Tidings – Canada

British Columbia

Surrey, A young lady was baptized on September 7, giving joy to the saints. At the monthly ministry meeting on September 21, ministry was shared by Bryan Funston and Dave Richards.

Vancouver, On September 7, Earl Ritchie, Bryan Funston and Dave Richards ministered the Word at the monthly city-wide ministry meeting at South Main. At Carlton, two weeks of gospel meetings with Bryan Funston and Dave Richards closed on September 21 with the good news of a Sunday School lad professing salvation. In late September, James Smith gave helpful ministry at six assemblies. On a brief stopover, Wesley Ferguson (N. Ireland) gave reports on the Lord’s work in Albania at West Richmond and North Vancouver. John McCann Jr. reported on the work in Brazil at three assemblies and shared in the monthly ministry meeting in Victoria Drive on October 5. Norman Crawford was expected for a week of ministry in each of Woodland Drive and Victoria Drive following the Thanksgiving conference.


Taylorside, Recently, the assembly enjoyed visits from Craig Saword, Gordon Hanna and James Ronald.


Roseisle, The work began here 99 years ago. At the conference on October 4 and 5, nine brethren ministered the Word to profit.

Winnipeg, The saints enjoyed ministry from Arnold Adams in September and expected James Beattie for further ministry in October.


Bolton, During the past few years, the assembly has had several series of tent meetings both in Bolton and Brampton with considerable blessing in salvation.

Clinton, In late August, children’s meetings in nearby Vanastra by William Seale and John Dennison were most encouraging with increasing attendance each day. Recent visits from George McKinley (N. Ireland), Alex Dryburgh and David Kember were enjoyed by the saints.

Collingwood, Prayer is valued for a gospel series which James Beattie and Timothy Walker expect to begin on November 9.

Goodwood, During September, Lorne Langfeld had gospel booths at the Niagara Regional Exhibition and the International Plowing Match.

Guelph, Fred Krauss had a week of encouraging children’s meetings.

Kapuskasing, On October 3, John Slabaugh and Gary Sharp closed three weeks of gospel meetings. The assembly was encouraged with the many new contacts made.

Kitchener, Brian Crawford had a week of children’s meetings with 80 to 90 children present nightly. On October 5, Shad Kember Jr. and Frank Sona (Guelph) commenced a gospel series.

London, At last report, Gene Higgins was continuing into the fourth week in gospel meetings using his Future Events chart. Attendance has been excellent with fruit in salvation. Others are troubled. The saints were also encouraged by two young believers being baptized.

Newmarket, A large crowd, including many unsaved, were present to hear the gospel and witness the baptism of two young sisters on September 28.

Niagara Falls, A young married woman was baptized on October 5, giving joy to the saints.

Nipissing Junction, The assembly enjoyed a Lord’s day with Alvin Cook and a short visit from William Metcalf. Prayer is desired for three outreach children’s efforts at Mattawa Powassan and Cache Bay, the latter in conjunction with the Sudbury assembly.

Owen Sound, The saints expected to have ministry meetings by Ken Moore in October and by William Metcalf in November.

Peterborough, A mother and daughter were recently baptized, bringing joy to the saints. In August, the assembly had two weeks of encouraging children’s meetings with Ed Miller speaking the first week and Lorne Langfeld the second.

St.Marys, Two souls professed to be saved at tent meetings by Brian Crawford and Frank Sona this summer. The saints were further encouraged in September when a teenager was baptized.

Sudbury, In September, the assembly enjoyed visits from John Wright, Edward Doherty and Alex Dryburgh.

Toronto, Murray Pratt had one week of well attended children’s meetings at Highfield Road in August. John Wright gave reports on the Lord’s work in Trinidad at several city assemblies in September. Prayer is requested for a gospel series which Murray Pratt and Jack Nesbitt expect to start in Highfield Road on November 2.

Wallaceburg, Gospel tent meetings by William Metcalf and Bert Snippe were well attended. To follow up on the contacts made, our brethren plan weekly gospel meetings this fall.

Windsor, The saints appreciated visits by Alvin Cook, Eric Parmenter and John McCann Jr. They expected Ken Moore for four nights of ministry beginning October 13.

New Brunswick

Sussex, Good numbers from surrounding assemblies came to three nights of ministry by Norman Crawford in mid September. Our brother also ministered in Halifax.

Nova Scotia

Barrington Passage, Albert Hull and Ken Taylor commenced gospel meetings in a community hall in early October.

Truro, A mini conference on September 20 and 21 drew 300 believers to hear ministry and Bible readings by Norman Crawford on the House of God.

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown, All day meetings on September 13 and 14 filled the hall to its capacity. Norman Crawford gave ministry and opened two Bible readings on Assembly Truth. Our brother also had ministry meetings on Friday and Monday nights.

Crapaud, In September, Charlottetown, Crapaud and Freetown had two baptisms and the saints were cheered to see Robert McIlwaine and Peter Orasuk baptize nine believers.

Darlington, Helped by Scott MacLeod (Charlottetown), Peter Orasuk had almost four weeks of well attended tent meetings in August with blessing in salvation.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Buchans, A visit from Bryan Joyce during the weekend of September 29 was appreciated by the saints.

Gander, A large number attended a weekend of ministry by Sandy Higgins who spoke from the Word of God on the Family

Tidings – U.S.A.


Arlington, Ministry by James Smith on the Tabernacle was a real blessing to the saints. John Abernethy was expected in early November for Bible studies on Church Truth.

Okanogan, Joel Portman and Roy Weber expected to commence a gospel series on October 19.

New Mexico

Albuquerque, The saints appreciated a week of ministry by Jim Webb in September.

South Dakota

Rapid City, Allan Christopherson had three meetings weekly during September and was encouraged with many interesting visits in the homes.


Burwell, During September, Roy Weber and Richard Van Mill had two weeks in the gospel.

Hebron, Earlier this year, Arthur Ward and Richard Dudgeon had gospel meetings here (brother Dudgeon’s home town). Our brethren expected to return in October and have another two weeks in the gospel.


Cedar Falls, James Smith and John Slabaugh expected to commence a gospel series on October 12.


Kansas City, The recent conference was a time of blessing. Jim Webb led the Bible reading and shared in ministry with Robert Orr and several visiting brethren. Robert Orr and Al Shutt preached the gospel with two souls professing salvation.


Brodhead, Robert Orr was present for a baptism on September 28, and remained for three nights of ministry.

Humbird, George Patterson and Jerry Jennings expected to commence a gospel series in a rented building on October 12.

Wonewoc, On September 28, Joel Portman and Jerry Jennings closed gospel meetings with two professing salvation.


Adrian, John Dennison had a week of gospel meetings in a building owned by a Jackson Christian.

Jackson, Dan Shutt had two weeks of well attended children’s meetings in a school.

Saginaw, At the all day meeting on October 5, John Norris and William Lavery ministered the Word to profit. A baptism following the gospel meeting further encouraged the saints.


Akron, The assembly enjoyed visits from Jack Nesbitt, Neal Thomson (Venezuela) and Jim Bergsma.

Clyde, Jack Nesbitt was with the assembly for a visit.

Mansfield, Recent children’s meetings have been most encouraging with good numbers attending. Dale Vitale was with the assembly for a Lord’s day and ministry meetings.

Monticello, Neal Thomson paid a short visit. Please pray for a gospel series starting November 2 with D. Shutt and M. Smith (Jackson).


Frostburg, Following his tent meetings, Dale Vitale returned for gospel meetings on two successive Wednesday nights. He shared the concern of the assembly for a young woman who attended the meetings.


Matoaca, Robert Surgenor spent a week and a half with the assembly. His visit and ministry were appreciated.

New York

East Aurora, The saints enjoyed helpful ministry by Edward Doherty on September 21 and a report on Brazil by Tom Wright on September 28.


Bryn Mawr, From September 13-18, Eric Parmenter was in Bryn Mawr, Longport, Pennsauken and Hatboro with ministry. Gene Higgins and Robert McIlwaine expected to begin a gospel series on October 26 and prayer is requested for this effort.

Donora, William Lavery was in Donora on Lord’s day September 7 and remained for four nights of ministry meetings.

Hatboro, From September 23-30, Neal Thomson visited Bryn Mawr, Longport, Pennsauken and Hatboro, giving helpful ministry and reports on the work in Venezuela.

Indiana, The Christians were encouraged by the addition of a recently married young couple. Dan Shutt was expected for children’s meetings in October.

McKeesport, The assembly enjoyed ministry from William Lavery on September 14 and from Neal Thomson on September 21. New Jersey Midland Park, Walter Gustafson’s visit on September 11 was appreciated by the assembly. This year’s conference was well attended and the saints enjoyed refreshing ministry by H. Barnes (England), W. Buckle, W. Gustafson, E. Higgins, W. Lavery, M. McCandless, J. Procopio, N. Thomson and D. Vitale. Three sisters were baptized after the conference gospel meeting on Saturday night. Marvin Derksen and David Oliver expected to begin a gospel series at the end of October.

Pennsauken, On October 5, Dale Vitale commenced gospel meetings to follow up contacts made through the assembly’s work with Seed Sowers.


Methuen, Neal Thomson paid an appreciated visit on October 1.

Saugus, During September, Albert Hull had a week of helpful ministry. On September 30 and October 2, Neal Thomson gave profitable ministry.

Watertown, Albert Hull and Larry Buote shared in the gospel on September 7 at the monthly gospel dinner meeting. On September 24 and 25, Allan LeBlanc ministered on the Life of Elijah.

Worcester, In mid September, Larry Boute had a week of appreciated gospel meetings with unsaved present.


Hardwick, The conference was a special time of joy. Nine men were present to give help in ministry. At the conference, the assembly also commemorated their 50th year of testimony.

Tidings – Other Countries

Northern Ireland

James Currie visited his native province, giving helpful ministry in many assemblies as well as reports on the Lord’s work in Japan.

Ardmore, The annual conference was well attended with a number of brethren giving appreciated ministry.

Bloomfield, Brethren McKeown and Martin are preaching the gospel nightly.

Coleraine, Peter Orasuk and Larry Steers expected to commence a gospel series on October 5.

Currian, The saints were encouraged by good attendance at the annual conference. Ministry was given by W. Nesbitt, J. Martin, B. Currie, A. Davidson, W. Boyd and J. Milne.

Kells, M. McKillen and W. Fenton are preaching the gospel. At last report, one girt had professed to be saved.

Killycurragh, The hall was well filled for the annual conference and suitable ministry was given by A. McShane, J. Hay, H. Paisley, W. Nesbitt and D. Oliver.

Kilpike, Eric McCullough and Alan Davidson expected to commence a gospel series following the Lurgan conference.

Larne, The assembly enjoyed large numbers at the conference continuing from Saturday until Wednesday. Bible readings were conducted by N. Mellish, R. McKeown, A. McShane and D. Oliver. A good number of brethren gave profitable ministry.

Lisburn, J. Hutchinson and A. Aiken are preaching the gospel in a portable hall on the outskirts of the town.

Lisnaskea, Near this village which is close to the border, A. Davidson and G. McKinley are preaching the gospel using a portable hall.

Newtownhamilton, W. Nesbitt expects to commence shortly in the gospel in this needy border village.

Portadown, On September 21, Harold Paisley and David Oliver began gospel meetings in a building accommodating 700 people. Local believers estimate that as many as 100 unsaved are attending nightly. Some blessing has been reported. Our brethren have also given profitable ministry in many assemblies.

Shanaghan, The hall was filled for the annual conference with helpful ministry given by J.Hutchinson, A. McShane, S. Ferguson, D. Kane, W. Nesbitt and S. McBride.


Lahey, Harold Paisley paid a visit to the small assembly and held a Saturday night gospel meeting. The hall was packed even to the foyer and some locals were in for the first time.

St. Lucia

Jack Nesbitt and Jack Gould expected to spend the month of October giving ministry in the five assemblies on the island.

Conferences, D.V.

San Diego, California

January 3 and 4 in the Gospel Hall, 4646 Twain Avenue, with meetings both days at 10, 2 and 7. Prayer meeting on January 2 at 7.30 p.m. Bible reading Saturday morning on Romans 12. Corr. William Smith, 5005 La Doma St., San Diego, CA 92115, phone (619) 582-2109. Hall phone is (619) 280-7021.

Saugus, Massachusetts

December 6 and 7 in the Gospel Hall, 213 Walnut Street, just east of Route 1. Prayer meeting on Friday at 8 p.m. Meetings on Saturday at 10:30,230 and 6:30. Breaking of Bread at 10. Corr. Joe Procopio, 11 Forest St., Saugus, MA 01906, phone (617) 233-5780. For accomodations, contact Austin Gurney, 30 Hamilton St., Apt. 6, Saugus, MA 01906, phone (617) 233-8061. Hall phone is (617) 233-5570.

Stout, Iowa

November 27. All day meeting in the Gospel Hall commencing at 10 a.m. Contact Richard Stickfort, phone (319) 3461857 or Gary DeGroote, phone (319) 983-2713.

Pennsauken, N.J.

January 10 and 11. Please note conference will be one week later than former years. Details in a future issue.

Kindly remember:

Fredericton, N.B. – Nov. 30
Blues Mills, N.S. – Nov. 15 and 16
Phoenix, AZ – Nov. 27 thru 30
Garnavillo, IA – Nov. 27
De Land, FL – Jan. 3 and 4

Change of Address

John Dennison, 41234 Westfield Circle, Canton, MI 48188

Marvin Derksen, 33 Trafalgar Drive, Mount Pearl, NF, AIN 4N2

Vernon Markle, 197 Buckingham Ave., Apt. 208, Riverview, NB, ElB 4X8

Brian Owen, Box 314, Gore Bay, ON, POP IHO

Tom Wright, C.P. 308,96800-970 Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (for six months)

Change of Address of Gospel Hall

Ft. Pierce, FL, 3015 Oleander Ave., Ft. Pierce, Fl, 34982. On Lord’s day, meetings at 9:30, 11 and 6. Wed. at 7:30.

With Christ

John Cowan of Bay City, Michigan on August 21, age 79, following a lengthy illness. Our dear brother was saved in 1932 following a Sunday School gathering where the gospel was spoken. For over 60 years, he was in fellowship in the Bay City assembly. Brother Cowan had a love for the gospel and will be greatly missed. William Metcalf took the well attended funeral at which a number of unsaved relatives and neighbors were present.

Mrs. Engelina Wilson of Vancouver, BC on August 21, age 42. Our esteemed sister was saved at age 17 in 1973 through the truth of Isa. 53:5. She was baptized and received into the Carlton assembly in 1973, where she remained until her homecall. Raised in a Dutch Reformed home, she paid a price to be gathered outside the camp. A lengthy illness due to cancer caused her much suffering, but through it all, she was a bright testimony. Prayer is requested for her husband Stewart and her four sons. The large funeral was shared by Lorne Nathe, Gaius Goff and Dave Richards.

Mrs. Myrtle L. Livingstone of Charlottetown, P.E.I. on August 28, age 79. Our esteemed sister was saved on July 15, 1939. She and her husband Lyle were in the Springfield, P.E.I. assembly for many years. In 1993, they moved to the Charlottetown area to live with their son Nelson. Myrtle was in the Charlottetown assembly until the time she went home to heaven. Her zeal for missionary gospel work is to be commended. Gerard Roy, Peter Orasuk and David Hierlihy shared the funeral service.

Joseph Speer of Moneymore, N. Ireland on August 31, age 92. Our dear brother was saved on Feb. 20,1922 during gospel meetings by Robert Curran through the truth of Isa. 53:6. He was in happy fellowship in the Quilly assembly, Moneymore, where he was a wise godly overseer, who loved the Lord, His word, His people and sinners. His wife and two sons predeceased him. He is survived by one son and three daughters. The very large funeral was a testimony to the high esteem in which he was held. Prayer is valued for the family and some grandchildren not yet saved.

Frank Smith of Clinton, ON on September 1, age 72. Our dear brother, who was unmarried, was saved on Mardi 10, 1974, after he came in contact with brethren from the assembly at St. Marys, where he was then employed. He had a great burden for his unsaved family, and in March, 1979, he had the joy of taking his sister Florence to a gospel series in Seaforth and she busted Christ. Just two months later, he-suffered severe head injuries in an accident from which he never recovered and was confined to hospital for over 18 years. G. Patterson spoke faithful words at the large funeral.

John Wallace of Hamilton, ON on September 13 age 78. Our dear brother was saved in 1994 during meetings by H. Paisley at Kensington Ave. Having seen the advertisement for the meetings in the newspaper and having heard of Mr. Paisley from his stepbrother in Peterhead, Scotland, Mr. Wallace attended the gospel meetings and was saved at home in his bedroom. Baptized and received into fellowship shortly afterwards, he had an appreciation for the Lord, His Word and the assembly. He was appreciated by all the believers in the assembly and attended meetings faithfully.

Harm Van Hauen of Stout, Iowa on September 13, age 92. Our dear brother was saved on September 25, 1923 through the labors of the late Oliver Smith, after which he was baptized and received into the Stout assembly. His wife Clara preceded him to glory on August 15,1992. Harm and Clara were always at the assembly meetings and loved the fellowship of the Christians. He is survived by two daughters, Beulah Tack and Dorothy Miller, and grandchildren.

Mrs. Grade Clarke of Taylorside, SK on September 16, age 96. Our dear sister was saved on January 30,1915, baptized on August 22,1915, and received into the Taylorside assembly shortly afterwards. For many years, she taught Sunday School, and was faithful to the Lord, her family and the assembly, attending meetings as long as she was able. She was predeceased by her husband Rupert in 1970 and her son Stacey in July, 1997. Surviving are her daughter Doris and three grandsons for whom prayer is requested. She will be missed by all who knew her. James Ronald spoke at her funeral.

Ben Ford of Charlottetown, P.E.I. on September 20, age 84. Our beloved brother was saved in 1954 and his wife Georgina was saved in 1953 under the preaching of Albert Ramsey and Russell Harris. Our brother was confined to a nursing home for a number of years until the time of his homecall. Robert McIlwaine and Peter Orasuk preached to a large number who attended the funeral. Please pray for his bereaved wife and a son who is not yet saved.