Editorial: Primer on Priorities

We give and hear ministry on the importance of priorities in the Christian life. To actually see believers make difficult choices because of their spiritual priorities is an even more eloquent sermon to us all. At times, the choices made come with a measure of sadness in light of what may be lost as a result of the individual’s decisions. For example, loved ones watch with mingled joy and sadness as a devoted couple leave all they have known and cherished to serve the Lord in a foreign land. Other actions may be less dramatic, yet still cause others that same “mingled joy and sadness.”

This editorial reflects the results of painful choices made by two of our esteemed contributors. These decisions were made on the basis of this same principle – priorities. For many years, the Q and A section of the magazine has been handled by David Oliver. His wisdom, spiritual insight, and balance have been evident to all who read this section. Unfortunately, he has asked to be relieved of this responsibility. In like manner, Peter Ramsay has asked to be relieved of his responsibilities to the Board of Truth & Tidings.

What these two brethren hold in common, among other qualities, is that both are among the most sought after men in North America. It is not just their conference speaking, ministry, or gospel preaching which are in demand, but both are sought after by young and old, individuals and assemblies, for counsel and help. The demands on their time, energy, and availability are significant. Yet, each realizes that time for their own spiritual life and for the work to which God has called them is what is the ultimate priority. As they have examined the demands on their time and the time they have available, they have had to choose on the basis of priorities. We, on the staff of Truth & Tidings,have lost.

While the magazine will suffer from their absence, their value to the assemblies in general can only be enhanced by recognizing, and living by, what is the ultimate guiding principle in their lives. We deeply appreciate all they have done for the magazine.

In light of the burden which handling the Q and A section has been, the Board of Truth & Tidings has decided to engage the help of a number of brethren, both local and full-time teachers, to answer questions in the magazine. Questions or comments should be directed to the editor.

The Board would also like to take this time to publicly recognize the invaluable efforts of our esteemed brother, Mr. Norman Crawford, who has for many years been the head of Truth & Tidings and who has raised the magazine to its present usefulness. Health concerns now limit his ability to actively contribute. Full recognition of all he has done for the magazine, and the Lord’s people, awaits a future day of review.