A Brief History of the Magazine

The first issue of Truth and Tidings was in May, 1948. A. W. Joyce, E G. Watson, G. G. Johnston and H. Alves formed the staff. Because of A. W. Joyce’s failing health, from 1974, J. Norris contributed to the work of editor until in 1977, he was both treasurer and editor. N. Lorimer was the missionary secretary. In June, 1977, S. Maxwell and N. Crawford were invited to join the staff.

For 29 years, A. W. Joyce with the help of his brother, J. Joyce and other Christians did all the work of editing, questions, tidings, subscriptions and mailing, a huge task.

We are deeply thankful to God for the full fellowship, harmony and able assistance of all who have served on the staff since 1977.

As of January, 1997, A. J. Higgins will be editor. Articles for publication should be sent to him. The prepress work and the printing and mailing will continue to be done in Jackson, Michigan.