Calgary: The conference, sponsored by the saints in the West Hillhurst assembly, was encouraging and enjoyed by those who attended. Ministering brethren included S. Wells, G. Williams, B. Meyers, B. Funston, S. Kember, and J. Clark. The number of young saints in attendance was encouraging.

Edmonton: The saints are looking forward to a Seed Sower distribution July 12-18, D.V. This will be followed by tent meetings until August 6 with R. Vanstone and M. Backert. Please pray.

British Columbia

Port Alberni:, As a result of the ministry one Sunday, a college student asked to be received into the assembly.

Vancouver: The meetings in Victoria Drive ended May 18 after four weeks. The Lord richly blessed with a few souls confessing Christ. A Saturday night Spanish gospel meeting was held throughout the series and is being continued by local brethren.

New Brunswick

Fredericton: The assembly enjoyed recent visits for ministry by B. Owen and W. Gustafson. Our sister Charlene Smith had surgery on her right shoulder and arm on May 28 in St. John to remove scar tissue that was causing compression on the nerves. The surgeon gave encouragement that there should be evidence of some healing of the nerves in 3 to 6 months. Thank you for your continued prayers for the Smith family.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander: Gospel meetings with G. Goff and B. Joyce ended May 15. Although not many came from the community, the meetings were an encouragement to the Lord’s people and were valuable for the younger in the faith.

Gander Bay: The annual conference May 16-18 was a profitable time around the Word. Those ministering the Word were F. Bartlett, B. Bingham, L. Cain, G. Goff, C. Hiscock, B. Joyce, and P. Mathews.

St. John’s: From May 19-25, Gaius Goff was with the assembly for Bible studies each night on Assembly Truth. The meetings were very profitable and centered on the subjects of Gifts and Priesthood.

Nova Scotia

Barrington Passage: In mid-August, J. McClelland and A. Hull plan to pitch a tent. They would value the prayers of the Lord’s people for this effort, as much labor has been put into the area in past years.

Digby: J. McClelland, helped by local brethren, plans to commence gospel meetings at the end of June as a follow-up from last year’s meetings. Prayer is requested.

New Glasgow: Meetings are in their third week with some interest. E. Fowler and B. Barkhouse (Nineveh) are encouraged with some blessing.

River Hebert: N. Burden paid an encouraging visit April 24-27. K. Taylor spoke at the closing young people’s meeting on May 9. A number of adults and children were present, some for the first time. Please pray that the Lord will enlarge this small assembly which has only seven in fellowship. The Friday evening work has seen a number of children attend, some of whom come to the gospel meeting on Sunday.

Sydney: D. Swan and M. Bonnell are continuing in the gospel into their fifth week. There has been some interest generated and they look to the Lord to give blessing in salvation.

Wallace River: A. Hull and Wm. Bingham plan, DV, to commence tent meetings July 6. Eddie Wong hopes to help with children’s meetings.


Arnstein: The saints have enjoyed visits in the last few months from Murray and Bruce Poidevin, Brian Crawford, Alex Dryburgh, Bruce Rodgers, and Alvin Cook. Also, two meetings on personal commitment with David Booth were profitable. A baptism was planned for June 23.

Barrie: M. Pratt and S. Vance are laboring here. A few have been coming, and the prayers of the Lord’s people are appreciated.

Brampton: The winter children’s work concluded in mid-April with many parents out on the final night. M. Derksen spoke in Orangeville and F. Sona spoke on the final night in Brampton. Please pray for tent meetings to begin on July 6 in Chinguacousy Park with D. Booth and J. Jarvis. The meetings are Sunday-Friday at 7:30pm. Please pray for tent meetings planned in the Orangeville area for August. Brother Jarvis and local brethren have been active in children’s work and home Bible study in this area for the past several months.

Clinton: The saints appreciated ministry and gospel by J. Nesbitt during a visit on May 4.

Clyde: The saints were blessed with very practical ministry from D. Booth, May 26-28. Please pray for tent meetings planned for July, D.V., in the heart of Cambridge with F. Sona and M. Derksen. A Seed Sower distribution is also planned prior to the commencement of the series. This is the second year in the same location, and we pray that the Lord will bless.

Forest: D. Shutt had a week of children’s meetings as an outreach from the Lakeshore assembly.

Hamilton: In May, the Kensington assembly appreciated a week of Christ-exalting and practical ministry by J. Smith, using his chart on the Garments of the High Priest.

Oil Springs: The believers here are looking forward to a series of gospel tent meetings with J, Beattie and Wm. Metcalf, beginning July 27, D.V.

Peterborough: Our conference on May 3 was very well attended, with the timely and profitable ministry shared by seven speakers. A number of nearby assemblies were represented and a number of young Christians were present.

Sudbury: E. Bagdley was with the assembly for the April ministry meeting and remained for the Lord’s Day when a young lady was baptized. Visits from A. Cook and P. Smith were also appreciated. Prayer is requested for tent meetings beginning June 29.

Thunder Bay: R. Surgenor gave appreciated ministry for three nights and R. Boyle for one week in April. P. Smith also visited for a night in both April and May.

Timmins: The assembly here appreciated a visit from R. Surgenor with a week of ministry meetings. P. Smith also spent a week night with us when he gave an update on the work on the Prairies. The assembly was also encouraged when a young couple, saved at New Year’s, was received into fellowship in April.

Toronto: A Seed Sower effort will take place in early July preceding tent meetings starting July 13 in Scarborough, in which P. Ramsay, L. Steers, and S. Vance will be sharing. There are many Chinese immigrants in this area who have an interest in the Word of God and the gospel. Some from among these have been saved over the last year.

Wallaceburg: The saints were encouraged and souls were saved during five weeks of gospel meetings with J. Beattie and Wm. Metcalf. Among these were a 79 year old woman whose husband had been saved a number of years ago, and three sons of the Christians.

Prince Edward Island

The five island assemblies held their 53rd Conference in May with 12 of the Lord’s servants present to give challenging, solid, and straight-forward ministry and gospel to 700-800 present.

Charlottetown: The Christians were cheered and encouraged with four nights of ministry from J. McClelland on the Offerings in Leviticus. Please pray for gospel meetings in the hall during July by P. Orasuk and J. Meekin of N. Ireland.

Rosebank/Springfield: R. McIlwaine and M. McCandless will be under canvas in mid-July for the fourth season. The Lord has saved a number of souls and many of whom are in assembly fellowship.



New Lenox: The May conference was encouraging with helpful and practical ministry given by A. Dryburgh, J. Jennings, M. McCandless, E. McCullough, L. Perkins, W. Skates, G. Sharp, J. Smith, and R. Weber. The assembly also appreciated a visit from Marcus Cain in mid-May.


Cedar Falls: During the month of May the Christians enjoyed a visit from Aubrey Kelly who gave appreciated ministry and an update on gospel work in Mexico.


Frostburg: The conference May 10-11 was well attended with excellent ministry given by nine brethren with a focus on fruit of the Spirit. A young lady professed salvation during the gospel meeting.


Byfield: The believers appreciated a visit by Dan Shutt for a night of ministry in April. In May, the 119th annual conference was well attended. Six of the Lord’s servants were present to minister the Word to the edification of God’s people. The gospel meeting was well attended, and the gospel faithfully preached.

Methuen: Following a good response to a Seed Sower distribution, the three week gospel series starting May 11 with S. Wells and D. Hunt saw visits from several unsaved people. The saints were encouraged and continue to pray that the seed sown will still bring forth fruit. D. Hunt, J. Smith, and S. Wells gave timely and encouraging ministry on June 1.

Watertown: The recent annual conference was well attended, and the ministry a great help and encouragement to all. The speakers included M. McCandless, R. McIlwaine, P. Ramsay, and F. Tornaquindici. The believers were also encouraged with recent visits by A. Dryburgh and W. Gustafson. Believers from the Cambridge assembly joined for these occasions. A special dinner was held on May 18, and ten unbelievers stayed for the gospel meeting following, joined by three strangers who also came. All listened well as F. Tornaquindici preached the Gospel.


Laurium: L. Perkins and S. Thompson plan on eleven nights of gospel meetings commencing June 22 in the hospitality room of the local AmericInn. This, as best as can be determined, will be the first time a gospel series has been held in the area in 25 years. The assembly is very small and will value the prayers of the believers for this effort.

Livonia: The assembly meeting in the Stark Road Gospel Hall will be celebrating its 75th anniversary November 22-23, D.V. Anyone interested in details can contact Dave Vallance (davidvallance@sbcglobal.net).

Saginaw: Ministry by Wm. Metcalf and S. Vance warmed the hearts of God’s people at the June 1 all-day meeting. On June 8, Wm. Lavery joined Wm. Metcalf in gospel tent meetings.

Sherman: A gospel series is to commence July 6 with Bill Lavery and Elton Decker (from Stark Rd).


Minneapolis: After nine years of meeting in homes and community centers, the assembly is before the Lord with regard to acquiring a permanent meeting place. Please pray for them in this exercise.

New Jersey

Barrington: Joseph Chung, who labors among Koreans in New York City, paid a visit to the assembly and gave a useful and encouraging report.

Livingston: The saints will be holding gospel meetings on Lord’s Day in a local park beginning June 8 and continuing for the summer. Prayer would be appreciated. The annual conference in May was one of the largest ever. There was excellent ministry and gospel by brethren Gustafson, Higgins, McCandless, Oliver, Slabaugh, Tornaquindici, and Vitale. The fellowship of the saints was sweet.

Longbranch: A Seed Sower event for the week of July 20 will be followed by gospel meetings. Prayer from the saints for safety and fruit from this effort would be appreciated.

New Mexico

Albuquerque: Dan Shutt and Matt Smith (Jackson, MI) plan to begin a series of gospel meetings here on June 22.

North Carolina

Hickory: In May, David Petterson and Darris Barney (Iowa) had four weeks of meetings in Denver as an outreach of the Hickory assembly. We had the joy of seeing a man from the community and a teenage boy profess to be saved. Our conference on Memorial Day weekend was well attended with practical and profitable ministry.


Akron: The assembly appreciated visits from B. Lavery and F. Sona. Please pray for tent meetings to begin July 6, DV, with G. Higgins and D. Oliver.

Cleveland: Frank Sona was expected in early June for a week of children’s meetings.

Steubenville: J. Frazier (Blue River) and A. Ward were encouraged after the third week with some good visits in door to door work. Over 1,500 Seed Sower packets were distributed. A young married woman, whose husband has been in the assembly here for about one year, was saved. There have been a few new visitors which is encouraging to the small assembly.


Grants Pass: B. Funston and J. Fitzpatrick, along with seven visiting local brethren, gave appreciated help in the Memorial Day Conference with over 100 present. One of the highlights was the testimony meeting with six brethren taking part.


Hatboro: At the monthly ministry meeting, helpful ministry was given by E. McCullough and Wm. Oliver. Eric McCullough remained with the assembly for two nights of ministry.


Matoaca: Robert MacLeod (Hickory, NC), along with local brethren, had two weeks of gospel meetings with a number attending. The assembly was encouraged.


Arlington: H. Bouwman and B. Funston gave helpful ministry May 4th at the combined Arlington-Marysville monthly ministry meeting.


Blue River: Gospel meetings with J. Smith and Wm. Seale closed on May 7 after 4 weeks. One of those who professed was a young Catholic lady.

Hayward: A. Ward finished two weeks of gospel meetings on May 2. The Lord graciously worked in the salvation of the husband of a woman who professed five years ago in that area. Others attended the meetings and brother Ward hopes to return late this fall to follow up those contacts.

N. Ireland

Ahoghill: W. Fenton from Ballintoy and a local brother, D. McLean, are getting good numbers in to hear the gospel preached nightly in the hall here.

Ballygawley: A. Wilson and S. Nelson from Omagh, who have been recently commended to the Lord’s work, have commenced meetings in a portable hall in this country district.

Clones: S. McBride has commenced a series of gospel meetings in the gospel hall in Clones.

Dundrum: B. Glendinning and R. Fairley are preaching outside the village in a portable hall. Numbers are small but a few from the area have been in to hear the gospel preached.

Glenanne: John Rodgers from Newry, now a commended worker, has joined with Harry Wilson from Brazil in a series of gospel meetings in the new hall here. Numbers have been encouraging.

Killycurragh: S. Maze and R. Eadie have commenced gospel meetings in the assembly here outside Cookstown.

Kilrea: J. Martin and W. Martin have commenced gospel meetings in a school house in a country district close to this town.

Lisburn: J. Procopio and M. Radcliffe are preaching the gospel in a large tent on the north side of the town. The assemblies in Lisburn, Derriaghy, and Dunmurry have joined in this effort and large numbers are attending nightly.

Lurgan: D. Gilliland and J. Fleck have commenced gospel meetings in a portable hall on the Dromore Road. Good numbers are attending and there is much help in preaching the gospel.

Sion Mills: A. Colgan and L. Craig, who have recently been commended to the Lord’s work, have commenced a series of meetings in this border town.

The conference meetings during the month of May were inClonesDrumloughLimavadyBallymacashon, andRathmines (Co. Dublin). Attendance was good and ministry given by various speakers was considered to be helpful to the Lord’s people.


Ekaterinburg: David Richards has been having three Bible studies a week in different parts of the city. These will continue June 15 after our brother returns from a three week visit in Cyprus to be with his daughter, Julie, and to have meetings with the assembly in Limassol. The work in the children’s institutions has finished until September. The future of some of these children is a concern.

Conferences. D.V.

Westbank, BC

August 1-3 in the Highway Gospel Hall, 2549 Hebert Road. FridayPrayer/Ministry 7:30 p.m.; Saturday: Bible Reading (John 20) 10:00 a.m., Ministry 2:30 p.m., Ministry/Gospel 7:00 p.m., Sing 9:00 p.m.; Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30 a.m., Sunday School 11:15 a.m., Ministry 2:30 p.m., Gospel 7:15 p.m. Corr: Glenn A. Griffin, 3344 Elliott Road, Westbank, B.C. V4T 1P2, Tel. (250)768-3343, Fax (250)768-3312, Email: griffarm@telus.bc

Lorain, OH

August 23-24 in Grace Gospel Hall, 3006 Elyria Avenue. Saturday: Bible Readings (God’s Preserving Hand) 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Ministry 3:45 p.m., Gospel 7 p.m.; Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:15 a.m., Sunday School and Ministry 11:15 a.m., Ministry 2 p.m., Gospel 7 p.m. Lunch and supper will be served. Corr: Randall H. Bradford, 1875 E 34th Street, Lorain, OH 44055, Tel. (440)277-5461; Hall (440)244-1410.

Akron OH

August 30-31 in Copley High School, 3797 Ridgewood Road, Copley. Saturday: Ministry 10 a.m., Bible Reading 1:30 p.m. (“Steps of Devotion”). Breaking of Bread 10 a.m. Prayer meeting Friday at 7:30 in Gospel Hall, 2705 Smith Road, Tel: (330) 867-3818. Accom: David Metcalf, 3228 Blake Road, Wadsworth, OH 44281 phone: (330) 334-9691; e-mail: Dmetcalftt@msn.com. Corr. Kenneth Webb, PO Box 13350, Akron, OH 44334, Tel: (330) 666-9466

Huntsville, ON

August 30-31 with a prayer meeting on Friday August 29 at 7:30 p.m. All meetings are at the Huntsville Centennial Center on Park Drive, Tel: 705-789-6421. Meetings Saturday and Sunday are at 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Saturday Bible Reading is on “Shepherds”. Sunday Bible Reading is on “This Ruth”. Corr: David Traves, 10 A West Rd. Huntsville, ON P1H 1K9, Tel: 705-789-8420.

Arlington/Marysville, WA

August 29-September 1 in the Gospel Hall, 323 S. Stillaguamish Ave., Arlington. Prayer/Ministry Friday 7 p.m. Bible Readings each day will be on Titus 1-3. There will be a Question and Answer session on Monday. Information and accom: Phil Kazen, Tel.(360)659-4611; email: kazen@whidbey.net.

Clementsvale, NS

August 30-31 in the Champlain Hall, Cornwallis Park. Saturday: Prayer and Ministry 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Gospel 7 p.m. Sunday: Bible Reading 8:30 a.m. (Genesis 22), Breaking of Bread 10 a.m., Ministry 2 p.m., Gospel 7 p.m. Corr: Mr. Lionel Cress, RR 1, Clementsvale, NS, B0S 1G0; Tel. (902)467-3115. Accom: please call in advance Jonathan McClelland, Tel. (902)638-3260; email: jkmcclelland@hotmail.com.

Arnstein, ON

September 13-14. Prayer Meeting 7:30 p.m. on Friday with supper served at 5:30 p.m. Saturday: Bible Reading 8:45 a.m. (Depression – 1 Kings 19 and Luke 24), Ministry 10 a.m., 2 and 7 p.m. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 8:45 (John 4:20-26), Breaking of Bread 10 a.m., Ministry 2 p.m., Gospel 7 p.m. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 10762 Hwy 522. Corr: Don Brunne, Arnstein, ON, P0H 1A0; Tel: (705)757-2030.

Midland Park, NJ

September 27-28 in the Gospel Hall, 61 Prospect Street, with prayer meeting on Friday at 8 p.m. Breaking of Bread at 10 a.m. Corr: Henry T. Carmichael, 195 Vreeland Ave., Midland Park, NJ 07432; Telephone: 201-447-3844; e-mail: mpgospelhall@bigfoot.com

Conference Reminders:

Sioux City, IA – July 19-20

Change of Address

Walter A Boyd: 4 Ardvanagh Park, Conlig, Newtownards, N.I.

Bryan Joyce: brj@nf.sympatico.ca

James and Florence Ronald: j.f.ronald@sasktel.net; www.saskatoongospeloutreach.com

Bert Snippe: 103 Danforth Ave, Leamington, ON N8H 2R1; Tel: 519-322-3887

Change of Assembly Address

Mason City, IA: Mason City Gospel Hall, 1104 – 4th Street S.E., Mason City, IA. Corr: Roy Pike, 400 Missouri Avenue, Mason City, IA 50401

Minneapolis, MN: Please disregard the change of address notice from last month for the Twin Cities assembly. Use of present facilities in the Fairview Community Center has been extended until the end of the year.

Change of Correspondent

Springfield West, PEI: Andrew MacKenzie, #3857 Kennedy Road, RR# 1, Coleman, PEI C0B 1H0; 902-859-3523; E-mail: apmackenzie@pei.sympatico.ca and Darrell Raynor, #12806 Enmore Road , RR# 1, Ellerslie, PEI C0B 1J0; 902-831-2426; E-mail: raynorwen@hotmail.com

Truro, NS: Mr. Donald Hatt, 273 Brookside Branch Road, Truro, NS Canada B2N 5B1; Tel/Fax 902-895-3400.

With Christ

Anthony James Dempster of Flowers Cove, NF on March 27, age 76. Saved in May 1965, he lived to prove the reality of faith in Christ. His life was a good and consistent testimony in the community and he will be sorely missed in the assembly. He is predeceased by his wife, Sarah May, and oldest son, Barry. Please pray that his large family of six sons, three daughters, and many grandchildren might be saved. The respect in which he was held was demonstrated by the large number that attended the funeral on Saturday, May 29. Edward Dredge and Bert Joyce shared the service with Bryan Funston at the graveside.

Myrtle Peckover (nee Foster) of Renfrew, ON on April 13, 2003, age 79. Our dear sister was saved at 12 years of age. In the early 1950s, she was in the Peterborough assembly; then she and her husband Greg were in the assembly in Huntsville from the time of their marriage in 1954, and in the Ottawa assembly from 1968 until recently when ill health prevented her from attending the meetings. She is remembered for her interest in children and young people, and for her letters of encouragement to others in their time of need. Her brother, Howard Foster, faithfully preached the gospel at the funeral. Left to mourn her loss are a daughter in assembly fellowship, a son, and two grandsons.

Mr. Joseph Ashley Milne of Belfast, N.I. on April 15. He was a happy Christian who bore a consistent, exemplary testimony and was known as a man of prayer. He trusted Christ as a boy of 14, was baptized August 4, 1930, and received into fellowship at Lower Windsor Avenue assembly. He left to serve the Lord in Venezuela February 1947. For fifty years he and his wife Georgina devoted themselves to this work, making their home in San Felipe, preaching the gospel, teaching believers, and planting assemblies. That is where his heart was, right until the end. His love for His Lord and the Lord’s people never faltered. Over a number of furloughs he visited assemblies in N. I., USA, and Canada, and joined other brethren in many gospel series. The funeral was conducted by J. Baker, D. Kane, and J. Thompson, with tributes by his brother Marshall, grandson Alistair, son-in-law Alan Gillespie, and son Ashley.

Ingrid Stomberg of Manchester, CT on April 18, age 75. Our dear sister passed peacefully into the presence of the Lord a few months after undergoing heart surgery. She was saved at age 14 at the Manchester conference, and later received into the fellowship of the former Whitmore Street assembly in Hartford, CT. In the early 1950’s she was accepted into the Manchester assembly, where she remained in happy fellowship until her home call. A pleasant and cheerful person, our sister will be greatly missed.

Ora Meyer of Stout, IA on April 24, age 100. Our dear sister was saved at the age of 25 while attending meetings of the late Mr. Oliver Smith at Stout. She and her husband, Oscar, were received into the fellowship at that time where she continued faithfully until health problems hindered her attendance. Her cheerful attitude touched those who knew her. Oscar preceded her in 1985. She leaves two daughters and their families. The funeral was shared by Roy Weber and Richard Van Mill, with Robert Orr at the grave.

Archie Novak of Highland, WI on April 27, age 90. Our dear brother was saved on November 11, 1932 during gospel meetings in Blue River conducted by Steven Mick. He was in the fellowship of the Blue River assembly from its formation in 1933. His faithfulness to the Lord was manifested in the assembly, in the community in which he lived, and to his family. His wife Lillian preceded him in death in June of 1997. Surviving are two sons and three daughters who all have the comfort of the blessed hope. Eric McCullough and Robert Orr shared the well attended funeral service.

Mrs. Elsie Edmonds, Toronto, ON on May 4 in her 91st year. Her husband, Lawford, predeceased her in 1972. Our sister was saved over 70 years ago and was in fellowship in the Pape Avenue assembly (now Victoria Park). She was a faithful sister who loved the assembly and for many years met weekly with others to quilt and sew for missions at home and overseas. She is survived by two sons and one daughter for whom prayer is requested. Norman Lorimer and Robert Reilly shared the funeral service.

Mrs. Angus (Grace) Ferguson of Tampa, FL on May 8, at age 78. Grace was saved at 14 in gospel meetings in North Adams, MI, where she was baptized and received into the assembly. Later, she and her husband were in fellowship in Livonia, and more recently in Jackson, MI and Tampa, FL. She is survived by her husband of 49 years, son Kerry (Deb), and two daughters, Sue (David) Dalfino and Margaret (Ken) Netti. She had great joy in seeing her family saved and gathered to the Lord’s name. There are ten grandchildren who all share the blessed hope. The large funeral from the Jackson Gospel Hall was shared by Elton and Dale Decker. Don Clark took the grave service in North Adams.

Robert Oakes of Oshawa, ON on May 10, age 86. Our dear brother was saved in 1934 when the gospel tent was brought to Gambles Corner, P.E.I. by our late brethren Russell Harris, Herb Harris, and Albert Joyce. He was baptized and received into the new assembly in Crapaud. In 1950 he moved to Oshawa for employment where he married Mina in 1953. Robert was a faithful brother and the assembly, which came at a cost, was precious to him. He was a lover of the gospel and a true shepherd of God’s people. Our brother will be greatly missed by his wife, sons Gary and Wayne, daughter Nancy, five grandchildren, and the local assembly. At the funeral, his son Gary gave a tribute to his father, and the gospel was preached by Ken Nicholson.