Tidings – Canada

British Columbia

Kamloops: The assembly enjoyed a week of ministry by Jim Webb during the month of February

Port Alberni: Jim Webb ministered the word here for a few nights in early March.

Squamish: The assembly had the joy of baptizing a man saved in special meetings last April, the husband of a sister in the assembly Also, a young couple has been added to the assembly Terrace: Jim Webb made an appreciated visit with a week of ministry in February.

Vancouver: The Woodland Dr. assembly hosted a farewell meeting on February 19 for Aubrey and Heather Kelly leaving for service in Mexico. Win. Bingham and J. Jarvis commenced March 5 in the gospel at Victoria Dr. Jim Webb visited the saints at Victoria Dr., Fleetwood, and West Richmond in February and early March.

Westbank: J. Abernethy and Win. Bingham concluded meetings here on March 1. There was good interest and a young man of 17 professed salvation. A young sister and a young couple were baptised during the meetings.


Lethbridge: The series of gospel meetings with G. Goff and B. Prins ended February 13. There were over 100 new people at the meetings. The saints were encouraged when five professed to know the Lord as their personal Savior.


Glen Ewen: Gospel Meetings commenced February 27 conducted by Norman Mellish and Bruce Rodgers.

Taylorside: Stan Wells gave 1 weeks of appreciated ministry and P Poidevin gave a missionary report on the work in Zambia.


Brandon: The assembly had appreciated visits recently from Paul & Eunice Poidevin of Zambia, Norman Mellish, Bruce Rodgers, and Andrew Bergsma.


Clyde: The assembly was edified during two weeks of ministry meetings by T. Walker using a chart on the Tabernacle.

Owen Sound: Four weeks of gospel meetings with G. Patterson and E. Miller ended February 13 with blessing in salvation. One teenage boy of 14 years professed whose parents were saved last year during special gospel meetings. Also a 48 year old woman was saved after responding to an invitation and a Via magazine. On the last day of the meetings a young man asked for assembly fellowship.

Newmarket: Don Nicholson spoke to a large company of parents and children at the end of our well attended winter series of children’s meetings for which we can thank our Lord.

Port Sydney: In January, we had testimony meetings each Lord’s Day with unsaved in each week. The Lord gave help during children’s meetings January 9-14 with Charles Ostram from Parry Sound speaking each night. The saints enjoyed the visit of Bruce Rodgers on February 6 for gospel and ministry

Thunder Bay: L. Langfeld was with us from February 6-20 for visitation and eight children’s meetings with 30 – 40 children plus a number of parents present each meeting. Please pray for God’s blessing on the gospel faithfully preached.

Toronto: A special gospel effort is to begin at Mimico on March26 with Bryan Funston and Jon Procopio. Prayer would be much appreciated for it.

Welland: T. Walker held two weeks of appreciated ministry meetings using a chart on the Tabernacle.

Windsor: Win. Metcalf was with us for four nights of ministry and the Lord’s Day February 6. L. Boute paid a visit for ministry on February 8.

Nova Scotia

Avonport: The funeral service of Harry Kelly, 14 month old son of Aubrey and Heather Kelly, was held here on January 17, shared by M. Bonell, M. McCandless, and P. Kenny A memorial service was held in Vancouver on January 12 shared by T. Berry and D. McGaughey Fitting words of remembrance and comfort were spoken in both locations. Please pray for the Kellys who expect to arrive in Mexico in early April.

Clementsvale: J. McClelland and M. Pratt continued meetings into the first week of March. Interest was good and a man in his mid-forties professed salvation. This man has been long prayed for and there is much joy is seeing him reached. Pray for his unsaved wife.

Sydney Mines: J. Procopio and D. Swan have been encouraged by seven professing Christ, five from one family. After five weeks, the meetings conduded on February 27. The assembly is greatly encouraged.

Truro: A. Hull and P. Ramsay continue here, concluding their third week as of February 25. The Lord has given blessing in salvation. There are some concerned while others remain unmoved. We look to the Lord for guidance into the future.

Newfoundland & Labrador

Buchans: Gospel meetings ended on February 8 with Charles Hiscock and George Whey The saints were very encouraged with a good nuunber out from the community.

Fogo: Gospel meetings ended on February 20 with Carl Payne and Alvin Blake. The meetings were a help to the Christians and some were in from the area.

Rocky Harbour: Gospel meetings are planned to start later in March with P. Poidevin and W. Buckle, D.V. Pray for the Lord’s blessing in this upcoming series.

Sandringham: Gospel meetings ended on February 20 with E. McCullough and B. Funston. There was cause for much rejoicing in the salvation of souls. On February 12 there was Bible Studies on Phil. 3 and 4. A good number of Christians were in from the surrounding area. The studies were taken by bre. McCullough and Funston, with help from C. Payne and M. Derksen.

Seal Cove: The assembly had a visit from Bryan Joyce and his family on the Lord’s day of February 20.

St. John’s: E. McCullough and B. Funston had a ministry meeting on Feb-ruary 19 with supper at the hail. A good number were present and the saints appreciated the visit.

Tidings – U.S.A.


Richland, Kennewick, Pasco: Tent meetings with G. Goff and B. Myers are planned for this Tni-Cities area July 1-15 in the will of the Lord, preceded by Seed Sowers distribution June 26-July 1. Children’s meetings and open air work are also anticipated. A mall booth was set up in January, another planned for a week in April, and again in June/July.


Chico: The assembly appreciated a week of ministry meetings in mid February by J. Beattie.

Los Angeles: We appreciated an evening of ministry by brother John Slabaugh via translation January25. The meeting was well attended.


St. Cloud: On the March 8, J. Jennings and L. Mitchell purposed to commence Gospel meetings. This is a new work.

Wilmer: Gospel meetings were held with J. Jennings and L. Mitchell for three weeks from Jan 15 with some interest.


Dunkerton: We recently had the joy of seeing three obey the Lord in baptism. Also prayer is requested for a week of children’s meetings beginning March26 with Jack Gould.

Hampton: In February, A. Dryburgh was with the assembly for a week of appreciated ministry R. Weber and E. Fowler started gospel meetings on February 27.


Black River Falls: Jerry Jennings had three nights of ministry here and three nights in LaCrosse.

Mt. Sterling: Meetings with W. Gustafson and G. Sharp closed here February 18 after five weeks. An 18-year-old son of Christians in the assembly professed salvation.


New Lenox: God blessed as two souls professed salvation after the baptism of three others on February 13. A. Wand and A. Christopherson were present for the baptism. The same day a young woman received assurance of her salvation after the gospel meeting. R. Surgenor plans to be with the assembly for two weeks of ministry regarding assembly truth starting March 9.


Jackson: The conference in mid-February was well attended in spite of heavy snow. Seven brethren gave practical and heart-warming ministry Gospel meetings with D. Oliver and N. Crawford are scheduled for later in March.

Saginaw: L. Perkins and L. Smith gave able ministry at our monthly meeting on March 5. Bro. Smith also told of the history and current work in Russia, enjoining us to pray for a continued open door in the gospel. R. Surgenor is expected March26 for a week of ministry


Fort Wayne: Matthew Smith, helped by local brethren from Jackson has continued with a few gospel meetings a week in January March and April. A seed sow-ens effort is planned for late June.


Watertown: On February 9, Ken Taylor gave helpful and encouraging ministry and a report on the Gospel work in Dominica before departing for a six week period to assist in repairs on the five assembly buildings there, and conduct meetings as well. On Lord’s Day, February 20, R. McIlwaine, gave very profitable ministry.

North Carolina

Hickory: E. Higgins commenced Gospel meetings using his chart on Future Events with good attendance.


Tampa: The recent conference held in February was considered to be excellent both in ministry and attendance. Eight of the Lord’s servants were present: J. Jennings, F. Krauss, W. Lavery, J. MacDonald, R. McIlwaine, J. Nesbitt, D. Oliver, and L. Steers.. Following the conference, bre. Lavery and MacDonald each had ministry meetings which were profitable and instructive. We have also had good ministry from brethren A. Gratton, J. Smith, R. McIlwaine, and M. McCandless in December and February.


Hatboro: Brother Oliver was able to share in the ministry at their monthly meeting in February

New Jersey

Midland Park: The saints appreciated five helpful ministry meetings on assembly truths from I Corinthians by Dr. A. J. Higgins. He was with the saints for three days from February 11- 13. Many from the nearby assemblies attended these meetings as well.


Newington: The recent series of gospel meetings with Bert Joyce and Marvin Derksen ended with two souls professing and some interest stirred.


Methuen: On February 13, Win. Oliver gave profitable help for the monthly Bible Reading on 1 Tim. 4 and in the gospel.

Saugus: The assembly was encouraged by Peter Ramsay’s ministry on Jan. 13. The believers greatly enjoyed the weekend Feb. 4-6 with ministry by A.J. Higgins on The Believer’s Mind. M. Derksen gave ministry on Feb. 6. Brief visits from R. Mcilwaine and J. Procopio were also enjoyed.

Tidings – Other Countries

N. Ireland

Ballynahinch: B. Glendenning and R. Fairley are commencing their fourth week. The assembly is small, but fairly good numbers have been attending.

Banbridge: A. Davidson has given ten nights ministry from a chart on the Seven Churches of Asia.

Bangor: Central Gospel Hall – S. Jennings and H. Reid have commenced a series of gospel meeting in this seaside town.

Belfast: Maranatha – R. Eadie and J. Kells are preaching the gospel and distributing tracts in the area. The city is becoming more difficult.

Coleraine: M. McCandless joined by P. Orasuk have been encouraged in the salvation of a local girl.

Cookstown: W. Fenton and M. McKillen have concluded meetings with blessing in the gospel.

Eden, Carrickfergus: D. Armstrong from Edendenny continues here in the gospel.

Fintona: W.J. Nesbitt and T. Wright have had good numbers and help to preach the gospel. They were encouraged on the last night of the eighth week when a lady of 35 years professed salvation.

Kingsmoss: Dan Giles of Scotland is preaching in the hall, now in the sixth week.

Moira: S. Ferguson and W. Boyd are in their eighth week of meetings. A good number of locals have been in to hear the gospel.

Conferences. D.V.

Los Angeles, California

April 15 and 16 in the East Los Angeles Gospel Hall, 4732 E. 3rd Street. Our third Palm Sunday Spanish-speaking conference will commence with a prayer meeting on April 14. We will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the assembly at that time. Servants of the Lord (preferably Spanish speaking) walking in the “old paths” are welcome. Corn: Adam Thropay 325 Viewcrest Dr., Montebello, CA 90640, Tel (213)722-5746.

Manchester, Connecticut

April 22 and 23, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. in the Gospel Hall, 415 Center Street, Manchester. All other meetings will be held in the Bolton Center School, 108 Notch Rd., Bolton, CT. Meetings on Saturday are at 10:30 a.m., 2 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10a.m., ministry and gospel 2p.m. Con. Richard Trombly 121 Cushman Dr., Manchester, CT. 06040, Tel (860)649-9462. Accom: contact Ted Kaulback, Tel (860)742-0002.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

April 28-30 in the West End Gospel Hall, 492 Victor St. for Friday night and Sunday morning oniy All other meetings in the Westwood Community Church, 401 Westwood Dr. Meetings are Friday: Ministry 7:30 p.m., Saturday: Ministry 10:30 a.m., 2 p.m., 4 p.m., 7:15 p.m. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10:30 a.m., Ministry 2 p.m., Gospel 6 p.m. Lunch and supper will be served. Comm. to Duncan H Dunsire, 432 Beverley St., Winnipeg, MN, R3G 1T8, Tel (204)775-3704.

Peterborough, Ontario

May 6 in the Gospel Hall, 592 Park Street North. Ministry at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Corr: A.R. Morrison, RR 2, Hastings, ON, KOL 1YO, Tel (705)696-2580.

Livingston, New Jersey

May 5,6 and 7. Friday: Prayer meeting 7:30 p.m. Saturday: Ministry meetings 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., Gospel 6:30 p.m. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10 a.m., Ministry 2:30 p.m., Gospel 5:00 p.m. Meals will be provided between meetings. All are welcome. Accom. or directions: Allan Valvano (973) 377-7839 or Dave Valvano (973) 884-2484, Hall (973) 535-1485.

Mimico, Ontario

May 6 and 7 in the Gospel Hall, 414 Royal York Rd S. Bible Readings begin Friday at 7:30 p.m. Subject is “The Upper Room Ministry of the Lord Jesus” John 13,14,15,16 Corn: Win. Spencer 1535 Lakeshore Road E., Apt. 1507, Mississauga, ON LSF 3E2

New Lenox, Illinois

May 13 and 14 in the Gospel Hall, Rte. 6, one mile east of Cedar Rd. Friday: Prayer meeting 7:30 p.m. Saturday: Ministry 10 and 2, gospel 7p.m. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 9 a.m., Breaking of Bread 10:30 a.m., Ministry 2 p.m., gospel 7 p.m. Please notify in advance for accommodations. Corr: Robert Pike, 506 High St., Joliet, IL 60432, Tel (815)722-5053.

Frostburg, Maryland

May 20 and 21 in the Beall High School. Prayer Meeting. on Friday, May 19 at 7:30 p.m in the Grahamtown Gospel Hall, 10 Davidson St., Frostburg, MD. For hotel reservations: Michael Bachert at 204 Wilmont Avenue, Cumberland, MD, 21502. Tel. (301)724-5806.

Ottawa, Ontario

May 20 and 21 in the Gospel Hall, 1087 River Road, with prayer meeting on May 19 at 7:30 p.m. Breaking of Bread at 10:30 am. Bible Readings at 9a.m. Subjects: Saturday – The Rapture (1 Thes. 4), and the Judgment Seat of Christ (2 Con. 5); Lord’s Day – The Marriage of the Lamb and the Coming of Christ to Reign (Rev. 19). Corr: K.E. Prince, 1246 Kitchener Ave., Ottawa. Tel (613)733-1668, Hall (613)748-0269.

London, Ontario (Spanish)

May 27 and 28 in the Gospel Hall, 1196 Highbury Avenue. Ministry meetings on Saturday at 10,2 and 7 and Lord’s day at 2:30 will be in Spanish. Prayer meeting on Friday at 8 p.m. Accom: arrival time and numbers to Philip Lampkin, 1742 Attawandaron Rd., London, ON, N6G 3N1, Tel (S19) 472-8747.

Grants Pass, Oregon

May 27 and 28 with Prayer Meeting May 26 at 7:30 p.m. Bible readings 8:30 a.m. on John 14. Breaking of Bread 10:00 a.m. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 1611 SW “G” Street. Meals served beginning with breakfast 7:30 am. Saturday Corr: Don Gratias, 141 Timberlane, Grants Pass OR 97526. Tel(541)479-4521, Hall(541)476-3956.

Saugus, Massachusetts

June 3 and 4 in the Gospel Hall, 213 Walnut St., Saugus. Prayer meeting Friday at 8p.m. Subject of Bible Readings, Creation: Genesis 1-4. First meeting on Saturday at 10 am. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread at 10 a.m. Corr: Joseph Procopio, 11 Forest St., Saugus, MA, 01906. Tel (781) 233-5780. Accom: Tony Grillo, 46 Grey Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940, Tel (781) 334-6363, Hall (781) 233-557O.

Garnavillo, Iowa

June 10 and 12 in the Gamavillo School Gyninasium. Friday: Prayer meeting 7 p.m. in the Gospel Hall, S06 S. Washington St. Saturday: Ministry 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Gospel 7 p.m. Lord’s day: Bible Reading 9a.m. on Heb.4:14 – 5:10, Breaking of Bread 10:30 a.m., Ministry 2p.m. Corr: Donald Kregel, 604 S. Washington St., P.O. Box 488, Garnavillo, IA 52049. Tel (319)964-2588.

Kindly remember:

Clarkesville. IA – April 2
Newbury, ON – April15
Methuen, MA – April 16
Waterloo-Cedar Falls, IA – Apr 15 &16
Culver City, CA – April 22 and 23
Kapuskasing, ON – April 22 and 23
Nineveh, NS – April 22 and 23
Toronto, ON – April 21,22,23
Vancouver, BC – April 21,22,23
Fredricton, NB – April 28,29,30
McKeesport, PA – April 29 and 30
Newmarket, PA – May 7
Sarnia, ON – May 13 and 14
Prince Edward Island – May 20 and 21

Additions to Address List, June 1999

Stanley Wells, 5216 Spruce Street, Burnaby, BC V5G 1Y6, Tom Hoy, 3309 – 180th St. N.E., Arlington, WA 98823

Change of Address

Waubaushene Gospel Hall, P.O. Box 29, Waubaushene, ON L0K 2C0

Jim Jarvis. 48 Newbury Cres., Brampton, ON L65 5L6

With Christ

Glen McChesney of Kenora, ON on December 25, 1999, age 82. Our brother was called home after a short illness. He was predeceased by his wife Joan in February 1999. Our brother had been in fellowship here for the last 14 years. He will be sadly missed as he was an honourable counsellor and a dependable help. Brother Jack Gould spoke at the funeral. He leaves behind a son and daughter along with a number of grandchildren, some not saved.

Mrs. Ruth Dales of Milton, ON on December 26 in her 76th year. Our dear sister was born in St. Catherines and born again in Toronto in 1938. She was in fellowship at Pape Avenue, Toronto from 1941-1975. They then moved to Milton where they were in assembly fellowship. Due to poor health she was confined to her home for the past 7 years, and lovingly cared for by her husband and family She is survived by her husband, two daughters and their families, a sister and a brother. The funeral was taken by Robert Reilly and David Regis.

Mrs. Christine Hammersmark of Vancouver, BC on Jan 2, age 45. Our sister was saved at age 12, later baptized and received into the assembly in North Vancouver. Since her marriage she continued faithfully with the saints at Fairview for over 21 years. She was of a “meek and quiet spirit” and given to hospitality She will be greatly missed. Her husband, Donald and six children survive, also her mother, three brothers and one sister.

Mrs. Anna Hunter of Longport, NJ on Jan. 15, age 96. She was saved at the age of 19 in Ballinaloob, N.I. during meetings by the late Tom McKelvey and Joe Stewart. Formerly in assemblies at Philadelphia and Manchester, CT. She became a resident of the Longport Home in 1978. Her husband predeceased her in 1962, and her son in 1975. She is survived by a daughter, Connianne of Turlock, CA., 7 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. The funeral was taken by her son-in-law, David H. Hodgkins.

Edna Gordon of Longport, NJ on January 20, age 88. Saved in 1926, in meetings held by the late Mr. W. Beveridge, she was received into fellowship in the Long Island assembly later that year. Throughout her life she maintained a deep exercise for the spread of the Gospel and was marked by a joyous, humble spirit. Her funeral in Yonkers was taken by F. Higgins.

Mrs. Jean Pizzuli of Longbranch, NJ on January 27. Our sister was the widow of the late, esteemed Frank Pizzuli who predeceased her in 1960. She was born in Keyser, WV and saved in Waterbury, CT. After marriage in 1934, she and her husband moved to Longbranch working among Italian assemblies. After his homecall, she continued to encourage the small assembly She was held in high esteem by all. The local newspaper said that she cared for those whom no one else would care about. A large company gathered at the funeral. She leaves behind 6 children, some of whom are not saved, and many grandchildren.

Miss Wilma Anderson of Jackson, MI on January 29. Our beloved sister was saved in 1936 in meetings in North Adams by L. McBain and R. Crawford. She moved to Jackson in the early forties and was faithful in her assembly life and much loved. In recent years, she experienced loving care at Rest Haven Home in Grand Rapids. Norman Crawford preached the gospel at her funeral service from Isaiah 53:5, the verse through which Wilma was saved. Burial was at North Adams.

Jessie Dodds of Sarnia, ON on February 1, age 83. Our beloved sister was saved in 19S9 and continued on for God along with her late husband, Charles, an esteemed elder for over 30 years who passed away in 1991. The funeral was taken by Win. Metcalf and her son-in-law Gerard Roy, with Leslie Wells speaking at the grave. She leaves behind two daughters, Mrs. Janet Hardy of Sarnia, Mrs. Elizabeth Roy of Green River, NB. and one son, John, of Woodstock, ON. All are saved.

Hilltop Manor Home

Applications are now being accepted for a suitable person or couple to take over as Administrator/Housemother from Marie Neilson, who will be retiring in May Hilltop Manor Home, in Langley is across the parking lot from the Gospel Hall and can accommodate up to 10 believers. This is a live-in position involving care for the spiritual, social and physical needs of the residents. Enquiries should be addressed to David Chesney, #29,21924 – 48th Avenue, Langley, B.C. Canada, V3A 8H1, or Fax (604)530-0252,or E-Mail, dchesney@uniserve.com