Poetry: On a Palette

On a palette of Thy choosing,
Earth and sky and sea were drawn.
All created by Thy power,
And the wisdom of Thine eye.

In the fires of Thy furnace,
Compounds made as yet unknown,
Chemists art, first alloys gleaming,
Like the sun in strength hath shone.

Never looking, never seeking,
Counsel, knowledge but Thine own,
Thou alone, deciding, moving
Creation’s womb by Thee was formed.

Above all circumstance, He watches
Not surprised at that which comes.
Present, past, and future melding,
All to Him is one.

Sovereign love in might is raging
On behalf of those He loves,
All unseen, but ever seeing,
Never sleeping or undone.

What, and if we stumble, falter?
Thou our pathway leads and guides.
Only doth our weakness place us,
Ever nearer to Thy side.

In the shadow of Thy greatness,
Man, at peace, alone may dwell,
Shielded by Almighty’s cover,
Guarded by His watchful throne.