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Pretending that you can be useful for God   effectively to a friend or lead a soul to Christ
          while continuing with that sin against Him   one­on­one if you cannot show them the
          is hypocrisy, and we are warned not to de­  gospel from the Bible? The same goes for
          liberately grieve the Holy Spirit (Eph 4:30).   Sunday school. How can you teach young
          You will have a form of godliness, but not   people and intelligently answer their ques­
          the substance (2Tim 3:5).  You will go   tions in today’s post­modern age if you
          through the motions of what look like spir­  don’t know your Bible? Going further, if
          itual activities and things Christians should   your gift is in teaching the Word of God,
          do, but you will miss the genuine joy of   without putting the time in to study your
          exercising your gift in fellowship with God.   Bible carefully before standing up to speak,
          We know this from David who after his sin   how can you be sure you are speaking as
          with  Bath sheba,  confessed  his  sin  and   “the oracles [i.e. spokesperson] of God”
          asked that the “joy of thy salvation” be re­  (1Peter 4:11) or “rightly dividing the word
          stored to him (Psalm 51:12). On the posi­  of truth” (2Tim 2:15) i.e., not teaching
          tive side, there is no joy like having a clear   something wrong? We all need to recognize
          conscience before the Lord and then exer­  that studying is different than reading your
          cising gifts that you know He has given to   Bible. It requires sacrifice and time alone
          you (read Psalms 1 and 32).         with an open Bible in the presence of God.
             Pray at a Specific Time Daily and Also   My advice on where to start is to give God
          Throughout the Day. Because our lives are   two hours a week devoted to the study of
          busy and Satan does not want us to pray,   the Word of God. This is a test of how seri­
          prayer requires a regular time slot in your   ous you are at finding your gift and being
          life. Trying to “fit it in” will not work. I   useful for God. No one would reasonably
          challenge every reader of this section,   expect to get physically fit with less than
          whether young or old, to give God the first   two hours a week investment in an exercise
          15 minutes of your day for the next 30 con­  program. Why would learning your Bible
          secutive days and experience how God will   require a lesser investment? Taking our ex­
          change you as a result. Part of your prayer   ample from godly men and women who
          can and should be about the Lord revealing   have gone before us, Saturday night is an
          to you your gift and where you can contrib­  excellent time to set aside for this, because
          ute in the assembly.                it also helps prepare one’s heart for worship
             Study Your Bible. Paul gave advice to a   on Sunday morning.
          young man who was looking for guidance   Look for Need and Ask Where Help is
          when he wrote, “Study to show thyself ap­  Needed. The Lord Jesus gave the great ex­
          proved unto God, a workman that needeth   ample when he said “lift up your eyes and
          not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the   look upon the fields for they are white and
          word of truth” (2Tim 2:15). Knowing your   ready to harvest” (John 4:35). He told the
          Bible is essential to the exercise of gift   disciples to take their eyes off themselves
          whether your gift is public or private. If   and look at the need around them. Every
          your gift is preaching the gospel, how can   assembly has needs today. Each of us
          you preach it properly if you do not know   should follow the Lord’s advice and, rather
          the doctrine of the gospel? The same goes   than looking inward at ourselves for what
          for personal witness. How can you witness   our gift is, look outward, to where there is

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