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man with His hands, God can do things no   sovereign will. In the immediate context,
          one else in the universe can. Our vast earth   Babylon would not have been able to take
          is covered approximately 70% by water, yet   Israel captive had God not allowed it.
          our God has measured it in the hollow of   There are other themes which could be
          His hand. Man has built the Hubble Space   spoken about in verse 18­26. As the Cre­
          Telescope, and only now are they begin­  ator of all things, including man, He is in­
          ning to see millions of galaxies, each galaxy   comparable (18). Men choose to replace
          containing billions of stars. Yet, our God   God with their own idols, yet even the ma­
          “marked … off the heavens by the span.”   terial used to make those idols comes from
          The dust of the earth has been counted and   God. National leaders might think they’re
          measured, and mountains and hills have   all powerful, and while we know from the
          been weighed in a balance and on a scale.   NT that “the powers that be are ordained of
          Such a display of untrammeled precision   God” (Rom 13:1, KJV), in verses 23­24,
          and power we cannot grasp, yet it reveals   Isaiah teaches us that God plants them,
          the overwhelming majesty of our Creator   raises them up, and quickly blows them
          God.                                away, like chaff. In contrast, God is the
          Theme Number 3: He Is Sovereign     eternal ruler.
          over Laws and Nations (13-17)
             Presidents and prime ministers have,   A final practical exhortation
          over the centuries, attempted to tip the bal­  The closing verses of this chapter have
          ance of power in their favor. Governments,   often been used to exhort saints to rise
          both good and evil, channel the keenest   above their circumstances. Much has been
          minds to pass laws for every nation. These   written on that topic, so there is no need to
          verses present our God as One who needs   go into further detail for the purposes of
          no counsel or advice. There is no need for a   this article. I would, however, exhort, all
          supreme court in heaven. The nations   who seek to share these verses to lift the
          them selves are inconsequential, compared   saints to get to know the context, and to be
          to a drop of water from a bucket or fine   able to articulate the themes found here.
          dust on a scale. Their influence compared   When the weak need strengthening, it is
          to God’s is minimal, unless God chooses to   the knowledge and understanding of the
          use them (as we have already seen Him do   greatness of God which will give strength
          with Caesar Augustus) to fulfill His own   for the road ahead.

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