Fort McMurray: The Wood Buffalo assembly held its annual Sunday School Picnic June 21st. The gospel message was presented by Ian Crawford.

British Columbia

Kamloops: The conference was blessed with helpful ministry given by Andrew Bergsma, Jim Currie, Bryan Funston, Tom Hoy, Dave Richards, and James Ronald. A young man showed interest in the gospel.


Brandon: The assembly enjoyed visits recently from Gordon Williams, James Ronald, and Larry Buote.


Bancroft: Brian Crawford was with the Lakeview assembly for one week of children’s meetings in April. Following, Murray Pratt joined him for three weeks in the gospel. Please pray that the word spoken in these meetings will result in the salvation of some teenagers who showed an interest.

Cambridge: The saints were encouraged on May 7 with ministry from Frank Sona on “Separation.” Alex Dryburgh visited for Lord’s Day, May 25. Don Nicholson provided practical ministry on the assembly on June 1. Norman Mellish ministered June 7 while in the area, as did Peter Simms on June 11. Shawn St. Clair encouraged the assembly on June 30 with a report on the work of the Lord in El Salvador.

Hamilton: In May, the Kensington assembly appreciated two nights of timely ministry by E. Higgins. David Thomson visited the assembly, giving a report of the work in Columbia. Gary Sharp spoke to a large company at the Sunday School picnic, as well as being with the assembly for the Lord’s Day.



Alpena: The assembly appreciated gospel and ministry during the month of June by Harrys Rodriguez, Paul Thiessen, Tom Hoy, and Joel Portman, three of whom gave help in the regular Spanish gospel meetings in the area.


Cedar Falls: David Oliver had three nights of appreciated ministry with us on the Songs of Degrees during the month of June. Also in June, Andrew Bergsma had one night of ministry and a report of his work with the Hutterites in Manitoba.

Hampton: Craig and Jack Saword were to preach the gospel to Hispanic people here for two weeks starting June 29.


Methuen: The assembly was encouraged by the conference in April. Walter Gustafson, Bill Oliver, Bill Seale, and Frank Tornaquindici gave appreciated ministry. Following this, we enjoyed a visit from Jim Smith in early May, with ministry on “pairs of types that speak to us of Christ,” followed by a visit from Stan Wells with ministry and a searching gospel message. We look for the Lord’s help and blessing for our VBS week, August 11-15.

Saugus: We had the joy of hearing of one coming to Christ, the subject of prayer for over 50 years. Her late husband and his parents were in the Saugus assembly, and six of her children are in assemblies. Others in the family without Christ should be remembered in prayer. We purpose having children’s meetings on Monday evenings during July and August. As in past years, the surrounding communities are the focus of this work. We plan to post Gospel texts in stations, buses, and trains of the greater Boston transportation system. During this four-week campaign, several million riders will view God’s message of salvation.

Worcester: The assembly was encouraged by a visit from Melvin Mendez and family (Arkansas) for a week at the end of June to help in the Spanish work.


Deckerville: Jim Beattie and William Metcalf have had meetings here over the past several months. They commenced meetings July 9 for both unsaved and believers and will continue as the Lord leads. Three souls have been saved in recent months, encouraging the saints.

Jackson: Gospel meetings continued the sixth week into July with Murray McCandless and John Meekin. Two souls professed just before the meetings began and the Lord has continued to bless with a good number trusting Christ. Please pray for those newly saved, as many have a very limited background in the Scriptures.


Fridley: Gospel meetings with L. Perkins and S. Thompson concluded June 27 with two professing faith in Christ: a woman in her 30’s who responded to an invitation at her door, and a 6-year-old boy while visiting his grandparents. The children’s meetings, with a theme “God is Calling,” were well-attended.

New Jersey

Midland Park: Please pray for a week of Vacation Bible School purposed for August 11-15.

New Mexico

Albuquerque: Two weeks of gospel meetings in the hall with Wm Lavery and M. Smith ended June 15. Unsaved were present nightly. Matt preached the first week alone due to the Lavery’s loss of their home in a tornado just prior to the meetings. Bill stayed for two nights of appreciated ministry.

New York

East Aurora: We have appreciated recent visits from Jim Smith, George Patterson, and Glenn Moore. In February and March we had children’s meetings, with Gary Sharp taking the final meeting and staying for the Lord’s Day. Starting the end of April until mid-May, Jerry Jennings and Roy Weber had gospel meetings with a few unsaved in. We continue to pray for their salvation. Please pray for God’s help in making contacts and distributing many gospel texts at the America’s Fair in August again this year.


Akron: G. Sharp and D. Shutt started tent meetings in this area. We are thankful that a soul was saved in the first week.

Cleveland: Bill Seale was with the assembly for a week of youth meetings, then joined by John Slabaugh for two weeks of gospel meetings. The saints were encouraged when God visited in salvation.


Forest Grove: J. Jennings and R. Weber recently preached the gospel. Brother Jennings was called away due to the illness of his wife.


Bryn Mawr: The assembly appreciated a Lord’s Day visit from David Oliver and practical ministry on “Why we gather as we do.” The gospel was preached with freshness.

Hatboro: A week of prayer meetings preceded four weeks of gospel tent meetings beginning June 1. Marv Derksen and Jim Smith worked tirelessly and the meetings were well attended by people from the community. One women who works with some of the believers here, professed during the first week. Two other young women, who are Christians’ children, also professed. During the last week, David Petterson joined brethren Derksen and Smith to help with children’s meetings in the tent.


Arlington: The assembly is celebrating its 100th anniversary September 13-14. Saturday is for believers from other assemblies to be with us. Dinner will be served at 12 noon. Booths will be set up to show the history of the assembly; there will be a time of reflection. Those wishing to come please RSVP to Tim Klein, kleinta98223@hotmail.com, or Ed Rollins at e4mrol@aol.com. Sunday will be for those from the town and surrounding area, to let them know who we are, what we believe; the gospel will be presented. It will start with a lunch at about 1pm. Those from other assemblies wishing to stay over are welcome. We welcome any who have memories or pictures of their time in Arlington to share them with us ASAP.

Okanogan: John Fitzpatrick and Steve Myers had a tent here for two weeks in June,. The Lord gave a little encouragement with two visitors from the area professing faith in Christ.


Ciudad del Carmen:Eight believers obeyed the Lord in baptism June 22. There are 23 believers which form the new assembly which broke bread for the first time on July 6. Six of the 12 brethren in the assembly took part in worship. The gospel was preached on the Saturday night in a rented store front in another area of the island called San Nicolas. David Alves, Jr. continues to labor here.

Pachuca: Joel Portman was here and in Neza two weeks in June, helping the saints of the two small assemblies in the absence of Harrys Rodriguez.

Puerto Vallarta: John Nesbitt visited the Coapinole assembly for the first time on June 8 and preached the gospel to about 220 people. Five believers were baptized after the gospel meeting.

San Juan:There was good attendance at ministry meetings on church truth here. and on the last night, three believers obeyed the Lord in baptism.


Fort McMurray, AB

August 22-24, hosted by the Wood Buffalo Assembly. Prayer meeting Friday, August 22 at 7:30 pm. All meetings will be held in the Senior’s Activity Centre, 10111 Main St. Saturday: Ministry 10 am, Bible Reading 2 pm, Ministry 3:45 pm, Gospel 7 pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10 am, Sunday School 11:30 am, Ministry 2:30 pm, Gospel 7 pm. For information or accommodation, contact Sam Payne 780 715-0468, or Terry Lush 780 598-3712.

Arlington/Marysville, WA

August 29-September 1 (See details in July issue). The Bible Study topics are “The Christian and the Family,” “The Christian and Discipleship,” and “The Christian and their Bible and Prayer,” led by Gaius Goff, David Thompson, and Stan Wells. There will be no afternoon meeting on Monday, with the morning session ending at 1pm followed by lunch.

Huntsville, ON

August 30-31 in the Huntsville Centennial Center on Park Dr.; Tel: 705 789-6421. Meetings Saturday and Sunday are 10am, 2 and 7pm. Corr: David Traves, 10 A West Rd., Huntsville, ON P1H 1K9; Tel: 705 789-8420; E-mail: dhtraves@sympatico.ca

Sault Ste. Marie, ON/MI

September 5-7 in the Sault Ste. Marie Gospel Hall, 475 Wellington St. East, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Prayer Meeting Friday September 5 at 7:30pm. Saturday: Ministry 10am, 1:30, 3:30, and 6:30pm. Lord’s Day: Meetings at 10:15am, 1:30, 3:30, and 7pm. Bible reading topic will be “The Seven Utterances of Christ from the Cross.” Corr: David West, Tel: 705 945-9245; E-mail: dcwest@shaw.ca; Hall: 705 949-1101 (leave message).

Hardwick, VT

September 12-14, with Prayer Meeting, Friday at 7:30pm in the Gospel Hall, 153 Cherry Street. All other meetings in the Hardwick Elementary School (adjacent to the village junction of Rtes. 14 and 15). Saturday: Ministry 10am and 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Sunday School 11:15am, Ministry 2pm. Please give advance note for accommodations. Contact Bill Scott, Tel: 802 472-6257, or E-mail billsinvt@earthlink.net.

Chapman Valley/Parry Sound, ON

September 20-21 in the Chapman Valley Gospel Hall, Hwy #124 at Miller Road, 16 km west of Hwy #11. Prayer meeting Friday 7:30pm with supper served at 6pm. Breakfast served 8am both days. Saturday: Bible Reading 9am (Qualifications and Work of Deacons and Overseers). Sunday: Bible Reading 9am (The Good Shepherd and the Chief Shepherd), Breaking of Bread 10:15am. Chapman Valley Corr: Herb West, Box 870, Sundridge, ON P0A 1Z0. Tel: 705 384-5280. Parry Sound Corr: Tom Hulcoop, 9 Edward St., Parry Sound, ON P2A 2W5; Tel: 705 746-5919.

Midland Park, NJ

September 27-28, 67th Annual Conference with a Prayer Meeting on Friday, September 26 at 8 pm. Saturday: Prayer/Ministry 10:30am and 2pm, Gospel 6pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday School 11:45am, Prayer/Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6pm. Colin Raggett (Botswana) and Robin McKeown (N. Ireland) plan to be with us for the conference. Those needing accommodations, please contact David Hamilton, 75 Carol St., Ramsey, NJ 07446. Tel: 201 962-2916; E-mail: davidandjoyhamilton@gmail.com.

New Lenox, IL

September 27-28 with Prayer Meeting on Friday, September 26 at 7:30pm. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 13550 West Rt. 6, Mokena, IL 60448. Meetings on Saturday: 10am, 2pm, and 6:30pm. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 9am, Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Ministry 2pm. Corr: Brent Studnicka, 138 Wallace St., New Lenox, IL 60451; Tel: 815 463-9590; Hall: 815 485-9064.

Sussex, NB

October 4-5 in the Sussex High School, with Prayer Meeting at 7:30pm on Friday, October 3, at the Sussex Gospel Hall. Saturday: Ministry 10 am and 2:30pm, Children’s Meeting 1:30pm, Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday School 1pm, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. For information, contact Jim MacIntosh at 506 847-5863; E-mail macjames@nbnet.nb.ca. For accommodations, contact Trevor McClelland at 506 433-1234, or E-mail trevor@commercialtent.com.

Cape Breton, NS

October 11-12 in Memorial High School, Memorial Drive, Sydney Mines. Saturday: Prayer/Ministry Meeting 10am, Prayer/Bible Reading 1:30pm, Ministry 3:30pm, Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 8:30am, Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2:30pm, Gospel 7pm. Corr. Junior MacDonald, 1 Cambridge Ave., Sydney Mines, NS, BIV 2G4; Tel: 902 736-3133, or Melvin Bonnell, 853 Leitche’s Creek Rd., Sydney Mines, NS B2A 4A2; Tel: 902 794-3888. Accom: John Ingram, please call in advance 902 794-2691; E-mail j.p.ingram@ns.sympatico.ca . See also www.thegospel.ca for Bible Reading details.

Vancouver, BC

October 11-13 in the Burnaby South Secondary School, 5455 Rumble Street, Burnaby. Prayer meeting Friday 8 pm in the Victoria Drive Gospel Hall, 4659 Victoria Dr. Meetings on Saturday: Bible Reading 10 am, Ministry 2 pm, Gospel 7 pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30 am (Gospel Hall), Ministry 2:30 and Gospel 7 pm. Monday: Bible Reading 10 am, Ministry 2 pm. Bible Readings to be announced. Corr: P. Broadhead, Tel: 604 468-4979, E-mail: pbroadhead@telus.net.

Alpena, AR

October 25-26 in the Gospel Hall , 401 Lane St. Saturday: Bible Reading 2pm, with ministry following. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday School 11:30am, Ministry 1:30pm. For information or accommodations: Fred Stevenson, Tel: 573 364 8867, or Will Trowbridge, Tel: 479 665-4189.

Conference Reminders:

Westbank, BC – August 1-3

Akron, OH – August 30-31

Clementsvale, NS – August 30-31

Grand Prairie, AB – August 29-31

Kansas City, MO – August 30-31

Arnstein, ON – September 13-14

Hitesville, IA – September 20-21

Manchester, IA – October 4-5

Correspondent Address Correction:

Clinton, ON (Joseph Street): Keith Bachert, Box 329, Clinton, ON N0M 1L0; Tel: 519 526-7135; kjbachert@sympatico.ca (E-mail address corrected)

Change of Address

Marvin Derksen: updated phone number is 519 954-4176 (as in June Address List)

Bill and Linda Lavery: P.O. Box 1, Parkersburg, IA 50665-0001; Cell: 319 830-6412.

Eric and Beryl Parmenter: Hen Dy Ysgol, Heol -Y-Mynach, Old Ynysybwl, Pontypridd CF37 3PE (Wales); Tel: 01443 790714; E-mail: e.ep@virgin.net

Mitch and Lorie Parent purpose in the will of the Lord to serve the Lord in Nicaragua, expecting to go in mid-August. Their address meanwhile will be Box 1201, Englehart, ON P0J 1H0 until further notice.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Midland Park, NJ: Henry Carmichael, 100 Rock Rd., Apt. 92, Hawthorne, NJ 07506-1572; Telephone: 973 472-2072.


Grace DeGroote of Stout, IA, on May 15, age 92. She was saved February 8, 1962, while reading the booklet “God’s Way of Salvation” during meetings of Norman Crawford and Eric McCullough. She was baptized shortly thereafter and received into the fellowship of the Stout assembly. She leaves two children, six grandchildren and their spouses, and 11 great-grandchildren. She often expressed her desire that the family all be reunited in heaven by-and-by. Her nephew, Gary DeGroote, and Russ Nesbit shared in the funeral service held in the Stout Gospel Hall.

Mrs. Gladys Hodgkin of Straffordville, ON, on February 25, 2008, age 90. Gladys was saved in 1933 through the preaching of Mr. Albert Joyce and Mr. Tom Wilkie at meetings in this area, which she attended with her boyfriend, Charlie, who later became her husband. They were in the Straffordville assembly from their early years. Charlie predeceased her in 1976, and Gladys continued until recently when poor health made it impossible to attend. She always had a smile and an encouraging word for the speaker, and her cheery face is missed. The funeral service was taken by Lorne Langfeld and Wade Steers, and it was Gladys’ desire for her unsaved relatives and friends to hear the gospel.

David Ligon, 69, of Arlington, WA, on April 4. He was born in Washington, D.C. He moved to the Seattle area in 1967 where he met and married Esther Kroeze. About 20 years ago, they and their young family moved to Arlington where Esther had grown up and had been part of the assembly. They soon began attending Sunday school at the Arlington Gospel Hall. Dave’s comment was: “these men really know their subject, and always answer every question directly from the Bible.” He was also impressed with his need of salvation and trusted Christ as his Savior at tent meetings held by Norman Crawford and Harold Paisley. Soon after, he and Esther were received into the fellowship of the Arlington Assembly where he faithfully attended until prevented by his illness.

Edna Thurber of Garnavillo, IA, on May 13, age 96. Edna was saved in 1943 while attending meetings in Garnavillo by brethren Mr. Klabunda, and Mr. McBain. Mrs. Thurber came into fellowship, and was faithful in bringing her six children to the meetings even though it was many years before her husband Chuck was reached and saved. The last six years of her life were spent in Forest Grove, OR, where her son Norb and wife Ruth cared for her. She is remembered in Garnavillo as a happy Christian even in difficult times. Edna was preceded in death by her husband Charles in 1990, and is survived by her six children and their families. The funeral was taken by Al Christopherson, and a tribute to her life was given by her son Norb.

Mr. Cameron Mitchell of N. Ireland, on May 13, age 83. He was saved in February 1939 at meetings in Killycurragh, conducted by David Leathem. Later, after going abroad, he was received into the Cedar Cottage assembly, and was for some time in the Woodland Drive assembly, Vancouver. On his return to N. Ireland he was for over thirty years in happy fellowship in Cookstown assembly until prevented from attending the meetings by a protracted illness. Cameron contributed profitably and practically to the assembly, sharing in open-air work in the district. A large number attended his funeral conducted by William Taylor, Richard Nelson, and Jack Lennox. Prayer valued for his widow, son, daughter, and family circle.

Mrs. Enid McShane, wife of the late Albert McShane (evangelist) was called home peacefully on May 18, age 93. Saved as a girl in 1931, she was the longest surviving member of the assembly in Lurgan where she had a consistent and dedicated interest in the welfare of old and young. She survived her husband by six years and was for over sixty years a willing and self-sacrificing supporter of all aspects of his work for the Lord. Mrs. McShane was blessed with a remarkably clear mind to the end of her life and maintained a keen interest in the Lord’s work and people even in the years when health problems precluded her from attending the public gatherings of the saints. Her presence will be greatly missed by many, especially by all in the assembly at Lurgan, and by the family circle. The large and respectful funeral service from Lurgan Gospel Hall was conducted by E. Russell, J. G. Hutchinson, and D. Gilliland.

Mrs. Marie Swoffer of Phoenix, AZ, on May 21, age 90. Our dear sister was saved early in life while living in Michigan. She moved to Arizona and was in the Sunnyslope assembly until concern for her lengthy commute prompted her to transfer to the Garfield assembly. Her husband preceded her in death, and she remained a widow for many years. Always faithful to the assembly, she is missed by all. Her health failed the last month of her life, and a relative came to give her the needed care. Her request for private services was carried out in detail.

Samuel Williams of Austin, MB, on May 29, age 93. Sam was saved in 1931 when two evangelists came to the Pine Creek district to preach the gospel, and he was in assembly fellowship for 76 years. Sam’s life and testimony proved the reality of his commitment to Christ. Left to mourn his passing is his dear wife of 66 years, Ada (Watson), along with other family members. A large number from the community paid respects to Sam at the funeral and he will be missed by all in the assembly. The funeral service was taken by James Ronald, with Jack Gould speaking a word of comfort at the graveside.

Dorothy Patricca of Glendale, AZ, on June 26, age 87. Our dear sister was saved in February 1940, and later that year baptized and received into the Manchester, CT, assembly. For health reasons she and her husband moved to Phoenix, AZ, and were in the Phoenix assembly for four years before moving to Sunnyslope to be a part of the original assembly there in 1947. They will be remembered for their faithfulness and hospitality in serving the assembly for many years. Her husband Joe predeceased her in October 1996. Dorothy was a godly example to her family in showering love and prayers as a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She is survived by four children, five grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren, and her sister Charlotte Braithwaite. A large number of family and friends attended the funeral service which was shared by Byron Blumentritt and Paul Vizzini.

Edith Simmons of Toronto, ON, on June 26, in her 91st year. Born in Toronto, she was saved as a young girl of twelve years of age through Matthew 11:28. She said herself, “God spoke to me saying, ‘Come unto Me…’ and I just said, ‘I come.’” She spent most of her faithful life in the assemblies in Toronto, with a few years also in London and Grand Bend. The characteristic of her life was highlighted at her funeral by the solitary word, “dedication.” John Adams (acquainted with her since childhood) and George Telfer took the funeral, with Steve Kember at the graveside. Pray for some nieces and nephews not saved.

Mrs. Esther Denyer of Anchorage, AK, on June 28, age 82. Our dear sister was born again March 22, 1953, and had been very faithful in fellowship with the Christians who gather at the Dimond Blvd Gospel Hall since 1973 when she moved to Alaska with her husband and youngest son. She was a delightful, happy lady who loved the gatherings of the Lord’s people, but had a heavy burden for the salvation of her children. She was predeceased by her husband Bob in 1978. Esther was very gifted as a Sunday school teacher and a real encouragement to many. The funeral service was conducted by Tommy Thompson at the funeral home and Don Bang at the cemetery with Dave Balsan sharing in prayer. The gospel was faithfully preached and prayer is requested for two sons and a daughter who are not saved.

Dorothy Kluiter of Antioch, IA, on June 28, age 88. Dorothy was saved in April 1939 after being spoken to by an aunt and attending a few meetings. She was received into the fellowship of the Hitesville assembly, remaining there until entering a nursing home, after which she was in fellowship in the Antioch assembly. She loved the gospel and often spoke to others of their need of a Savior. Dorothy was marked by “godliness with contentment” and known for her hospitality. Her husband, Albert, predeceased her in 2004. Surviving are three sons, Dallas, Darwin, and Allen, their spouses, and families. The funeral from Hitesville Gospel Hall was shared by Russell Nesbit and Robert Orr.