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clear need in the assembly and seek to meet   older believers. Acts shows us Ananias with
          it.                                 Paul, Timothy and Titus with Paul, and
             The New Testament makes it clear that   John Mark with Barnabas. Look for an
          the exercise of spiritual gifts publically or   older believer doing work in the assembly
          privately is about giving, not receiving. For   whether it be visitation of the sick, teaching
          example, 1 Corinthians 3 makes it clear   a Sunday School class, outreach work etc.
          that every believer is a builder and the key   It’s not about a prominent place, it’s about
          factor the Lord is looking for is the quality   finding a way to help.
          of what we are putting in. Is it something of
          value like gold and silver, or things with no   Asking for feedback is nearly a lost art
          value like wood, hay, and stubble that   in today’s assembly. The Scripture expects
          would undermine the foundation of the   the older to teach the younger as exempli­
          church? Just as a builder would inspect a   fied in 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, and Titus.
          construction site, take a careful look at your   How can an older believer help if you do
          assembly. Where do you see need? Is the   not ask? Many older believers would love to
          gospel going out with clarity or are there   help you, but do not want to seem critical
          opportunities being missed? Does the   of you or provide input where it is not
          Sunday school have enough teachers or   wanted. Start by asking an older believer
          could they use a hand? Do not worry so   who has experience in the particular area
          much about whether the specific area of   for feedback after sharing a Sunday school
          need is specifically listed in Scripture as a   class, or preaching the gospel together, or
          spiritual gift. Pitch in to help where it is   after giving ministry.
          needed and God will open the way before
          you. If you are in doubt about where there   The principles above are just a start. My
          is need in your assembly, ask an elder or a   prayer is that this article will encourage you
          believer you see actively engaged in the as­  and strengthen your resolve to find your
          sembly for ideas about where you could   gift and the place that God has for you in
          help.                               the local assembly. As we wait for the Lord’s
             Partner with an Older Believer and   return, it is now our turn to “serve [our
          Ask for Feedback. The Scripture is full of   own] generation by the will of God” (Acts
          examples of younger believers pared with   13:36).

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