British Columbia

Kamloops: The assembly was encouraged by a two-week gospel series which ended May 8. The gospel was faithfully preached by M. Derksen and P. Ramsay. A number of contacts heard the message during the series.

Langley: Dan Shutt gave profitable and appreciated ministry April 25-27. The meetings were well supported by neighboring assemblies. The assembly plans a booth for a gospel outreach at the Langley Canada Day Celebration, June 30-July 1. About 50,000 people usually attend.

Vancouver: The Easter Conference was a blessing to the saints and a profitable time. Jim Currie, John Fleck, Jim Jarvis, Peter Ramsay, Dan Shutt, and Stephen Vance spoke. The Bible readings on Ephesians 1 and 2 were ably led by John Fleck. Special gospel meetings were held each evening in the week preceding and including the conference. John Fleck and Dan Shutt preached nightly to many unsaved, and were supported by area assemblies.

Burnaby: A Gospel Outreach Workshop took place on May 7 at the Burnaby South Gospel Hall with a large attendance. M. Derksen, P. Ramsay and local brethren gave help on the issues and challenges facing assembly gospel witness in our day. The saints were challenged and encouraged.


Brandon: The assembly enjoyed three nights of ministry with Alex and Robert Dryburgh. Also, Jack Gould visited for a Lord’s Day.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander: The conference April 22-24 had a good number in attendance. Bible study on Hebrews 10 was led by M. Derksen. Appreciated ministry was given by W. Buckle, M. Derksen, D. Hunt, B. Joyce, C. Payne, and A. Robertson. Snowden Skeffington spoke to the seniors in the Home on Lord’s Day. Eric Fowler stopped in for a gospel meeting prior to the conference.

Seal Cove: Carl and Gertie Payne paid an appreciated visit for the Lord’s Day, April 17. Brother Carl also visited this community, giving out pamphlets.


Clinton: In April, Albert Hull visited the saints, giving help in both gospel and ministry. Alvin Cook also gave ministry at a mid-week meeting.

Toronto: The Easter conference was a time of great joy and blessing. Meetings on Friday and Saturday were held in a new location that proved to be ideal. God graciously gave help in the ministry and missionary reports. There was blessing in the gospel with two souls professing salvation. On Lord’s Day, morning and evening meetings were held in the eight convening assemblies with a very large and profitable united afternoon ministry meeting in the Langstaff Gospel Hall.


Arborfield: The saints appreciated three nights of ministry on Isaiah from Joel Portman in late March.



Wasilla: Please pray for the Seed Sowers distribution beginning Monday, June 20, followed by two weeks of gospel meetings with a tentative schedule June 26- July10. Children’s VBS is scheduled in the mornings during the first week. Interested believers can contact John Bang at johnjil@live.com, Tel: 907 355-2701; or
Bryon Meyers at bmeyers@whidbey.net, Tel: 509 948-3081.


Alpena: Jerry Jennings paid an appreciated Lord’s day visit. Also in April, a young Hispanic sister who was saved through the work in Springdale was gladly received into fellowship here.


Phoenix: In the first week of May, good interest continued into the fourth week of gospel meetings with the Sunnyslope assembly with Tom Baker and John Fitzpatrick.  A number of souls have professed faith thus far, with others concerned. Between 10 – 20 unsaved are present each night.  Fruit has been from three sources: children of the West Phoenix believers, the Monday night children’s work, and the weekly outreach dinners.


Los Angeles: The East Los Angeles assembly, in collaboration with the Panorama City and Norco assemblies, held their Spanish conference April 8-10 at the E.L.A. hall with over 200 in attendance. Present were Tony Flett (Nicaragua, who also held a week of ministry meetings before the conference), Melvin Mendez (PA), Tom Baker, and Glen Baker. Two English-speaking sessions were held on Sunday. One professed salvation, ten believers were baptized, and four others have requested baptism. In view of the 23 baptisms in the last 12 months, the ministry was geared for new Christians in Christian living and basic doctrines of the faith.


Dunkerton: Dan Shutt was here in early April for a week of encouraging children’s meetings. The following week, Fred Krauss gave helpful teaching on future events.

Manchester: The assembly enjoyed profitable ministry at the March all-day meeting from Eric McCullough, Peter Ramsay, William Skates, and Roy Weber. Also appreciated were evening visits from Murray McCandless and Scott MacLeod. Andrew Bergsma also visited with ministry and a report on the Hutterite work, and Bill Lavery had four nights on the House of God.

West Union: Bill Lavery and Eric McCullough purpose having a tent series here in mid-July. Please pray for this effort.


Methuen: The assembly very much appreciated a two-week gospel series undertaken by Bill Seale at the end of February. The gospel was clearly presented over the course of 12 nights with use made of visuals to illustrate and impress gospel truths. Nearby assemblies gave good support, and a woman brought along by a Christian friend professed salvation, for which all rejoiced.


Jackson: The assembly appreciated a Lord’s Day visit by David Oliver on April 10.


Fridley: The saints rejoice that a young couple from Stark Road (Livonia, MI) recently moved to this area and were received into fellowship. Good interest and attendance has been seen in the first week of gospel meetings with Stu Thompson and William Skates (May 4).


Kelso/Longview: After a Seed Sower distribution in January, there has been visitation to follow up contacts, as well as a kiosk set up in a local mall during March. This is all ground work for purposed gospel meetings this fall with Bryon Meyers and Earl Ritchie.

LaConner: Please pray for a Native Indian outreach here in July. Bryon Meyers can provide more details.


Lancaster: Please pray for gospel meetings that Jim Frazier and Eric McCullough began May 1 in a rented building.


Cancun: Believers from Edmonton, AB and Hardwick, VT helped in the distribution of four thousand texts and invitations. D. Alves Jr., Phelip Theberge (Edmonton), and Joel Thiessen (Guadalajara) preached the gospel in a home for one week. Please pray for this new work. Contacts were also visited in the nearby resort city of Playa del Carmen.

Ciudad del Carmen: P. Thiessen was a real encouragement to the believers here and in various works in the states of Campeche, Chiapas, and Yucatan.

El Barril: J. Wahls continues to be very encouraged with the progress of this new work. Marcus Cain visited here during the first week of May. J. Nesbitt also made a brief visit.

Guadalajara: Please pray for Timothy Stevenson (N. Ireland) who recently arrived in Mexico, commended to the grace of God, and has begun to study Spanish in the university here.

Hermosillo: T. Woodford is very encouraged with the gospel outreach work that carries on in Tirocapes.

Ixtapa:Local believers worked hard to put on an excellent conference the first weekend of May. C. Gallegos (Coapinole), R. Polley, T. Stevenson, and P. Thiessen helped with the proclamation of God’s Word. Eight believers obeyed the Lord in baptism.

Sibactel: D. Beckett, M. Cain, and Dr. J. Thropay gave much needed help in this conference in the southernmost state of Chiapas. Over 1,000 people were present and God blessed in salvation. Several believers were baptized on Saturday afternoon. All of the messages at the conference were translated into the Tzeltal dialect spoken by the people in this mountain district. Work is progressing under Dr. John Thropay to provide a school in the area.

San Luis Rio Colorado: Nightly gospel meetings have started again. M. Cain, D. Barbour (St. Johns), and others have helped recently.

Santiago: J. Dyck continues with the construction of the hall here.

Zamora: The Easter conference here was reported by many to be very profitable.  T. Stevenson, P. Thiessen, and J. Wahls helped in the ministry and preaching of the gospel. A man professed to be saved during a gospel meeting.


Bicester: Eugene Higgins had a two-week series of gospel meetings during April. The Lord blessed in the deliverance of a teenage girl.

N. Ireland

The Belfast Easter conference was held in the Ulster Hall for prayer, ministry, reports of the Lord’s work in home and foreign lands, and finished with a gospel meeting on Wednesday night. Encouraging numbers attended the conference meetings where helpful exposition and exhortations were given from the Scriptures.

The gospel has been faithfully preached in Clough, Co. Antrim with Gary Woods and Roy Reynolds, and in Kilmore Co. Tyrone with David Gilliland and David McAllister. A portable hall has been erected on the Woodside Road, Ballymena where John Rogers and Leslie Craig preached for seven weeks. David McGarvey and Paul McAuley were with the Parkgate assembly in Belfast for five weeks and saw blessing. In Armagh Gospel Hall, the gospel has been preached and a number saved in meetings conducted by John Fleck and Mark Turkington.

Meetings continued over the Easter period in Shanaghan with Stephen Gilfillan and Chris Beresford. Meetings were held in Killykergan by Andrew Nesbitt and Andrew Steele, and in Randalstown where Noel Fleck and Tommie Wright are preaching in a portable hall.
During May, special efforts are expected to commence in Portadown with John Rogers and John Fleck; in Cullybackey with Wesley Martin and David McGarvey; in Dundrum with Tommie Wright and Kenny Newell. In Cloughmills, Walter Boyd and Robin McKeown are erecting a tent for a gospel effort.

A.J. Higgins paid an appreciated visit to Kingsmoss for seven nights of ministry on Marriage and the Family. He also visited Glengormley for one night of ministry. Sam McBride intends to be at Albertbridge Gospel Hall for two weeks of ministry on the Feasts of Jehovah, illustrated with a large chart.


Glen Ewen, SK

June 16-19, in the Glen Ewen Gospel Hall with Prayer Meeting on Thursday, June 16 at 7:30pm. Friday: Bible Study 10:30am and 1:30pm, Prayer/Ministry 3:30 and 7pm. Saturday: Prayer/Ministry 10:30am and 1:45pm, Gospel 7pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10:30 am, Sunday school 1pm, Prayer/Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Bible Reading subject is “The Seven Parables of Matthew 13.” Contact Sidney Griffin, Tel: 306 925-2248; E-mail: sgriffin@sdcwireless.com.

Augusta, ME

June 25-26, with Prayer Meeting Friday, June 24 at 7pm. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 421 Old Belgrade Road, Augusta. Corr: Jim Thompson, Tel: 207 512-2636, E-mail: jptbooks@gmail.com.

Clinton, ON

July 23, 8th annual Summer Conference at the Gospel Hall, 143 Joseph St., beginning at 9am. For more information or Friday evening supper and overnight reservations, contact Marvin Bachert, Walton, ON. Tel 519 887-9791, or E-mail mwbachert @yahoo.com.

Westbank, BC

July 29-31, with Prayer Meeting on July 29 at 7:30pm in the Highway Gospel Hall, 2549 Hebert Road, Westbank. Saturday Bible Reading 10am (1 Corinthians 13), Ministry 2:30pm, Ministry/Gospel 7pm, Sing 9pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Sunday school 11:15am, Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 7:15pm. Meals will be provided. For accommodation, please contact in advance. Corr: Glenn Griffin, 3344 Elliott Road, Westbank, BC V4T 1P2; Tel 250 768-3343; E-mail griffarm@telus.net.

Conference Reminders:

Bancroft, ON – June 4

Burgessville, ON – June 4

Eden Grove, ON – June 5

Garnavillo, IA – June 4-5

Saugus, MA – June 4-5

North Bay, ON – June 11-12

Portage la Prairie, MB – June 10-12

Victoria Road, ON – June 18-19

Corner Brook, NL – June 25-27

Kirkland Lake, Englehart, Earlton, Charlton, ON – June 25-26

Taylorside, SK – June 24-26

Kamloops, BC – July 1-3

Change of Address

Please note new contact numbers for Jack and Ellen Saword, and new address for Joe and Penny Clark in the Address Book section of this issue.

Change of Correspondent

Omaha, NE (Omaha Gospel Hall): Mark Fitch, 11216 Cady Circle, Omaha, NE  68164. Tel 402 493-1674. E-mail: mfitch5@cox.net.


Thomas Watson of Cambridge, ON, on October 3, 2010, age 79. He was saved as a teenager while working in the field on the family farm in Kirkwall. He realized Christ died for his sins, and that was enough for him. He was in fellowship in Cambridge. He is survived by his loving wife, Leona, and six children and their families. He was predeceased by one daughter. The funeral service was taken by D. Nicholson, with F. Sona at the graveside.

Doreen Lemont of Eden Grove, ON, on January 7, age 79. She was born in Huntsville in 1931, and born again as a young woman under the preaching of Bert Grainger. Our sister was in fellowship at Eden Grove for many years until with failing health she was cared for by her daughter, and the remaining two years in a nursing home. She is survived by her husband of 50 years, Cecil. The large funeral was taken by Steven Vance who preached the gospel faithfully. Please pray for five children and their families needing salvation.

Isabel Canavan of Sydney Mines, NS, on January 20. Our dear sister trusted the Lord Jesus as her own personal Savior in her later years, was baptized at age 82, and received into fellowship of the assembly in Sydney Mines where she continued until her health declined. She is survived by a large family including one son, daughter-in-law, and one granddaughter in assembly fellowship. The funeral service was officiated by David Swan in the Gospel Hall.

Norman (Onnie) Brown of Sydney Mines, NS, on March 17, age 65. He was born June 22, 1945, born again June 10, 1972, and in fellowship in the Sydney Mines assembly meeting at 269 Yorke St. where he served as an elder until his health failed. Onnie is survived by his wife Joyce, daughter Cora, and four sons. One son and daughter-in-law are in assembly fellowship. The funeral in the Gospel Hall was officiated by David Swan.

Fern Schade of Clinton, ON, on Mar 24, age 90. Our beloved sister is remembered as the faithful, quiet wife of the late Irwin Schade, and as one who loved to read her Bible. Through John 5:24, she was saved October 20, 1980 at home during a gospel series at Walton, ON under the stirring preaching of the late Arnold Gratton and Ken Moore. She was baptized and received into fellowship at Clinton. She was a quiet, consistent believer, faithful to the assembly meetings, with a pleasant smile for all. In recent years, she was confined to the home for the aged in Seaforth, ON, and longed for her heavenly home. She will be missed by her son Larry (Betty), two granddaughters and spouses, four great-grandsons and spouses, and all the believers at Clinton. The funeral service was well-attended and the gospel was faithfully presented by her grandson-in-law, Glenn Pratt of North Bay, ON.

Myrna Baum-Ammann of Jackson, MI and San Diego, CA, on April 6, 2011, at 86 years of age. She was born and raised in Beetown, WI. She was saved at 13 years of age and later received into the assembly in Beetown.  She married Ronald Baum and moved to Jackson, where they spent most of their life together. After Ronald went to be with the Lord, she married Robert Ammann and spent part of the year in Jackson and the rest in San Diego. She was given to hospitality, and visiting the elderly and homebound. She had a love for the assembly and the Lord’s people. She leaves two daughters, Yvonne and Becky, and one son, Mark, who share her love for the Savior.

Geneva Hendrickson of Ontario, WI, on April 8, age 86. Our beloved sister was saved in 1960 and has been in the fellowship of the assembly here for a number of years. A faithful sister to her Lord, she sought to be a help to others in any way that she could. She will be missed by the saints. She was preceded in death by her husband, Earl, and two sons. Surviving are one son, Kent (Barbara), and three grandchildren. A good number attended the service held at the Gospel Hall. Robert Orr, Ronald Doll, and Brandon Doll shared the funeral, with Robert Orr speaking at the grave.

Dorothy Gritton of San Diego, CA, on April 6, age 76. Our sister was born in Toronto, Ohio and moved with her family to San Diego where she was saved in February 1967. She continued faithfully in assembly fellowship until her home-call. For many years Dorothy was a great help in getting unsaved to the gospel meetings.

Muriel Gratton of Waubaushene, ON, on April 11, age 81. Muriel was saved in February, 1947. After residing and working in the Midland area, she married Arnold Gratton and moved to Grand Bend in 1972. As a devoted wife and true helpmeet, she labored alongside her husband in the Lord’s work until debilitating illness first limited and finally curtailed activity among the Lord’s people. With her husband she truly appreciated visiting small assemblies in Ontario and eastern Canada, particularly in PEI. In 2004 Muriel and her husband moved to Elim Homes where both resided until his homecall in 2009, after which Muriel received loving care in a warm family environment. She is survived by her brother Edward Heels and his wife Dawn. The funeral was shared by Andy Fletcher and David McKinley.

Rose Evelyn MacKinnon of Charlottetown, PE, on April 19, age 82. Our sister was in the Charlottetown assembly and faithfully attended until health problems would not allow. She was predeceased by her husband, Sterling, a number of years ago, who was also in assembly fellowship. She leaves to mourn a son, a daughter, three grandchildren, three sisters, and five brothers. Please pray for a number of unsaved family members.