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me.” That God is a God of both holiness   God.” The people of Israel needed to clear­
          and glory should encourage us and cause us   ly understand Who was working on their
          to look inward, practically measuring our­  behalf (v12 onward).
          selves relative to the exhortation: “Be ye   Theme Number 1: The Word of Our
          Holy for I am Holy” (1Peter 1:16, KJV).   God Shall Stand Forever”
          Our character – and our actions – should   If ever there was a message that is rele­
          be marked by holiness.
                                              vant to us today, it is this. Verses 7­9 teach
          Background, Basis, and              us human nature is temporary and fleeting
          Relevancy                           in the light of His Word. Our loved ones
                                              readily accept a gift of flowers, but inevita­
             Chapter 40 has, as its background,
          Israel in captivity in Babylon, and is an in­  bly, within a few days, the beauty of the
          troduction to a whole succession of proph­  flower is gone. God’s eternal Word is the
          ecies and truths. After 70 years of Gentile   total opposite. Men cannot be trusted, but
                                              God’s Word is wholly reliable.
          domination as a result of their disobedi­
          ence regarding the Sabbath, God’s charac­  Atheism is not new, by any stretch of
          ter as a Shepherd was displayed in His act of   the imagination. Those who propagate it
          pardon to His people (v11).         now have the entire internet as their plat­
                                              form, so a wider audience is reached more
             Whether we are young in the faith or
          have believed for many years, we can rest   quickly. We may be certain, however, that
          assured that, although God, at times, will   the authority and reliability of the inspired
          chasten us (Heb 12:5­11), for those He   Word of God, in contrast to the frailty of
          loves, such chastening is always for their   human thought, is unassailable: the Word
          ultimate benefit. Israel had been disobedi­  of our God shall stand forever. It is no won­
          ent, but it was not a permanent captivity,   der that the writer says in verses 9­11,
          and you and I should never be concerned   “Behold your God,” and reveals God as a
          that, because of our waywardness, we will   Shepherd Who shall gather His lambs in v.
          be neglected by God.                1, thereby providing comfort to the sheep.
             Verses 12­26 show the basis of God’s   Theme Number 2: He Is the Sovereign
          actions as He first brought His people into   Lord of Creation (vv12-14)
          captivity and later brought them out. This   Isaiah looks all the way back to Genesis
          is a theological presentation and a revela­  1 and presents this coming God of deliver­
          tion of our God’s greatness. The last section   ance as the great Creator. He asks a succes­
          (vv27­31) has practical application for us,   sion of questions to illustrate God’s great­
          but it is the middle section that we wish to   ness. If a threefold cord is not easily broken
          primarily draw attention to, so as to draw   (Ecc 4:12), then God’s greatness is seen in
          out our worship and wonder at the majesty   the three facts. First, there are things only
          of our God.                         God could do (v12). Second, who can
             Several essentials, “musts,” and gram­  counsel or teach God (v13), and finally, no
          marian’s imperatives found in this chapter   one gave God any assistance or counsel
          – comfort (v1), speak (v2), cry unto her   (vv14).
          (Israel), prepare and make straight (v3), cry   The greatness of God in creation is
          (v8) – lead directly to verse 9, “Behold Your   found in the simple truth that, as a work­

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