasts of Jehovah.” A young sister obeyed the Lord in baptism preceding the Lord’s Day gospel meeting. Brother Coulson stayed three days after and ministered on the last three Feasts. Brother Perkins was present for the following Lord’s Day for ministry and gospel. It was a an enjoyable time throughout and was a wonderful way to start another long Alaskan winter.


Alpena: There was joy and encouragement from the gospel and profitable ministry at the annual conference in November. The assembly is grateful for the help of Jerry Jennings, William Lavery, Murray McCandless, Leroy Scott, William Skates, and Gary Toombs. A warm note of thanks is also extended to all who attended and gave support.


Yuma: Kyle Wilson and John Clingen had two weeks of gospel meetings in October in a rented storefront. There were 30,000 invitations given out in the city, newspaper ads were run, and billboards were rented. One lady attended the first two nights, and there were contacts out each night of the series.


Terryville: Excellent ministry and gospel were preached at the October conference shared by Paul Barnhardt, Eugene Higgins, Dan Shutt, and Stanley Wells, as well as two brethren from surrounding areas. A good number attended the “sing” on Saturday night. Stanley Wells had ministry meetings following the conference.


Ankeny: Robert Orr and Al Christopherson started gospel meetings here November 9. Pray that the Lord will work in this effort.

Manchester: The saints were blessed by three nights of interesting and searching ministry on the book of Ezra by Joel Portman, followed by practical ministry on marriage and the family by Alan Davidson. The first week of November, Murray McCandless was expected for two nights of ministry in view of helping new believers.

Postville: Tom Baker and Isaiah Frazier had gospel meetings in late October. Isaiah continues to help with meetings and visiting on a regular basis.

Stout: Scott MacLeod was with the assembly in September for a Lord’s Day and four nights of ministry. In October, Gary Sharp had four nights of children’s meetings and gave ministry on two Lord’s Days. Stan Wells visited for a Lord’s Day and two nights for ministry.


Byfield: During the summer months, Paul Barnhardt, Dan Shutt, and Ken Taylor visited. Gene Higgins was here for three weeks of gospel meetings on October 5-26, helped by local brethren. Though the gospel was preached with power, no one professed – please pray. Following the meetings, Stanley Wells ministered on the “The Life of the Apostle Paul.”


Jackson: Jim Smith, helped by local brethren, commenced two weeks of gospel meetings following the commemoration of the assembly’s centenary on November 1.

Livonia: The October conference had an overflow attendance with good representation from all ages. The brethren who shared the platform in ministry and gospel were Robin McKeown, Lindsay Parks, Michael Penfold, David Petterson, and Shawn St. Clair.


Fridley: Stu Thompson gave two nights of rich instruction and exhortation on John 21. The saints were encouraged, and were reminded of how the Lord’s sovereign initiative can first foster a restored relationship with Himself and then, a renewed commission to serve.

New Jersey

Midland Park: The 73rd Conference was appreciated by the saints who came from many assemblies near and far. Ministry by Donald Armstrong, David Gilliland, A.J. Higgins, and Brian Howden was interesting, challenging, and searching. The ministry may be found on the assembly website at midlandparkgospelhall.org. The believers were encouraged by the salvation of several friends of children of the saints, and in welcoming two of the children of believers into the fellowship. A completed ministry series on Old Testament characters by some of the brethren in the assembly is being followed by a series on “Places in Israel Connected with the Footprints of the Lord Jesus.”


Bryn Mawr: At the annual Bryn Mawr Day, invitations were distributed for three Friday evening children’s meetings. One family with three girls responded and attended. It is hoped they will attend the Sunday school as well. Brethren and their families from surrounding assemblies gave help with the meetings. Sandy Higgins provided five Tuesday evening meetings of valuable teaching on the subject, “Divine Order in a Disordered World.” Applications to family and assembly life were made, based on the order noted in creation, and supported by appropriate Scripture. The meetings were excellent and well supported by believers from area assemblies.


Phil Coulson had a week of ministry to encourage the saints in TacomaClearview, and Arlington. He traced the theme of angels in Scripture to show how God’s purpose for us to faithfully serve Him in a local assembly is preparing us for a future role in His administration, judging angels.


Blue River: At the recent October conference, the saints were blessed by the ministry of Alan Davidson, Abe Dyck, Brandon Doll, William Lavery, Robert Orr, Joel Portman, Larry Steers, William Skates, Terry Topley, and Roy Weber.

La Crosse: The conference was another “taste of heaven” with ministry given by Tom Baker, Al Christopherson, Alan Davidson, Duncan Dunshire, William Lavery, William Skates, and Larry Steers. The gospel was preached by Murray McCandless and Brandon Doll. Murray McCandless remained for two nights of ministry.



Iguala: Dr. A. J. Higgins made an appreciated visit in November and gave helpful ministry on relationships in the life of the believer. Duncan Beckett and Abisai Vieyra continue making weekly trips to San Lucas and Oacalco (a 12 hour round trip) for house meetings. The interest is encouraging, and God has blessed in salvation in Oacalco.


Veracruz: The believers in this city assembly, as well as those in the work in Cotaxtla, enjoyed a visit from Paul and Leah Barnhardt in the month of October. Paul gave appreciated help.

Quintana Roo

Cancun: Gospel meetings were continuing into November with encouraging interest. Jonathan Seed helped Timothy Turkington during the first two weeks. Five new visitors attended.


Guasave: On the first Lord’s Day in November, three believers obeyed the Lord in baptism. God willing, a gospel series will commence on December 29 with John Dennison. Seed Sower texts will be delivered in the city and surrounding towns and villages during the first week of the meetings. Your prayers for God’s blessing in this area are valued.


El Vergel: Shad Kember visited this town in the mountains of Chihuahua, holding daily meetings in October. Anderson Hernandez, laboring in the capital city of Chihuahua, joined him for several days. One new believer was baptized during this visit, despite family opposition.


Hermosillo: Andrew Ussher (Toronto, ON) was with the assembly for four days in October, and gave helpful, searching, and practical ministry on the subject of stewardship. More than 20 believers from Obregón drove up for the Saturday sessions. Andrew also visited San Luis Río Colorado after and shared in ministry for one night.

Ciudad Obregón: A group of believers from Mexico and the USA are working on construction of the hall here, and are currently putting a roof on the building.


Irapuato: Ricky Sawatzky and Ross Vanstone have been working in this city where God has blessed in salvation. On the first Sunday in November, several believers identified themselves publicly with the Lord Jesus in baptism.


John Dennison was in the UK in early October and had profitable ministry meetings in Bicester and Bristol. There was excellent teaching and a lively interest, especially from good numbers of young people.


DeLand, FL

February 6-8, in the Gospel Hall, 109 E. Rosehill Ave., east off N. Woodland Blvd. Friday: Prayer Meeting 7pm. Saturday: Ministry 10:30am and 4pm, Bible Reading 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Bible Reading 2pm, Ministry 4pm, Gospel 7pm. Bible Readings: “Assembly Principles.” Lord willing, there will be four nights of ministry following the conference from Tuesday through Friday, February 10-13. Corr: Fred King, 215 Lake Talmadge Rd., DeLand, FL 32724; Tel: 386 943-4000.

Jackson, MI

February 13-15, in the Jackson Gospel Hall, 910 Bennett Street. Prayer Meeting on Friday, February 13 at 7pm. Saturday: Prayer and Ministry 10am and 2pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Sunday school 11:30am, Prayer/Ministry 2pm. Several brethren have responsibility for the conference ministry meetings. Accom: Jason Wielenga, Tel: 519 917-0282; E-mail: jandtwielenga@gmail.com. Corr: R. Douglas Losey, Tel: 517 787-9169; E-mail: rdlosey@juno.com.

Conferences Previously Published:

Saugus, MA – December 6-7

Pennsauken, NJ – January 10-11

Change of Address of Workers

Marvin Derksen: New E-mail address is mwderksen1971@gmail.com.

Cap Van de Wetering: New E-mail address is caspervandewetering@gmail.com.

Change of Correspondent

Denver, NC: Dan McDonald, 4508 Long Cove Drive, Denver, NC 28037. Tel: 704 483-1974; E-Mail: dansales@bellsouth.net.

La Crosse, WI: Cal Erickson, 1514 Hoffman Place, Onalaska, WI 54650. Tel: 608 790-7724; E-mail: cberickso@hotmail.com.

Oil Springs, ON: Ralph Ward, Box 267, Oil Springs, ON, N0N 1P0. Tel: 519 834-2137; E-mail: redeemed4@sympatico.ca.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Niagara Falls, ON: New E-mail address is wsmith39@cogeco.ca.


Badia Fiore of Glendora, CA, on May 6, 2014, at age 97. She was in happy and faithful fellowship at the Monrovia Gospel Hall since 1965, and previously at Culver City. She was one of nine siblings, and is survived by her brother, Fred Sahhar, and two sisters, Lilly Bent and Najla Batarshe. Badia was born and raised in Bethlehem, Palestine where, as a young girl, she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior. Many others have been led to Christ through her testimony and faithful witness to the gospel. Badia emigrated from Jordan to Phoenix, AZ in 1956. Luigi, her husband for 15 years, went to be with the Lord in 1979. Ivan Hoath spoke at the memorial and gravesite service at Rose Hills, Whittier, CA.

Jeffrey Kinakin of Edmonton, AB, on May 21, age 42. He was born again at age eight and at age nine was diagnosed with diabetes which affected him his entire life. He was baptized and received into the fellowship of the Edmonton assembly as a young man where he took a much appreciated part. He showed gift in the gospel, and had a real zeal for the salvation of souls. He taught Sunday school for years, and often preached at the Monday night children’s work, where he preached his last gospel message before the Lord took him home. He longed to be with the Lord Whom he loved and served. He is survived by his father and mother, Edward and Louise, his brother, Todd, and many relatives and friends. The large funeral was taken by Jack Gould; the eulogy was given by Calvin Yong, with Joe Bowman at the graveside.

Eva Gohm of Arnstein, ON, on June 8, age 91. At the age of 15, she moved from Bracebridge to a farm in Arnstein along with her five siblings and parents. In the spring of 1947, as a young woman of 25, Eva was saved at the close of a gospel meeting during the singing of “Just as I am.” She was baptized and received into the assembly in 1951. She was known for her faithful and consistent life as well as her hospitality. She will be missed in the assembly. Because of failing health, she moved from Arnstein in 2010, but always maintained an interest in the believers of the assembly. The funeral was taken by Paul Glenney.

Dorothy Lipke of Mayfield Heights, ON, on August 22, age 94. Our beloved sister was saved on September 8, 1937 after the Cleveland conference in the Addison Road Gospel Hall. She was baptized and added to the assembly, where she remained steadfast to the Lord as an integral part of the assembly for over 75 years. Dorothy was married to Al Lipke in 1941, and they worked together there until his home-call in 1969. Dorothy never let anything dampen her spirits and always maintained a positive, upbeat, and appreciative attitude. Dorothy is survived by four daughters, 13 grandchildren and over 30 great-grandchildren. The funeral was officiated by Bill Seale; it was a wonderful testimony to her faithful life of service to her Lord and Savior. All who knew Dorothy could faithfully “arise up and call her blessed.”

Joseph Grillo of Melrose, MA, on August 31, age 86. He was born again on January 30, 1939 through Romans 10:9, baptized, and received into the fellowship of the East Boston assembly in 1942. For the past two decades, he was in fellowship with the Mt. Auburn assembly in Watertown, MA (now Sudbury, MA) where he served faithfully as an elder and correspondent. He was a scholar and loved his Lord and Savior. He was a tremendous blessing through his teaching and preaching ministries, especially to those who were saved through his preaching. He was a help to many, including the young believers. His funeral was conducted by Bill Nason, with Gene Higgins at the graveside. Pray that the gospel preached may have had an impact among family and others in attendance.

Margaret Hannah (Funston) of Toronto, ON, on September, 16, age 88. Born in New Zealand and raised in Vancouver, she was saved at the age of 13. For employment, she moved to N. Ireland, then to Toronto where she met her husband Fred, a union lasting 57 years. Margaret cared deeply for the assembly and was faithful, prayerful, and consistent. She was often first to greet visitors to the meetings. She knew her Bible, having memorized Hebrews and many other passages. She and her husband opened their home to all and showed much kindness, self-sacrifice, and hospitality over the years. Having suffered from Parkinson’s disease with grace and godly contentment, she passed peacefully into the Lord’s presence surrounded by family at home. Her warm smile and presence will be keenly missed. Her funeral was conducted by Brendan McIntyre, Fred G. Hannah, and Roger McIntyre at the grave. She leaves her son Fred (Esther), daughters Margaret and Janet, four grandchildren, and sister, Elenor Bagnall.

Isabel Grainger of Huntsville, ON, on September 20, age 97. She was a true saint and a living reality of what Christianity is all about. She sacrificed for others and enjoyed her service for the Lord, a true help meet for her laboring husband, Bert Grainger. Her life consisted of kindness and compassion for saint and sinner. Even in later years, she was a testimony to “godliness with contentment” and the unsaved often marveled at her quiet, peaceful, and contented disposition. She consistently brought the Lord into her conversation. The testimony of this beloved woman was born witness to by the largest gathering ever in the new Gospel Hall. All of her immediate family profess faith in Christ, as do most of her grandchildren. Prayer is appreciated for the salvation of nieces and nephews of Bert and more distant relatives who were present at the funeral.

Shirley Johnson of Dunkerton, IA, on October 5, age 78. She was saved July 23, 1972 while attending the first year of gospel tent meetings in Dunkerton with Fred Krauss and Robert Orr preaching. Though baptized as a baby and confirmed as a teenager, she discovered she was a lost sinner, and found peace through Eph. 2:8-9. She was first in fellowship at the Western Avenue assembly in Waterloo, and then in Dunkerton, when the assembly was planted in 1976. Health issues confined her to a nursing home the last years of her life. She is survived by one son, Rick, and his wife, Vicki, along with four grandchildren, all saved and in assembly fellowship. Russ Nesbit took the funeral service in the hall, with Robert Orr speaking at the grave.

Mary Elizabeth (Emmie) McArthur (nee Patterson) of London, ON, on October 5, age 92. Our dear sister was born in NI and was saved on August 1, 1940. While in her early thirties she moved to Canada. Her lifelong desire was to honor the Lord, and she became one of the first Sunday school teachers at Chelsea Heights, where she continued teaching for 30 years. In later life she married Stanley McDonald, and together they opened their hearts and home to the Christians. Brother McDonald predeceased her in 1985 and she later married Allister McArthur, who also predeceased her in 1994. She was a kind and generous lady who was faithful to the Highbury assembly for 41 years before relocating due to poor health to a nursing home near Clinton to be close to her brother George. The funeral service was shared by G. Brodie and R. Parker.

Reginald Maxwell of Picton, ON, on October 10, in his 74th year. Reg and his wife Janice were both saved at the funeral of his sister in 1994 through the preaching of John 3:16. In 1998, they came into assembly fellowship in Picton. Reg loved the gospel and was a faithful shepherd in the assembly to the end of his life. He will be sadly missed. Many unsaved heard the gospel preached at the funeral. The service was shared by Gary Stiles and Eugene Badgley, with Doug Booth at the graveside. Reg will be greatly missed by his wife, Janice, his family, and the assembly. Your prayers would be appreciated for the family members not yet saved.

Janell Van Heuveln of St. Cloud, MN, on October 28, age 79. Our dear sister was born in Atwater and grew up in Willmar, MN. She was 11 when her mother died. In 1954, Janell came to know the Lord, and married Ronald in 1955. She was in fellowship at Willmar when the assembly first began in the late 50’s. In 2011 she moved to Fridley, MN as her health began to deteriorate, and by 2013 was confined to the nursing home in St. Cloud. Janell was noted for her care of many in need and for sharing the gospel. Janell understood and manifested the grace of God in her life amidst many trials. Her clear conversion testimony CD was heard by many at the well-attended funeral service officiated by Robert Orr. Janell is survived by her four children, Pam, Rhonda, Ron, and John, all of whom profess salvation, as well as 12 grandchildren, some of whom profess, and three great-grandchildren; also by two sisters and one brother.

Algermon Trimm of English Point, LB, on October 2, age 77. As a result of an accident on his fishing vessel in 1980, he was a quadriplegic for 34 years. Algermon lived at home for nearly all of those 34 years and was cared for by his wife, Gladys. He attended the meetings of the assembly whenever possible over the years. The funeral was conducted in the English Point Gospel Hall, by Alex Dryburgh and Gaius Goff. His son, Gaius Trimm, gave a fitting tribute to his father. Continue to pray for Gladys who was diagnosed in June with terminal cancer, and the family.

Truth & Tidings Gospel Trust USA

The directors of Truth & Tidings Trust USA would like to announce the retirement of brother David Metcalf from his role as treasurer. We are extremely grateful to David and Roberta for their faithful and diligent service in operating the Trust since its inception in 1984. They have performed an invaluable service for the Lord’s people in the U.S. for 30 years by overseeing the distribution of funds to the Lord’s servants in both North America and in foreign fields. We deeply appreciate the efficiency and confidentiality that they have brought to the operation of the Trust through the years. David will continue to be active on the Board of Directors.

With the board of director’s support, our brother Joe Dennison, Jr. (along with his wife Judy) have agreed to assume these responsibilities in January 2015 (DV). Contributions made prior to year-end should continue to be sent to the current address. Starting January 1, 2015, please send all funds for distribution through the Trust to this new address:

Truth & Tidings Gospel Trust USA
34742 Bretton Drive
Livonia, MI 48152
Email: joseph.dennison@gospeltrustusa.org

Gospel Trust Canada

After many years of faithful service to the users of Gospel Trust Canada, Marybeth Potter will retire at the end of 2014. We welcome the addition of Heather Margerison, who with her husband, Ian, a member of the GTC board, is in happy fellowship in the Unionville assembly in the Toronto area. As of January 1, 2015, the administrator for Gospel Trust Canada will be

Heather Margerison
3 Hill Top Trail
Stouffville, ON L4A 7X4
E-mail: www.gospeltrust.ca