Calgary: There was a good spirit among the believers at the May conference, and the ministry was helpful. Seven brethren shared in the ministry and Bible study – Bryan Funston, Jack Gould, Jim Hanna, Bryon Meyers, George Patterson, James Ronald, and Gordon Williams.

Fort McMurray: Bryon and Joni Meyers were with the assembly for a visit. Our brother had ministry on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, and also shared in the gospel. The ministry was encouraging and challenging.

British Columbia

Salmon Arm: Please pray for a gospel outreach in the will of the Lord at the First Nation’s Elder’s Gathering, July 13-15, in this BC interior town. Bryan and Elizabeth Funston will be joined by Charlie and Joan Haws of the West Richmond assembly, with help from some Kamloops believers, to give out literature and engage people in conversation about the gospel.

Surrey: Many believers helped at the Gospel Booth at the Cloverdale Rodeo on the Victoria Day weekend in May. There were some good conversations and some genuine interest detected. One lady attended the Deep Cove Gospel Hall as a result of a conversation with one of the brethren.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Flowers Cove: The saints appreciated the visit of Pete and Elaine Smith for a week of children’s meetings in May. A good number of children attended.

Fogo: Bryan and Elizabeth Funston visited the Island after the Gander conference from April 5-8, and our brother had three nights of appreciated ministry.

Gander: On May 19, Gaius Goff spoke on VIP (Vision, Initiative, and Perspective) when it comes to gospel outreach. The saints were greatly encouraged to continue in the spread of the Word.

Gander Bay: The annual conference held over the Victoria Day weekend was very well attended. Appreciated help was given by full-time servants Wallace Buckle, Gaius Goff, and Carl Payne. Exercised brethren from the local area and two from Ontario also helped in ministry. Gaius Goff opened a very refreshing Bible study on Psalm 103, with good participation. The conference concluded with a gospel meeting where H. Torraville gave his testimony, and C. Payne and G. Goff followed with clear gospel messages.

L’Anse au Loup: John Fitzpatrick was here in late April for two ministry meetings and one in English Point. He then went on to Charlottetown, LB for their conference May 1-2. In mid-May, Peter Smith visited for a Lord’s Day and then gave ministry on three successive nights here, in Red Bay, and in English Point. The work continues here on the new Gospel Hall.

McIvers: The saints appreciated the ministry of John Fitzpatrick prior to his return home.

Rocky Harbour: The saints appreciated the visit of Pete Smith. Since the assembly is small, with Peter Mathews in the hospital in Corner Brook, help from the outside has been very much appreciated. A gospel effort under canvas is planned for this summer.


Clinton: The Christians were encouraged by the excellent attendance as well as the clear gospel that was presented by Andrew Robertson at children’s meetings at the hall. The gospel was also faithfully presented by Michael DeSilva Jr. at Ethel, a children’s outreach at a school. Although the attendance there was less, the believers were still encouraged. In recent weeks, the assembly appreciated ministry by Andrew Robertson, Al Cook, and Gaius Goff.

Newbury: Prayer is requested for a series of gospel tent meetings in the Cairo, ON area beginning July 25. Some blessing was seen in this area last summer and there are souls there needing salvation that are on the hearts of the saints. Brian Joyce and William Metcalf will be with the assembly for this effort.

Timmins: In late March, Al Cook gave one night of ministry followed by a message at the Sunday School treat on a Lord’s Day. The saints rejoiced to see a few visitors out. In early April, Fred Krauss gave two nights of ministry on the subject of events leading to the Lord’s return. Murray Pratt had one week of children’s meetings during the last week of April with a few children attending for the first time.

Toronto: During the first week of May, David Booth had an encouraging week of children’s meetings at Victoria Park, with two Sunday School scholars trusting Christ.

Hamilton: The assembly appreciated the weekend of timely ministry by A. J. Higgins on “Fundaments of the Faith.” The believers were also encouraged by recent visits from Uel Ussher, Crawford Brown, Mark Bachert, and Tom Baker.



Alpena: It was a delight to have a visit by Paul Thiessen and family during the last weekend in May. On the Lord’s Day, the assembly enjoyed help in meetings from three generations of the Thiessen family. In Springdale, Paul Thiessen, gave help by way of ministry and gospel in the Spanish language.


Hampton: The believers enjoyed visits from Harrys Rodriguez and Craig Saword during the last couple of months.


Saugus: Larry Buote visited the assembly recently with ministry enjoyed by the saints and gospel faithfully and solemnly presented. The conference in June was fairly well attended. Dan Shutt, David Vallance, and Gordon Williams were responsible for the ministry and readings on the subject of the Person of Christ. Their preparation and clarity of presentation proved helpful. Walter Gustafson also gave help in the readings. Outlines and CD’s are available at www.walnutstreetgospelhall.com. In the will of the Lord, annual summer children’s meetings are purposed for the first four Monday evenings in August. Please pray for this effort as well as the weekly gospel meetings which continue at the local rehab center.


Mesick: The assembly had a booth at the annual Mesick Mushroom Festival on Mother’s Day weekend where Seed Sower texts, fridge magnets, tracts, etc., were given out. The weather was very miserable for the first two days with snow falling at different times, but enough people came to make the effort worthwhile. Sunday turned to much fairer conditions and people arrived in numbers greater than usual. Eternity alone will tell the outcome of such efforts.

Saginaw: William Metcalf and William Lavery were present for the ministry meeting on June 6. The saints were blessed with encouraging ministry and clear gospel preaching.


Fridley: It was a very worthwhile two-week session in April when John Slabaugh and Stu Thompson facilitated Bible readings on “Things Most Surely Believed Among Us,” with good participation by local brethren. Commencing June 13 with an all-day meeting, children’s meetings are proposed from June 14-18, followed by a series of gospel meetings commencing June 20. Eric McCullough will be with us for these meetings.

New York

New York: Peter Ramsay visited the assembly in Flushing on May 8-9 and preached the gospel at the monthly outreach for ESL students. A large number from many countries such as Venezuela, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Chile, and Korea were in attendance and participated in a question-answer session at the end. On the Lord’s Day, he joined the Korean believers for the Breaking of Bread, and his ministry was appreciated. Recently, the saints rejoiced when a young lady from Seoul professed to be saved. We earnestly ask for your prayers for the upcoming annual conference and special ministry series in July.


Ciudad Obregon: On May 8, there were 115 present for the gospel meeting taken by John Dennison. Four women and six men obeyed the Lord in baptism that night. Daniel Barbour (Newfoundland) and Nathan Dennison (Hermosillo) have been a great help lately to Shad Kember and Duncan Beckett, who is to be joined in marriage to Bethany Kroeze (Arlington) on June 5, a welcome addition to the work in Mexico.

Cotaxtla: John Nesbitt had three weeks of fruitful gospel meetings in this rural town which is about an hour’s drive from the Port of Veracruz.

Hermosillo: In the south of the city, in the Tirocapes area, Tim Woodford and Cristian Lizarraga (Hermosillo) are in the second week of nightly gospel meetings in a rented building, encouraged with good attendance and interest. Eleonor Mosquera and young sisters of the assembly have held children’s Bible classes here over the last couple of years.

Ixtapa: Please pray for special gospel meetings to be held in this hall during the month of June.

Santiago: Marcus Cain had seven nights of ministry on the Feasts of Jehovah.

Tepic: Two sisters obeyed the Lord in baptism in May.


Clinton, ON

July 24, 7th annual summer conference at the Gospel Hall, 143 Joseph St., Clinton, ON, beginning at 9am on the theme “Time Management.” Proposed speakers are Peter Ramsay and Andrew Robertson. For more information, and Friday evening supper, and overnight family reservations, contact Marvin Bachert, Walton, ON; Tel 519 887-9791, or E-mail mwbachert@yahoo.com.

West Kelowna, BC

July 30-August 1, with Prayer Meeting on July 30 at 7:30pm in the Highway Gospel Hall, 2549 Hebert Road, Westbank. Saturday Bible Reading 10am (1 Corinthians 11), Ministry 2:30pm, Ministry/Gospel 7pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Sunday School 11:15am, Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 7:15pm. Meals will be provided. If accommodation is required, please contact in advance. Corr: Glenn Griffin, 3344 Elliott Road, Westbank, BC V4T 1P2; Tel 250 768-3343; E-mail griffarm@telus.net.

Akron, OH

September 4-5, in the Copley High School, 3797 Ridgewood Road, Copley. Friday: Prayer Meeting Friday 7:30pm in the Gospel Hall, 2705 Smith Road, Tel 330 867-3818. Saturday: Ministry 10am, and 1pm (Assembly of God – Its Teaching, Its Fellowship, Its Worship). Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am. Accom: David Metcalf, 3228 Blake Road, Wadsworth, OH 44281; Tel 330 334-9691; E-mail Dmetcalftt@msn.com. Corr: Kenneth Webb, PO Box 13350, Akron, OH 44334; Tel 330 666-9466.

Beetown, WI

September 6, in the Lancaster Senior High Auditorium, 806 E. Elm Street, Lancaster. Meetings begin at 10 am. Corr: Marvin Studnicka, 1026 Ridge Ave., Lancaster, WI 53813; Tel 608 723-7156 .

Kansas City, MO

September 4-5, in the Gospel Hall, 4603 E. Linwood Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64128; Tel 816 924-6346. Friday: Prayer Meeting 7pm. Saturday: Ministry 10am and 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Sunday: Bible Reading 9:30am (Philippians 3:1-15), Breaking of Bread 11am, Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 6pm. Corr: William Jackson, 1613 Ashland Pl, Blue Springs, MO 64051, Tel 816 228-3591.

Sault Ste. Marie, MI and ON

September 10-12, to be held in the Gospel Hall, 475 Wellington St. East, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Prayer meeting on Friday, September 10, at 7:30pm. Saturday: Meetings 10am, 1:30, 3:30 and 6:30pm. Lord’s Day: Meetings 10:15am, 1:30, 3:30 and 7pm Bible Readings at 1:30pm both days (Subject: The life of the Lord Jesus in the week leading up to his crucifixion). Corr: David West, Tel 705 945-9245; E-mail dcwest@shaw.ca; Hall 705 949-1101.

Arnstein, ON

September 17-19, in the Arnstein Gospel Hall, 10762 Hwy 522. Friday: Prayer Meeting 7:30pm. Saturday: Bible Reading 8:45am (Call to Genuine Christian Living, Matthew 5-7), Ministry 11am, 2pm and 7pm. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 8:45am (Psalm 69), Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Corr. and advance accommodations: Tom Dellandrea, Tel 705 757-0222; E-mail tomdellandrea@hotmail.com.

Conference Reminders:

Pugwash Junction, NS – July 3-4

Kamloops, BC – July 2-4

Sioux City, IA – July 17-18

Additions to Commended Workers Address Book 2010

Paul and Leah Barnhardt, 217 Spruce St, Audubon, NJ 08106; paulbarnhardt@msn.com; Tel 856 310-0804.

Isaiah and Silvia Frazier, P.O. Box 182 Blue River, WI 53518. E-mail isaias800@hotmail.com. (An apology as this was overlooked by us despite the assembly informing us of the commendation earlier in the year.)

Changes to Address Book 2010

Eric Fowler: new E-mail address is heaven4ever@inbox.com.

Stan and Vera Wells: 2137 Woodvale Dr., Burnaby, BC, V5B 4L8 Canada. (Phone and E-mail are unchanged.)

Change of Correspondent

Brampton, ON: John Selesnic, 18 Dorchester Drive, Brampton, ON L6T 3C6; Tel 905 793-5450; E-mail john.mar.slsnc@sympatico.ca.

Phoenix, AZ (Sunnyslope Gospel Hall): Paul Vizzini, 10318 N. 58th Lane, Glendale, AZ 85302; Tel 623 979-3285; E-mail azvizzini@yahoo.com.


Isabel Nixon of Port Alberni, BC, on March 4, age 89. Our dear sister was saved in 1934 while under the preaching of brethren Eddie Fairfield and William Williams in Vancouver, BC. She was in fellowship in Cedar Cottage (later renamed Victoria Drive) Gospel Hall and subsequently married Erol Nixon. In 1969, they moved to Vancouver Island where they were in fellowship with the saints at the Lathom Road Gospel Hall in Port Alberni. Predeceased by her husband in 2008, Isabel is survived by four children, ten grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren for whose salvation she longed. Given to hospitality, she is dearly missed by those who knew her. The funeral was taken by John Fairfield and Michael Nixon, while Matt Baxter spoke words of comfort at the graveside.

Pauline Smith of Cleveland, OH, on March 21, age 94. She was awakened to her need of the Savior through conversations with a sister from the Monticello assembly who worked next to her. Pauline began to understand that her good works would not take her to heaven, and after several conversations, trusted in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. She was baptized a few months later, and continued faithfully in the assembly for 37 years. Pauline was a quiet, consistent sister who had a cheerful disposition despite many sorrows in her life. Her late husband, Harold, passed away 30 years ago. She was unable to get to the meetings the last few years but continued to enjoy the Lord and His people. When the Christians visited her they came away blessed by her joy and contentment in the Lord. She is survived by her sister Rosie. The funeral service was taken by Art Pile and Bill Cairns took the graveside service.

Albert Barbour of St. John’s, NL on April 22, aged 90. (Though this obituary was published last month, more details have been received.)He was saved in the summer of 1946 through the words of Acts 16:30-31when a gospel tent was first pitched in St. John’s by Herb Harris and Doug Howard. His wife, Sadie, was saved four days later. When the assembly gathered to the Lord’s Name, the Barbours were two of the original believers in the fellowship. The Lord placed in him a shepherd’s heart and his leadership in the assembly will be greatly missed. He was vitally interested in the outreach of the gospel in other parts of Newfoundland and Labrador, and helped out whenever he could by building halls, gospel preaching, or Bible teaching. Always equipped with tracts or calendars, he seldom missed an opportunity to speak a brief word in the gospel to people he met. The Barbours have eight children, many grandchildren, and great-grandchildren – many are saved, but prayer is valued for those who are not. Eric Gill (St. John’s), his son Stephen Barbour (St. John’s), grandson Brent Taylor (Ottawa), and sons-in-law Gaius Goff and Kenneth Taylor took the large funeral.

Frank Gordon Dale of Elim Homes, Waubaushene, ON, on April 24, age 93. Gord was saved at 12 years of age through the influence of a godly uncle. He commenced study of the Scriptures at 15, and thus ably ministered the Word in Toronto and area assemblies. Most of his life was spent in the West Toronto and Rexdale assemblies. He spent three years in the Canadian Army Hospital in Horley, England during WWII, tending the wounds of friend and foe alike. He often held gospel meetings in the barracks where he saw a number of souls won to Christ. Gord and his wife Ruth moved to Elim in 1993 where she died two years later. They had one daughter, Linda, and a grandson, Mark. Gord was a real gentleman and has left large shoes to fill in the Waubaushene assembly. The funeral service was shared by his son-in-law Mike Frederiksen, Gary Sharp, and Andy Fletcher.

Viola Carlson of Cedar Falls, IA (formerly of Dunkerton), on May 5, age 82. She was saved in July of 1973 during gospel tent meetings being held in Dunkerton by David Adams and Fred Krauss. While pondering the words of the song “Christ for me,” she realized Jesus had died for her. Romans 10:9 gave her the assurance of salvation. Shortly thereafter, she was baptized and received into assembly fellowship where she was faithful until her home-call. She is survived by one son and one daughter, along with several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Russ Nesbit spoke at both the funeral service and at the grave.

Elvira Dittberner of Ashfield, MB, on May 8, age 67. Elvira was born in Germany and came to Canada with her family in 1954. She was saved at the age of 13 during a gospel meeting while singing the hymn “Just As I Am.” Together with her husband, Burke, they served the Lord faithfully for over 20 years at the West End Gospel Hall, Winnipeg, and then more than 20 years at Ashfield. Elvira had the wonderful gift of making everyone, especially strangers, feel very welcome. She kept the faith and was a great witness for her Lord during her illness in the last five years of her life. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her. Funeral services were taken by her son-in-law, Ken McCorkle. Richard Lawford spoke a word in the gospel at her memorial service.

Tom Heartley of Niagara Falls, ON, on May 8, age 89. He leaves behind his wife Betty, age 90 years, in a home for the aged, one son and family saved, a daughter, and many unsaved grandchildren. Please pray for the family. The gospel was faithfully preached at the funeral.