Fort McMurray: Gordon Williams was with the Wood Buffalo assembly for the first weekend of May when he gave excellent soul-searching ministry and shared in the gospel.

British Columbia

Kamloops: Peter Smith and Jim Webb had a two-week gospel effort at Westsyde Gospel Hall in May. Please pray for the outcome of these meetings.

Vancouver: The Deep Cove assembly had the joy of baptizing four ex-Hutterites in May. Jack Gould and Dennis Walker (Portage) were present for the happy occasion. Jack Gould continued for three nights of ministry. Robert Eadie, Jack Gould, and David Hunt shared the monthly ministry meeting that weekend.

At the May monthly missionary meeting in South Burnaby, Robert Eadie and David Hunt spoke of different aspects of the work of the Lord in which they are engaged, and Dennis Walker gave a brief report on the shipping ministry that supports missionaries in Zambia.

Gospel meetings at Victoria Drive, with Robert Eadie and David Hunt, continued in May with good interest and some encouragement. Children of a number of families were under the sound of the gospel on a regular basis.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Goose Bay: In March, David Heirlihy, David Hunt, Terry Hunt, Joel and Stephen Leger, and Matthew Swan left here by snow machine for the Labrador coast, covering homes from Rigolet to Nain with gospel literature. The Lord protected them and gave opportunities to spread the living Word to these isolated people.


Clinton: The assembly appreciated Bruce Cottrill’s visit for a Lord’s Day in March and also Fred Krauss’ ministry on prophecy during his visit. The assembly is encouraged by the attendance of a young lady who professed faith in Christ during a recent visit to Nicaragua.

Lambton Shores: The Lake Shore assembly continues its youth work, and more concentrated efforts are planned for the summer, Lord willing. Children attend from a nearby First Nation’s reservation. Other families from the area have been contacted with the gospel, and some are attending. Gary Sharp had an appreciated visit on March 16. Wm. Metcalf helped out on April 20.

Port Sydney: The Deer Lake assembly appreciated the visit of Brian Crawford for a weekend in March. Brian Owen was with the assembly for a week of well-attended children’s meetings and a ministry meeting in April.

St. Thomas: On August 26, the assembly held a farewell meeting for Rachel Vance. She is going to serve the Lord in Asha Kendra and Siliguri, India, in association with brother Raghu and his wife, Lydia, commended workers in that area. The meeting was shared by John McCandless, Larry Steers, and Wade Steers. Brian Kember assisted Stephen Vance in the gospel.


In late February, David Hunt, along with some who have helped in this work the past four years, travelled the Quebec North Shore by snow machine to nine different communities. They distributed a package of gospel material containing a Joyful News calendar, Via magazine, John 3:16 fridge magnet, plus a variety of gospel tracts. The team included Irving Payne, Chad Foreshew, Roger MacIntyre, David Clingen, and Mark Curry from Ontario, and Vernon Buckle and Freddie Barney from Labrador.



Alpena: The assembly enjoyed a visit by Tom Baker during the last weekend in April. He gave helpful ministry and also used the opportunity to preach the gospel at the Spanish meeting in Springdale. During recent home visits by Jack Saword and Melvin Mendez in Springdale, there was joy when a young Hispanic professed salvation. Prayer is appreciated for the on-going work in the area.


Phoenix: Shad Kember and Shad Sluiter were in their third week of gospel meetings as of May 1 in the Spanish- speaking assembly in W. Phoenix. Very good attendance on Sundays led to this effort on a daily basis. About 35 unsaved were reported to have come, and a number were returning regularly. A friend of a sister in the assembly professed to be saved.

Sunnyslope: Meetings in Spanish continue on Friday nights to reach Hispanics in the area.


Brookfield: The assembly recently concluded another encouraging series of weekly children’s meetings. A good number of parents attended several nights. Please pray that the seed sown in these meetings will result in the salvation of these children and their families.


Cedar Falls: The 98th annual joint Waterloo and Cedar Falls conference was well attended. Ministry by 16 of the Lord’s servants was profitable and Christ-exalting. In addition, Cedar Falls had appreciated visits by Jack Gould and Stu Thompson to minister the Word.

Hampton: The assembly enjoyed a week of ministry with Jim Allen of Northern Ireland on “Assembly Figures and Practices.”

Stout: The recent conference had very good attendance and was a time of encouragement for the assembly. Fifteen of the Lord’s servants shared in the ministry and gospel.


Saugus: Allen McCandless (Sussex, NB) spoke at the annual Sunday School Treat, and presented the gospel clearly from the story of David and Mephibosheth. A clergyman from the Lutheran Church and many unsaved members of the children’s families were present.

William Seale preached the gospel at the rehab center. Many showed great interest and asked many questions. Please pray for this work.


Sherman: The assembly planned a Seed Sower booth at the annual Mesick Mushroom Festival for the 13th consecutive year, May 9-11. The prayers of the Lord’s people would be appreciated for the Lord’s blessing on gospel literature that will have gone to the various homes.


Minneapolis: A gospel series is to commence June 15 in the Fridley Gospel Hall with Larry Perkins and Stu Thompson. It will be preceded by a week of children’s meetings shared by Stu Thompson and local brethren.

New Jersey

Livingston: The saints were strengthened by the three weeks of gospel meetings that began in March with John Meekin and Frank Sona. Visitors came almost every evening and heard clear gospel messages. Two children of the saints professed to be saved. It was a joy to see many visitors and young people at our annual conference. The efforts of Jim and Lois Thompson in bringing books and Bibles was much appreciated. Ministry was provided by W. Gustafson, D. Petterson, M. Procopio, F. Sona, and F. Tornaquindici. Dr. M. Renzi (Barrington) spoke in the gospel.

North Carolina

Denver: The assembly was encouraged by the baptism of a young believer on March 30. The kindness of the Hickory saints was appreciated in allowing us the use of their hall for a joint gospel meeting to facilitate the baptism.


Akron: William Lavery ministered from the Gospel of Luke. Robert Surgenor gave ministry on the Ark of the Covenant. James Smith considered Old Testament pictures of the resurrection and the Spirit of God in 2 Corinthians. The believers appreciated the variety of ministry. Please pray for a gospel tent series to begin, Lord willing, the end of June.

Clyde: Robert Surgenor was with the assembly for visits recently. He also visited the Lorain assembly. We look forward to a visit from Norman Crawford and Matt Smith.

Mansfield: James Smith was with us and gave encouraging ministry in April.

Steubenville: On April 20-24, the assembly welcomed Robert Surgenor for ministry on OT men of whom it was written, “And the child grew” (Isaac, Moses, Samson, and Samuel).


Hatboro: This season’s final Philadelphia area monthly ministry meeting was held in April. The subject was “The Believer and Witnessing.” Don Draper of Pennsauken gave stirring ministry on Personal Witnessing. Walter Gustafson handled the portion on Public or Assembly Witnessing, reminding us of the many aspects of the assembly that are a witness.


With regard to Cyclone Nargis which devastated this country on May 3rd, it has been reported that hotels are closing down due to lack of food supplies and all foreigners are being temporarily removed to Thailand. Brethren in the delta report that the situation is terrible, and the tragedy has intensified their already miserable conditions. It has been estimated that some 60,000 people are dead or missing, and at least 1.5 millions people affected. In some areas they have actual halls and at the one locality at Insein, all has gone! Please pray for our brethren and sisters in this land.

St Lucia

Jack Nesbitt helped close a four-week tent series at Ciceron. In April he was in the third week of a gospel series in a rented building called the Fathers Center in the Bogius Valley. The work began here 25 years ago and resulted in the establishing of the assembly at La Gare. Brethren saved then now shared the preaching in this effort. This series is most encouraging, with people in nightly from the area. “We leave the results of the sowing with the Lord.”


Burgessville, ON

June 7, at Burgessville Gospel Hall. Meetings start at 10am with lunch and supper provided. Expected speakers are David Booth, Bryan Joyce, and Peter Simms. Corr: Luke Winkels, Tel: 519 532-0796.

Augusta, ME

June 21-22, at the Gospel Hall, 421 Old Belgrade Road. Prayer Meeting , Friday, June 20 at 7:30pm. Corr: Jim Thompson, Tel: 207 512-2636; jptbooks@gmail.com.

Glen Ewen, SK

June 19-22, with Prayer Meeting on Thursday the 19 at 7:30pm. Bible Reading will be on the subject of “Similes of the Assembly.” Meetings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be at 10:30am, 1:30, and 7pm. Communications to Sidney Griffin, Tel: 306 925-2248.

Kamloops, B C

June 27-29, in Westsyde Gospel Hall, 849 Wawn Rd. Friday: Prayer/Ministry 7pm. Saturday: Bible Reading 9am (1 Peter 4), Ministry 11:15am and 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Sunday School 11:30am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Meals served Saturday and Lord’s Day – Breakfast 8am, Lunch 12noon, Supper 5pm. Accom: John Eggers 3664 Westsyde Rd. Kamloops, B. C. V2B 7H6; 250 579-8814; jfeggers@telus.net; Hall: 250 579-5850

Pugwash Junction, NS

July 5-6, preceded by a Prayer Meeting, Friday, July 4, at 7:30pm. Breaking of Bread 10am. Order of meetings as usual. Subject of Bible Readings: Saturday, Isaiah 42:1-12, Sunday, Isaiah 52:13-15, 53. Corr: Harold Elliott, R.R.#1, Wallace, N.S. B0K 1YO; E-mail: wiretrap@ns.sympatico.ca; Tel: 902 257-2206. For advance accom: Jerry Thompson, Tel: 902 243-3112; E-mail: wallwash@hotmail.com.

Conference Reminders:

Saugus, MA – May 30-June 1

Garnavillo, IA – June 6-8

North Bay, ON – June 6-8

Portage la Prairie, MB – June 12-15

Victoria Road, ON – June 13-15

Cornerbrook, NL – June 27-29

Kirkland Lake, Englehart, Earlton, Charlton, ON – June 27-29

Change of Address of Correspondent

Newmarket, ON: Timothy Scheer, 134 Compton Cres., Bradford, ON Canada L3Z 2X9; (905) 898-4369; tescheer@netzero.com

Change of Correspondent

Clinton, ON (Joseph Street): Keith Bachert, Box 329, Clinton, ON N0M 1L0; Tel: 519 526-7135; kjbackert@sympatico.ca

Lambton Shores, ON (Lake Shore Gospel Hall): Russell Fuller, 8638 Vance Dr., Box 11 Pinetree Estates, R. R. # 5, Forest, ON N0N 1J0; Tel: 519 786-6229; fullru@xcelco.on.ca


Rudolph Goetz of Clinton, ON, on March 28, age 72, after a short battle with cancer. Rudy’s wife, Ingrid, who is a faithful sister, lovingly brought him to assembly meetings for many years. We rejoice that he was saved this past January and are confident he is now with the Lord. The funeral service in the hall was shared by his son, Ralph, and local brethren Larry Schade and George Patterson. Fred Krauss shared in the committal. Please pray for Ingrid, and that their family will flee to the Savior.

May Cole of Taylorside, SK, on April 8, age 94. Our dear sister was saved in 1928. Her devotion to reading the Scriptures and praying was evident to her final days on earth. Her husband Bert predeceased her. Remember in prayer her son Douglas (Dora), two grandchildren and spouses, and four great-grandchildren. The service was taken by Murray Meyers, with David Taylor at the graveside.

Ruth Taylor of Taylorside, SK, on April 11, age 91. Our dear sister received the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior as a young girl. Following reception to the assembly, she faithfully attended the meetings until failing health this winter prevented her from doing so. She was known for her hospitality. Her husband, Alfred, predeceased her. God graciously saved their three children, and prayer is requested for the grandchildren. Jim Taylor and Bernard Taylor shared the service, with John Parker at the graveside.

Robert (Bob) Hugh Rae of Sarnia, ON, on April 15, age 84. Bob was saved December 2, 1956, during a gospel series conducted by the late Lorne McBain in Sarnia. He was baptized and received into the fellowship of the assembly, where he continued, and for a number of years was a faithful overseer and an encourager, and until his health failed, was a supporter of the assembly meetings. His wife, June, was a faithful helpmeet to him during these years. He leaves to feel his loss his wife, two daughters, Dianne and Rebecca and their husbands, and two sons, David and Rob and their wives, all saved, and seven grandchildren. William Metcalf spoke words of comfort and the gospel at the funeral and graveside. John Prins closed in prayer.

Idabelle Studnicka of Beetown, WI, on April 23, age 70, after suffering from leukemia. She was saved as a teenager at meetings of the late Sam Hamilton. She left a consistent testimony in the community that was reflected in over 700 at the visitation, and over 350 at the funeral service. She leaves her husband, Marvin, correspondent of the assembly, a son, and two daughters, all saved. She will be missed in the assembly and by all who knew her. Dick Bruley of LaCrosse, WI, and Eric McCullough shared the funeral service.

Anna Courvoisier (nee Simms), Unionville, ON, on April 16. She was born in Arnstein, ON, in 1915, saved at a young age, and in fellowship in Brock, Pape, and Unionville assemblies. She had a happy, cheerful countenance, and the last number of years had a longing to be with the Lord Whom she loved. She was in Bethany Lodge for the past 17 years and in the past few weeks was confined to bed before the Lord called her home. She had no family of her own but was loved by many of her nieces and nephews to the third generation. A large number of relatives and friends attended her burial service which was taken by three nephews and Don Nicholson.

Desmond Prins of Sarnia, ON, on April 22, 2008, as a result of a snowboarding accident at age 22. Our young brother was the son of John and Ann Prins and had recently moved to Calgary, AB. Ten days before his death he spoke in the gospel in Calgary on the brevity of life and the meaninglessness of living a life without God. His private journal entries revealed a deepening fellowship with his God. His friends and family spoke of his generosity, patience, and kindness as well as his warm smile. Desmond trusted Christ through John 3:16 at the age of 9. Over nine hundred people attended his funeral from various parts of North America and elsewhere. Dave Prins (brother of Desmond), Ben Prins, and Jim Vallance (uncles) gave reflections on Desmond’s life. Peter Ramsay spoke in the gospel and Steve Kember gave words of comfort at the grave, where Gene Higgins and David Oliver prayed. Please pray for John and Ann Prins and their remaining children: Dave, Seth, Brennan, and Lenie as well as his grandparents, Albert and Mae Hull and Martin and Mary Prins, and others in the large family circle and Desmond’s young friends. Desmond will be missed by so many. May lives be changed as a result of his brief life!