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he world today may be likened to a   camel’s hair, living in the desert (Luke 1:80),
              rudderless ship, without a sail, hope­  and with the poorest of diets, to preach the
              lessly attempting to navigate through   baptism of repentance for the remission of
        Ta great storm. More than ever, we need   sins (Luke 3:3).
        to remind our hearts of the greatness of our   The Spirit of God moved Luke to record
        God and heed the call of the Lord to “have   both events for us, and behind it all is God’s
        faith in God” (Mark 11:22, KJV). We often   heart of love which compelled Him to send a
        measure God’s greatness by His actions, yet   Savior for ruined man. God’s character al­
        our understanding of God should be more   ways manifests itself in action, and His ac­
        than that. We need to comprehend God’s   tions exhibit His greatness.
        character, because this is the “why” of his ac­  His people today can rest assured that the
        tions.                                same God Who orchestrated events on earth
           When we think of God acting, we may be   2000 years ago is the same yesterday, today,
        assured that He will always show up at the   and forever (Heb 13:8), despite the apparent
        right time, on the biggest stage, ever involved   chaos surrounding us. The events presented
        in the events of earth. What was required to   by Luke serve as a backdrop to explore God’s
        ensure that the Savior would be born in Beth­  greatness. Bethlehem reminds us of David,
        lehem, the city of David, as prophesied? It   who authored a majority of the Psalms.
        required the most powerful man on earth to   Isaiah similarly foretold of a voice crying in
        pass a decree “that all should be taxed” (Luke   the wilderness (Isa 40:3). The fact that nearly
        2:1, KJV). God moved, and Caesar Augustus   half (45%) of all New Testament quotations
        announced the decree. By contrast, Luke 3   come from Psalms and Isaiah means it be­
        opens with the political and religious elite in   hooves us to consider these two books as we
        place, yet God bypasses them all and sends   look further at the subject of the greatness of
        the “forerunner,” John the Baptist, clothed in   God. In these writings, we quickly find rele­
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