Gospel: Great Gospel Texts – Romans 5:6

Why Did Christ Die?

Romans 5:6, “For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.”

It was a long 89 hours for sailor Tony Bullimore as he huddled in his makeshift hammock in the blackness of his overturned, rapidly sinking yacht, the Exide Challenger. Tony was one of the participants in the Vendee Globe Solo Yacht Race, and was in the Southern Ocean 2600 km from Australia, when a storm struck and overturned his boat. With ferocious Antarctic winds and waves the size of three story buildings smashing his boat, Tony realized that his situation was helpless. There was nothing he could do but hope that some rescue team would respond to his distress signal.

Tony’s story gives a vivid description of the two words that mark every unsaved person, “without strength.” This expression reminds us of our HELPLESS SITUATION before God and our total inability to save ourselves. All the respectable things about you are commendable, but they cannot save you. Coming to this realization is most important, because salvation can’t be yours until you are willing to give up all self-efforts and depend wholly on Christ.

In response to Tony’s distress signal, the Royal Australian Navy and Air Force deployed the H.M.A.S. Adelaide frigate to rescue him. Once Tony was found, a zodiac inflatable was sent to the side of the overturned yacht. Tony Bullimore wept as they hauled him aboard and saved him from a lonely death. He was thankful for his salvation.

The gospel is good news from heaven and our verse also reminds us of a TIMELY SALVATION. The words are clear and simple, “in due time Christ died for the ungodly.” The Bible makes it very clear that sin brings death and thus, separation from God. It started back in Eden’s Garden when Adam sinned and carries right down to this day, to YOU. God, in His infinite holiness, demands that sin be punished. Because we have sinned, our sin must be dealt with, but we cannot do it ourselves. The only one able to put away sin is God’s Son, the only sinless Person that ever lived upon this earth. When our verse says, Christ died,” it refers to the time when He suffered on the cross for sin. His atoning death provides salvation for all who believe.

What kind of people did Christ die for? It says, “for the ungodly.” This is a difficult point for many people to accept, but it is a NEEDFUL ADMISSION if you are going to be blessed. Only those who are willing to admit their sin and accept the Savior can appreciate why Christ died. Just as Tony realized his helpless situation and accepted the timely salvation, I pray that you too will acknowledge your sin and accept Christ.